Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paws For Japan-Aid for Animals of the Japan Tsunami/Earthquake

There is nothing that I could write that would begin to sum up the devastation that has taken place in Japan.

It is far from over

With every day that passes there are more horrific images, stories and events that most of us cannot even begin to comprehend ever having to contend with that have now become the people of Japan's new reality.

If we cannot comprehend the situation, imagine the animals. It is difficult to articulate what I am feeling because it upsets me too much.
There is a strength, determination, level of caring and desire to help by those of us in the pet blogging community  (and our readers) that is unsurpassed.

I want to help

If you want to help, please see the information below that I first learned about through Pawcurious and Your Daily Cute.


World Vets is a international veterinary aid organization providing ongoing veterinary programs in 28 countries worldwide as well as disaster respone for animals. We are currently mobilizing supplies, gear and a first responder team to Japan to help the animals impacted by the recent tragic disaster in Japan. DONATIONS URGENTLY NEEDED to get help to animals in Japan. Animals are often forgotten in times of such tragedy. World Vets wil not forget them! Our website is We are a 501c3 Nonprofit based in the United States.


The above info was taken from the World Vets website. There is a ChipIn link on the side of my blog that will be given directly to World Vets. Please contribute if you can.

If you can't afford to donate, never under estimate the power of Prayer or sharing this blog and others like it to help spread the word.

Each of our lives and the lives of our beloved animals can change in an instant. 


  1. Wonderful blog post. Luckily, HH said I could chip-in... so I'm on my way to do that. Thanks for posting this.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. @Max thank you so much. There are so many more that are better written but it was important for me to still help spread the word. Thank you for contributing!! Love ya!

  3. I've got the chip thing on my blog and am now trying to link my header to the chip in thing to the World Vets site but am really struggling!! Anyway!! Yay for this!! Take care

  4. @Old Kitty, I am wondering if I did something wrong. I copied the link for the ChipIn and just put it on my HTML and it posted on my blog. Was I supposed to connect it to something else? I just clicked on the "copy" at the bottom of the ChipIn thing. Does anyone know if I did something wrong?

  5. Cody this sounds like a wonderful idea.

    ps. My Mom says thanks for the nice words yesterday.

  6. We've donated...We also have Paws for Japan on today's post, as well as have the Chip-In on our sidebar.

    Thanks for posting this!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  7. Thank you so much, Caren & Cody! We've been trying to figure out the best use for the money we want to donate to the relief effort, and this strikes the "purrfect" chord in us... because if we were ever in such a tragic situation, we'd want to know our furbaby would be taken care of. xoxo

  8. Thanks for posting it, Caren.
    We're chipping in right away!
    We're praying for those in Japan too.

  9. What a great way to help our friends in Japan
    Benny & Lily

  10. Another great post Caren. I love visiting all the blogs this morning and find so many supporting the cause. I also love Twitter as there are so many tweets for the cause too. What a great bunch of anipals we have in this community.

  11. Dear Caren,
    We has donated to the animals in Japan! What a horrible tragic thing that has (and still is) happening to their part of the world.
    Kisses to yous and Dakota and Cody

  12. @Benny & Lily I agree! xoxo

    @Priscilla thank you!! I must have done something wrong with the ChipIn cause mine never changes the number! xoxoxo

    @GlamKitty thanks! It did for me too! I just donated this morning myself! xoxo

    @Kea I will be over at some point either today or tonight to visit! Thanks so much!

    @Erika and Blair awww you are welcome!!! xoxo

  13. @Nellie thank you! We did too!! I can't figure out why my ChipIn thingy isn't moving though. Wonder if I did something wrong? xoxo

    @Mario thank you! I have to go around later myself and check them all out. I agree, our community is like no other! We all rock! xoxoxo

  14. Hello! Wonderful post i have ever seen before! Thank You very much!

  15. Thanks for sharing! I, in turn, shared your post on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz. My heart goes out to the people and animals affected by these terrible disasters.

  16. Thanks for your support, I am already in! Our blogging community can make such a difference!

  17. We donated and think thisis going from strength tto strength. Lets hope we can all help these poor animals and save as many as possible. Hugs GJ xx

  18. I love it when the power of the paw gets rolling, I donated early, now I just need to figure out how to do it often!

  19. Great post, we will head on over there!

    Happy St. Pats,

  20. @Amin, thank you!! How is the baby?

    @Michelle THANK YOU!! You are wonderful! I can't figure out why my widget isn't moving is annoying!

    @Stacy and Ellie YAY!! Yes we can!

    @Ginger Jasper I can't wait to hear how much money we all donated! Thanks so much!

  21. Dear Caren,
    Thank you !!! This is great post ever ! We all help ! I have CHIP IN and World VET on my side bar too.and I hope the same thing as GJ.
    GO ! PAWS FOR JAPAN !!!!!


  22. @Brian "power of the paw" I love it! you have such a way with words!! Yep I had donated to the Red Cross earlier and was waiting for today to do this one. I donated to this one this morning. I am sure there will be TONS of chances for us to do more! xoxoxo

    @Oskar thank you!!!!! Happy St.Patty's Day to you too! xoxo

  23. @Mr.Puddy THANK YOU!! I am soooo happy that we are all helping! Maybe we can help to save so many animals! I have to go around and read everyone else's blog....I also have to see if their ChipIn's are moving up cause mine isn't and I am wondering if I did something wrong.
    (((((((hugs))))) to you too! Love you Puddy!

  24. Caren, thanks for this wonderful post. It's almost overwhelming just to see and read about the devastation in Japan, it's great to know we can all at least band together and help in any way possible.

    I wanted to let you know too that I passed a Bloggy award on to you today. Thanks for being an inspiration to me!!

  25. Julie you are welcome! Thanks soooo much for the award, ME? An inspiration to YOU? You are beyond flattering!!! Thank you soooo much!

  26. We are in with you and hoping they raise tons of money to help out in Japan. They are all in our prayers. Nice post. Hugs and nose kisses from us!

  27. @Mumsy I soooo hope so too! Thank you! (((((hugs)))) to all of you!

  28. It is wonderful how many people care enough to donate to this cause.

  29. I sure did. I went to Pandafur early this morning and used her chip in.

  30. My human just donated after my hastily-ended commenthon!

  31. @Simba, I couldn't agree more! xoxo

    @Admiral Hestorb YAY!! xoxo

    @Sparkle and your "hastily-ended commenthon" was an INCREDIBLE success!! OMG had it continued you would have had to have donated tens of thousands of dollars!! xoxo

  32. Great post. We are purring and praying for the people of Japan. It is wonderful how many people are involved with the chip-ins and blogging and fundraising efforts. We hope it will all be very successful.

  33. My Human says we will send some green paypers very soon! I hope things get better there soon. It is all just too sad for all the beings, two- and four-legged.

  34. We haf donated to help Japan out in this very devastating period. We were also relieved to learn that the kitty residents of Cat Island were not too badly affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  35. Dear Caren,
    About The ChipIn ! your one is moving but mine is not !
    Your one the number is going up more than mine !
    What I done wrong !

  36. Thanks for posting this Caren. This tragedy will continue to devastate for many years. We have to take care of everyone and everything from the people, buildings, and animals of course. My mother was wondering how the koi ponds are doing over there. Well I offer my prayers.

  37. Wonderful post,I wish I can donate there, but I have no credit card or paypal :(

    All I can do is donate from my own country's organization

  38. Shanks, as always your so on top of everything! Unlike some of us... mol