Monday, March 7, 2011

Cody And Neko Flies "It's Swat Cats Love!" Part I

Meowy Monday all!

It's Cody here and I am so excited to show you a new toy that I was lucky enough to receive from the nice lady at the award winning Nekochan Enterprises Inc. who manufactures Neko Flies!

I actually received TWO toys (aren't I the luckiest kitty ever??) but today I am showing you the first one, the Small Kittenator and on Wordless Wednesday I will show you the second one the super cool Kragonfly.

I was so excited to receive these!
 I am staring at the Kragonfly,
 but I really wanted to get my paws on
 the Small Kittenator first!

I started with the Small Kittenator  because being a mancat who knows his mousies this new furry brown friend intrigued me right off the cat bat!

Gather round all you cool cats, you are gonna LOVE this! I haven't steered ya wrong EVER and this toy is another I am adding to my complete "purrfection" list!

Isn't this the most enticing mousie EVER?

The Small Kittenator is a toy that any cat who is as obsessed with mousies as I am will love to play with!  The Small Kittenator clips on super easily to the durable rod that is included, it has the cutest beady little eyes and loooong enticing whiskers, it looks and feels like a real mousie! It is purrfect for lazy kitties like me who need to get their groove on to lose a pound or two! Fellow couch kitties, get your paws on the floor and come mousie chasing with me!

(Please excuse the mess in the video. We are still redoing rooms and Mom threw EVERYTHING into the back bedroom!)

About Nekochan

"Nekochan Enterprises Inc. develops, manufactures, and distributes unique high quality pet products. The neko flies
interactive cat toys come in two versions, the neko flies interchangeable toys (Interactive Fitness Series) and mini neko
flies interchangeable toys (Breeders’ Series) which are compact and designed for cat shows and travel. The neko flies
cat toys resemble real life critters and mimic their natural movements. Cats will be inspired to stalk and chase these flying,
crawling, scurrying little critters. These interactive cat toys combine quality, durability, and safety with these real life
characteristics that will get your cat excited, exercised, and cat owners entertained time after time." (from

*My Mom and I were not compensated in any way for this review. We received the toys for testing/review and it is mine (and my Mom's opinion featured here).  REMEMBER, I am a CAT. No one can make me like something if I don't want to like it!


  1. Allegra loves her Neko Flies! It's the paws down favorite around here right now.

  2. Looks like so much fun! You are a lucky man!

  3. Wow! That toy looks like a lot of fun! We can see you're really enjoying your fly, Cody!

  4. Cody, you sure do look like you love that new mousie. You're such a good mousie killer! This toy looks really fun.

  5. @Ingrid I can see how Allegra loves hers too! This is a great quality toy and the danglers are so creative and well made. I was hugely impressed with it, Cody obviously was too!

    @Hilary it IS soooo much fun! Yes I am a lucky mancat!

    @The Monkeys the toy is sooo much fun! I actually am using the mousie in the video...will be showing the fly on Wednesday (my Mommy got mad at her video camera, got rid of it and is going to get a new one today) :)

    @Link Ohhhhh yes I love that mousie! Thank you! I love to kill those mousies and swat 'em and bite ' get the idea! :)

  6. Wow what a funny time there!I love the video, it's wonderful!

  7. You're a lucky mancat, Cody! You know exactly what you have to do with that new mousie. I guess someone was naughty and made the mouse hang in the air, I really think mousie should be on the ground and let you chase around instead of flying in the air. Well, it's just my two cents thoughts!

  8. Mommy is going to have to think this over for me. I need some more get up and go. Maybe this is it.

  9. @Luna awww thank you! Purrs back at ya!

    @Priscilla yes I am a lucky mancat!! You are right but my Mommy likes to put the mousie in the air because sometimes I jump soooooooooooo high to get it! She puts it on the floor too. Right now we have limited space because we have things in the back bedroom from the work we have going on and there isn't as much room as usual. The orange chair is probably going to be gone soon (you see it doesn't match lol) or it might go in another room once we paint it. But Mommy DOES put it on the ground too! xoxo

    @Admiral I have to tell you, these are the BEST danglies. Very well made, the shapes are purrfect for kitties. Cody is a very lazy cat and THIS got him moving! I think you would LOVE this!

  10. Well, dat looks like a fun toy. Guess M had better get with the program and head over there to see what they has.

  11. It looks like a great deal of fun, Cody.

  12. @Mario ohhhh it is sooooooo much fun! I hope you get one!

    @The Whiskeratti it is SUPER fun and very well made!

  13. Go Cody!!! What a brilliant toy!!! Yay!!!! What fun!!! Oooh can't wait for Wednesday to see the other toy!!!

    Take care

  14. @Old Kitty your enthusiasm is always heartwarming and infectious! I can feel your warmth through the web and it is sooo appreciated! Yes, this toy IS brilliant! Getting a new video camera today (hopefully one that is MUCH more user friendly than the crappy Kodak one that I had) and if it is, there will be another video on Wednesday! Love to you and Charlie!

  15. That looks such fun - perhaps we could ask mum to try and get one for us.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. Wot fun! I goota get 1 of those for Charlie Coal it might ebtice him away from the central heating radiator. I need to get him fit again!

  17. Wow, Cody, it looks pawsome to us! Does it come with a human to manipulate it, too? 'Cause our human is freakin' lazy and says it's too much work to try and entertain us. (Uh, what else is she on this planet for? Except to open our cans of stinky goodness, of course, and scoop litter boxes.)

  18. My cat Akua goes crazy over acorns. But that looks pretty darn fun as well.

  19. Oooh... that looks so fun!!!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  20. @Bocci yes it is a great toy and thanks so much about the review! My Mom helped me type it :)

    @Slash & Bronzy, ohhh it is!

    @Sharon acorns??? Does she try to eat them? That would make my Mom nervous!! You gave me an idea though! :)

    @Kea ohhh I have the same problem! My Mom is sooo lazy! It is pitiful. I follow her into the bedroom where she keeps my toys and often times she totally ignores that I want to play! You two should form the "lazy Moms club!" She is good at the "stinky goodness and litter" and that is about it! :)

    @Wockley I bet Charlie would love it! I don't move much and it sure got me going!

    @Hannah and Lucy I know you both would LOVE it! It is a fabulous toy!

  21. Thats a whole lot of fun in that toy. You are lucky.. Enjoy.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. What fun!! Kittehs always love those "fishing pole" type toys, and this one looks pawesome!

  23. Awesome Toy Cody ! and good action hunting !!!!
    Wham !!! Still fly ! ... Immortal Mousy, I love it !
    I love mousy too ! I'm going to tell my mom to have a look !
    Thanks Cody
    Love you lots

  24. That looks like lots of fun to us and what a cute little mousie that is. Hugs and nose kisses

  25. You are a very lucky kitty, Cody!! That toy looks so fun - I think I may have to get one for my cats to try out! :)

  26. Looks like one heck of a good time to me!!!

  27. Very interesting ...Thank You very much for sharing...Beautiful toy!

  28. @GJ ohhh yes there is TONS of fun in this toy! Thank you! Yes I am a lucky kitty!

    @Brian, it is a super good time!

    @Catsparella yes I am a lucky kitty! Thank you! Ohhh your kitties would love it!

    @Mumsy it is a lot of fun!! Hugs and nose kisses back at ya!

    @Puddy "immortal mousy" OMG you made my Mom and I laugh sooo hard! (as you ALWAYS do!) I am not as good a hunter as you Puddy but I am sure trying! Love from your pal always, Cody (and Mom too!)

    @Julia, I honestly think this is one of the best "fishing pole" type of toys that I have seen. We love it!

  29. Cody you are a great hunter! You were so cute trying to get that 'ole mousie!

  30. Now that's a toy Cody. We wouldn't mind playing with that thing. Have fun
    Benny & Lily

  31. I agree, Cody - those Nekoflies are PAWSOME!!!

  32. Oh man, Cody, that toy combines 2 of my favorite things - mousies and wand/string toys! We may have to check those out!!!

    Your friend, Zoe

  33. @Amin thanks so much! If I can work my video camera you will see another of the toys on Wed!

    @OKcats/Zoe yep those are two of my favorite things too!! You are my kind of girl-cat!

    @Sparkle yes they are! We have great taste!

    @Benny and Lily I think you would like it! I may have to let Dakota look at it (with Mom's supervision of course!)

    @Shawn, I am quite the mousey hunter! Thank you!!! I am pretty cute! :)

  34. We have a cat cousin, Dirty Harry, and I bet he would love those!


  35. Looks like another toy of which Bogey would definitely approve.


  36. Cody,

    Are you sure that's a mousey? It looks more like a fish to us. And boy do you have a good right hook!

  37. We like your disclaimer. And you're right. No one can make a cat like something if he doesn't want to. And that's the truth.

  38. @houndstooth/Bunny "Dirty Harry" what a GREAT name for a cat! MOL! I have to copy your new link and add it to my blog list...since you moved you aren't coming up on my blog roll anymore :(

    @Jan thanks so much about the disclaimer! It sure IS the truth! :)

    @The Boys and is definitely a mousey!! A nice furry one! Thanks about my right hook!

    @Pat, I bet Bogey would love it!

  39. That looks like a ton of fun. I'm kinda jaded about toyz, but I think the Human needs to get me one a them things!

  40. Looks cool Cody!
    Moby is so easy to please, I just pick up a stick from the back yard and he goes nuts!

  41. ooooooh dat mousie I want it I want it! I did gather round and I wanted to pounce your package and here it CRUNCH! Lub your video, a real natural purrrrrrrrr.

    Abigail (Madi is sleeping zzzzzzzz) Mommy is having her COFFEE!

  42. @Spitty we were "kind of jaded" about some "toyz" too but I swear to you that this one is a super good one! I just adore how it is made...the quality is soooo much better than other fishing rod danglies that I have seen. You will love it!

    @Alittlesprite ohhh it is cool! A stick? I have to tell my Mom to try that! :)

    @Abigail you are so cute that you wanted to "pounce the package and hear it CRUNCH" MOL! I never thought of that! What a cute girl you are! Thank you for enjoying the video. My Mommy overslept today and she is having her coffee right now too! Mama LOVES her COFFEE!