Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm Not "Springing" Anywhere

I'm tired.

I'm feeling out-of-sorts, cranky and off schedule (yep even being unemployed I DO have a schedule thank you very much!).


I can't concentrate.

I'm T-I-R-E-D!!

Many of us in the U.S. follow Daylight Savings Time. It was bad enough when the clocks were turned ahead an hour the last week of April,  now the dreaded "spring-ahead-an-hour-and-want-to-scream-at-everyone-around-you-because-you-are-TIRED-event" (for me at least), takes place the second week of March. Couldn't "they" (whoever "they" ARE, leave well enough alone?)

While much of the rest of the country  are  preparing to tip-toe through their Spring tulips and are giggling at the prospect of longer days to come, those of us like myself who already don't get enough sleep, (I am often up til the wee hours of the morning and then I  awaken between 5 and 6am) are seething.

I'm tired.

I need my sleep.

Ironically while I am sitting here at 12:20am, which to me is 11:20pm..(mentally changing the time when I look at the clock is a little game I will be playing for at least the next week), all I can hear is the tick, tick, tick of the wall clock in front of's ticking beginning to sound like "Ha...ha...ha... I... got.... you".  


Don't mess with my clock, my routine, my internal alarm, don't mess with my sleep-deprived self!

You are probably asking "what in the heck does ANY of this have to do with cats? Isn't this a CAT BLOG for Pete's sake?"

Don't mess with me.

I told you... I'm TIRED!

I'm feeling out-of-sorts, cranky and off schedule.

"Cats don't like change
 without their consent."

Roger Caras

For the record....neither do I!

Now, if you'll kindly excuse me, I am going to bed. It's 1:15am or 12:15am or whatever it is and I'm TIRED!


  1. I hope you can get your spirit up and going again tomorrow. sleep tight and have a nice dream

  2. Dear Caren,

    Only one can help you for this kind of MR CODY !
    Please follow him step by step whatever he does in one day, You will get your energy back completely 100 % !

    Big sloppy kisses to you. ( my dad always do this to my sis to put her sleep, Now I give you one. It's a trick of good dream : )


    PS : You may dream about Salmon, That's what I ate before did sloopy kisses to you.

  3. Daylight savings sucks :( We have it here too - except for Queensland for some odd reason, which means in summer they get dawn at some ungodly hour like 4.00 am (probably a bit later...but still horribly early!)

  4. poor Aunty Caren... (((((HUGS)))) OK, all together now... rock-a-bye baby on the tree top... shhhh..... purrr....meow!

  5. Hi Caren, just popped in as I saw new blog post on my dashboard.

    OK! Really hope you get some sleep xx

    "backs out VERRRRRY slowly*

  6. Hey Caren...By any chance, are you tired??? I have no idea..... I never feel the time change, and the only time it bothers me when I travel is if it is more than 3 hours. It was strange, last week when I went to the DR, they were an hour ahead. If I waited until yesterday or today, there would be no time difference.. That confuses me.

  7. Oh please rest!!!! Oh dear! I love your new avatar!! Anyway I have to admit I like it when the time goes back an hour in winter!! LOL!! but not so keen when it goes forward in the summer!!

    Have a restful day! Take care

  8. It needed to be said. Great post. And I love the pictures you chose for illustration. They do send the point home. Good Job!!

    pawhugs, Max

    OH BTW... love your new picture (avatar) Very nice!

  9. Our Mom didn't sleep much on purpose this weekend just so she would go to bed earlier on Sunday! We don't think it worked because she still looks tired!

  10. Ugh. I detest Daylight Savings time too! If you ask me, I was enjoying the days as they got naturally longer even before we had to make this big switch!

  11. You can be cranky. :-P

    The mom goes to bed quite early at night and is up by 4AM, generally, seven days a week. So she prefers the daylight in the mornings. The extra hour of light in the evening is wasted on her.

    Our province (as well as most of Canada) followed the U.S. (pretty much had to, for business reasons) when they changed the spring-ahead and fall-back dates a few years ago. Doesn't make much sense to us, but hey, we're cats. We have our own internal rhythms and the human construct of "time" really doesn't matter to us...except as relates to getting fed, of course!

    -Nicki and Derry

  12. I am completly with you on this! Daylight savings time is not any fun!!
    Hope you get some sleep:)

  13. @Novroz, thanks, I'm working on it! lol

    @jen I am so surprised at the number of people who agree! Actually all of you have just confirmed my opinion that they should leave well enough alone!

    @Kea THANK YOU! sometimes we just don't want to be "nice" lol! I agree with you, the extra hour in the evening is wasted on me too! I am a morning person and give me my extra hour then! You are up by 4? Ugh! My husband used to do the same when he was working. @Nicki & Derry, Cody agrees with you 100%! I forgot that Canada also follows Daylight Savings Time! Have a great day!

    @Link I am surprised that you don't like it either. I like when you said you enjoyed how the days became "naturally longer" I couldn't agree more!

    @The Monkeys, at least your Mom tried to come up with a good plan. I just stayed up waaaay too late the entire weekend! Hope your Mom feels less tired soon!

    @Max thanks soooo much!! I agree those photos are sooo cute! (that's cause they aren't mine! lol) Thanks so much about the avatar. That was taken on Saturday. My husband and I are occasional extras in movies and the talent company took them this weekend to update everyone's files. Hopefully the film tax incentive won't leave Michigan like they are saying it will and we will need these. Thanks again! Have a great day! xoxo

    @Old Kitty I tried but I still haven't had enough sleep! I am with you, I literally WAIT for the clocks to "fall back" Thanks so much about the avi!!! Read above where I wrote where it came from. Hope you and Charlie have a great day! ((((hugs)))) to you both!

    @Diane thank you! It is nice knowing I am NOT alone! I think we "creative types" are more bothered by it than the "normal" folk!

    @Hilary (you smarty pants! lol) You don't feel it cause you are YOUNG....wait, my friend!! lol. One day you WILL feel it! lol. That is interesting that if you waited for your trip the time would have been the same! Strange!! I hope you had a good time after all! xoxo

    @Carolyn "backs out verrrry slowly" you kill me!!! Yeah I haven't been posting every day like I was for awhile. I decided I sometimes need a break...the posting every day was getting to me! I do most days but am trying to not post something every day unless I really have something I want to post. Don't worry! I won't bite! lol

  14. @Cat-In-Sydney, remember what happens in that song. "When the bough breaks, the baby will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and ALL!!!" xoxoxo

    @Ruth I am totally shocked that you have it in Australia! I never expected that it would be there! I am also shocked at the number of you who agree with me! I feel sooooo much better! ((((hugs))))

    @Puddy, I wish I had read this before I had gone to sleep because I LOVE SALMON and would have loved to have dreamed about it! My fave is smoked salmon! Ohhhh don't even mention CODY! lol. When I finally got to bed (at about 1:30am) who comes in the room? CODY! Not to cuddle mind you, but to go through paper on my desk, by the printer, under the desk....he doesn't do it obviously, he shuffles around just enough to make the sound annoying. I have no idea why he did it because it was nowhere near his waking up time! (In ANY time zone! lol). Thanks for the big sloppy kiss! Those are ALWAYS welcome, especially from YOU! xoxoxoxo

  15. Oh, we hate time change too. Mostly cuz our Mom does. She feels like 7 pm is 7 pm, whether it's light or dark. Stop messing with it!

  16. Oh, thanks for telling me that you're TIRED too because I'm so dead tired lately and I thought I was the only one. I felt so lonely until I read your post, LOL!!!
    May be we should give ourselves a good rest and the sleep that we need the most, in order to achieve those goals, we should give ourselves a hot bath with some soft lavender scent candles on, and some soothing music too!
    Sleep well!!!

  17. Caren, hun, don't stress yourself about posting. Whenever you do it's great, but when you don't, we understand. I don't post much only about 2 or 3 times a month, if that, and that's fine. Least Austin gets a break LOL. You take care eh! xxx

  18. @The Whiskeratti "stop messing with it!" I sooooo agree!

    @Priscilla you have much more of a reason to be tired than I do! You have to be taking care of Eva (I hope she is doing much better now!) You do sooooooo much! I am glad I could make you feel that you aren't alone! Noooooo you're not! How in the world did you EVER know that lavender is one of my most FAVORITE scents EVER????!!! ohhhhh how I LOVE IT! know what? I'm really NOT stressing about not posting daily (however this week is a super busy week for topics so yep I am posting every day this week but Sunday, at this point). It would be easier if I wrote/scheduled my posts in advance but alas, I don't. I do 'em as I feel 'em. I plan the topic in advance but never the content. Silly me! xoxo

  19. Oh for PETE'S SAKE. No WONDER I was up half the night last night. I'm so out of it I didn't even think of the reason. As usual, CatChat, I rely on you.

    But I ask you. Have we not got enough to cope with, without going out of our way to screw ourselves up like this?

    Poor cats. I wonder if they reconsider this living-together thing. And then at mealtimes figure it's probably worth it. Although you got to ask.

    "Disgusted" in Arkansas. Where we do have some spring flowers, but snow is also threatened.

    "Disgruntled" in Arkansas.

    Also preparing taxes.

    APRIL IS THE CRUELEST MONTH? He forgot about March.

    "Dissing" in Arkansas.

    "Hissing" in Arkansas.

    Somebody stop me.

  20. I am retired, and still this morning, my behind is dragging! From what? From losing an hour yesterday, and waking to DARK! Stupid people in Indy! I thought farmers were the reason for daylight savings time. They haven't needed that for decades, what with headlights on their farm machinery. So why do we continue to have DST? Tradition?

  21. @Nadbugs OMG how I LOVED your rant! You sound like me! lol!! "Dissing and hissing in Arkansas" nooooooo don't stop! You have me cracking up here laughing! Also the poor cats living with us and the time change...yep I think the food is worth it for them! Thanks for making me smile! :)

    @Scrappy Grams you got it! I am upset that I actually slept in til the NEW 8am (in my old world it was 7am and still too darned late to be sleeping!) Yes I always thought the farmers were the reason too! I agree with you, why do we still have it?????

  22. Hi Caren, stopping by to wish you a happy week. I am with you on the tired thing. I forgot to set my clock before I went to bed and when I got up yesterday the hubby asked if I knew it was after 10....WHAT?!?!? NO....I have a blog to get done, and shopping to do arrrrrr. It was a busy day and with an hour lost at the start I was frazzled. Hope I get re-adjusted quick! Hope you week gets better as it goes along. :)

  23. Dear Caren,
    We are all Cranky at our house too! Well, not Daddy, he is still sleeping. Mommy usually gets up at 5:30 (our time) because she works a time zone ahead, but this morning she slept untill it was 8 am where we live and she was supposed to be at work at 8 am in the previous time zone (who can figure all that out!!) and she was pretty cranky - cuz she was an hour late for work (Mommy works out of a virtual office). Me told her it was cuz she was sick all weekend and needed her rest, but does she listen to me!
    No! She thinks it will take a week to get used to the change!

  24. Have a little catnip with your coffee...does wonders!

  25. @Coupon Queen YOU "get it!!!" EXACTLY! I didn't set an alarm either and I am just like you that if I don't get up when I need to the day feels as if it is just spinning out of control! I hear ya! I hope you have a happy week too and I am glad that you stopped by!

    @Nellie...OH NOOOOOOO your poor Mommy!!! I can just imagine how upset she had to be! Wow she has to work in 2 different time zones (oh yeah I forgot your place looks like NASA with all of the computers you have! MOL!!!). I am sorry to hear your Mommy was sick all weekend! That isn't good! I hope she is feeling much better now! Send hugs to your Mommy (and to YOU!) from me! THAT's an IDEA! MOL!

  26. Thank You very much for Your beautiful comments in my blog!

  27. I don't mind the time change too much, although it does throw me off for a little while. But I do understand when you say you are cranky for being thrown off your schedule. When I take any amount of time off work, I get crazy without a schedule!!

  28. Totally agree with you. It always takes me at least a week to get back into whack after the time change. I esp. hate it in the spring -- I want my hour back!!! LOL.

  29. Actually I kind of love it when my naughty cats are sleeping. Mom needs a break!

  30. I know just how you feel! It's definitely a painful transition. =O)

    In answer to your comment over at my blog. Blogger has three different comment options. Embedded in the post, like you have. Small pop-up window, where you can still view the blog, but you comment in a small, separate window. And full page pop-up where a full page pops up and you can't view the blog while you're commenting. As you can see, I'm able to comment on the embedded format now. I downloaded Chrome this morning and I'm good to go now. I guess I'm like a cat too...I hate change. I had used IE for so long!

  31. I agree with you completely! This time change thing is for the birds and definitely not for cats or dogs or any other creature besides birds!
    My mom and I have been cranky since yesterday morning; in fact, we both asked each other why we even bothered to get out of bed at all! When are THEY going to put a stop to this time change thing, anyway?

  32. Oops our mum seems to be the odd one out here - when our hour changes to summer time in a fortnight she is hoping that they might decide to keep it as plus 1 hour - she hates it so much when it gets dark in winter at about 3.30 p.m.
    Being cats we don't care as we can nap anytime, anyplace and anywhere!! hahahahaha.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  33. Oh boy do I agree with you about hating the time change - I tend to feel just awful and tired and sick the whole time. And I totally get it on a cat blog, because that means you are not only tired but their meal times are changing too - and then they get all weird and do things like wake you up at the wrong time!

  34. We are the same herer when they do that to us and if you happen to be on the wrong shift and get to work another hour.. That hurts, so I agree leave well alone. Get some sleep.. Hugs GJ xx

  35. Oh dear, I feel for you. I love your choice of pictures in this post. That first one is great! I'm sure that's exactly what my husband is thinking most mornings as he's making my coffee (before daring to wake me up!).

  36. @Amin you are welcome!!!! It is my pleasure! I greatly enjoy the photos that you post.

    @Eleanor thank you!! Yep the first is my fave! I CANNOT begin the day without my coffee!

    @Ginger Jasper ewwwwww! If you are working a certain shift they have the nerve to make you work an EXTRA HOUR?? I hope they pay accordingly! xoxoxo

    @Amy I feel exactly like you! The strange thing is both Cody and Dakota don't seem to be affected when we "spring ahead"....they are more affected by the fall back cause then they want their food earlier. For some strange reason Cody came into the bedroom at 1:45 am and started messing with paper on my desk....that doesn't make ANY sense cause it was nowhere near his feeding time no matter what the time zone is! xoxo

    @Hannah and Lucy, I have to admit I thought there would be more people like you that enjoy the extra daylight! I am shocked at how many don't like it. But....I have to agree with you, I don't think I would enjoy it getting dark at 3:30pm. Here in the fall it may start to get dark around 4:45 or 5pm...that is better! But YES kitties can sleep no matter what time it is! xoxo

    @Henry (and your Mom) YAY! I'm not the only cranky one! I don't think they will ever put a stop to it! Rats!! BTW I hope you are feeling better! xoxo

    @Michelle, thanks so much for explaining to me what I have! LOL!! I feel so stupid! What a jerk! I was like you and used I.E. FOREVER! I also am catlike and didn't want to change but I was having constant problems with I.E. which clinched my decision to change. Let me know what you think of Google Chrome. It is still rather young but so far I am having waaaay less aggravation with it than I had with I.E. ((((hugs))))

    @Sharon but your kitties can STILL sleep even on the old time! :)

    @Julia I WANT MY HOUR BACK TOO!!! Today has completely flown away from me!!

    @OkCats, I guess we are just too regimented with our "schedules"...I wish I could change that about me! My husband and I are the type who are NEVER late and show up about a half hour early (at least) for everything! Glad the time change doesn't overly bother you though!

  37. MOL this was great, I love the kitty in the photo watching the coffee maker.
    And I am struggling with the time change too. Madison and Abigail.... well they are still on THEIR time *sigh*

  38. Lol I know just what you mean! Except, call me crazy, but I welcomed the change :(
    I have been waking up with the sun at 6:30 on weekends (when I should be sleeping in until at LEAST 8:30), but now that the time has changed, I didn't feel so bad waking up with the sun at 7:30! If only I could completely black-out my bedroom...

  39. You are so funny! I do the exact same thing in my mind..."Oh, it's really like 4 pm, so I can wait to start dinner". How stupid is that!! Good luck y to you and the kitties as you settle in. I hope this is the last year of all this useless time changing!

  40. Oh we'z with you on theese one! We don't likes to lose our one hour either! Great LOL, SO cute!
    And just want to let you know that your new profile picture looks great!

  41. THAT was the absolute perfect rant, Caren. You probably spoke for a lot of people. ;) Hope it gets better sooner rather than later for you. Just for the record, 8:30 felt like 7:30 this morning. Ugh.

  42. We are having the exact same problem with our mom here! Being she's unemployeed too, she also keeps those same hours. Like "they" say, "this too shall pass."

  43. We have to go through it in 2 weeks time. We say that they can't change the amount of hours of daylight whether the clocks go forward or back so why bother.

  44. @Abigail, Madison and Lisa thank you!!!! I am surprised (and happy!!) to learn there are others like me! I thought I was the only cranky person who doesn't like the time change! lol. Cody and Dakota have already adjusted to the new time. Animals are more flexible than we are! :)

    @Laila and Minchie I am so sorry that your Mom is unemployed too but I bet it is wonderful for her to have a blog to do, (my blog saved me from feeling totally worthless! I felt so bad for so long until I started blogging). I have to say though, I LOVE "working" from home and I bet your Mom does too. She is right "this too shall pass" :)

    @journalwriter THANK YOU!! lol. I was sitting here last night (early morning) with complete and total writer's block. I was going to read a book to review for today....didn't happen....I had NO CLUE what I wanted to write about and I was frozen. Then I realized how darned TIRED I was! lol. Yes the past 2 mornings I have slept later (well not really but on the new time I have) than I normally do. It has me all out of whack. xoxo

    @Cloon awwww you handsome kitty you made me blush! Thank you!!! You really made my day! I am so happy that you enjoyed this post too! You have me grinning ear to ear! xoxo

    @Art and Sew Forth-ok what do you know that I don't? Are they talking about not doing this silliness next year? When you mentioned the chance of it not happening next year I was beside myself with excitement! lol. You got it about "what the time REALLY is" I just looked at the clock and cannot believe it is AFTER 6!! It should only be six minutes after 5!! Here we go again! lol. xoxo

    @Stacy and Ellie I don't think you are crazy at all. Actually I thought most people think like you do about it. I was totally surprised to see that so many didn't! I am glad you are adjusting well! ((((hugs)))

  45. @Eric and Flynn...I am with ya! As you said if they can't change the hours of daylight regardless...then "why bother!?" I will be thinking of you in two weeks, you have my sympathy! :)

  46. Our Mama says she knows how you feel. Even though she likes spring and summer best, when "fall back" comes she is always so happy to have that extra hour of sleep!

  47. @Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe I second your Mom's feeling exactly! I prefer fall of all the seasons, I do like Spring and Summer but not losing an hour of my sleep! :)

  48. DST has really messed up me and the kitties :( I'm tired and miss my hour.... I want it back now

  49. Oh Cody and Caren,

    What a hoot your message is today. That photo of the kitty at the coffee pot is priceless.

    I know what you mean about the time trick you play, as I do it, too. Although I'm not up and doing it at 12:30/1:30 a.m.

    Mikey "slept in" this morning!

  50. @KnottedFingers ME TOO!!! xoxo

    @"The Boys and Karen" thank you! I love that photo too, wish I had taken it. you are sooo lucky that Mikey slept in. Neither of my boys did!

  51. Amen, Sister, says the Human.

    Me, I say: Where did they put that hour?

  52. We don't think we'll settle in to this time change until around about October...when we have to "fall back"!

  53. @Spitty "Amen Sister" lol!! I love it! I agree Spitty, where DID they put that hour??

    @Bocci I hear ya! They moved it to NOVEMBER!! UGH! (last year they moved it)...I liked when it was October. :(

  54. Bleh, I feel exactly the same way! Stupid daylight savings.

  55. @Natalie I agree! "Stupid daylight savings!" MOL! xoxo

  56. I hate daylight saving time too !! Now it doesn't get light until almost 8:00...hate it ! This summer when it stays light until 9:30-l0:00 we have some neighbors who think that is a perfect time to mow their lawns! And, even with the blinds closed I can't go to sleep if I know it is still light outside ! I also look at the clock and if it is 8:00 I think it's really 7:00...this will go on for months ! I know what you mean about feeling tired...I'm exhausted !


  57. I don't cope well with the time change either -- not being a great sleeper myself. It makes me very tired and cranky too! And the cats said that meant I have to take a nap with them on the couch every day until I feel better -- I don't argue with my cats :-)

  58. I just got done whining about this on Facebook. I'm not doing much springing this week...

  59. I'm so with you... I still haven't adjusted.