Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Neko Flies Part II "Kragonfly"- Semi-Wordless Wednesday

The above video looked worse than what it really was, we promptly moved into another room to play WITHOUT Dakota.

*My Mom and I were not compensated in any way for this review. We received the toys for testing/review and it is mine (and my Mom's opinion featured here).  REMEMBER, I am a CAT. No one can make me like something if I don't want to like it!


  1. Cody,
    You...ate the fly? Eeuuwww! How does it taste like? purrrr....meow!

  2. @Cat-In-Sydney...I will pretty much eat anything that isn't nailed to the floor. MOL! Nope, I didn't eat it but I sure tried to!

  3. We haves a dog here that chases us if we play!

  4. That looks like a great toy! I love how bouncy Cody is! Scarlett is sitting on my lap and watched the videos with great interest - I think she'd like me to say hello for her :)

  5. I love my little bug Nekofly, but the Kragonfly looks even more fun!

  6. Cody,
    No more share toy with Dakota !
    Kragonfly look so good fun and good chewing !
    May be you are better to keep it for yourself , Cody!
    Think about Dakota chews Kragonfly !
    It will soak with... Oh Yak !!!
    and then Kragonfly will disappear !

    Cody..Better not sharing !!!


  7. you do love that toy! Nomming on flies is one of my summer hobbies! Have a fun day.

    Lisa, Madi and Abi

  8. You friends really know how to have fun!
    I like a lot this toy!

  9. I can tell, this is going on my gotta have list!

  10. Cody.. I am sure you are having a blast!

  11. I love those flying things... You just can't have too many of them..

    pawhugs, max

  12. These videos are too cute! Especially the first one. Cracked us up...

  13. Looks like a lot of fun even for Dakota! We love those kind of toys!

  14. @Cheyenne, I almost didn't put that video in because I didn't want people to think I was torturing Cody! lol. We never let Dakota play with anything of Cody's as a rule. He was soooo bad! lol

    @The Monkeys it IS a lot of fun (as long as we keep Dakota out of it! lol)

    @Link thanks so much! I wasn't going to post the first one but I have to admit, it makes my husband and I crack up laughing.

    @Max this is the BEST "flying thing" we have seen, very true to life and so cute!

    @Hilary, I LOVE this toy!

    @Brian I think it should DEFINITELY be on your list!

    @Luna, frankly Cody is normally quite lazy, this toy actually makes him MOVE!

    @Abigail, Madison and Lisa, I like to catch REAL flies too (and eat them) this is the next best thing!)

    @Puddy...ohhhhh noooooo we don't want the Kragonfly to "soak" with you-know-what! MOL!! No worries! We aren't going to share it with Dakota anymore!

    @Sparkle, I think the Kragonfly is is so cute to look at too. I think all of the toys in their collection are winners! Super well made as you know.

    @Natalie, I loved how "bouncy" Cody was too because normally he is soooooooo lazy! Please tell Scarlett that Cody says hi and he sends her love! He said she can come over and play with him if she would like to!

  15. Oh Dakota, we're so happy to see you in the video!!! You're a handsome young man! However, please be gentler when you play with Cody, he is such a little one so you've to be a bit more careful.
    Kragonfly is really interesting!!!

  16. We can see you were having a great time playing with the Kragonfly. Dakota didn't want to hurt you we think he was just over excited and rather bigger than you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. Cody is adorable playing with the dragon fly!!! Looks like a really fun toy :-)

  18. That does look like lots of fun! And we know by seeing the video that you really like this toy - no one can claim you are just acting!

  19. @Auntie Priscilla, I know...I am sorry :(
    I got a little carried away. I liked that toy so much and since I am so spoiled I wanted to play with it by myself. I will be more gentle next time. I was just so excited I couldn't contain myself. I'm sorry :(
    Please send my love to Eva, xoxoxo Dakota

    @OkCats oh it is sooo much fun! I never move for anything! lol. Love, Cody

    @Cat thank you!! It is super fun! xoxo

    @Hannah and Lucy yes you are exactly right. My brother was in shock that my Mom even brought it into the room. She always keeps my toys separate. She won't be trying to include HIM anytime soon! MOL! xoxo

  20. It looks like such fun!! I like to make my cats jump and do backflips with their mouse-on-a-string toy. I can't let Rocky catch it, however, because he proceeds to chew on it and get it all slimy. Ew.

  21. Looks like fun!

    Thank you for coming to our birthday commentathon! It was fun.

  22. That looks like a real fun toy to us. Hugs and nose kisses

  23. @Julia It IS fun! Yep Cody usually jumps much higher but we have limited space in the back rooms due to getting ready to do more painting etc. Cody chews on it too!

    @Cats of Wildcat Woods it is sooo much fun!

    @Mumsy it is super fun! Hugs and nose kisses back at ya!

    @Amin Hi! Hope you are well! Thank you!

  24. We are saving our moneys to buy a Neko Fly, it looks so cool!

  25. Aww, that is SO cute. Looks like a terrific toy. What a couple of darlings those two are!!
    Hugs ♡

  26. It;s a brilliant toy!!!!! Lovely Cody completely loves it - yay!!! Even gorgeous Dakota got all excited with it!!!

    Brilliant clips!! Me and Charlie hope Dakota and Cody are bestest furriends again!! :-)

    Thanks for sharing! take care

  27. That looks like lots of fun. I like to catch dragonflies down by the pond, but mum says ewwww because I come back with the wings sticking out of my mouth and going buzz buzz.
    We laughed at the last video about half way through when your head and then your paw was going around in circles.

  28. Cody,
    That dragonfly looks like a lot of fun. I can see why you and Dakota got into
    a little scuffle over such a fun toy! Siblings...always wanting what the other one has!
    I loved the videos but especially the first one...sounds like our house when we have the grandpuppy!

  29. @Daisy it IS soooo cool!!! I hope you can get one. I tried to have a give-away but they were already committed to some give-aways on some other blogs...soooo....keep your eyes peeled!

    @Shawn that dragonfly is a blast! Oh yes! Dakota is HUGELY the jealous sibling but the funny thing is, he gets more attention than poor Cody does! You made me feel better saying it looked like your house lol...I thought someone would come and arrest me for perceived animal abuse :)

    @Eric and Flynn, Flynn OMC! I would love to see you with that dragonfly hanging out of your mouth! I would say "ewwww" too but I still would love to see it! Cody's head going in circles was my favorite part too! lol

    @Old Kitty, I hope you are feeling better! Thanks so much for your kind words about my feeble attempts at videoing lol! Yep, Cody and Dakota are best friends again and the kragonfly is safe in the back bedroom :) hugs to you and Charlie!

    @Gods little people, thanks sooo much! Yes my 2 boys are hilarious, they really are! :)

  30. What a cool toy, Cody--and how fun, watching your aerial acrobatics! ;D After seeing how much you enjoy it, I think I'm gonna have to get one for Boomer, too. (And it's SO much better than tracking down another bug and bringing it inside for him to play with, LOL!)

    Cody, dat'z so pawsome!! I luvz playin wif da bugimalz, an since I alwayz playz wif dem til dey, um, breaks, I fhink dis iz jus da toy I need!! Good job, mai frend!! :D
    Luvz, Boomie

  31. Cody, I must admit that it was nice to see your brother have a little "face time" in the first video, but in the words of Daisy the Curly Cat, it looks like he was trying to ruin your good time, mol! p.s. Is that your new floor in the first video?? It looks great!

  32. @Benny and Lily OMG you have me dying laughing here!!! BOL!!

    @GlamKitty it is soooo cool! Oh yes Boomer would love one! Boomer that was so nice of you to write me a note too! I don't think you will be able to break this one! Thanks for writing me my friend! ((((hugs)))) Love, Cody

    @Catsparella yeah he sure was but it didn't work MOL! Yes that is the new floor!!! Thank you soooo much! xoxo

  33. "That's it!" loved it for sure!

  34. Oh MY! Mommy? How come I don't have these cool things? Mom? *turns to look in my face*

  35. What fun!! We gotta get one of those!

  36. LoL! That looks fun!

    Caren-we are doing a post tomorrow that I think is perfect for you:)

  37. OOOO I know some furbabies who'd love to play with that too thanks for sharing! Don't worry about Dakota, he just felt left out and wanna play too LOL.

  38. Ahhhhhh, wethinks we could really like that dragonfly!! We have lots of real ones in our garden in the summer, but they are off limits (sayz Mom) so if we could have one that we can actually play with and no harm comes to anyone, we would love it!!! Cody, you look so cool and collected with that big bug...yet, we see that there is a tiger under that gray fur of yours. I think that you would be a fun play buddy because you are not the aggressive, protective type (protective of what is yours) like another feline I know...ahem. (No, I am NOT talking about myself...why would you ever think that!?) Enjoy your fragondly and we will go check them out...perhaps Mom will spring for one for us, too!! Maybe?? Please-oh-please, mom??? Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny and the DawgWood

  39. @CatLadyDiary thanks so much!! Have a great day!

    @Cat oh yes you would LOVE that dragonfly! I like how you noticed I am not an aggressive type of cat. My Mom said she never thought of that until you mentioned it. I am actually quite a good sport as you see but I AM tough! :)

    @Dori, I hope you get one! Yep Dakota is the jealous type! lol

    @Jen I will have to stop by and check it out for sure!!!

    @The Island Cats-it IS sooo much fun! Yes! You should get one!

    @Admiral Hestorb awwww you have your feathery thingy and you KNOW your Mama loves you more than life itself!!!!! You aren't lacking, that is for sure! Your Mama adores you!!! Love, Cody

  40. Beautiful post! I am fine ...Thank You very much...

  41. Hi! Very beautiful post! Cute!
    Thank You very much! I am fine...I hope You are well ,too.

  42. Hi Amin! Thanks so much! I am fine! Thank you!

  43. Do they make Kragonflies for dogs! Dakota also really enjoyed! :)

  44. Ann I am so laughing at your comment on my other post "live action hero" in reference to Cody lol. If they made Kragonflies for dogs with Dakota around it would last all of five seconds! lol

  45. That toy looks like tons of fun.

    Glad you enjoyed the garden tour. The Forsythia and Carolina Jasmine are the first to bloom here. When we see the Forsythia blooming we know Spring is on the way, and we get all excited. ~Arty

  46. @Arty oh yes it is tons of fun!
    I sooo enjoyed the tour! YAY! So glad your Forsythia bloomed!!! Spring is right around the corner!!!
    Will be visiting soon!

  47. What a great toy! Somebody start importing them to the UK!!

  48. Wheeee! These are awesome!
    I'm so excited I have to tell you Caren - one of my tasks for uni was to film a thirty second video of 'living things' in our homes - guess what I filmed? Haha. It's over on my blog now - Indi and Tosca and Yoda and Shep the dog make appearances :)

  49. @Ruth thank you! I will have to pop over and see!

    @Barbara yes it is great, go to their website and tell them :)

    @Yvonne yes they are wonderful!

  50. My dogs destroy every toy we buy in 2 minutes or less.