Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Walking On Sunshine" Sunday! And Happy 6th Birthday Adorable Rosie!

Mom and I were deeply touched to receive the "Sunshine Award" a few weeks ago from our catabulous friends Au and Target from Katz and Other Tales, it really was a surprise and made us smile!

We have to answer these questions and pass this award on to 9 people. We didn't want to just pick 9 so we wanted everyone to have this award who visits and comments on our blog and fills OUR lives with SUNSHINE! 

01. Our favorite color:Mom-green (look at the background of our blog, can't ya tell? MOL!) ,
 Me-anything that even resembles stinky goodness!

02. Our favorite animal: are you kidding us? What do YOU think?

03. Our favorite number: Mom 10 or 20,
Me-4 cause that is how old I am!

04. Our favorite non-alcoholic drink: Mom-COFFEE!!
 Me-water but it must be served from my brother's dog bowl
05. Social media? Of course!! Facebook, Twitter, BlogPaws Community, blogs, just to name a few! Mom and I work as a team on many of these!

06. Our passion: Mom-writing, reading, cats,  swimming, walking, art, Shelties, cooking, music, Weight Watcher's.
 Me-Eating, Sleeping  and playing with my mousies or Neko fly.

07. Getting or giving presents? Mom & I  both agree we love BOTH!

08. Our favorite pattern? Huh???

09. Our favorite day of the week? Any day we are both on the right side of the grass!

10. Our favorite flower? Mom-Mums or White Roses.
 Me-the flowers on my catnip plant!

We're passing this award on to:

YOU!! is a special day!
 Happy, Happy
6th Birthday
 to our adorable kitty friend:

Rosie has "Easy Sunday" down to an art!
Happy Birthday Beautiful Rosie!!!!


  1. Thought I would join the party and get to know you all a mite better. Congrats on the award.

    We're here to stay. Y'all come see us at Five Oaks Manor, SouthWoodsUSA.

    Oh, and we are Lisa and Roy Sr, and the 6 Mouskateers: Buddy Bear, Miss Princess, MikiCato, Smokey, Tegar, and Rowdy.

  2. Such a sweet face on the beautiful Rosie! And don't you just want to rub your face all over that fluffy belly (which if I did to my kitty would result in a quartet of razor-sharp claws in my head)!?!?! Happy birthday, Rosie—may you enjoy many, many more!

  3. Huge congratulations with your wonderful award!!! Yay for bringing sunshine to blogworld adorable Cody and mum!

    Awwww Rosie is just purrfect! Happy happy birthday to sweet Rosie!! Take care

  4. I hope dakota didn't read your answer to #2 :)

    I have a give away on my blog... if you can, please check it out....

  5. You're the sunshine of my life...see, you made me break into a song. purrrr *giggles*

  6. WOW MEOWWWWWWW!!! Thank you sooooo much A.Caren and Cody for remembering my special day!! Mom is going all out with the tuna treats and catnip and even a sparkle toy. My little brother Tony will share his birthday today too! Mom has 3 of these loud hungry strange lifeforms called BOYS running around here constantly. Kinda crimps a kitty's style...but Mom still lets 'em know I am queen. I also see you two have alot of the same favorites as us...great minds!!!! Thanks again for the special shout out of my big day and for showing my good side in those pics....I am very picky about my special spots getting the right angle:D:D!!! Have a GREEEEEEAT Sunday and a PAWSOME week,ROSIE, the birthday girl.

  7. Concats on the award. It's always fun to learn more about our pals. Hope you have lazy dazy Sunday like Rosie. What lovely calico gal!

  8. Concats on your Sunshine award!!! Since you did not pick a favorite "pattern," Zoey firmly suggests you pick a leopard print. xoxoxo

  9. Congratulations on the award, Cody!
    Your friend, Rosie, looks like our Kenggy with paws in that tummy-up picture.
    Happy birthday Rosie. Purrs!

  10. Congratulations on your award. We like learning about every buddys
    Benny & Lily

  11. @Roy it is a complete pleasure to meet you! Wow you have a crew there don't you? Do you have a blog? I will have to check your profile and if so I will be right over. It is a pleasure to meet you!

    @Benny and lily thank you! We like to learn about everyone too!

    @portraitsofanimals thank you!

    @The Chair Speaks lol! and thank you!

    @Deb, Zee and Zoey, nope! Leopard is YOUR favorite...I think I will have to pick Tabby stripes! :)

    @Cat Wisdom 101 thank you, and to you as well! I adore Rosie's belly, I just want to kiss it!

    @Rosie, hi special birthday girl!! That was so nice of you to stop by! My mom said she wants to kiss your belly lol. Mom also said she agrees about "great minds" Love, Cody and happy birthday to your little brother too!

    @Cat-from-Sydney, actually make that "Walking on Sunshine" Mom should have put the video up!

    @Hilary lol!!! He's used to it...he just has to deal with it xoxoxo Thank you for telling us about the give-away! We hope we can get over there today. We took a "blog break" Friday and Saturday :)

    @Old Kitty and Charlie, thank you! YOU bring sunshine to OUR lives EVERY DAY! xoxoxo

    @skkorman ohhh yes I want to! Oh noooo! You poor thing that you would get attacked by the razor sharp claws! When I kiss Cody's belly he looks at me as if I am nuts lol

  12. It is good getting to know both you and your mommy better. That Rosie sure does have easy down to an art. What a precious girl!

  13. @Link thank you! We love getting to know you too! Yes Rosie DOES have "easy down to an art" lol She is adorable!

  14. Happy Birthday sweet Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Concatulations on your award! MOL, I would NEVER have guessed your favorite color is green! (It is one of mine too, because that is the color of catnip!)

  16. Lots of tummy tickles and purrs ,we love you big girl,miss you to Happy caterday to you sweetie!!Luvnhugs more from Emi and She;

  17. Happy Birthday Rosie. What a cutie. Congratulations on your awared - it was very appropriate for you cuz your blogs are always a ray of sunshine.

  18. All I will say is, Rosie - you got the life, girl!

  19. @Repositorio I am sure Rosie says thank you!

    @Art and Sew Forth OMG I soooo agree! lol

    @Mario she sure is! Awww I just read what you wrote, THANK YOU!! You are always so kind! Cody and I HUGELY "heart" YOU!

    @Emi and She; so nice to see Rosie's friends stop by! Welcome!

    @Sparkle LOL!!! See? You have good taste too loving green! Actually "hunter green" is my fave color of green or emerald! :)

  20. Congrats on the award and a very happy b-day to Rosie!

  21. Well done indeed on the award Caren and Cody. I'm with mom on the coffee, but can only drink it occasionally. Austin drinks water from a puddle anytime! But he's been a bit sick today :( xx

  22. Cody I am so HAPPY that your blog is so popular!! Congrats on yet another award - you deserve each and every one of them :-) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful friend Rosie - we hope our Rosie becomes as big and beautiful one day - she for sure has come to love her food so I'm sure will get there one day :-))
    Take care,

  23. @Yvonne thank you!

    @Gods Little People now I wouldn't go THAT far! lol but thank you! Your Rosie is already beautiful under your watchful eye! xoxo

    @CaroScat thank you! Ohhh no!!! What is wrong with sweet Austin? I am on my way to try and read some of the blogs. Maybe you wrote about it. xoxo

  24. Congrats on such a nice award, y'all are a sunny bunch fur sure and I enjoyed your answers! Happy Birthday to you pretty Rosie!!!

  25. Concats on your award!
    Those were some great answers!
    Happy purrday Rosie!

  26. llove reading more about my furiends and their moms. xoxoxo nd Rosie..I would like for Mom to be able to snuggle you. xoxoxox

  27. Concats for an Award : )
    and MOL..for no # 4...Mom has the same favorite as your mom ; ) but I didn't expect you love water in Dakota's bowl..tee hee
    Have a wonderful day, I always love to know more about you and your mom

    PS : Still purrs for Dakota

  28. Wait--what? Your catnip has FLOWERS?

    Happy Birfday, Rosie-Posie! You're a peach!

  29. Congratulations on your sunny award!! We enjoyed reading your answers to the questions!

    And happy birthday to your furiend, Rosie!!

  30. Concatulations on your award. We love your blog, and loved reading your answers! :)

    Happy birthday, Rosie! Great belleh, by the way!

  31. Happy kitty birthday! Good job on the award.

  32. @Brian awwww thank you soooo much!

    @Mrs Tuna thank you! Rosie is a real cutie isn't she?

    @meowmeowmans thank you!!! That means a lot!

    @The Island Cats thank you!! We have been having sunny and beautiful weather the past day or so in Michigan haven't we? Had the windows open last night! I am sure Rosie appreciates your greeting!

    @Spitty, that would be the catnip "used" to have flowers. It is now dead and looooong gone. It didn't do well after I took the flowers died....not sure if next year I will grow catnip again. I got some from it but not much so don't feel bad! Rosie IS a real cutie!

    @Mr.Puddy Mom said to tell you that she wishes your Mom lived here so they could go and have coffee together! Yep I only like to drink water out of Dakota's bowl! Thanks for your purrs for him. He seems to be doing MUCH better but Daddy is upset because he didn't POOP this morning so now Daddy is worried. Love to you and your Mom! xoxoxo Cody

    @Admiral Hestorb we want to kiss Rosie's belly!!!! Thank you and ((((hugs))))

    @Abby and gang, thank you and much love back to you!

  33. Congrats on the award, and Happy Birthday to Rosie! My favorite color is green as well. I absolutely love the background :) Hope you had a good weekend!


  34. Joyeux Anniversaire pour les six ans de cette belle minette Rosie ( j'aime bien son nom il est très féminin ) et félicitations pour ce prix
    Bonne semaine

  35. Caren, you certainly are full of sunshine! :)
    Happy birthday to Rosie and her big snuggly-looking belly!

  36. Congrats on your Sunshine Award, well-deserved for sure! Cody, I have to check out the Neko Fly, I know you love it and maybe I will like it too. Is your Mom excited for BlogPaws?