Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Callie Needs A Home!! And Clean+Green Contest Winners!! "Wordy Wednesday"

Hi everyone! I know today is supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday" but there are two very important things I have to take care of that are going to require using a lot of words.

The first is a cat named "Callie" who is available for adoption. Helping this cat in particular is important to me because she is being fostered by a woman that I adopted Cody from back in 2007.  Adopting Cody was a special gift and it is important to keep the circle of good karma going.  Please meet "Callie" who is being fostered by St.Julian's Cat Rescue. To visit their page on Petfinder and see more cats that are available for adoption please click here


"Callie is about 2 years old now. She is spayed and current on vaccines.  She is a wonderful girl, very loving, friendly, affectionate and easy going.

 She is good with dogs, cats and children!

She is just the sweetest cat, very loving and super affectionate. She loves to play with her toys and fur mice (favorite toy!) and just loves to be with people. She is a lap cat or will just be by you and sleep in bed with you.  She also gets along well with dogs and would love another cat to play with, she will be great with children.
Please  e-mail or  call  734-748-9891
  if you'd like to meet Callie, or know more about her!

Now on to our next impawtant business!
The winners (as chosen by
of our Clean+Green give-away are:

Kathie-from Kat Happy Haven-Furniture Refresher

Patty from Art & Sew Forth
Nellie from The Cat From Hell
Lisa from Lisa's Cat Lover's Pages

Winners! Please email me
your complete mailing address, names AND phone numbers
(Clean+Green cannot ship without phone numbers!)
For the 3 who won your choice of product
please let me know which product you would like
you may view their homepage here
for product list

Thanks to all who entered!!!


  1. Aunty Caren,
    We're wishing the best for Callie. Oh....still unhappy that we're too far away for the contest. purrr....meow!

  2. Here's hoping Callie gets her furever home really, really soon! What a doll!!!
    Congrats to the winners!

  3. She is so cute. I hope she can find a good home soon.

  4. Dear Caren,
    "Callie" look so sweet. I will tell mommy tweet this post straight away : )
    and Congratulation for the winners who can start to enjoy " SPRAY !!! " ( Like A Cat Does )..hee..hee..hee

    Love you Caren

  5. Caren,
    I am in shock that I won anything but where do I email you? my email is krbass @ roadrunner . com without the spaces. And I would take Callie in a minute but think I am too far away!

  6. Hooray for the winners! I sure hope that Callie is a winner of a wonderful forever home soon, she's a beauty!

  7. @Cat-In-Sydney I am soooo sorry!!!! I am working on having SOMETHING that all of you out of the U.S. and Canada can also enjoy!

    @Brian I hope she is too! Please everyone retweet and share...that would be catabulous!

    @Kathie lol...CONGRATS!! By the way, I just signed up to follow your blog last night! I love it!! Have to wait for the other winners to email me then I will let Clean+Green know the winners and everything will get rolling! Thanks for entering and congratulations!!! So glad you won!

    @Mr.Puddy I just woke up and your comment was my FIRST laugh of the day! "they can start spraying like a cat does" ROFLMAO!!!!! Thanks soooo much for tweeting Callie!!

    @Sparkle yes she is adorable! Wish I could have more pets here, if I could, I would adopt her!

    @Rumblepurr I believe that is just one lady! I think she was younger in one photo, either way I hope she finds a furever home too!

    @Novroz so do I!

    @CindyLu I sure hope so too! (and that rhymes! lol)

  8. Congrats to the winners! I hope my sister in orange blood gets adopted ASAP. NO orange cat should go homeless.

  9. Sweet Callie!!! Perfect little lovely Callie!! Me and Charlie hope that she finds a loving home asap - she's just so special!

    Congrats to the winners! Take care

  10. Congratulations to the winners!

    We think Callie is a beauty and we hope she finds a wonderful home soon!

  11. Callie sounds like a wonderful girl, I hope she finds her forever home.
    Congrats to the winners of the give- away!

  12. Awww - she's a real cutie and M would love an orange kitty. But she has to say "no" to herself again.

  13. Yay to all the winners....

    pawhugs, Max

  14. Callie is a beautiful girl and we hope she finds her furever home as soon as possible. Our paws are crossed for her.
    Congrats to all the winners!!!

  15. Congrats to the winners! And Callie sure is a beauty - I hope she finds her home soon :)

  16. So glad you are getting the comments, I LOVE your blog! Callie looks like a total sweetie and I pray she gets adopted soon!!!

  17. Callie is such a beautiful girl. We have a special luff for the orange ones in this house. And concats to the winner.

  18. @Link I love your terminology "sister in orange blood" I sure hope she is adopted too!

    @The Whiskeratti she absolutely is!! xoxo

    @Bloggin bout my Boys thanks soooo much! OMG you are sweet! Callie IS a sweetie! I hope she is adopted soon too!

    @OKCats me too! OMG you made me laugh with your comment from the post of me falling. It was meant for you guys to laugh so I am happy that you did!

    @Priscilla, we hope so too!!

    @Max thanks!!

    @Mario I feel the same. Wish I were allowed to have another but we are only allowed 2 pets :(

    @jen she does seem like a wonderful girl! I hope she finds a home soon too!

    @The Monkeys we hope so too!

    @Old Kitty, she IS special! We sure hope so too!

  19. Oh, I wish I lived near you. I'd love to give Callie a home.

  20. what a cutie... I hope she finds a forever home soon...

  21. Callie is so pretty -- and kind of an unusual color too. Purrs and prayers that she finds her forever home right away!!

  22. @Scrappy know what? You were the FIRST person I thought of when I posted this! xoxoxo

    @Hilary, I know, she is sooo cute! I hope so too!

    @Julia, Callie IS beautiful! She is a super pretty color :)

  23. We sure hope Callie gets a wonderful home.

  24. Callie's a cutie. Did you say she is single?

  25. Oh! Oh! Oh! Caren!!!
    Me is so excited!
    Mommy made me say that....she is the one who is excited!
    Thanks yous so much!
    Kisses and head butts
    PS Callie looks like a beautiful cat! Me is purraying she gets a forever home soon!

  26. @Tucker I sure hope so too!

    @Quasi WOW! now THERE'S a blast from the past! lol. How in the heck are you? Yep! Callie is single and lookin' to mingle! :)

    @The Cat From Hell YAY! I am soooo happy your Mommy is excited!!! YAY!!! You are most welcome! Now all I need is for you to please email me your name, address and phone number!! They won't ship without the phone number! So far only one of you has emailed me...will turn everything in when I hear from all 4 of you :)

  27. Oh Callie is so beautiful and she has those soulful eyes! We is purraying she finds her furever home very soon!

  28. Callie is beautiful! I hope she finds a good home.

  29. She sounds sweet, we'll post her on FaceBook!

  30. @Spitty yes she seems like a sweetheart...I sure hope she finds a home too!

    @Yvonne, I hope so too! thank you sooooo much!!! That is fantastic!!! xoxoxo

  31. Oh I do hope Callie finds a loving safe home. She is just beautiful and those eyes says to me she needs to know she is someones for good. God how I love cats - they are just the most gorgeous little creatures. Thank you for posting Callie's plea on your blog - do let us know when she finds a home.
    P.S. Thanks for your words on GLP... I would love to write a book and hope to get to it some day.

  32. Callie is a doll, I'm sending purrs, love and good energies to her!
    Good luck!

  33. @Gods Little People you are such a doll. Thank you! Cats are the most gorgeous and gentle yet strong creatures. Funny the person I posted this for I don't think even stopped by! lol. I pray Callie finds a home too...if I hear of an update I will let you know. When you write your book I want to be FIRST on your list to review it! xoxoxo

    @Luna thank you for sending "purrs, love and good energies" to Callie! xoxo

  34. She is such a sweet looking kitty and I hope she will find her forever home soon.

  35. Very beautiful cat! I hope she can find a good home soon.