Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Meet And Greet! "Catsparella!!" "Pop Culture Pussycat, All Cats. All The Time"

Hi Everyone!!

Happy First Monday Of The New Year!!

My Mom and I wanted to start off the year on a bright and fun note and what better way to do that than to feature one of my Mom's and my favorite blogs:

My Mom and I cannot believe the number of posts that Stephanie (the human behind Catsparella) does in ONE DAY....we are in awe!! We have no idea as to how many but we know that she is ALWAYS posting!!

I asked my Mom if I could ask Stephanie some questions because I was eager to learn more about her and her blog and she said I could! Stephanie was so nice to let me do an interview!

Here we go! (my Mom typed this up for me, I did the dictation, if there are any mistakes of course it is HER FAULT!)

 Cody:When did your fascination with cats begin?

Stephanie/Catsparella:I can't remember exactly when or how it started, but it wasn't until I was a teenager. Oddly enough, growing up we always had a dog in the house. We never had cats, and I wasn't particularly around any cats. However, I was always into Hello Kitty and cute things like that, and for some reason around that time, I became really interested in collecting cat things. I didn't get my first cat until I was 20 or 21.

Cody: Wow! 20 or 21? You are as bad as my Mom! MOL! When did your fascination with pop culture begin?

Stephanie/Catsparella:I don't know! As long as I can remember, it's something I've always been really interested in and passionate about.

Cody: Why did you decide to combine the two?

Stephanie/Catsparella: It was a natural combination because it brought together two of my favorite things!

Cody: Yeah, I guess that is kind of like when I bring together 2 of my favorite mousies. Where did the name "Catsparella" come from?

Stephanie/Catsparella: I came up with the name Catsparella around 2002, long before I started the blog, or even thought about blogging. I was trying to think of a name that was unique and cat-related. I also wanted something that sounded kind of glamorous. At the time I was very into reading Catwoman comics, and was reading "Catwoman and Vampirella". I was also thinking of other characters with "ella" type names. When I decided to start a cat blog, the name seemed like a perfect fit.

Cody: Yes it is a purrfectly intriguing name! How many cats have you owned in your life?

Stephanie/Catsparella: Two - Priscilla and Charlie.

Cody: How many cats do you have now?

Stephanie/Catsparella: Same two! :)

Cody: Do you have any pets in addition to your cats?

Stephanie/Catsparella: We had a dog named Teddy, but sadly he passed away last year.

Cody: Awwww, I am so sorry about Teddy. That had to be quite hard. I was also wondering what state are you from?

Stephanie/Catsparella: New Jersey

Cody: Yay! Just like The Sopranos huh? MOL!! I don't want to sleep with the fishies so I guess I better leave that one alone! What made you start a blog?

Stephanie/Catsparella: It got to the point where I was reading so many blogs, and sharing so much content with my friends, that I decided to create a site where I could compile all of the things I found and loved in one place.

Cody: What is the satisfaction you get from blogging?

Stephanie/Catsparella: It's a good creative outlet for me. I love turning readers on to new things and being able to promote things that I enjoy. It's also nice to connect with people who have similar interests.

Cody: What is your favorite item you found to feature on your blog?

Stephanie/Catsparella: I only feature things that I really like, so it's hard to pick a favorite. If I had to choose, two posts that stand out are "The Cats of Jersey Shore" ( and all of the interviews I've done, especially "Catching Up With the Kitten Massage Therapy Cats" ( I also love Cat Cupcake Tuesdays (, because it's just another way to include one of my non-cat related obsessions on the blog.

Cody: ohhh so I see that you are obsessed with cupcakes like I am about when I will get my next meal. MOL!! What is your least favorite item you found to feature on your blog?

Stephanie/Catsparella: Of course there are certain posts I like more than others, but if I really didn't like something, I wouldn't post none!

Cody: When is your favorite time to write your blog?

Stephanie/Catsparella: I'm always trying to think of new ideas or looking for content, but there's no particular time I prefer to write. Some days I get more inspired than others, and I tend to be creative at night for some reason. My favorite place to blog is at the library.

Cody:  Who is your favorite cat in the pop culture world?

Stephanie/Catsparella: Hard question, because there's so many! At the moment I've very fond of Shironeko (, the "Basket Cat".  My favorite cat blog is The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee ( I love Charlene Butterbean, the site's kitty "mascot", and Laurie Cinotto does amazing work for the Tacoma Humane Society by fostering kittens and raising money for the shelter. She also posts the best cat pictures you will find online, paws down!  and Goma ( always make me laugh.

Cody: Hmmmm...I notice a blatant omission here. Let me remind you of who is featuring you on HIS blog. (tapping paws on table). Last I looked THEY aren't interviewing you!! I AM!! Well, well, I will just have to give ya a little swat for that one! Moving right along...who is your least favorite cat in the pop culture world?

Stephanie/Catsparella: None!

Cody: Thank goodness my blog isn't pop culture. I was afraid for a minute you were gonna say "Cody" MOL. What is your favorite NON pet related blog?

Stephanie/Catsparella: Jezebel (, and celebrity gossip sites like Dlisted ( and  Oh No They Didn't (

Cody: Thanks! I am sure my Mom will want to check those out! What are some of your hobbies other than cats?

Stephanie/Catsparella: I love to travel and hope to be able to do more of that in 2011. I like to craft, cook, and do yoga and zumba. I also volunteer at the local animal shelter and go to meditation classes. I watch pretty much everything on Bravo, and am really into Mad Men, Dexter, and Glee.  And obviously, I spend way too much time online! :)

Cody: My Mom LOVES to cook too and between you and me she needs to calm down a bit and yoga would do her a world of good! She needs so "zumba" her fluffy butt around too! My Mom also likes Bravo and now is becoming hooked on OWN. She has been having a little marathon with it this weekend. Well  Stephanie thanks so much for doing this interview, I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me. In spite of your glaring omission little faux paux,  it was such a pleasure to meet you officially! If anyone would like to visit Stephanie from  "Catsparella" (and my Mom and I suggest that you do!),  here is how to find her!


  1. Interesting interview, thanks Cody. We will have to check out Catsparella's blog.

  2. @Raymond thanks much! Hope you do! She has some super interesting things on it all the time!

  3. Cool interview! I pop in and check out Catsparella sometimes. It's pretty good for a blog NOT written by a cat.

  4. What a lovely interview. We will have to visit Catsparella :)

  5. Cody, I just know her a very short time. Just before Christmas !
    Your interview make me want to know her more. Thank you, Cody

  6. @Sparkle thanks! Yeah...I should have had Cody ENTIRELY do my blog as well! lol

    @Princess Jasmine thanks! I hope you do, you will love it!

    @Mr.Puddy I am so glad you got to meet her before the year ended. She is very, very nice! I know you will enjoy her blog!

  7. Cody, you do a mighty fine interview. I have to check out this blog! Thanks for the 411!

  8. Wonderful interview. I just discovered her blog the other day. Love it.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. Hi Cody, are you awake, now ?!!! Oh yeah, we’re Monday… I don’t like Monday because that comes after Sunday… Why everyday is not Sunday, our Humans would’nt be always so excited !!! All of them are Sopranos, are’nt they ? What a very interesting interview, Cody, thanks to share your very intelligent questions about our secretaries !!! Mine is very bad “no time, no time, no time, I’m on hurry, later, later…, may be tomorrow…” she always sings (a very boring song, pffff…). Well “writing, travelling, cooking, loving cats…”, they need nothing else, don’t they ? Oh, I’ve forgotten : working and earning money for our confort, of course, and, over all, typing our blogs !!! Have a nice week, Cody, thank you for the links, I’m sure I gonna have good reading, and bravossimo, you are a sensational interviewer !

  10. Good interview, Cody! We'll have to check out the blog

    Honestly, our mom doesn't know how humans can blog so much, plus post on social networking sites, plus keep up with the hundreds of blogs they follow, plus work full time, plus attend to all the household chores, plus have a life beyond the computer. Everyone must be SuperWoman except her! :-D

  11. @Kea, don't feel bad! I have been unemployed since 2007 and I don't have enough time!! lol. All of you who work full time AND keep up with your blog, etc, deserve a medal in my book!!! I know what you mean about the social networking too...that eats up A LOT of time as well as reading/commenting. The reading/commenting takes me over 2 hrs! TOO MUCH! Thanks for your kind words!

  12. @colibri thanks so much! Yeah I am much better at it than my Mom is!!

    @Max thanks much! So already know how interesting her blog is. I am amazed at everything she finds.

    @Hilary thanks! Ohh I am sure YOU will like it! You must share it with Alex (and Marc!) too!

  13. Thanks, Cody! We will have to check out your friend`s blog!

  14. Hello!
    Very interesting ....
    I looked at her blog.
    And I wrote the comment in her blog.

  15. Thank You very much for sharing and for Your beautiful comments in my blog.

  16. Yay!! What a great interview!! Hello to adorable Charlie and Priscilla and their mum too!! Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourselves here!!!

    Gorgeous Cody - you are a wondeful interviewer!! Me and Charlie (yay!!Another Charlie!!) are intrigued as to what a "pop culture world" means? Just curious!!

    Take care

  17. Cody, you did a wonderful interview. My mom said the interview was so interesting and she wants to check out Catsparella's blog too. I wonder how many cat blogs she visits these days. Doesn't she know that we don't have any cats at home at all? ~ Eva

  18. @The Monkeys, yes! Please do! You will love it!

    @Priscilla/Eva,thank you! I know! What is up with THAT??!! lol. You have no cats and your Mommy is sooo kind to visit/support all of the kitties! That is because she is so thoughtful, like you!

    @Old Kitty, thank you! YES! Another Charlie!! Wooo hooo!! Ok I hope I am right but "pop culture" is whatever is "hip" or "cool" or "happening" or a phenomenon at the moment! If Catsparella drops by maybe she can explain it better than I did, I hope I wasn't wrong!

    @Amin, thanks so much for visiting Catsparella! I hope you liked her blog! Thanks!! Have a great day!

  19. Hi Caren!! Thank you so much again for taking the time to interview me and featuring me on your site! I'm so honored!! I can't believe I didn't mention Cody and Cat Chat on my favorites list, MOL! I think in my mind it was just a "given"! Please accept my humblest apologies :)

    I also want to thank your readers for their kind comments and for stopping by my blog!

  20. What a great interview from one of my favorite interviewers: Cody!

    And so pleased to see one of my favorite blogs- Cat Chat with Caren & Cody- featuring an interview with Catsparella another favorite blog!

    What fun! And finally got a peek at Charlie and Priscilla! They are adorable!

    (oh, and I'm in awe of how many posts Catsparella does in a day too!)

  21. We'll go on over & say hello!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  22. We will check out Catsperella.

    Thanks for the birthday mention and for coming by and helping make this such a special day for our mama. xxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Great interview skills, we'll have to visit Catsparella, thanks.

    Happy New Year!

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  24. Yay thanks for mentioning a new blog (new to me), I'll have to check it out!

  25. AWESOME! Two of my favorite blogs together in one post. Love it, it's like a peanut butter cup! :)

  26. THank yous for telling us about Catsparella! Me had not seen that blog, so me went right over and had a look and after an hour, me realized me had not said than yous to you!!!
    Thank yous

  27. @Catsparella MOL!! Not a problem!! You KNOW I was KIDDING!!! MOL!!! Actually it is all Cody's fault!! It was Cody's pleasure to interview you! Thank you for giving us this opportunity! We love ya!! Caren and Cody xoxo

  28. @Nelli you are so welcome! I am so glad to be able to introduce it to you! She does an amazing job! xoxo

    @Weetzie "Like a peanut butter cup" MOL! I love it!!! Thank you for such a great compliment!!

    @Stacy and Ellie you are most welcome! I am happy to do that!

    @Team Tabby, thanks so much!! We are sure you will love it! xoxo Cody and Mom

  29. @Sammy and Andy YAY!! It's the birthday girl!!!! YAY!! Hope you are having an amazing birthday and we wish you TONS more!! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit us on YOUR birthday!!! ((((((hugs)))) Love, Caren and Cody

  30. @Oskar thanks much! You will love it!

    @Careers4YourCat Cody says thanks sooo much! (I am taking over his typing right now lol) We are so glad you enjoyed his interview!
    We LOVE YOU and we sure love Catsparella!!

  31. Caren, thanks for the interesting interview and I will be going over to visit Catsparella. I love reading blogs and it will be fun getting to know her and her crew!

  32. Hi there Caren,

    Wanted to come by and personally say thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. They are heartwarming and very beautiful. Thank you.

    I shall have to check out this the name. I think it is just too cute. :) xo Marie

  33. I enjoyed the interview! It is not too late to have a cat :-) I have too many blogs that I don't know yet so it is nice that you share blogs like this!!
    I have seen pictures of Shironeko too. Very cute :-)

  34. @Shawn you are most welcome! I will be sure to tell Cody you liked it! (hehe!) I know you will enjoy Catsparella!

    @Marie that is so nice of you and you are most welcome! I love the name "Catsparella" too, that is what first attracted me to her blog. You are so sweet! xoxo

    @Tamago I am so glad you enjoyed the interview! Glad I could introduce you to a new blog! :)

  35. Excellent interview Cody and how sweet of your mom to type it up :-)
    I'm just simply gonna have to pop straight over to visit Catsparella!!

  36. @Benny and Lily thank you!

    @Gods Little People thanks so much! Yeah my Mom is nice (most of the time MOL!) Hope you enjoy Catsparella!! xoxo

  37. Oh Cody...I am so impressed with your interview skills! AND you gave mommy and me another place to go and enjoy.

  38. @Admiral awww thank you!!! I am so happy we could make you smile!!! (((((hugs))))) now....go....and......EAT!!! for us?? Please???


  39. We love that blog, too! And I feel so honored that she mentioned me. Good interviewin', Cody!

  40. @Daisy :)
    Thanks so much and for being such a good sport!! Cody sometimes has too much to say! xoxoxo

  41. This was really fun!! I am a big fan of Catsparella -- this was great to learn a little more about Stephanie :)

  42. @Angie thanks much! I am a big fan of Steph's too!! She is a doll and I love/appreciate her great "finds"
    Love ya!

  43. That was a nice interview. Maybe one day you will have your own show!!
    ~ Malachi

  44. @Cats-Goats-Quotes...OMG! Cody could be the new Oprah! lol. Thanks so much!!

  45. I saw the Cupcake post this morning and immediately wanted something like that for my birthday. Catsparella is a new discovery for me, so this post came at exactly the right time :)

  46. @Vicky...I have to ignore the cupcake posts because I am in Weight Watcher's and I don't need the subliminal message lol...
    I am so glad you found Catsparella though!
    When is your birthday?

  47. I truly enjoy this interveiw...very funny and inspiring :)

    The cats' picture is sooo cuteee. I always wanted to have a black cat

  48. OMC, two of my favorite bloggers on one page! This is indeed going to be a very good year. ~^..^~