Friday, March 18, 2011

"Flattered Friday" And Guess Who's Having A Birthday???

Cody and I are sooooo flattered and thrilled, (because we actually had nothing planned to blog about today!!! Ha!!!!) to be featured on the fabulous blog:

Please Click HERE To Read The Interview
While you are there,
 someone super special
 is having a birthday today!!!!


Let's all wish
this incredibly SPECIAL,
warm, loving
A Birthday as
as she is!

Shhh....don't tell her
that we told!


  1. I love ANGIE and her adventures with Cosmo, Phoebe and Saffy. Happy Birthday, Angie!

  2. We just went to read the interview and wish Angie a happy birthday! :-)

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. thanks for not mentioning it to me!

  4. That is a great interview. We wished Angie a happy birthday.

  5. HAHA! How cute. I'll go wish her a Happy Birthday...

  6. She is adorable, what a beautiful picture!
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday dear Angie!
    And a lovely weekend for you all sweet friends,

  7. @Alittlesprite thanks!

    @Eric and Flynn thanks we loved doing it!

    @Hilary, I didn't know it was her birthday til this morning when I signed onto Facebook and saw it in my birthday alerts!!!! Soooo I AM telling you about it! xoxo

    @Kea thanks so much!

    @Marissa we love her too!

  8. @Luna yes she IS adorable! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  9. Gonna go visit Angie now. What do you think I should give her? Real cake with catnip flavour or tuna cake that she can share with the kitties? purrr....meow!

  10. Happy birthday Angie! Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. It's so sweet of you, Caren.
    We just read the interview, pawsome!!!
    We love the pictures of you and Cody too!
    More more more pictures!!!

  12. Great interview! I forgot to tell someone Happy Birthday but I went back. Have a great weekend!

  13. Congrats on the interview, Caren!! I thought it was very interesting, especially the answer about who Cody would be if he were a human :) Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  14. @Cat-In-Sydney....I think you should send Curtis Stone over to do a little "Take Home Cheffing!!" ("cheffing"? Is that EVEN a word??? lol, it is NOW!) Then...when she is done having dinner cooked for her she can put him on a plane and send him straight to ME! xoxo

    @Catsparella thank you! It was so much fun! You have a wonderful weekend too! xoxo

    @Brian thanks so much! We were tickled to be featured! Thanks for wishing Angie a Happy Birthday! You have a great weekend too!

    @Priscilla....awwww you are always waayyyy too kind to me!! You know I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!

    @Raymond and Busby you have a great weekend too!

  15. Happy Birthday to Angie. That was a great interview Caren. Found it very interesting.

  16. Thumbs up CatChat. . . .

    And as a special treat for those who don't subscribe to my blog, UNlike CatChat who DOES, word to the wise, but let me be bigger than that, I want to rise above these petty concerns and share with you all, through CatChat thank you Caren. . . .

    GUYS! Scream at this:

  17. Me loved the interview and me loved hearing who Cody would be if he was human and me wished A Happy Birthday. Yous and Cody and Dakota have a good weekend.

  18. Loved the interview. We love reading your blog and hearing all about you and Cody. Congrats on the interview. Hugs and nose kisses from all of us.

  19. Happy Birthday Angie!

    And Happy belated St. Patrick's Day to you Caren!
    The parade was great yesterday, and the weather was amazing! 65 and sunny if you can believe that!
    I think that's 2 years in a row we have had decent weather for the parade!

    Your ex's name sounds familiar, I wonder if we have seen him at one of the bars, we didn't go to any yesterday, but I wonder if he has been to some of the local Strongsville bars like Johnny Malloys!

  20. Happy birthday, Angie! I did not hear about it from Caren. tee hee! :D

  21. Pawesome interview. Cat Chat with Caren and Cody has such a great ring to it, and it really is a fun place for kitty lovers to hang out!

  22. I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your fuzzy friends Angie :)

  23. We will go check it out and wish her a happy birthday!

  24. It's always so wonderful when other bloggers feature you or your posts, isn't it? Glad you got a chance to shine on her blog!

  25. @Mario glad you liked it! Angie did a great job!

    @Amin thanks!

    @Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe, great!

    @MissKrisTV-we hope so too!

    @Julia...awwww thank you!

    @Benny and Lily, thanks for stopping by!

    @Scrappy Grams, LOL!!

    @Jen, I saw some of my friend's photos on Facebook who were at the parade and I could tell they had a fabulous time! Boy did you guys ever luck out with the weather! Ohhhh I bet my ex might have been to Johnny's...he was a HUGE drinker/partier (that was the reason for our divorce)...he was a nice guy but I just couldn't handle the alcohol any longer. If there is a party, he would be there! He always used to go to the parade too.

    @Mumsy thanks so much! Glad you liked it! We had a good time answering the questions!

    @Nellie, thanks so much and you have a great weekend too!

    @Nadbugs...tell us how you REALLY feel! lol

  26. @Vicky yep it most certainly is! I have featured Angie before and a few other bloggers but I have to say I think I have only been featured by people one or two other times...(can't remember! lol) but it is WONDERFUL!!

    @Rumblepurr thanks for stopping by! We are hoping that Angie had a great birthday!

  27. Yayyy Angie is the best! I will have to go wish her Happy Birthday via her blog, Facebook, and Twitter, lol!

  28. Concats on your interview! Happy weekend.

  29. @Stacy and Ellie yes she is! Hope she is having a great birthday!

    @The Whiskeratti we were sooo flattered! Thanks so much! You have a great weekend too!!

  30. Oh, I am late wishing Angie happy birthday! She is probably already asleep!

  31. Oh goodness, we got her just in time. There are a few more hours left tonight before the day is gone. So, happy birthday, Angie!

    And what a great interview, Caren.

  32. Lub the interview, happy birfday Angie!

  33. Happy Birthday Angie :) I hope it was a good one.

  34. Hey Happy Birthday! And we're checking out the feature.

  35. @Sparkle, possibly! She is an early riser like I am (she gets up even EARLIER than I do!),but hopefully she is still celebrating!

    @Karen, thanks much! Ang, did a great job!

  36. Hurrays! Two of the greatest"cat ladies" ke ke ke

  37. Happy birthday Angie :)
    may all the cats love you forever

  38. Great interview! And I know I am late...but Happy Birthday Angie. :)