Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Garden: Week 2

Hi Everyone! It's Cody and I am here to show you how our garden has progressed in only 2 weeks!! Since I am an indoor kitty I assigned Mom the task of taking photos because I haven't figured out how to work the camera yet! I "snoopervised" the proceedings so we should be just fine!

And awaaaaayyyy we gooooooooooo!!

Guess what THIS is???? It's CATNIP!!!!!
I'm getting a contact high
from just looking at this plant!

Our hot peppers don't seem to be doing as well as some of the other veggies

Greek Oregano, Sugar Snap Peas and a Fake Squirrel!!!
Mom had to figure out
how to get the peas to climb the railing
she tied the peas to the railing
Look closely and you can see the floss! MOL!

Cherry tomato plant and look at our Romaine lettuce!
It has completely covered the cat plaque
from last week's post!

Sugar Snap Peas
Mom loves these mats she found
at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Roma Tomato Plant
Mom still needs to get a post
to prop the tomatoes
instead of using the American Flag!
She could probably get in trouble for that!

Another tomato plant

Tomatoes again with peppers in the background!
Mom had taken a separate photo
of the peppers but she goofed up somehow
and no matter what she did it kept loading sideways
I will show you those next week!

Well my friends that concludes our tour for this week!
Mom & I hope you enjoyed yourselves!
We would also like to apologize to Jonesie
for accidentally referring to HER as a HE last week!
Hey! What do we know?
We told you we are new to this gardening stuff!
We hope that SHE will forgive us!
To visit Jonesie, at HER blog
please click here!!


  1. @Benny and Lily thank you!!!! I am off to bed now! Good night!! Kisses!!!

  2. Cody, you and your mom have a very fine looking garden. You will have yummy things to eat before you know it. All the plants look so healthy and they are growing nicely. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. this is fantastic! Your tomatoes look grand! Being new is the fun - you get to have a blast learning your own, unique way of interacting with Earth - and our lives are just that: one wonderful, long interaction with life! Great job! Congratulations!

  4. Ooo...delectable nip, Cody. Well done. purrr....meow!

  5. OMC !!!! Your garden grow so fast !!! From last time, It grow wonderful..Especially the nip ! Your mom done great !!!!
    Love it : )

  6. Better watch out the nip police don't run a raid!!! lol

    Looking good though x

  7. Your container gardening is doing so well. I'm a bit jealous:)

  8. Wonderful plants... Bugsy and Knuckles would be digging in the dirt for sure. Good thing Cody doesn't do that. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. You know...I LOVE lettuce!Your garden is absolutely fabulous!

  10. @chancy thank you sooo much! We are very pleased with it's progress so far! So nice to meet you too!

    @Max nope I am an indoor kitty, no plant digging for me!

    @Luna my Mommy loves the lettuce too!! Thank you! To me it looks ready to eat, Mom isn't sure ((((hugs)))) Cody

    @Diane don't be jealous! Let's see if we get anything to eat out of it! lol

    @Caro lol!!! It does look rather suspect, doesn't it? lol

    @Mr Puddy thank you sooo much! We wish you lived near us so you could come over with your "magic fertilizer" and fertilize it! MOL!! Love, Cody and Mom xoxoxo

    @A Little Sprite, "minty peas" I love it! lol

    @Cat from Sydney, thank you!! Do you know how long we are supposed to wait to start drying it out? Mom has no clue! xoxoxo

    @lam, first, it is so nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by! I loved your comment "it is one long interaction with life" beautiful!!! Touching comment! xoxoxo

  11. Oh wow!! Your mum is so inventive!! Yay for dental floss!!! Wonderful!!!!!LOL!! Me and Charlie are most impressed with your snoopervising Cody!!! Your balcony garden is flourishing beautifully!! Yay!! Take care

  12. Wow, you're making amazing progress with this garden, I'm so impressed! I don't exactly have a green thumb, and tend to kill everything I try to grow. Your garden looks wonderful!

    Thanks for the tour, Cody! :)

  13. Plants are looking great. What a cool use for dental floss.

    Mom tooks us out for a plant inspection this morning. We have flowers on our zuchinni. There were no flowers yesterday. That means we will have baby zucchini soon.

  14. Your garden is doing great and it just goes to show what you can do with containers -- no huge garden beds required! We're very impressed!

  15. @Old Kitty lol!! It was the only thing that Mom had laying around. You go outside and it smells "minty fresh!" lol!!! THANK YOU! xoxoxo Hi To Charlie!

    @Fuzzy Tales thank you so much! To say that I am completely stunned that it is doing so well is an understatement! I attribute it to Miracle Grow potting soil! I am using the kind that prevents over and under watering!

    @Bailey thank you!! Yeah the dental floss is pretty funny! YAY for flowers on your zucchini!! Yep you will have zucchini soon! Do you use it to bake with at all?

    @Julie thank you!!! Noooo all you have to do is water, I'm not doing anything major at all. Let's see if we get something edible out of it!

    @Amin thank you sooo much! I thought you might enjoy it because you love plants so much! :)

  16. As long as the catnip is growing ... what else matters? MOL

  17. Linda, you are a woman after my own heart, Love, Cody

  18. I love your garden and it sure is looking good! I'll bet those tomatoes will be fun to roll around before too long!

  19. Yay that is so exciting to grow your own herbs and veggies - and the catnip! You lucky kitty!

  20. Cody, Cody, kwite melodic... how duz ur garden grow? (Okayz, *U* try rhymin' wif "Cody"! molmol)

    It'z lookin' pawsome! (Haz u checked ur mom'z fhumbz recently... ta see if dey'z turnin' GREEN? :D) xxoo

  21. Contact high... lolol. You crack me up, Cody!

    Awesome garden, looking good! Dental floss.. why didn't I think of that?! My hot peppers are growing awfully slowly, too. But, as long as they're growing, I guess!

  22. What a beautiful garden you have, Cody. You and your Mom make a fine team.

  23. I must have ago at growing some might keep Charlie Coal from sunbathing on my lettuce!

  24. What a lovely little garden!

  25. Wow, your garden is looking fantastic! We are especially excited about that nip plant! :)

  26. Your garden looks yummy and is growing beautifully.


  27. @Brian the tomatoes haven't started to show quite yet, I can't wait til they do!

    @Abby thank you!

    @meowmeowmans thanks so much! Cody is too!

    @chocolateangel thank you!

    @wockley lol!!! If you grow catnip Charlie will be too high to sunbathe anywhere lol

    @The Whiskeratti awwww thanks so much!

    @Weetzie's lol!!!!! Glad you enjoyed the "contact high!!" lol. Hmmmm I wonder why both yours and my hot peppers are growing so slowly? The peppers are showing and are growing but the actual plant seems to be stagnant. Maybe mine need more room?

    @GlamKitty Mom and I LOVED your little poem!!! Naw, Mom doesn't have a green thumb, she is just good with water lol

    @Stacy and Ellie, yep Mom is excited about the veggies and I can't wait for the catnip to be dried! Mom has to google it to find out what she is supposed to do :)

  28. Nip and tomato salad - a meal the whole family can enjoy :-)

  29. Holy moly its all getting huge!! You mush have some great weather there, we have been cool at night still and a ton of rain, my tomatoes are just starting to make more fruit. I hope we get some to make sauce with this fall. Have a fun 4th! :)

  30. Mommy and I are truly impressed. Those are fabulous, Cody. You did well. xox

  31. We love you purrrrfect garden! And the NIP is very beautiful in vase!!!

  32. Cody, your garden looks great. and the nip plant, yow! Have fun with that :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  33. @Au and Target, OMC your comment has me nearly rolling on the floor laughing!!!! xoxo

    @Cara thank you!!! Ohhhhh I will have fun with that! Love, Cody

    @Repositorio thank you soooo much!

    @Admiral Hestorb thanks soooo much!! I stare at it through the window and that helps everything grow xoxoxo

    @Coupon Queen, thanks so much but do you know what the strange part is? Up til today it has been unusually cool, cloudy and yes, very cool at night. I am SHOCKED that they have grown the way that they have. It was warm today and will be warm now at least through most of next week so I am hopeful I will start to see some tomatoes growing. I was worried because we were having rather bad weather too! You have a wonderful 4th as well. No big plans here! xoxo

  34. What a great garden! Ours isn't doing so well. We have 2 tomato plants that are looking pretty sad. Mom doesn't think we're going to get any tomatoes at all!

  35. @Sebastian, OHHHH NOOOO!!!! Did your Mom plant them in the ground or did she buy them in a pot? What kind of weather are you having? I hope you get some tomatoes! I am a little worried too because I'm not seeing any tomatoes starting yet but we just planted these about 3 or 4 weeks ago...I am thinking by August we should hopefully have some. Our peas and peppers (not the hot peppers) seem to be doing the best. Sending purrs for your tomatoes! xoxoxo

  36. Hopefully no one is snitching little yellow tomato blossoms! But peas, peppers, and catnip might be a nice trio for the lettuce!

  37. What a nice garden you have! But Cody, how does your Mom keep you away from the nip?? I have tried to grow it, but my three just attack it before it has a chance to get very big, and that's the end of the nip!! I've even tried to hide it in different places, and I've tried a barricade -- nothing works! You must be a better behaved kitteh.

  38. @Art and Sew Forth and Julia, I am an indoor kitty so no worries!!!!

    I can't get near anything!!
    Love, Cody

  39. Yummy! Looks at all those home grown veggies! You have me craving a salad now LOL

  40. Your garden is growing so well and the nip looks very tempting. We laughed at the dental floss. Does that mean you will have mint flavoured peas?

  41. Looks terrific! Great job getting the garden growing :)