Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt The Internet Day Is Here! Happy 15th Birthday To Petfinder!!

Cat Chat is proud to be joining over 80 blogs/websites in wishing Petfinder the Happiest Birthday EVER! They are 15 today!!

In support of Petfinder and all of the pets they have found furever homes for, and to the 320,000 pets on Petfinder that still NEED furever homes we are going to showcase a number of cats that are available for adoption on Petfinder. These adorable kitties are located right here in Michigan. Won't you help spread the word about these babies that need furever homes?

Better yet, if you are in a position to adopt a kitty from Petfinder, please do!

Here are the kitties!


Domestic Short Hair 

Large, Male Orange And White Mix

 An adoptable cat in Union Lake, MI

If Interested Contact:
Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue


Tabby - Buff Mix:

Large Adult Male

  Grand Rapids, MI

More about Cricket

Spayed/Neutered •
 Up-to-date with routine shots •
 House trained •
 Prefers a home without: dogs •

Cricket's Contact Info

Carol's Ferals and Friendlies
 Grand Rapids, MI
  • 616 560-0555

Leah Sings the Blues's Contact Info

Spayed/Neutered •
 Up-to-date with routine shots •
 House trained • Coat length: Short
Adopt-A-Pet, Inc.
 Fenton, MI
  • 503-680-5914
For more information and to view more adoptable pets please visit http://www.petfinder.com/info/adopt-the-internet

Thanks for
All that you do!



  1. Hi Caren! I just posted my kitties too! It is now 1:28am!

    I think what Petfinder does is amazing. Really changed the world of pet adoptions and the perceptions of shelters.

    So many gorgeous kitties who deserve a forever home. Hope many animals get adopted today!!

    Sending love to you!

  2. Oh gosh such cuties, I hope they find their homes soon!

  3. Dear Caren, My mom forgot about the Adopt The Internet Day !
    Lucky we still have time ! We just post it.

    We will tweet your page on tweeter as well.
    Thanks for your post because you remind us : )

  4. They are doing a fantastic job there!
    All love and good energies to you all!

  5. @Ann, so glad you have posted! Yes Petfinder does an amazing job and I hope that many animals get adopted today! Love back to ya!

    @Luna yes they do! Love back to you!!

    @Abigail, Madison and Lisa yes it is awesome!

    @Puddy so glad I was able to remind you! I am happy you are posting! I will try and get on twitter today too and will retweet yours...just thought of it, are we following each other on twitter???? I hope so! xoxoxo

    @cate I hope so too!! I especially love Leah, wish I could adopt her!

  6. There are some beautiful kitties on Petfinder.com! We like this website very much because it helps kitties find their humans.

  7. Petfinder provides such a wonderful service. A big shout out to them, along with wishes that every homeless critter finds a loving home!


  8. @Link yes there are! I hope even more kitties find their homes today! :)

    @Pat yes they do...let's hope that tons of babies get adopted today! :)

  9. We're sending purrs for forever homes for all the waiting kitties. And we're participating in PetFinder's Adopt the Internet Day too!

    -Nicki and Derry

  10. Petfinder has done a terrific job and helped so many furfriends find their homes. We need more organisations like them and we hope more people will adopt our little furfriends from the sheloter. However, I think the most important thing is the awareness of the public, if everyone plays a role by making sure their pets are neutered or spayed, it actually help reduce the numbers of strays and unwanted pets. Anyway, Bravo to Petfinder!!!

  11. Yes... happy, happy Birthday to Petfinder. HH found the boys through them and we are very grateful for all they do. Great post.

    pawhugs, Max

  12. Yay for such fabulous event!!! Me and Charlie hope, hope, hope all these wonderful and beautiful kitties find forever homes!! Take care

  13. Wish I could take all those furbabies. I do hope they find homes too. Thanks for promoting the great event.

  14. @Kea, Nicki and Derry YAY!! I love seeing everyone purrticipate!!! I hope that sooo many animals find furever homes today! xoxo

    @Old Kitty DOUBLE YAY!! Cody and I hope so too! Hugs to you and Charlie! xoxo

    @Max I forgot you found your amazing boys through Petfinder! Your kitties should be the spokekitties for Petfinder because your boys are exquisite! xoxo

    @Priscilla YES, YES, YES!!! If everyone spayed/neutered then there wouldn't be so many babies needing furever homes! Thank you for reminding us! xoxoxo

  15. @Mario I wish I could adopt all of them too!!! If I ever win the lottery, I WILL!

  16. We hope many, many homes are found.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. We didn't know that today was Adopt the Internet Day but we sure love petfinder. Sometimes I think Mom spends wayyy to much time on their.

    Cody my Mom laughed at your comment because she keeps her printer right beside her bed LOL. I haven't figured out how to turn it on but I do love to watch it when it is printing! At school I used to go crazy when everyone was printing assignments running from room to room to find the printers.

  18. The are so adorable, we have our purrs going for you sweet ones!

  19. @Brian aren't they just too cute? I love Leah!! We have purrs going to your sweet babies too! xoxo

    @Erika and Blair we love Petfinder too! Come on over and Cody will teach you how to turn on the printer! MOL! OMG right next to your bed? I would die! lol. Mine is across the room at least :)

    @Hannah and Lucy we hope so too! xoxo

  20. Oh I hope they all get homes soon - they're so gorgeous.

  21. YAY for Petfinder!!!!!!!!!!! We purray daily for all the homeless kitties and doggies. Our mama rescued two of us.......Andy and Shelly from off the streets.

    We send you our love.

  22. Dear Caren,
    Me so much enjoyed looking at the cats and reading more about them! Me has my claws crossed that they finds forever homes soon! PetFinder is Awsome!

  23. Congrats Petfinder. And to those who salute them. We are now a family of 3 furbabies and 2 humans, so we have no more laps to sit in. We're full up.

    But I hope many 2-leggeds will find their furbabies on Petfinder.

  24. Happy birthday to Petfinder! I am so glad they are there. It has made spreading the word about adoptable kitties so much easier.

  25. @Benny & Lily, yes happy 15!! :)

    @Sparkle HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETFINDER! I am glad they are there too! It was great that they did this and I am sooo happy that so many of us spread the word! :)

    @Linda B. Yes congrats to Petfinder! I hope many furbabies find their homes too! :)

    @Nellie I enjoyed looking at them too but it always makes me sad. :( I wish they could ALL find homes! xoxo

    @Sammy, Andy and Shelly, I know how you feel! I rescued my Angel Bobo off the street too! He was with me for 18 yrs and I had found him when he was only 6 mos old. Cody was adopted from a Rescue group that was at Petco in 2007. I didn't use Petfinder to find him but I certainly might in the future! We send our love back to YOU! Caren and Cody

    @Barbara I sure hope they get homes as well! :)

  26. I am all for Adopt The Internet day, such a great cause! Ellie came from Petfinder, so she's proof that amazing pets can be found there :)

  27. I hope they find their homes soon!
    Very cute they are!

  28. Dear Friend, I am dad now...My daughter was born yesterday!

  29. @Amin HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am soooooo happy for you and your wife!!! That is the BEST news!! I hope you will post pictures of her on your blog! :) What did you name her? That is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

    @Stacy and Ellie oh yessss Ellis IS proof that "amazing pets" can be found there! I love it! xoxo

  30. Those are some beautiful cats. I hope Petfinder is getting great results today. they deserve it!

  31. @Peggy they sure are and I agree, I pray that Petfinder is getting really fantastic results!

  32. Caren I am re-tweeting to get the word out, sorry I didn't stop over sooner. :( Hope they all find wonderful furever homes today!! Thanks for letting us know.

  33. @Coupon Queen thanks much!! You don't have to apologize are you kidding? You are busy!!! I hope they all get furever homes too!!! xoxoxo

  34. They are all so pretty! I wish I could have cats where I live, but only guinea pigs. But guess what I did today?? As I was preparing my blog yesterday, I saw that cute little Crystal...and my boys and I agreed that she should be ours! I'm blogging about her tomorrow! Yay for Petfinder!! I wonder how many got adopted today?

  35. @Art and Sew Forth YAY!!!!! I am so happy you are going to adopt a baby as a result of the Adopt The Internet!! That is fantastic! Can't wait to read all about her. I sure hope a lot of other people did too! xoxoxo

  36. Petfinder is a wonderful thing and I hope all the kitties find great forever homes quickly! We are full up at the moment -- well, according to my husband, but we seem to have a vacancy sign that flashes at times! All of our kitties (and dog and guinea pigs) are rescues :-)

  37. @Marie yes Petfinder IS wonderful! I hope that all of the kitties (and woofies!) find great furever homes too! I love your reference to a "vacancy sign that flashes"....sooo cute! Awww even your guinea pigs are rescues? THAT'S Special!! xoxo

  38. Thanks! I have not seen her yet still...we think about name.

  39. I so appreciate them, they helped me to find my little sweetie that's sitting by my feet as I write this.