Monday, March 28, 2011

Curiosity Nearly Killed This Cat Lover

This post originally was published Saturday, November 14th, 2009. At that time I think I had TWO readers? This one was one of my faves and I hope you like it!

Monday evening I was on the balcony enjoying the unseasonably warm weather when "what to my wondering ears", I heard the sound of a cat crying. Uh-oh for me that is a dangerous sound. It is one I cannot ignore. I probed the darkness with my eyes  trying to catch a glimpse of the wailing kitty. Kitty Rescue 911 had been called, I was on alert! I went off to proceed with my rescue! Didn't get the memo that I would be the one crying and in need of rescuing!

In my rush to find the soon to be feline felon I flew out the back door of our condo/apartment building, eyes riveted on the courtyard ahead so as not to miss the poor wailing kitty who I was sure needed my help. Too bad I forgot there were stairs. Big Stairs. Big raggedly edged concrete stairs just waiting to attack.

CRASH, BOOM, WHACK, THUD I rolled and smashed my way to the ground. I bashed my knee, smashed my arm, hand and finger and whammed the side of my face onto the concrete. Thank G-d for baseball hats with brims! If I hadn't been wearing one I am certain I would have cracked my skull.
pill bug

I rolled onto my back, legs in the air, like a pill bug, (not a pretty site to see this kind of girth laying in that most unbecoming manner). I was afraid I couldn't move. I lay there looking at the lights of our condo on the 2nd floor wondering why my Sheltie who barks at every sound (even those unable to be heard by man) did not run to the window to alert my husband that I was in danger and needed help! Lassie he is not, (but we'll keep him).

Observe, NO DOG in window

Thankfully after Xrays I am fine. Still can't bend my finger, I am bruised like an over ripe banana on my chest and arm, ("no doc my husband didn't beat me, I had an altercation with 2 giant concrete steps over a cat!!") but I am fine!!

I laugh when I think of what a dear friend said to me when I told her of the mishap. She said she hoped the cat hadn't filmed the entire escapade and posted it on Youtube.

I never did find that cat, but I WILL be checking Youtube.

NOTE: A couple of months later our Property Manager had the stairs lowered. (Nope! I didn't complain or tell them about my "adventure"), I do  know of at least one other person though who had "wiped out" in a similar manner. It appears that when the Property Manager was "walking" the property they discovered that the steps were not "up to code" regulations for height. 


  1. Oh my lord!! I'm glad you are ok!!!!! How scary!!! :( I'm so sorry you are all bruised up too!

    P.S. I've decided if I can get a job I'm so going to Blog Paws lol

  2. OH ! You poor thing!! I would have laid there to.. OW indeed!

  3. VERY funny post! I am glad that you were not seriously injured. Did you ever find the video on YouTube...LOL?!

  4. Dear Caren,

    Thanks COD !!! you were ok. on those day !
    It's really really good story to warn my pawrents, Especially, my mom who is a new born cat lover ! She can get to this situation easily !

    MOL for comparing yourself to a pill bug. I get the picture so clear..Ha..Ha..Ha.. You are so funny, Caren

    I'm happy you are here safe and sound because me and my mom do love you. Thanks COD again to safe you for us.


  5. Aunty Caren,
    Oooohhh...poor you! Crash boom bang and all that, eh? On behalf of that cat/kitten/banshee, I say thank you for the caring thoughts.... As for YouTube...hey, maybe someone had sent it to America's Funniest Video? purrr....meow!

  6. Thank goodness you were alright (sort of). I know what you mean about the Kitty Rescue 911. I do the same when I hear a cat crying. It's instinctive to want to help.

  7. Enjoyed this story just as much the second time!
    No way you ever resembled a pill bug!

  8. Ouch! Think you must have succumbed to the allurement of Ailouros, that siren cat of the night!!

  9. Ow. Oh you poor woman!!! Glad you are ok now and yay that the steps were fixed - good grief!!!

    take care

  10. Ouchies.... glad that was a while ago and you are not aching and hurt today.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. @Knotted Fingers, thankfully I am fine! This happened months just was so funny when it happened that I wanted to publish it again because I had no readers at all back then! :) I am hoping to go to BlogPaws too...trying to find a way to go myself! If you go as well I will sooo look forward to meeting you!

    @Carolyn...oooooo I never heard of Ailouros is that true? I bet you are kidding! I will have to google it!

    @Anonymous awwww thank you!

    @Eleanor yes all of us kitty lovers would have done the same but most people would have opened their EYES! lol

    @Cat-In-Sydney...lmao! Never thought of America's Funniest Videos!

    @Mr.Puddy THANK YOU! You are sooo sweet!! Wow your mom is a new cat lover? It seems like she has loved cats her entire life!! I have to say Puddy, I CAN imagine your Mom doing the same thing but I would sure hope she wouldn't fall like that! Love you Puddy! xoxoxo

    @Michelle, thanks so much! Nope! I never did! lol

    @Alittlesprite yep it was pitiful!!! lol And no barking from my dog upstairs to help me lol

  12. Oh boy, when we cat lovers hear kitties in need, we will do whatever it takes! Glad you're ok. I'm sure the kitty appreciated your efforts. ;-)

  13. Oh dear, I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt but was just bruised up,:)
    I wonder what Dakota was doing at that moment. Could it be that he was too terrified or he was actually rolling on the floor laughing out loud? LOL!!!
    Hope there is nothing about your kitty rescue on youtube too :)

  14. Good grief! Thank goodness you were okay--meaning nothing broken. Did you ever hear that cat again? Was there a kitty rescue?

    -Fuzzy Tales

  15. Oh Caren! First I am glad you were ok and thank goodness for the baseball hat! They protect me a lot to!
    It is funny that you posted this. I fell down our stairs last Thursday, actually I didn't fall I got pushed, by two very excited dogs. It is the first time in 4 years they managed to take me out on the steps! I fell down 15 stairs, no broken bones, but lots of bruises! and a lesson learned!
    I feel your pain girl:)

  16. That sounds like something our Mom would do!! We're glad you're okay, and loved this post too!

  17. Admiral's Mom here: Girlfriend, I literally feel your pain. About 6 weeks ago, while stupidly looking thru the viewfinder of my camera..I did not see the curb in front of me. I was trying to get across the street and started falling. Took forever to hit the ground and the curb and everything else it felt like. I held my camera up in the air best I could as I went down rather than let its 1500.00 self be injured. I figured I'd heal, it wouldn't. That let me take the full force of the fall on my front. I had eggplant sized bruises on my lower belly (hit the curb there and my pedometer sunk in) and my "chestal" area. My knees, one elbow and one knee were road-rashed.
    At least it was in public and someone assisted me. :-) Embarrassing and in my case, I learned a lesson that I should have known already. DON'T walk around looking thru a viewfinder! :-)

  18. Oh my goodness this sounds awfully scary!

  19. I wondered what that horrible bug had to do with your post. Oh my. Hope you're on the mend!

  20. Oh dear! Thank goodness you were okay!

  21. Ouch! Too bad they couldn't have fixed them a little bit before!

  22. @Old Kitty thank you! It would have been nice if I had had my eyes open! xoxo

    @The Whiskeratti you got that right!

    @Pup Fan thank you!! I agree!

    @Sharon Wagner lol!! I know! Isn't that bug DISGUSTING??? That is how I looked! lol. Haven't forgotten about your print. I am having the room that will eventually be my "office" painted today...all of my photos, artwork, etc and things needing to be framed (like your print) are waiting for the room to be done and your print will have a place of honor in my new "office!!" I haven't forgotten! xoxo

  23. @Max thank you! I am happy about that too! lol

    @Erika and Blair, I was BEYOND lucky that I didn't crack my head! My face was super scratched I said, thank goodness for baseball caps!

    @Admiral Hestorb OMG!!!!!! You poor thing!! OMG you know EXACTLY how it happened! Yep you're looking straight ahead, whether it be a viewfinder or whatever and then BOOM! OMG I am so glad that someone helped you and I am very glad that since you said it was the STREET??? (OMG!!!) that where wasn't a car coming!!! You are so funny that you tried to save the camera! I totally understand! Did you go to the doctor just to be sure that you are ok? Please take care! I am sorry I didn't get around to the blogs yesterday...I had a super busy day then we went to see Yanni last night! I will visit the blogs tonight! xoxoxo

  24. Mario's mom here - Oh my G - that could have been disasterous. You could have knocked yourself out or killed yourself if you would have hit your head just right. So happy you ended up being okay. Whew, that was a close one. You are a true animal lover to attempt a rescue.

  25. @The Monkeys THANK YOU! You are so sweet! Yep I was super lucky!

    @jen OMG!! FIFTEEN STAIRS!!??? OMG you are soooo lucky that you are ok! You should always get checked after just to be sure that you ARE ok!! Your dogs are HUGE but they are "gentle giants" poor thing! I hope you are ok! xoxo

    @Kea, the amazing thing? NO! I never heard that cat again! He sure had the last laugh!

    @Link yeah and they certainly wouldn't do it for us! lol

    @Priscilla, I am SURE Dakota had a good laugh! I can see him now rolling on the floor as you said! lol. Nope, nothing on YouTube! lol

  26. @Mario's Mom, yep that is what scared me so much after the fact is it could have been much, much worse! You are right! You would have done the same thing though...any of us who love cats/dogs would have! But most people would pay attention to where they are walking lol

    @Benny and Lily yep it WAS scary!

  27. I did see that on YouTube! Just kidding, I'm glad you're okay, that could have ended very badly!

  28. Oh dear and Ouch! I hope you are okay. The things we do for our furry friends. I hope they are all giving you a snuggle today for your heroics.

  29. Hello! I am very glad that everything is OK with You!

  30. My goodness, you sound so much like me and my gracefulness. My husband would say of me that I was an accident looking for some place to happen. So sad that it's true! I'm so glad you survived it! And I'm now one of your ardent admirers. :) I'm still hoping to hook up with a new kitty sometime soon. Wish me luck, ok?

  31. Oh, I'm so sorry you had to give up one of your 9 lives almost...Ouch, there's the saying "killing with kidness" and killing yourself with kindness. I always like to use arnica cream (found in any good health food store) on my tender bruises and it not only feels better, but makes my bruises heal a lot quicker...

  32. Made me laugh thinking about a cat posting a video on the internet.
    Glad you survived!

  33. Doesn't it seem like bad things always happen when we're just trying to help?! I used to always pick up other dogs' droppings at the same time of picking up after Ellie, but I swear EVERY time, I would step in some that I didn't see! So I've given up trying to be nice haha.

    Also, eww that pill bug is gross!

  34. @Brian lol!! I wish I had! It would have been worth it! lol. Thank you!

    @Stacy and Ellie OMG I just did that the other day! I was taking Dakota out (which my husband usually does) but I had him and was picking up all of the other droppings and stepped in some too! Grrrr!!! No, you haven't given up being nice! :)

    @journal writer lol! Wouldn't it be funny? Thank you!

    @Wendy I have never heard of arnica cream. What is it? I may have to check that out. thanks so much for the tip!

    @Scrappy Grams I like what your husband used to say, that is so cute! You made my day with your kind words! Thank you! Rest assured when you are MEANT to have a kitty the kitty will find YOU! xoxo

    @Amin, thanks so much!

    @Peggy nope! That was months ago! It happened in late October :)

  35. Dear Caren
    Yous sounds like yous as graceful as my Mommy! And me loves the story! Me giggled!
    Kitty Kisses
    Your friend Nellie

  36. @Nellie yep I am! happy you liked the story!! Thank you Nellie!!!! xoxoxo

  37. Ouch! We hope you're ok and not bruised all over anymore. OUCH!

  38. Poor klumzy Hyoomins! Dey iz juss not gracefull like us kittehs!

    The Human was happy to see this was a golden-oldie and that your hurty places are all better now!

  39. It wasn't funny that you got hurt, but I couldn't help but laugh at some of your descriptions. The pillbug visual was hilarious, as was the Sheltie comparison to Lassie.

  40. @Au and Target oh yes I am fine thanks! That was back in late October and I am fine! thank you!! xoxo

    @Spitty lol you got that right! I sure am NOT graceful! Yep! Thankfully it WAS a "golden-oldie" (love how you described it!) xoxo

    @Julia it was meant for you to laugh and I am so sorry that you did! It is funny now that is for sure! I am so glad you liked it! xoxo

  41. Thank you for visiting us and sending all those healing purrs. The battle Cinders face now is taking all those meds.

    Oh dear, you've got to be careful! Hope those aches ease off quick.

  42. Poor Caren… I feel your pain – been there done that.. I am a super klutz. In my old office, I feel down the stairs so many times we had to install a runner. Then when I moved to my new location, we tried to have the caller ID have the main office number. They could do it, but if someone called EMT they would automatically be dispatched to the main building. My boss wouldn’t allow it. He said, “we can’t do that because Hilary works there, and knowing her, she will hurt herself, we will need EMT and they won’t be able to find her… We need her”

  43. No good deed goes unpunished.

    And my dear -- now that you're famous, it's only a matter of time before that YouTube surfaces. . .

    But seriously, awful to read how you were hurt. I'm so glad your baseball cap was there looking out for you. No dog, no husband, but a baseball cap. Tender mercies.

  44. Oh yes, and arnica? Miraculous. My office-mate's little girl hit her forehead once and I was able to get that stuff on it within a matter of minutes after the injury -- and she never even bruised. I like the Boiron brand (Whole Foods or the like). Smells very fresh and works a treat.

  45. Glad you were OK! I can just see you bumping down the stairs. I have had dogs on a leash pull me right over the stairs and landed in a heap on the ground below - not fun!

  46. OMG....OUCH, but a funny post, mostly due to your way with words Caren. Glad it is PAST history and that you are not injured as I type.

  47. @The Chair Speaks, you are most welcome! I hope Cinders starts to do well on the meds...poor kitty! I am fine! It happened MONTHS ago! :)

    @Diane lol thank you!!! That was so nice of you! Yep I am thrilled that it is PAST history too!

    @Cats of Wildcat Woods lmao!!! "bumping down the stairs"....BOUNCING! lol. OMG you must be careful with dogs dragging YOU as well!

    @Nadbugs I am going to have to check that out. Never heard of it before. Whole Foods is right next door. Better get some! OMG you had me cracking up! "No dog, no husband, but a baseball cap!" lol. Both the dog and the husband were upstairs completely oblivious!

    @Hilary GREAT STORY!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! When I was little I used to fall EVERY DAY on my way home from school. EVERY DAY! lol

  48. What a story, Caren!! I'm glad you escaped with only minor injuries..that darn cat!! Thank you for the pill bug visual too MOL

  49. Auch...your description sounds so painful.
    I'm glad you are alright,you seemed to have 9 lives just like your cats ;)

  50. Oh my gosh! This is one of those things that as a witness, you hate yourself for laughing at the pain of another, but you just can't help it! (Once you've determined the person is ok, of course!) I am about one of the clumsiest people I know, so I can sympathize. I'm glad you're ok, and thanks for sharing your humiliation to give the rest of us a laugh at your expense! :)

  51. @Catsparella thanks!! You would have died laughing if you had been there!! xoxo

    @Kame Ohhhh I hope I have nine lives! Lord knows I need them! :)

    @Okcats it is sooooo ok for you to laugh!! lol. I would laugh too! I wanted you to laugh! xoxo