Friday, January 28, 2011

Premier Pet Products, Funkitty® Doorway Dangli™. & "Squeaky Mice!"

Hi everyone it's Cody!! I am  happy (and a bit will soon see why) to be here today to tell you about some  toys that Premier Pet Products  was kind enough to send to my Mom to have me try out.

I was sooo excited the day the toys arrived that I could barely control myself!! I meowed and meowed to my Mom to tell her to hurry up and open the box!

I have good news and bad news....I will give you the good news first!

You all know that I am obsessed with mousies right? How could you NOT know, I have  told you  about it enough!

Well...when my Mom opened the box and I saw 2 furry "Squeaky Mice" I about lost my mind!

They are the purrfect size for swatting all over the place!!  They are furry and I think they are catnip scented (my Mom forgot to check that out) because the second I had them in the death trap of my iron paws some serious bunny kicking took place!
Cody bunny kicking the "Squeaky Mouse!" See the little glimpse of brown?

OMC! Do I ever love these! I was carrying them around the house, left them in the hallway...brought them into the kitchen. I am sooo proud of my "Squeaky Mice!" They are catabulous! One really cool thing is when you leave them in strategic places you get to hear nasty words that your Mom and Dad say when they accidentally step on them! They SQUEAK!! (not your Mom and Dad, but the mousies squeak!!! yep, hence the name "Squeaky Mice!") They are mucho cool!!!

Then we went on to the next toy, the Funkitty® Doorway Dangli™. I was a little concerned.

 Ohhh don't get me wrong, I LOVED it in the package. I had some serious reservations about my clutzy Mom being able to use this properly. You see, this is the same woman that took a macrame class in college and the professor said my Mom was the ONLY student she couldn't teach macrame to in her 25 year teaching career.

So I studied....

And studied....

And studied!

I felt my quality control measures were fine and that even my "any toy involving strings or cord" challenged Mom could figure this one out! friends,  when my Mom removed the packaging I had a good old time playing with the Funkitty® Doorway Dangli™ as a  toy that was being held by my Mom,  (not the way it was intended to be used, but I still loved it), the mouse-like tail attached to a blue plastic  clam shell that dispenses treats or kibble,  tickled my nose and piqued my interest. I stood on my hind legs and swatted and boxed, having a regular feline fun Mom went to hang it on our door...and....ready for this????


Yep you read correctly. The maven of the cat toy world (NOT!!) BROKE MY NEW TOY!! I sat there looking at her with complete and total disgust! She frantically pieced together the directions she had so carelessly ripped while she was unpackaging the Funkitty® Doorway Dangli™ (uh...might have been smart to read the directions FIRST brainiac!!) and set about to tie the ends back together. She WAS able to attach it to our door frame but neither of us think the toy was functioning the way it was supposed to and it was all HER fault. Nobody's fault but hers!!

Soooo....Mom was a nervous wreck cause she didn't want to ruin my review (way to go Mom, you are destroying my rep here) she searched for a video of how the toy WILL work when someone who knows what they are doing attaches it correctly, and here you go!

It looks like at least SOMEBODY knew how to properly put this together! As you can see it is a FUN toy (but I wouldn't know that, thanks to my Mom)...

I wanted to give you an honest review of this, so I can only speak from the standpoint of my Mom totally messing it up! My Mom and I weren't compensated in any way for this review (thank goodness or we would be in HUGE trouble!!), but the kind lady at Premier Pet Products did send us these great toys to try and we are most appreciative!! At least my Mom didn't decimate my "Squeaky Mice" (yet)...they TOTALLY ROCK!!

Please go to and check out the great items they have for cats and dogs...., please check out the Funkitty® Doorway Dangli™ , but remember...if your Mom acts as if she hasn't a brain in her head and  no opposable thumbs  to properly attach this to your door may want to put this one together yourself!!!


  1. I must admit I'm one of those who doesn't always read instructions first either. LOL Sounds like the Squeaky Mice are neat and the Funkitty would have been too.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Aww cute :) Indi, Tosca and even Yoda occasionally (he prefers to sit there looking haughty) love the small plastic balls with the bells inside. I throw them up the hall way and they run like hell to catch them. Have fun Cody!

  3. Cody don't be so hard on your mom, she was excited as you were about the toy, when she ripped it open and couldn't wait to read the directions. We've all done that. This also made for a very entertaining toy review! I think I need to get some of those mousies, they look really yummy!

  4. OMC !!! "Squeaky Mice" look so real !!!! Even my mom said if those Squeaky Mice are in my house, My sis will do suddenly high pitch scream : ) But it look so awesome for me, Me and mom will check the website !

    Are you really serious, Cody...Your Mom broke the toy !!!! She possible took too much nip : )


  5. WHAT??? See, this is why we kitties can't have nice things, the HUMANS can't handle it!! hehehehe

  6. Goodness you have a careless mummy! But those are some awesome toys - which I bet she arranged for you.

    We're still upset about Au being sick but hope he'll get better soon. Thanks for your purrs!

  7. Oh Cody...don't be so hard on your mom. She was only trying to help. purrr....meow!

  8. It's amazing the way humans can mess up, isn't it? These toys do sound like loads of fun, even if you only got to play with the Doorway Dangli for a few moments!

  9. Hilarious Cody:>) You should be reviewing on the shopping channel with your mom as the inept assistant :P

    NB Austin moaned and groaned all the way through the video clip, so don't think he was impressed :( Unless there's catnip infusion he tends to shun dangly things (unless they are attached to my body)!

  10. Moby would love these but he is an outdoor cat and would probably loose the mice. I think I'll make him a dangly!
    Want to know his favourite thing to play with? (Besides the garden lizards) STICKS!
    Yes sticks. He loves them. You pick up a stick anywhere near Moby and he's on it! LOL!

  11. You're so lucky, Cody!!! Those toys look and sound so amazing. Mice for Cody, what perfect toys they are and the dangling doorway dangli is so interesting.
    Gosh!!! I can't believe your mom broke your toy. Luckily, she was smart enough to make everything right in the end. I'm so glad that you can play with it at last. The video is good and you look you had so much fun with it. Bty, your mom's video skill is very good too. Bravo!!!

  12. All I can say Cody, is, that's it's hard to get good mums sometimes.

  13. Cody, your Mom sounds like our Mom! We still think the toy looks like a lot of fun...and those mousies are divine!

  14. Oh Cody.... You poor little kitty... As soon as you wrote about the macrame class, I knew this tale couldn't end well... Please forgive your mom.... I know she is upset enough... at least the mice were fun!

  15. Cody, my favorite blue Mouses (I have 3) came from a product similar to the Doorway Dangli. Marmie and Diddy have been kind enough to buy me three because I LOVE them SO much....BUT it doesnt take me long to bite the mouse off the string. Marmie wants to know if they Doorway Dangli's string is thick. It looks like it might be.

  16. Great post, Cody! My three kitties will be very interested in these toys.

  17. @Yvonne thank you! Let me know what your kitties think of them!

    @Link Ohhhhh Blue Mousies!! How wonderful! well Cody didn't get a chance to try and bite anything off. The feathery tail is attached to the blue clam shell shaped treat/kibble feeder and that is attached to the cord. It is a cord more than it is string so it is thicker than string...there is also a safety release and something to adjust the cord with (if you click on one of the highlighted Doorway Dangli mentions in my post it should take you directly to the product description page), but yes it is thicker than string! Thanks much for stopping by!

  18. @Hilary ohhhh yesss she was sooo upset! You have been talking to my Mom enough to know that she is rather unusual lol xoxo

    @The Monkeys if my Mom sounds like your Mom then you have my deepest sympathy! MOL!!! Ohhh yesss the mousies were a total blast!

    @Huffle...AMEN! But...she DOES love me and I guess that is that matters! :)

    @Priscilla...ohhhh Auntie Priscilla that wasn't me in the video!! That is another kitty, someone with a Mom who knew how to properly set the toy up. It does sort of look like me but it sure isn't. My Mom's video skills are NOWHERE near THAT good!!! Thanks sooo much for visiting! Premier Pet Products has doggie items as well!

  19. @Alittlesprite...MOL! Does Moby think he is a DOG???!!! MOL!

    @Carolyn, you could actually put some nip in the little clam shell feeder and I bet Austin would like it. I actually LOVED the little mouse-like tail thing hanging from the feeder....also I think the 2 mousies I have had catnip on them (from the kick they gave me the moment they arrived) but I am not sure. Great idea about the "indept assistant" MOL! xoxo

  20. @Sparkle ohhh yess it is "amazing" how humans can screw up! Ohhh my Mom said to tell you that she didn't read your book review the other day because she is FINALLY going to be reviewing the first "Dewey" book that everyone else read/reviewed YEARS ago on Feb 28th and she doesn't like to have any other reviews related to it running through her head. She said to tell you she isn't ignoring you! She also subscribes to your newsletter! Thanks sooo much! Love, Cody

  21. Those both look like items that Bogey would thoroughly enjoy. We'll check them out!


  22. @Cat-In-Sydney...yeah, yeah, I know. But let her "try to help" with HER stuff...not MINE!

    @Au and Target, we are very upset that Au is still not feeling well. So nice of you to stop by with Au not feeling well. We are going to come over and visit you later. Sending more healing purrs to Au, Love and kitty kisses from Cody and "Mom"

  23. @Rumblepurr....EXACTLY!!! xoxo

    @Mr.Puddy ohh yess your Mom would scream with the mice! They are the BEST mice ever!! Nope my Mom had no nip that day! If she did she might have done a better job! MOL! If you click on the Doorway Dangli words in the post that I have highlighted or bolded and the mousie one too and Premier's link it should take you right to their website!! xoxoxo

  24. @Kokoro, you are so nice! Yes my Mom felt really bad and she was just excited to give me my toys. Kokoro I KNOW you will love those mousies! My tabby buddy Oogie will too! xoxo

    @Ruth OMC my Mom HATES those little plastic balls with the bells inside!! My Dad is as blind as a bat and he steps on them and cracks them and there are pieces of plastic evvvvverywhere and then Mom has a fit yelling cause she is afraid I will swallow the bell (it is insulting cause I am smarter than that and would NEVER try to eat a stupid metal bell). She does like the rubbery kind of balls with the bells built in that can't be broken. Love, Cody

  25. @Mason ohhhh so you are a "know-it-all" too??? KIDDING!!!!! My Mom thought she knew but she didn't! MOL!! It WAS fun while it lasted and I will say those mousies are the BEST mousies that I have! Even better than my little red mousie that I love! These are sooooo durable and bunny kickable! xoxoxo

  26. @Pat ohhhh yesss I KNOW Bogey will enjoy these!! Let my mom and I know what you thought when you get them! Love, Cody

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to stop by and read this rather looooooong post today! My Mom and I love all of you!

  27. How lucky you are,you got so interesting and beautiful toys.Please don't be mad at your mommy, sometimes my mommy he looks crazy as well.I think it was an accident.She will pay attention for the next time..well...I wish you luck! MOL
    okay, it's not funny! sorry!
    Have a nice weekend, take long naps okay!

  28. @Luna ohhh yess my Mom and I were THRILLED and are soooo lucky that the nice lady at Premier sent us these toys to try. Oh yes it was an accident, my Mom would never deliberately break a toy, especially one for a review! MOL! How embarrassing is that?? You have a nice weekend too!! We are going to be snowy here in Michigan. I am going to my coziest chair and take a nap...maybe I will bring one (or both, or ALL) of my mousies with me! Love, Cody

  29. Thanks for the great review, Cody.....and we're sure your mom didn't mean to break it.

    Happy Friday and we purr that you will have a fantastic weekend. xxxxxxxx

  30. @Sammy and Andy thanks much! Nooo she didn't mean to break it...she just doesn't know any better lol.

    Happy Friday to you too and have a great weekend! Love, Cody

  31. Cody, I luvz squeaky mousiez!! Fankoo fur reviewing deez; I'z alwayz on da lookout fur replacement squeaky mousiez (u noes... fur wen I luvz da wun I'z got a wittle too much, heehee), so dis iz definitelee goin on da shopping list!

    Hmm... I do beleev dere'z a speshul holiday, just rite around da corner. (U noes da wun... it'z a day fur mommiez ta celebrayt dere luv fur us kittehz, involvin' heart-shaped toona cakes, if I'z not mistaken! ;D)
    xoxo, Boomie

  32. Hilarious, Cody! I loved the fact (but don't tell you mom I said this) that you looked at your mom in "total disgust" after she broke your stringy toy! Errrrr.....our cats look at me in that way too and I shouldn't find humor in that at all but still....Anyway, I am very clumsy with knitting and I still can't figure it out so I gave up and moved on to something I can do...which is to NOT READ DIRECTIONS and that is why I would prefer to give Henry and Buster the mouse toys instead!
    By the way, what does Dakota think of all of these cat toy reviews? Does he (God Forbid) bark at them? I think he needs to do some dog toy reviews to make him feel more involved OR would doing dog toy reviews cause his barking instincts to kick in?

  33. @The Teacher's Pets...I told my Mom what you said and she said OF COURSE you can LAUGH!! She would be laughing too!!! She is very, very good at laughing at herself (being her she NEEDS TO BE GOOD AT IT MOL). I hear ya about not reading directions...obviously my mom is the same!
    Oh Dakota actually DOES start barking A LOT whenever I get a new cat toy (trust me, my parents buy him TONS of toys) but he sees me and my mom on the other side of the baby gate playing with them (she DOES take me into another room with them) but he still knows and he gets very, very upset. He can't do dog toy reviews on my blog cause it is a CAT BLOG...last I looked he isn't a CAT!! MOL! If anyone wants Dakota to review doggie toys on their blog he is more than happy to do that! xoxoxo

  34. @GlamKitty/Boomie ohhh yes! That special holiday is right around the corner!!! Those mousies would be the PURRFECT present!! I bet your Mom will get you those! They are the BEST!

  35. The words "some assembly required" always instill fear in my heart, so I feel your pain. I've been intrigued with the Doorway Dangli - I may have to try it for Allegra.

  36. Cody, sometimes our Mommys are NOT super woman...
    But yous looked like yous had lots of fun so give her kitty kisses.

  37. M and I are laughing here cuz it's something M would do. She's a great one for not reading directions. Those mice look like something I might be interested in. I probably wouldn't get into the door thing tho cuz I don't seem to play with dangly things unless it's a string. I know, I'm strange.

  38. @Amin thank you! yes they are!

    @Mario MOL you had me laughing!! I think you would definitely be interested in the mice, they are fantastic! Cody is similar about dangly things....but this one was really my fault!

    @The Cat From Hell....well...she thinks she is Super Woman!!! MOL! (just kidding!!!) Yes I did have a great time regardless!

    @Ingrid my Mom is exactly the same! When she sees those words she (and my un-handy Dad, run for the hills!) I bet you could figure it out for Allegra...the nice lady at Premier said she is sending me a new one so that my Mom can try again!!! Love, Cody

    Thank you everyone for stopping by!! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  39. Ooooh, we would love some of those mice they look like cool fun! Thanks, for stopping by our place. Nose kisses Chancy and Company

  40. @Mumsy oh yes they are! I had (and am having) a great time with them! You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by our place too!!! xoxoxo Cody and "Mom"

    @Mrs Tuna...yeah...but she is HUMAN after all, what do you expect? MOL!

  41. What an excellent mousie review, Cody!! It's too bad to hear about Mom breaking the other toy though, LOL. I must admit at first glance I thought it was a pizza cutter?? Am I weird??

  42. We may have to get that cool toy for our kitty friend Phoebes
    Benny & Lily

  43. @Catsparella thank you!! Pizza Cutter? "Weird?" aren't any weirder than my Mom! MOL! xoxo

    @Benny and Lily ohhh I hope you do! Love, Cody

  44. I have yet to come across a dangly that can withstand fear not, Mom, it probably would have been in the same shape anyway! The toy does look like a lot of fun; and the mice are way cool.
    Great job on finding a good video! lol ;)

  45. @CindyLu...THANK YOU!!! Woooo hoooo!!! So glad you stopped by! :)

  46. Well he chases dogs so he probably thinks that he can do anything a dog does.

  47. This sounds like something My Mom would do... ::Shakes Head::

  48. Great video Cody! Your mom sounds like mine when she is trying to help out sometimes lol... Gotta love them though (hehehe)

  49. @Alittlesprite, I completely understand! My Cody thinks he is a dog and Dakota thinks he is a CAT lol

    @Fin sooo you completely understand! :)

    @Denise thank you! It is good because my Mom didn't do it! The people at Premier did! Ohhhh nooo you have a Mom like mine? Poor thing! MOL!!!!

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by!!!!

  50. Oh no, that really didn't happen! But hey, it does make a good story. The pictures and the vodeo were fun!

  51. Rosie asks if the mousies are good to be drown in water bowls !

  52. Oops!!!
    I guess my age is getting on me these days, Cody!!!

  53. Your posts are so fun. I sent your blog link to my SIL. She's the proud mom of a kitty and she's even involved with a kitty shelter. I think she'll like your review's Cody. Have a purrrfect caturday! =D

  54. @Brian OHHHHH YEEESSSS it most DEFINITELY did happen! I wish it hadn't!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @Gattina and Rosie...oh noooo!!! I wouldn't do that to my mousies!! These mousies are such a good size that I don't think they would drown if you did :)

    @Priscilla LMAO!!! That is ok!!!!! My Mom wishes she HAD made that video! You are younger than my Mom so no worries!! xoxo

    @Cathy awwwww thank you!!! I am so flattered! I hope your SIL joins us! I would love to hear her stories about the kitty shelter she is involved with and maybe she could even be a guest blogger one day or we could interview her about her work with the kitty shelter. Can't wait to meet her and that was soooo nice of you to pass the link on! YOU have a "purrfect caturday!!" Love, Caren and Cody

  55. I have not seen before so like toys!
    Thank You very much for sharing!

  56. I love the furry mice and the dngly thing looked fun in the video.
    My Mom doesn't read instructions...huoomans.

    Caren and Cody, we would like to pass this Stylish blogger Award to you. If you accept, it would be our pleasure.


  57. My mommy is a klutz and I don't much trust her with anything.

  58. @Amin thank you!! You are welcome!

    @Kassey THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for the award! Cody and I are HONORED and THRILLED!!! Please do not be insulted if we don't do a post....we just did one about a week ago when we also got the Stylish Blogger Award....we are deeply, deeply grateful though!! We soooo appreciate YOU and everyone who reads and takes the time to comment (even those who read and don't comment!!) Please don't be upset but we just posted about it! THANK YOU!!!! xoxoxo

    @Admiral Hestorb then your Mommy is just like mine! Love, Cody PS:My Mom and I are soooo happy you are feeling better!

  59. Caren! Hi! We have seen you, too, on our friends'pages. What a great thing to meet you in person! My mom says you gave her a great idea (nothing against Premier you understand) to rig up some heavy duty elastic to the door frame with a great toy and see what happens. Oh the minds of great moms, god love'em. We LOVE mice, too, and might have to ck out those new ones. We love the sound of Mom tripping over our toys ;) It's so, well, over human, so to speak.
    We'll be following you now and SO glad to do that. Cya SOON~!

  60. Hi, Cody! Sounds like you have sooooo much fun with the mice! They look fun! Goro loves talking toys so I am sure he will love it too.
    I am sorry that you mom broke your Doorway Dangli. Maybe she will get you a new one :-)

  61. Those look great! My mom person probably would have broken it too!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  62. @Oskar thanks! I will tell my Mom you said that and it will make her feel better! xoxo

    @Tamago ohhh yesss I LOVE my mousies!! They are the best! I know Goro will love them! The nice lady at Premier said she is going to send me a new Dangli!! YAY!!! Stay tuned...Mom will do a proper review once I try it! xoxo

    @Luscious Lucy I don't know you well (yet!!) but after reading your blog and your comment I can tell you have a FABULOUS sense of humor and I already feel as if I have known you forever!! I can tell you are such a warm person! Have to tell you I think your idea is really good!! You would love those mice!!! "cat over human" OMC I love it!!!! Soooo glad to have "found" YOU! xoxo

  63. Chloe, and Cecil, have the mice and I think they are so cute. Cecil loves to play with them and brings them to us at night so he can play Fetch.
    They were getting a little bedraggled then I had my grand puppy, Lucy, for a weekend and she tore the stuffing out of Cecil's favorite.
    Don't worry, Cecil got the best of Lucy...he confiscated her pink piggy! Now he carries Piggy around and brings her to us to play Fetch!

  64. Incompetent is my Humans middle name. Don't even GET me started.

  65. Haha, Cody - you do great reviews! We must have some of those mice! We hope you've eased up on your mom a bit - we know for a fact she would never purposely destroy a toy meant for you!

  66. Wow - those toys look super neat. Thanks for stopping by our blog. You asked what a sticky person is - well, it's a little people person, a young child, because their hands are usually sticky with some sort of goo or another. And that stickiness tends to get transferred to our beautiful furs. So anyway, that's what a sticky person is.

    Cody and Gracie

  67. Hi Cody and Gracie, you are welcome! I follow your blog and love it! Ohhhhh I should have known what a "sticky person" is!!! I LOVE IT! sooooo sute!!! Thanks for stopping by and telling me! Nobody wants that sticky stuff on their "furs"!!! Love, Caren and Cody

    @OkCats awwww thank you! Yes you would love those cats!! Yeah you are right, my Mom wouldn't purposely do that Love, Cody

    @Spitty....I hear ya for sure!!! xoxo

    @Shawn...YAY for Cecil taking Lucy's pink piggy!! Nobody messes with our prized mousies!!!!! xoxo

  68. I NEVER read instructions. That dangly toy looks super cool -- my cats would go crazy!! Thanks for the cool review :)

  69. Fellow Detroiter! (using the term loosely). Excellent. Hilarious. I'm gonna follow you.

    /s/ Mr. Bougarabou ("Bugs") O. Hooligan, Cat

  70. @Angie, my Mom doesn't sometimes either and you see where it got HER! MOL! She will from now on! The Dangly toy IS cool! (when a Mom knows how to put it together!) Love, Cody

  71. Hi Anita!
    You are in "Detroit" (term used loosely lol) too??? I HAVE to go and check you out! Thanks for following and your kind words!

    I am on my way over....NOW!!


  72. Oh Caren! You are too much!!!

    Wrestling with "following" you, wrestling with blogroll widgets, wrestling with vacuum cleaner -- where does it end?

  73. Hmmmm, your mom sounds like our Jan. She is a dunce at putting things together. But you had fun with your mice and dangle toys.

  74. Wow, are you sure those mousies are not real?? What fun!
    Happy Sunday,
    ~ Miss Emily

  75. DOESN'T end!!! lol. You have to tell me where you are!

    @Cats-Goats-Quotes I know!! They look soooooooo real! Happy Sunday to you too!

    @Jan my Mom IS a dunce! Hey! I thought my mom was following you...I am gonna make sure that she is right now! Love, Cody

    Thanks again all for stopping by!! Love you!

  76. Cody, Mango sent us a Door Bungee and we love it. It is very simple to hang up on your door frame, I think even your Mom could do it. Love your mice, I am very fond of mice myself. I haven't been ignoring you promise. My Mom has just refused to type for me, she is very rude. I had no idea you were such a large muscular mancat. Not only could you squash my other suitors you could squash me too. Good thing I has Fenris to keep an eye on you. ~Artemisia

    PS: 15 days

  77. Oh Cody, what is your Mum like breaking that toy? And it looks such fun too. Love the action shot of you and the mouse!

  78. I have one domesticated cat named Zelda. And I am working with a cat that has been living in my area for 9 months now. I'm not sure if she is feral or a semi-feral cat. It has been a work in progress. I recently started my blog on the chronicles of Ezzabella.

  79. Oh my gosh too funny!! The toy looks like something my kitties would love, but I am worried I may break it too, I can't Macrame to save my life either! ;) Have a great Sunday!

  80. @Coupon Queen, thanks! I am sure your kitties will love them! lol about the macrame! You have a great sunday too!

    @KrafteKat I will have to check out your site, thanks so much for stopping by! How wonderful that you are working with another kitty!! so glad to meet you! mom isn't the brightest bulb on the tree MOL

    @Artemisia...I am completely speechless and that is highly unusual for me!! MOL! I am really not that big...I am small in stature but I have a belleh. I weigh 12 that fat? You have Fenris and don't forget, I have Dakota!!! xoxo
    15 days? Is that Valentine's Day??? xoxo

    @Amin, thank you!

  81. Well, we think your mom takes good pictures!

    And you, Cody, tell a good tale so that all makes up for your mom's lack!

    Those Squeaky Mousies look like they would be fun; Jonny would have a heyday with them. Too bad about that hanging thing, though.

    Next time, you make it a point to get to the goodies first!

  82. They sent one of these to Sammy-Joe too! His is hanging over a pipe. He really loves it. When us dogs are around Sammy-Joe usually just hides in his fort or lays around in his box... but we often sneak up on him and find him standing next to the Doorway Dangli as it is still swinging in the air from him batting it around! :)

  83. Sounds like fun - our Mom is always on the look out for cat toys made in USA! She prefers them and thinks they are safer since so many things made in China have been recalled.

  84. My cats will have nothing to do with mousie substitutes, but I think they'd give the door-thingy a run for its money. May have try one and find out.

  85. @Vicky your cats are the first I have ever heard of that don't like mousies!! Hope they like the door hanger, bet they will!

    @Cats of Wildcat Woods, I agree!! Your Mom is very, very smart!

    @Trixie, Lily and Sammy Joe, yep I know! I noticed they are permanent sponsors of your blog...that is great! Don't have any pipes...wish I did!

    @The Boys and Karen thanks for your good advice! I will do that! Also thanks for your kind words about the photos and I am glad you liked how I told the story about my Mom!!

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and reading and commenting!!!
    Love, Cody and Mom

  86. Ok Cody, theese is an excellent review, thanks! We'z so glad you are so fond of theese squeaky mousies...and all mousies in general. Too cute! As far as theese dangly toy goes, my Human probably would've done the same thing, unfortunately.

  87. Caren, this post was a riot! You were the only student your professor could not teach macrame to in her 25 year career! (of course how often does one need that skill in life! It is like calculus) I too am like that. Knit: No. Sew: No. Envious of those who do: Yes. But no patience!
    However you could out write your professor any day. With beautiful pose. Let's see her try that! Touche!

    And Cody, you were so hard on your Mom. She was trying. Doesn't love count for anything! LOL!

    hugs! xoxo

  88. @Cloon thanks so much! OMC I am sorry your Human would do the same thing! Love, Cody

    @Ann THANK YOU! Yep I sure was! Poor woman probably drank after each class that I attended. I took some crazy craft class my last year at Kent State (you know the kind to use up credits? lol)....she used to glare at me with contempt. The funny thing is that I AM artistic, I can draw. Just don't get me near string or yarn lol. I am envious of those who do those things as well and yep you hit it, I have NO PATIENCE!
    I don't know about out writing the professor but I sure appreciate the thought!
    oh and yeah, Cody says love DOES count...but he still wanted his toy! lol xoxoxo