Monday, January 17, 2011

"Mahalo" Monday-Barry Manilow's "I Can't Smile Without You" Featuring Mostly Cats!

Hi everyone and Happy (or not) Monday!  I had a guest blog planned for today but unfortunately the individual that was going to guest blog is M.I.A. and I was left with NOTHING planned for know "the best laid plans", a little improvising is in order.

I was not feeling well at all on Saturday, I have a chronic kidney stone condition called "medullary sponge kidneys" ...anyway what this translates to, is I was born with kidneys whose "job" it is to MAKE STONES!

Some people are full of "you-know-what"...I am full of stones...all stones...ALL the time! Hundreds of 'em...( read that right...HUNDREDS!)...the key is staying hydrated to keep them small enough that I can pass them myself.

Saturday one was stuck...if you are a woman use your imagination...if get the picture.

I wanted to comment to each and every one of you (the way I try to do on every one of the blogs that I post) who left fabulous comments on Saturday's guest post for "Blog The Change" but I just wasn't up to it...I am sorry.

Also....this is going to be a crazy, crazy week with home repairs....I will do my best to visit all of you and comment on your blogs but I may not be around as much as I usually am. I hope you will all understand.

Soooo....I just want to say "Mahalo" which in Hawaiian means "thank you!"....(ever since I was in Kauai I am obsessed with all things Hawaiian!).

"Mahalo" for reading Cat Chat

"Mahalo" for your support...

"Mahalo" to those who have featured us...

"Mahalo" to those who have "awarded" us!

"Mahalo" for your friendship!

"Mahalo" for being YOU!

If you aren't here...we wouldn't be here....we just "Can't Smile Without YOU!"

Love, Caren and Cody


  1. Oh, noes. Lots of purrs that you feel better soon. We've heard that kidney stones are the worst kind of pain. (As if there's ever any kind of good pain!) :-(

  2. Jan @TWOwomenANDaHOEJanuary 17, 2011 at 6:45 AM

    I hope you are feeling better soon, Caren! I literally cringed as you described your condition...ouch! Please take care! x0x0x0

  3. Oh dear Caren, I'm so so sorry to hear that your kidney stone struck again. Hope you are feeling much better now and please take a good rest. Commenting and blogging is the last thing you should worry at the moment. Health is more important!!!
    Hope your home repairs go smoothly and it won't disturb your rest too.
    Take care!!!
    "Mahola" for giving us so many wonderful posts and "Mahola" for visiting us and giving us the sweetest comments.
    Last but not least, "Mahola" for your kind words and encouragement for our previous post too. Your comment soothed me down a lot : )

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Hello!
    Oh ,no...I hope You will better soon,too!

  6. @Daisy thanks much! I am much better than I was Saturday! Now I am just a bundle of nerves with all that has to be done this week and this is just the beginning!

    @Priscilla thank you!!! I know commenting isn't the most important but you know me...I am OBSESSED lol. This is just the beginning of the repairs...we haven't been able to do anything for YEARS and now we are able to and I am sure we will be thrilled after they are done.
    Awww you are welcome! I felt bad trying to give you advice since I don't have children....but your post sooo touched me and I love you and Rosie soooo much! I think she is exceptional and in the long term it will ALL WORK OUT! xoxo

  7. @Jan thanks much! I am A LOT better today! That is the nature of stones...thankfully they move and lodge elsewhere (if they aren't passed) til the next time! My husband said I was crazy to post about it...he said "TMI" and I said..."Oh well!!!" lol!!

    @Kea yeah they are right up there on the pain scale. I actually heard that they are the 2nd most painful thing to child birth...I have no children but in terms of stones I have "given birth" to at least 7 sizable ones on my own, w/no hospital lol, no meds....and a few that were like the C-sections of the stone world! lol

  8. Oh Oh... sorry the stones are attacking you. I hope the ouchies are kept to a minimum. I'm sending you pawhugs.

    Thanks for the great Monday poses. very cute.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. @Max thanks so much! I am sooo used to it! "this too, shall pass!"

    Glad you enjoyed this!

    Can't wait to read more about YOUR two new additions! Sooo happy for you! Those are two lucky kitties!

  10. So sorry bout your "pile of stones." M says dat is miserable to put up with. Enjoyed your pictures friend, even if it wasn't quite what you planned.

  11. Hello, Caren, sorry to hear about your troubles with stones! I also have kidney problems, but no stones, fortunately (see my last post !). I hope you'll return soon on your blog with a "pêche d'enfer" (peach of hell = in french that means "a very good, the best shape (health ?)) because we love Cody's jokes ! And don't forget to let the stones rolling outside of you ! All my frienship to Cody too !
    Zeb the cat

  12. Ooooh I can't wait to go home to listen to the clip (I'm at work and sneaking this in at the tail end of my lunch!!!).

    Please take care!! The kidney stones thing sounds ever so painful!! I hope you are ok now and feeling better - if not please take it easy especially with all your repairing around the house!!!

    Hugs to your kitties!

  13. Oh my, I'm sorry you are stoned...hmmmmm, you know what I mean. I sure hope you feel lots better soon!

  14. Ouch - that sounds very painful - hope it soon passes. BTW we love the Monday Morning picture -looks like it was invented for mum - she hates Mondays!

  15. Aunty Caren,
    (((((HUGS))))) Am praying those stones won't bother you anymore. purrr....meow!

  16. Mario thank you!!! I have to get a hold of you! I want to repeat the dental posting you did for me last year, and I want to repeat it for Fri Feb 11th if that is ok with you! If I don't hear from you I will email you...let me know if it is ok! xoxo

    @Hannah and Lucy...oh yeah they are! I think it may have passed...I am hoping! lol about the photo! No one loves Mondays!

    @Cat-In-Sydney ((((hugs)))) back at ya and thank you!

    @Brian, MOL, MOL, MOL!!! Hmmmm now THERE is an idea!!! MOL!! ((((hugs)))) Loved your post about Alex and Gracie! What a cute couple! xoxo

  17. @Old Kitty, now don't get caught reading blogs at work!!! MOL!! I love it! Hope you enjoy the video later! Thank you so much! I hope all will be ok too but I think it will be!

    @Colibri and Zeb...oh NO! You have kidney trouble? I am soooo sorry! I will have to get over to your blog, I am so sorry I haven't been around recently but I will hopefully maybe have time to get over there tonight!! Thank you!

  18. Dear caren,
    Ouch! Lots of kitty kisses, head butts and purrs.

  19. We hope you feel better. We know how much work it is to keep up with the blog comments, and all the chores of the house and cats. You do what you can.

  20. BOL, we like that Monday morning picture
    Benny & Lily

  21. Take care of yourself, that sounds awful!

  22. For some reason, I thought the post was going to be about a cat named Mahalo! (Which actually would be a GREAT cat name!) If your kidney stones are anything like the crystals some cats get, they must be really, really painful! I am sending you lots of purrs and hoping you don't start avoiding the human litter box.

  23. Thankfully, I have never had any type of stone, so I can't understand what you are going through - but I am sorry that you are and I hope you feel better soon! And don't worry, I totally don't expect anyone to comment on every one of my posts. Just as I don't make it around to comment on all posts - especially when I fall behind a day or two! Happy Monday!

  24. Sending (((HUGS))) and healing purrs.

  25. OH O !...NO !!! I know you was not well ! but I didn't expect you have Kidney trouble !....I PURRS PURRS PURRS SO LOUND FOR YOU, CAREN ! FULL SPEED FUNCTION !!!!!!

    Me and my mom do understand if you haven't been around. Because we love you : ) and My mom can't keep up to go around as well because she back to work now ! Addicted Timing will be reduced.

    One of my mom close friend has kidney trouble as well, she always told mom " I have to careful to eat.. Less Salt! and I can't be stress because Make it worst! " so I hope you do keep happy level HIGH : )

    PLease Take Care Caren !
    Puddy and Mom

  26. Holy Stones, Catwoman!
    I will go read about your condition, and get the Horde purring for you.
    Home repairs are a pain, but afterwards it's so nice to have stuff fixed. Good luck!

  27. Lots of purrs from me and lots of love from mommy! She said she was just squinched up feeling terrible for you. That has to be horrible.

  28. Crap, that bites, feel better soon

  29. Poor kidneys! Sending healing vibes!

    We love Barry Manilow.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  30. Aww, Caren..I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well! I hope you're doing better, and have a purrfect week!

  31. That sounds like a miserable way to spend a Saturday! I am sorry. Here's hoping you're feeling better soon!

    Bunny and her mom

  32. We are purring that you feel better soon!!

  33. Caren, so, so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I can't even imagine. And on top of everything you are crazy busy with home repairs. :(

    Wished I lived closer to give you a hug!

    much love,

  34. Oh Caren, I am so sorry about your kidney condition. Please take as much rest as you need. I hope you will feel better soon. My boys are purring for you.

  35. Yikes that sounds bad. Hope you get better soon. We're now hearing BM in our head - argh!

  36. @The Cat From Hell, THANK YOU and back at ya!

    @Ann that was soooo sweet! I felt your hug through your message and I thank you!

    @The Island Cats thank you!! I am feeling MUCH better but I am sooo good at stressing myself out! lol

    @Bunny and her mom, yeah it for sure wasn't a fun Saturday but thankfully I am feeling much, much better! Thank you!!

    @Catsparella, THANK YOU!!! I hope you have a purrfect week too! I am doing better! :)

    @Oskar THANK YOU!!!! I love Barry Manilow too!!! xoxo

    @Mrs Tuna "crap that bites" MOL!! LOVE YOU!!

    @Admiral Hestorb..."scrunched" up or whatever the word was that you used to describe it was PURRFECT!! I am feeling much better! Thank you! xoxo

    @Katnip Lounge "HolyStones Catwoman!!" OMC you soooo made me laugh!! Thank you!! thanks for the "horde" sending good thoughts!!! I loved that comment! Yep 3 walls painted today...and it already looks sooo much better! We have flooring to do will sooo be worth it!

  37. @Puddy, OMC your message made me smile!! How was your Mom's first day back at work? I hope everything went well! I am doing much, much better and your wonderful comment made my happiness level go waaaaay up! I need to try and visit your blog tonight (or tomorrow morning if I can't tonight) and that will for sure make me smile!
    Love you Puddy and love to your Mom! xoxoxo

  38. @mom2acat THANK YOU!!! (((((hugs)))) back at ya!

    @OkCats thanks so much for your kind words! Thanks for understanding, it really means a lot...I understand that people are busy too and it means a lot when people DO understand! Thank you!!

    @Sparkle, I love the idea of a cat named "Mahalo!" lol! I can see how you thought the blog would be about a cat named that lol. My Bobo had SIX kidney stones at one time years poor baby had what his mama had! Nope I am not avoiding the litterbox for sure! xoxo

  39. @Benny and Lily and @Fin thank you!!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and your well wishes! I am glad you liked the photos! :)

  40. @Benny and Lily thank you so much!!

    @Fin thank you! Glad you all liked the photos!

  41. @Cats of Wildcat Woods thanks sooooo much for understanding! It means the world to me!

    Thanks all for your great comments, you really made me smile!

  42. Hi there! I hope you are feeling better soon...

  43. @Au and Target....Ooops!!! Sorry!!! lol....thanks for the kind words!! xoxo

    @Brad, thanks much! Thanks for stopping by!

  44. Oh no! I have kidney problems too (one polycystic kidney), but I've never had a kidney stone. I can only imagine. Hang in there.

  45. I am so sorry you are having such how painful! And U;m sorry you are stressed out also. I hope things get better for you quickly! Here is a kitty hug!

  46. Oh Caren, we are so sorry to hear about your stones, that must be difficult to cope with all the time! I do hope you are feeling better soon.

  47. My Human has lots of sympathy for yours, even though their pains are on opposite ends of their bodies, MOL!

    Purrs for you, my friend!

  48. OK using my imagination here...OUCH! I sure hope you feel better soonest. Don't worry about catching up with things, there are always going to be times when we can't.

  49. Hope you're feeling better soon. I completely understand when a scheduled blog goes astray. Enjoyed your post.

    Thoughts in Progress

  50. @Kathy, thanks so much!! I am feeling much better! Part of my "stress" is the fact that I get myself sooo hyped up! lol

    @Mason thank you I am!! So happy you liked the post and thanks for commiserating with me!

    @Peggy....yep....ONE BIG OUCH! lol. I am feeling much better and I am thrilled that you are as well, I am also thrilled with your great news! Thanks for your understanding!

    @Spitty thank you!! I send my sympathy back!!! To whatever end! MOL!

    @Cat thank you!! Actually I am so used to it that it really doesn't bother me most of the time...just when they decide to become "active"....thanks sooo much!

    @Link...I am soooo sorry! Your condition is probably so much worse than mine (but I think in some ways they are related)....I hope that you feel well and I am so sorry! Thanksk so much for visiting us! xoxo

  51. Oh Caren, of course we arnt going to mind if you cant leave comments for everyone! Especially if you arnt well or busy. My Dad had a kidney stone stuck once. It was very distressing for him. I think he had to go into hospital to get others blasted.
    Mahalo for being YOU Caren. We love ya!
    p.s Hope this comment works now! LOL!

  52. @Alittlesprite yay! I am so glad you were able to comment! Thanks! OMG I am so sorry about your Dad...they are way worse for men and they are bad enough for women!
    Yep I have had some "blasted" too...with me it doesn't matter...I just get more! lol.
    awww thank YOU!!! Cody and I love you too!

  53. Best laid plans, eh? Yep. Getting laid is the best. ;)

  54. @Alittlesprite I am sorry to hear about your father.I hope he get well soon. I also had a relative with kidney stone. It was a very painful affair