Monday, March 21, 2011

Give-Away And Review! CLEAN+GREEN by SeaYu - Furniture Refresher for Cats & Dogs

Spring has FINALLY arrived! Yesterday was the first day of Spring and with that comes the arrival of warm and sunny days, birds chirping, open windows and Spring cleaning!

We want to celebrate the arrival of Spring and make your spring cleaning easier by sharing with you a new product that we received from our friends at Clean+Green!

 If you were a reader of Cat Chat last September you will remember that we did a review of some of the Clean+Green products and after the overwhelming interest, we held a give-way. We are holding one again! (I am sorry though, due to international shipping rules only those that live in the U.S. & Canada are eligible to enter.) Requirements for entering the give-away will be listed at the end of this post.

What is Clean+Green?
CLEAN+GREEN® are eco-friendly aerosol pet odor and stain remover products. Our line of eco friendly, green cleaning products are made from organic and biodegradable ingredients and packaged so you can recycle the container - now you can clean green! For green pet cleaning, use effective, non toxic, organic home cleaning supplies and keep an environmentally friendly home - with pets.
Clean+Green offers a line of green home cleaning supplies for greencarpet cleaning and carpet stain removal, green wood & tile floor cleaning, and green furniture cleaning for pet urine removal, pet stain removal and pet odor removal. The products work on cat urinedog urine, vomit, hairballs, bird droppings, and small animal urine. They are odor eliminators for cat urine odor, dog urine odor, vomit odor, hairball odor, bird dropping odor, small animal odor, dog smell, cat smell, ferret smell and other small animal smells. Clean+Green is a stain remover for urine, feces, vomit, hairballs and any other pet accidents.

The product we received was the Furniture Refresher

The Furniture Refresher is fragrance free, works on contact and is meant to be used for pet beds, leather, fabric & upholstery. It cleans and eliminates pet odors safely and in an eco-friendly way! It is made with all natural ingredients (as are all of the products by Clean+Green)

We wish we had received this BEFORE we just bought new furniture. We did try it out though... guess where we used it, that isn't listed on the can as a place to use it? In our kitchen garbage can! worked! We also sprayed it on the cushions on our kitchen chairs and on our dining room chairs. (All places that Cody likes to hang out on!) It worked! There are no lingering odors! No perfume scent disguised to mask just totally removes the pet odors, naturally, safely and odor-free!

The great people at Clean+Green have offered to give one free can of Furniture Refresher to a lucky reader of Cat Chat!

Because I want more people to experience just how great Clean+Green products are, I am also going to give THREE additional winners a can of Furniture Refresher!


How To Enter:
there are FOUR, EASY, MANDATORY steps. (FOUR winners, FOUR requirements, that's fair!)

1) Follow us publicly with Google Friend Connect (see sidebar)

2) "Like"  "Cat Chat With Caren & Cody" on Facebook. Click HERE (Note:if you were a member of my previous Cat Chat GROUP you are NOT entered in the contest. We now have a new PAGE on Facebook so please "Like" it to be entered!)
***Exemption from this step: If you are NOT a REGISTERED Facebook user please state that in your comment when you enter. Obviously if someone is not registered on Facebook they can't "like" us there, and they will not be considered as ineligible for this contest. (Thank you to Sammy, Andy and Shelly for bringing this issue to my attention)

3) "Like" Clean+Green on Facebook. Click HERE

4) Leave a comment AND a way to contact you if you are one of the lucky winners  on this post telling me you completed the above steps. It is NOT necessary to leave a separate comment for each task completed. You may list them all in one comment. 


We received no compensation for this review. We received Clean+Green Furniture Refresher to test and review. Clean+Green offered to give-away ONE can of Furniture Refresher, I wanted more people to win, so I am purchasing THREE more cans for THREE additional winners!


  1. 1) Done!
    2) Done!
    3) And done!
    4) scarlettandmelly(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Aunty Caren,
    1. Unhappy coz we live across the oceans.
    2. Will go check out if the shops here sell any.
    3. Anyone can recommend a garden repellant stuff for cats that works? I still dig Mama's pots and plants though she put in those stuff she bought at d pet shop. purrrr.....meow!

  3. Dear Caren,

    Sound like Magic Pray : )

    Good Luck for all enter ! and anyone who live in U.S.A and Canada would like to take Give Away Luck ! You can take mine. Because I live in Australia.

    Give Away Luck + Your Luck = Double Luck !!!
    Must Try : )

    Sorry Caren, sometime I just love to talk crap..heh..hee..heh


  4. I have done all of the required and would love to try this product. With 14 cats and 2 small dogs you can imagine I need it, even if I am not a winner I do plan to order because of your sponsorship of the contest.

  5. We were already fans of you on blogger and facebook but now we've 'liked 'Clean and Green'. Thanks for doing such a fabulous giveaway!

  6. I was one of the lucky winner's last time, but we hasn't had to use it yet. Since I'm an only cat, i don't make much of a mess anywyere. Would be nice to see it go to a place where there are lots of kitties to test it.

  7. @Cat-In-Sydney-funny you mentioned gardens...stay tuned for Thursday's post! I have a guest blogger who is a gardening pro (she owns her own company) doing a guest post about gardening "green" with pets!! That is coming up on Thursday! I am sorry about you not being able to win the give-away...there will be others coming! xoxo

    @The Monkeys, please be sure about Facebook. I just checked and don't see you there. This is for the NEW Facebook PAGE I started last week, not the former Cat Chat group...if you "liked" us under a name other than "The Monkeys" please let me know...just in case here is the link to the correct page to "like" and you are most welcome about the give-away!

    @Kathie Hi!! I am going to mention the same thing to you I just mentioned to "The Monkeys" if you "liked" us under a different name on Facebook please let me know what that is. I checked and don't see you there. My old Cat Chat on Facebook was a GROUP...I created a NEW PAGE last week...I am trying to spread the word and get those back who think they are part of the new PAGE but aren' is the corrrect link for you to please double check, wow 14 cats? I hope you win!

    @Mr.Puddy, sometimes I just like to talk "crap" too!! lol. I am sorry you aren't eligible to win but I will have other give-aways coming that you CAN win! Don't you still want to "like" us on Facebook? xoxo

  8. I've been your faithful follower but I don't have FB :(( sob sob sob!!!
    It doesn't matter at all as I live on the other side of the world and spray products can't be shipped this way either.
    Good luck to your readers and followers!!!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful product for pet-lovers.

    Thoughts in Progress

  10. @Priscilla, I know!! I am sooooooo sorry! Don't worry, there will be something that you can win too!! Did you see I moved Eva's badge up? I wanted to look at her pretty face!

    @Mason it most certainly is!

    @Mario you are lucky to not have to use yours! I think it would be great if someone with a lot of cats won too, we will see! Depending on the number of entries, I may use that automated thing that picks the winner. If there aren't a lot of entries then I will use a BIG

  11. Our Mom 'liked' it under her Facebook (Karen H)! We will also like it as the Monkeys!

  12. I'd love to try this out for my kitties. I fulfilled the requirements and can be contacted at or

  13. @The Monkeys you are such a doll!!! THANK YOU!! Also THANK YOU for understanding!!!! (((((hugs))))))))))

    @Layeredflesh/Brandy thanks very much! Good luck!!

  14. How cool is this!!!!!! We not only love you, but we love Clean Green....especially their Carpet and Upholstery product.

    We would love to have be included in your give it means that we also have to be on FB......we no longer do Facebook....our mama deleted our account a month or so ago as they have had too many security issues over the past several years......she says none of us will EVER have another FB page....we're hoping that won't make us ineligible for the drawing...but if it does, it does.

    We love y'all.

  15. @Sammy, Andy and Shelly thanks for mentioning that point. No you will not be ineligible! I will edit the post and mention that if someone is not a Facebook user they will not be ineligible for the drawing but they must tell me they are not a Facebook user as you just did! Thanks for pointing that out! xoxoxo Love you too! ((((hugs)))))

  16. already a follower of you on gfc, liked you and the company my email is this is a great concept and keeping my fingers crossed to win :)

  17. What a great contest Caren! Thanks yous!

  18. What a fantastic product and giveaway. I like to use only "green" products esp. for my cats. And I'm always looking for more products like this. What a generous giveaway, thank you...I'm a follower and I "liked" Cat Chat and Clean and Green on FB. My email link is on my Blogger profile. Again, thanks for the great giveaway and review.

  19. @CRichman thanks much! Good luck!

    @The Cat From Hell you are welcome!!!!

    @Wendy thank you! It is a super fantastic product. I like to use "green" products for my babies too! You are most welcome, good luck and thanks for entering!

  20. I've really been wanting to try those products after reading all of the great reviews - I've just never gotten around to ordering any. We've followed your instructions, though, so we'd like to be entered for your giveaway, please!

  21. Very beautiful products!!! Thank You very much for sharing...

  22. @OKCats you are entered! Good luck to you!!! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

    @Photos-Animals-Pets good day to you too

    @Amin thank you! You are welcome!

  23. Shoot for being on the other side of the planet - this is EXACTLY the product I need. I'll have to look into how to get this. Thanks for the useful info.
    Have a lovely day!

  24. @Gods Little People, I am soooo sorry!! I know they don't ship to other countries (something about it being a spray product or something) I am soooo sorry! You have a great day too!

  25. I'll bet that is some good stuff too, the other certainly was!!!

  26. I read about this product last week on another pet blog, and had jotted it down to look for it on my next Petsmart trip (they said it was available in some stores). So I would be thrilled to win one instead, and I have completed all of the requirements. You can contact me through my blog profile or facebook messaging.

  27. @Brian it is! Did you want to be entered? You didn't say...if you completed the requirements please let me know. Thanks! xoxo

    @Julia I am keeping my paws crossed that you will win! Thanks for entering!

  28. I don't get it. Why would the Humans not want their furniture to small like us? We smell GOOD!

  29. Sounds like a great product and won't hurt my Rosie by using it! Wish spring would STAY here in Mich and not just tease:(! Great giveaway and 2 great new fb sights for me to follow.LOVE your blog really starts my morning off on a fun note!My email is THANKS:D It is different from the google acct you will see as my blogger name.

  30. Hi Caren! I would love to try this product! It sounds wonderful!

    Of course we are followers of yours!
    I now follow you and Clean+Green on FB.
    (I am not sure if I did it under Jennifer or MyBrownNewfies:)

  31. @Spitty I don't get it either! Love, Cody

    @Bloggin bout my Boys I sure wish would GET here, let alone "stay" here. Thanks so much for your kind words, it means A LOT!! Have a great day and good luck!

    @jen Hi! Thanks and good luck! I will check it out later! :)

  32. We live in Australia so we can't join in the fun. But we'll be sending our Mommy out to keep an eye for the product on the shelves!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  33. OK...I did it. Not quite sure how the Google frined connect works, but am on my way to check it out.

  34. REMINDER: if you want to be entered in the contest...please leave me a comment stating that you completed the above steps (with your email address or another way to contact you should you be one of the lucky winners)...if I see a comment that doesn't mention that the person wants to be entered (and doesn't mention having completed the required steps) I will assume they don't want to be entered!

  35. @Lisa THANK YOU and good luck!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

    @Slash & Bronzy thanks for stopping by and i am sorry that they can't ship to Australia...I hope they will start offering it your way soon! xoxo

  36. Hmmm... seven cats in our household! We certainlly could use a can or two of this great sounding product to give to our human Mom! We are definatley onboard with this contest!!! Hugs from Zee and Zoey

  37. Hi Caren....I am a follower. I have NO facebook though. BUT...I tweet a lot! So I will spread the word daily through a scheduled tweet for you!
    patty at catcallscentral dot com

  38. I opened all the links about this products...I looked at all of them...Wonderful products...

  39. That flower opens its blossoms in the evening till morning( in my last post)

  40. @Amin yes they are! Thank you! The flower was gorgeous!

    @Art and Sew Forth that is ok! Thank you for telling me you have no Facebook and thank you for helping to spread the word!!! xoxoxo Good Luck!

    @Zee and Zoey thanks so much for entering!! Good luck!!!!

  41. pawesome good stuff! Love eco friendly and pets, purrfect combo. Just popped over to give *nosetaps*

  42. Sounds like a good product.

    Thanks for coming to Darby's party! We had to rest up after. Too much fun!

  43. @Abigail, Madison, Lisa yes it is! Thanks for stopping by! Nosetaps back at ya!

    @Cats Of Wildcat Woods it is! You are welcome! We had a great time! :)

  44. I wants to be entered in yours contest, I's completed all tha steps and you can contact me at kc AT catblogosphere DOT com.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: I don't unnerstand why mine Mom would wanna make tha furniture not smell like cats either??? After me an mine 5 brofurs an sisfurs get it smelling just right. Don't make sense, but then again, do hoomans effurr make sense.

  45. We would love to be entered too..unfortunately we do not have FB so we can't "like" anything, will that disqualify us? We can be contacted :


  46. @KC you got it! I will be checking everyone out (next Tuesday)...might use the "random thingy" to pick the winners, not sure yet! Good luck!

    @Abby that is ok! Another person doesn't use FAcebook either (or have it) so that is fine!) As long as people tell me that is ok! You will be entered! Good luck and thank you!

  47. OMC we entered all 4 kinds of types, pawsome! That cleany stuffs looks really good we like that is good fur the environments too, the birdies will be happy =^_^= PURRS!
    Luna & Zulu

  48. Ohhhh Luna I am soooo sorry!! That contest ended! I posted the winners yesterday! (they are still posted on the blog) I am soooo sorry! But....I have another give away coming tomorrow!! xoxoxo