Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Cody, Dakota and I are thrilled to be a part of the Wordy Wednesday Challenge that is being sponsored by Zoolatry and Sammy, Andy and Shelly's Place.

We are just ecstatic about our wonderful photos! Thanks so much for all of the hard work involved in creating such marvelous photos for all of us who are participating in this super fun event!

First up:

Cody's word is "Cuddly"
From the moment I adopted Cody
he has been a little snuggle-bug
As a little guy, he would proudly
strut (yes he strutted with his little pot-bellied self!)
across the room and promptly made a beeline
for me and climbed up me like I was Mt.Everest
(in case you haven't noticed, I am shaped like Mt. Everest lol)
Then he would wrap himself around my neck
like a little furry boa
He STILL does this, but he is 12 lbs now
as opposed to 5 lbs when he first did this

Next Up:

Dakota's word is "Vocal"
When I saw this photo I nearly rolled
on the floor with laughter
Anyone that knows anything about Shelties
knows that they are herding dogs
This translates to that they are "working" dogs
They NEVER stop working
They NEVER stop guarding
They are quite vocal.
They bark at nearly everything
Those that don't understand the nature of Shelties
tend to not understand this behavior
Every dog has a "job"
A Sheltie's job is to herd and protect
My neighbor used to say that our building
that we live in is lucky.
We have 24 hour security because
Dakota is "on it" every hour of the day!


  1. Oh my oh my! Theese are such fabulous pics and such cute stories! Way to go!

  2. First, I love your new profile pic! Very nice :)
    Second I love the Photos of Cody and Dakota, and your little poems are so sweet. HUGS!

  3. Oh wow what a great pic of Dakota! And I love the cuddle kitty too...

  4. Eek our comment vanished AGAIN! We said we love Dakota's pic and cuddly Cody too.

  5. We just love your Wordy Wednesday pictures!! You two are so cute and we loved the stories about each of you, too!!

  6. VERY VERY Beautiful pictures !
    I think you mom should frame the pictures, Look very cute !!!
    and your mom is very very sweet : ) She chose lovely words for both of you.
    Happy Happy Wordy Wednesday

  7. Aunty Caren,
    ROTFLOL!!!! The doggerel had me in stitches! purrrr....meow!

  8. Wot adorable pics of Cody and Dakota. We LOVE them.

  9. Two awesome pets indeed for the "wordy challenge". Love those photos Caren.

  10. @Cloon, thanks so much! We love them! Glad you liked the stories too!

    @Artemisia thank you!

    @Diane thanks so much! They did such a fabulous job on the photos, I love them!

    @Milo and Alfie thank you! I love them too!

    @Cat-In-Sydney, you think sooo much like me! Dakota's was my fave! I can't look at it without cracking up laughing!!

    @Mr.Puddy, Happy, Happy Wordy Wednesday to YOU too!! I LOVED yours as well! I think that is a great idea to frame these. I probably will. We are going to paint an extra room for an office for me and I think I will frame them and put them in there! Glad you liked the words also Puddy! Love ya!

    @Samantha, Clementine and Maverick, we had such a fun time with this! It was so nice of Ann and Judi to have this! We love our photos and thanks so much!

    @Michelle, thank you!!

    @Au and Target, Nope your comments didn't vanish! I use comment moderation and when you commented I was SLEEPING! lol. Just got up and read them and posted the comments. I am sorry!!! Dakota's was my favorite too! It had me roaring with laughter!! xoxo

    @Alittlesprite thanks so much about the photo! Now you see I am sooooooo old! lol (just physically, mentally I am about 27 lol) So glad you enjoyed this! We are crazy about the photos too! xoxo

    @Raymond and Busby thanks so much! We just adore these photos!

  11. Thos are great pictures. Dakota is looking extra alert too. And, of course, Cody is looking his sweet adorable self.

  12. Oh, I love this post so much, Caren!!!
    Little Cody is so cuddly but don't be fooled by his cutie look, he is in fact an excellent mountain climber. Dakota is a vocal who is honest and diligent. He is the protector of the family and never fails his duties!
    Bravo to Cody and Dakota!!!
    Bravo to Caren!!!

  13. Great words! Dakota, I can tell you have lots of important things to say!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Yay for cuddly Cody and vocal Dakota!!!! Yay!!!!!

    These are brilliant pics of them and what a lovely way to learn a little more about their personalities!! Take care

  15. How lucky you are to have both a cuddler and a protector. Cody has the most precious face. He just looks like a cuddle kitty.

  16. Those are great words and wonderful graphics. Well done to Ann and Judi!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  17. What a great challenge!
    Love the pictures and the stories! Very creative!

  18. I just love these, they aare fabulous. The pictures and words go so well. Delightful.. I hope this comment stays. I dont know why but everytime I leave a comment on your post I get back a mailer demon noificaation tha it hasnt gone through. I dont know why this happens but I do comment on your posts. Hugs GJ xx

  19. Can I join Dakota at the microphone??

  20. Those are great pictures and what appropriate words for their wonderful personalities :-)

  21. So nice to meet Cody and Dakota, they're definitely cuties! I had a kitten that once climbed up my bathrobe while I was getting her food dish ready. I guess she just couldn't wait!

  22. @Mario thanks so much! That photo of Dakota is my very favorite!!! It really shows his personality!

    @Cat I love the photos so much! Thanks about the words :)

    @Cory you sure can!! So nice to meet you! :)

    @Ginger Jasper, I am getting your comments, not to worry! That happens to Priscilla too and I am so sorry. I don't know why it happens but I am getting the comments and I definitely appreciate them! So glad you enjoyed the photos and the words!

    @Jen thanks so much! I love the photos and glad you liked the words!

    @Kea yes Ann and Judi did an amazing job!

    @Link coming from one of the most precious kitty faces I have EVER seen we are very flattered! Cody is a cutie! He has such an intelligent gaze when he studies me quizzically (which he does quite often)...I am very lucky to have a cuddler and protector....Dakota is a huge cuddler too but protecting is his main "job" (In HIS opinion!)

    @Old Kitty, so glad you enjoyed these!! Hugs to you and Charlie!!

    @Mr Pip, Dakota said to tell you OHHHH YESSS he has TONS of important things to say!

    @Priscilla I am THRILLED that you loved it! I figured with Dakota in it you would :) lmao at Cody being an "excellent mountain climber" roflmao! YES! He is! lol. Dakota is definitely the "protector", he is EXTREMELY diligent and "never fails his duties!" People think he is just annoying but he is doing his job! You know even better than I do the personality of a Sheltie because of dear, precious, gorgeous, EVA!! xoxo

  23. Cody you do look all cuddly, your graphic is great. Dakota you look so handsome standing there by that mic. You need your own talk show. Hugs and nose kisses

  24. Oh My goodness adorable photos
    Benny & Lily

  25. What wonderful pictures of Cody and Dakota... Beautiful.

    pawhugs, Max

  26. congrats! i gave you an award!

    The versatile blogger award! The post is on my blog and here are the rules:
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    Ciao bella!

  27. Dear Caren!
    What wonderful pictures! Me particularly loves Cody - cuz he is such a handsome cat and Dakota cus the picture is so cute. My hairy slobbery sister Bob is 1/2 sheltie! Me knows about the vocal and the herding!

  28. I love you pictures and your words, they are purrfect for you!

  29. I share Dakota's penchant for self-expression. You may have noticed.

    Gave you a shout-out today (as you know because I believe you are one of my DEAR subscribers):

  30. Excellent! Great words for everyone!

  31. Thank You very much for Your beautiful words!
    I wish all the bests to You and to Your family!

  32. so cute! I love that cody is a snuggler!

  33. Aww! Both of those are great pics. Cody looks like he's talking to his Mom.

  34. Love the fur babies!!! Dakota has an sweet face :)

    Thanks so much for visiting my food blog and leaving the awesome tips! Loved your input :)

    Have a wonderful day . . . Gina

  35. Terrific choice of words and fabulous graphics!

    Happy Wednesday Challenge

  36. Those are great words and pictures for you!

  37. Awesome pics (and great commentary!) of two wonderful pets. You're very blessed!

  38. Loved hearing the stories behind Cody and Dakota's words. Very fitting pics for them.

  39. @Mumsy THANK YOU! Dakota having his own talk show? I love it!! I AM thinking about having Dakota have his OWN blog though! I am still in the "thinking about it" stage.

    @Cats of Wildcat Woods thanks so much! Ann and Judi did a great job on the pics!

    @Julia thanks so much! Yes we are very blessed! :)

    @The Paw Relations thank you so much!

    @Abby thank you!!! We just love the photos!

    @Gina awwww you are welcome! Thank you! I love your blog! I ADORE reading about food (and of course eating it! lol) you have some great ideas and recipes! :) Thanks for stopping by!

    @The Whiskeratti thank you!! Yep Cody always is talking to his Mom! :)

    @Hilary thank you! Yep, Cody is a MAJOR snuggler! Always has been! :)

    @Amin you are so kind and so sweet! Your baby girl is lucky to have you as her Daddy! Can't wait to hear her name and I hope you have seen her by now. Hope your wife is feeling well!

    @SuziQCat thank you so much! Thanks for stopping by. I have to get around to everyone else's blog today but I have been soooo busy! I will get around during American Idol tonight if I have to! lol

    @Nadbugs THANK YOU! I left you a comment earlier, I was very touched. Your blog today was AMAZING! You are such a talented and insightful writer! xoxo

    @Brian thank you! I have to get around to all of the blogs later. I have been so busy with phone calls and visitors today that I have barely had a free moment!

    @Nelli THANK YOU!! If Bob is half Sheltie then my heart goes out to you! (kidding!!) You know how slobbery and loud those Sheltie boys are! No wonder Bob is such a good dog though. Shelties are soooo loving! xoxoxo

    @Jennifer THANK YOU!!! I am soooo touched! I am deeply grateful and thank you! I will try to get over there. I don't know if I will post it because lately I haven't been posting about awards because it gets to be too much and if I do then I left out others that I didn't post when I got one and I don't want to leave anyone out. I am deeply appreciative though! xoxoxo

    @Max thank you! I think Ann did mine but then again I am not sure if it was Ann or Judi but no matter who did them we think they are just priceless! xoxo

    @Benny and Lily thank you soooo much! xoxo

  40. Lol those are great pictures! I love cuddly cats :)

  41. Great words and wonderful graphics! You're both cute too!

  42. @Stacy and Ellie thanks much! I love my cuddly boy too!

    @ The Monkeys thank you!!

  43. Great words ... they really seem to fit you guys well! :)

    Love the graphics, too!

  44. Great words and stories!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  45. Those are both great pictures. Cody looks very cuddly in his blankie, and that is a fun picture of Dakota.

  46. @Eric and Flynn thank you!! We are just tickled with our photos too!

    @Yvonne thank you!!

    @Furkidsmom thanks so much!!

    @meowmeowmans thank you! We love our photos!

  47. We're not sure whether our comment is being held for monitoring or there was a word verification and it just came up too slow for us to catch in time, but we were here checking out your words. :)

  48. Excellent words!! And we love your pictures! We wanna cuddle up with Cody!!

  49. Those are really cool!

    Nubbin wiggles,

    PS ~ love the new profile photo.

  50. Terrific words for you both Cody and Dakota. This Challenge has been lots of fun, hasn't it? I haven't seen any two word choices the same!

  51. @Jan, you did fine! Just took me long to get here and read/approve the comments. Was watching American Idol :)

    @Natalie thanks so much! We love the photos too! Thanks about the stories as well!

    @Simba thanks a million. OMG YES the challenge has been a total blast! I loved hearing about how all the Hoomans described their kitties! You know what? you are exactly right! Nobody picked the same words! I didn't think about that til you mentioned it!

    @Oskar thanks so much! Thanks about the photo too! xoxo

    @The Island Cats Awwww you are too sweet thank you! You know what??? You are in Michigan!!! You CAN cuddle up with Cody and I could cuddle up with your kitties! We should do a "kitty play date!" lol

  52. The Human envies you with your Cuddly Cody. But you know? Too bad for her, MOL! Ha ha ha. She'll have to find her cuddles elsewhere (well, IF she brushes me with my very very favorite pink brushie, then MAYBE I'll stay on her lap for a few minutes).

  53. @Spitty awwww your poor Mommy!!! You should cuddle with her more! She loves you soooo much!!! I think after she brushes you, you should give her a nice loooooong cuddle!! xoxo

    @Fin, thanks so much!!

  54. Cuddly and Vocal are both great words. Cody's picture exemplifies that word. And I'm sure Dakota has a lot to be vocal about...maybe mostly his love for you!

  55. Dakota is a doll! And helped remind me that I owe you some sheltie pictures :)

  56. awww vocal and cuddly what purrfect words. But I really loved your write up about each furbaby, they are so loved and it shows :<)