Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cat Fanciers' Association All Breed Cat Show In Allen Park, Michigan

The Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers, a local Michigan CFA cat club is the proud sponsor of their 46th Cat Fanciers'Association Championship All Breed and Household Pet Cat Show held at the:


                    15800 WHITE STREET

                    ALLEN PARK, MI 48101


TIME: 9 AM – 4 PM


Tin Man-Classic Silver Tabby American Shorthair

225 cats and kittens from throughout the U.S. and Canada will be on exhibit and judged throughout both days. Internationally qualified CFA judges will evaluate the cats.  Meet all the breeds including: Persians, Maine Coons, Sphinx, Birmans, Ragdolls, Tonkinese, Orientals, Siamese, Russian Blues, Cornish & Devon Rex, American Shorthairs, Bombays and many more!  We are devoted to the promotion and protection of all cats!


Limerick (Ricky)-Red Tabby Persian

Tony-Classic Brown Tabby Maine Coon

Founded in 1906, The Cat Fanciers’ Association has been devoted to the promotion and protection of all cats.  CFA as a whole, as well as individual member clubs and individuals associated with CFA, have together made outstanding contributions in feline health, feline health research, animal welfare and disaster relief over the years.




While you are at the Cat Show be sure to check out the innovative new pet feeding toy "Bat-A-Rat" which was featured on yesterdays blog...(click here to read all about it!!)



  1. My mom never been in Cat show before and she don't think she can make this one but she has question :

    When all cats are all in the show. What is their reaction when they met each others ( Cats ) ?

    Actually, I'm curious too because when I met other cats, I do sit down and stare at them and if they start to get so close to my mom or my dad, I will start fight if they do not move.

    Puddy and Mom Boom

  2. Very cool but don't want to crash the pawrty
    Benny & Lily

  3. Thanks for the info and the names of the breeds! LOL!!! I thought I knew a lot of cats lately but when I came to read the list of the names of the breeds, I was : ( Oops!!!

  4. @Mr.Puddy, I am embarrassed to tell you I have only been to one cat show and I don't remember! I think the kitties at these shows are used to being with other kitties, so they don't fight :)

    @Lupie, yep it should be pretty big!

    @Priscilla now I see I made a big goof! The woman who sent me this asked if I was posting the name of the breed under the photos and I said probably not, after what you said I am thinking I should have! This post will run again next week so I may change that. I don't know them all either! :)

    @Benny and see where you are coming don't want kitties at a Dog Show either! lol

  5. That looks like it'll be a big show! Our Mom has never been to a cat show!

  6. Oh wow!!! I've never been to a cat show!! Oh but these kitties are fantastic!!! Awwww!!

    Take care

  7. M loves going to cat shows. To answer Mr. Puddy's question, you are right Caren. All of the kitties are quite used to be in their very large cages. Most of them you find quietly sleeping in weel-equipped, large wire cages. Most of them started out as kittens. They feel very calm there and are used to peeps coming by and some even poke their fingers in cages (not M though). M says there is no way I'd behave that good, cuz I don't like being in a cage. most of the cats are purebred. M likes to go because she gets to see different breeds and learn about them. Lots of venders come to and put toys out for sale - sometimes they are toys you don't see in the pet store. Then she comes home and loves me extra hard cuz I'm not a purebred - I'm just a moggie (whatever dat is).

  8. I have never been to a cat show. Bet it is fun. Hope if you go you will take some pictures and give us the scoop.

  9. Our Mom went to cat shows in Atlanta a few years ago. Beautiful cats were there, lots of them!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    ~ Malachi and The Bunch

  10. Tin Man - Classic Silver Tabby American Shorthair

    Limerick (Ricky) - Red Tabby Persian

    Tony - Classic Brown Tabby Maine Coon

    Telly - Cornish Rex

  11. The cats and kittens have their own cages in the judges rings and are separated male - female. Most of these cats live in multiple cat houses and are used to other kitties. The judge removes a cat one at a time, disinfecting his/her hands and table with each and every cat.

  12. @The Monkeys, I was at one once I think, it was very interesting!

    @Cathy thanks so much for stopping by and for giving us that info! That is great to know!

    @Persian Cat, thanks a million! I should have listened to Cathy to begin with and included the breeds...I am going to change that now...thanks!

  13. @Cats-Goats-Quotes...I bet that was a blast! Fun seeing all of those kitties in one place!

    @Marg, I am doubting I can make it that weekend (I would LOVE to but not sure about that one)...there will be others coming up (I think in the Spring) and if I can make it I will most certainly take photos! Thanks for your interest! :)

    @Mario you have it EXACTLY RIGHT!!! Thanks so much for explaining it so well! I like the idea of there being toys there that we don't see everywhere. This one is a little far from me but maybe if they have one closer I can make it!

    @Old Kitty, the silver tabby and the Maine Coon are my absolute favorites of these! xoxo

  14. Pretty Kitties. Look I can rhyme.

  15. @Cat I did too! Wish I could go to this one but not sure!

    @MissKrisTV come to Michigan and you can! :)

    @Mrs kill me! xoxo

  16. Check out the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) website to find cat show throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia! The CFA is the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats, but they are devoted to all felines.

  17. Wow, what beautiful animals!

    Nubbin wiggles, Oskar

  18. Years ago I worked cat shows several times as a steward. I lined up the volunteer stewards and the association made a contribution to the Humane Society. We'd clean the habitats after each round of judging finished. Fascinating to see the many breeds represented!


  19. All cats are beautiful! Every cat is a splendid creature with inherent grace and dignity. They touch our hearts and enrich our lives.

  20. @PersianCat thanks for the info!! We really appreciate it!!! I agree that all cats are beautiful, I was just saying which were my faves that are being shown here because we all have our favorites! I have been a cat owner for over 20 years so trust me, I LOVE THEM!

    @Pat that is so interesting! I think that must have been a blast working there, plus so nice that you were able to get contributions to the HS xoxo

    @Oskar, yes they are gorgeous! :)

  21. would be a good place for catchat!

  22. @PersianCat, thanks! May have to check it out!

  23. @PersianCat, thanks so much for telling me about the site! I just submitted my link! Thanks again!

  24. You got a cool blog dude....

    i liked it.