Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The V-E-T Visit-"Oh Nooooo He Didn't!!!!"

Isn't Dakota supposed to be going somewhere?
What??!! Dakota isn't going  to the vet??!!! Are you kidding???

Let me understand this, you rescheduled Dakota's vet  appointment because  Daddy didn't want to drive in the snow???

Awww geeze! He's going Friday! The complete injustice of it all!!


  1. Oh, so cute. Love the photos and the expressions.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Think of it this way, Cody, Dakota still has a couple of days to stress out about it! (we do hope he gets a good check up report) Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  3. Awww, Cody!!! I'm so sorry that the snow spoilt your fun! I can understand how disappointed you are but secretly I'm glad for Dakota too because he might have some chances to get rid of a few more extra pounds off his body before he goes to the VET!
    Anyway, he is still going to the VET on Friday, right???

  4. Cody, It might not justice for TODAY
    But for your dad to be safe
    We are gentle man enough to wait : )
    Always Have the Next Day, CODY !!!

  5. Just think Cody, you now have even more time to gloat and tease and snigger and josh! :)

  6. Oh yes...with all snow it's better to go to that VET another time! :)
    hehehe you are so funny!
    Adorable pictures!
    Good luck for you at Friday!

  7. I'm with you. If there's snow... stay inside.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Love the photos, and your comments under each picture are hysterical. Have a great day!

  9. Awww... don't worry kitteh, he's still going!

  10. Gee, something to "look forward" to. LOL. We hope Dakota's appt. goes well on Friday.

  11. He'll be headed over there Friday and just think! You get to anticipate it allll over again!

  12. Bwaaaa ha ha! Cody, that's not nice, but it is funny! Just remember, one of these days it will be your turn!


  13. Sweet Cody!!! Awwww!! This means more time to play with adorable Dakota!!! Yay!!!

    Take care

  14. @houndstooth yeah I know! lol

    @Admiral Hestorb YES! That is the great part! xoxo

    @Kea I sure am! My Mom hopes it goes well too!

    @The Whiskeratti, you got that right! No snow scheduled for Friday!

    @cherie, thank you! The first one is actually quite old and since you are a photographer you KNOW it is really poor quality but I had to use it! :)

  15. @Max, ready for this? The snow didn't start til later than expected and we could have gone! I knew that would happen!

    @Luna thanks and you are right but Daddy is a chicken and always sticks up for Dakota lol

    @Carolyn that is right and I will make good use of every moment! :)

  16. @Mr Puddy, yep "tomorrow is another day!" well in this case, FRIDAY!

    @Priscilla you think just like my Mom! She said the same thing after Daddy wanted to cancel. She said it gives him a chance to lose some weight. Oh yes he HAS to go Friday cause he needs his shot. He is starting an agility (just for fun class, now show or competition) on Monday and he has to be up-to-date on his shots and he is due for that shot anyway xoxo

  17. @Cara that is true! Thanks! My Mom and Dad hope he has a good report too!

    @Jo thank you!! Coming from you we are really smiling!

    @Sparkle yep he sure is!

    @Mason thanks so much!!!!! Have a great day!

    Thanks so much for stopping by all! xoxo

  18. @Old Kitty that is true!!! But I don't always think he is so "adorable" MOL! Love, Cody

  19. Oh Cody... don't get too down... he is still going...

  20. The snow out there was very bad yesterday! Even Macho was looking out the window at it, and he has never even seen snow before! But don't worry, the roads will be a lot better on Friday, so you don't have to worry too much. I am sure that he will make it to the vet. Hopefully the vet visit goes well!

    Nicole and Macho

  21. Dakota lucked out!!!

    We know how your Dad feels about driving in the snow! We were suppose to take Leroy to a vet up in Michigan today...but we cancelled due to the snow!

  22. @Mrs TRULY have a WAY WITH WORDS!! lol

    @Jen where in Michigan were you going? We are in Southeast Michigan (34 miles north of Detroit)...we didn't get it as bad as Northern Michigan. Were you going up North?

    @Nicole and Macho, are you in Michigan as well? It wasn't bad here til later...(I think we would have been home by then but my husband didn't want his fur all messed up right after being groomed...geeze)

  23. @Nicole and Macho again! Ohhh I know you! I follow your blog as well! You are not far from me at all! You made me feel better! lol We should try and get Macho and Dakota together for a "play date" when the weather gets nicer! Interested?

  24. @Hilary, the meantime I will wait...and sleep...and eat....and wait...and eat....and sleep...before I know it...It will be FRIDAY!

  25. Yeah! I'm sure Dakota is as thrilled about it as yous are! Mes likes to get the vet over with!

  26. MOL!!!!!!!!!!! Cody, you are just too cute for words!!!!!!!!!!

    Poor Dakota has this vet visit to worry about now until Friday!!!!!!!


  27. @The Cat From Hell Dakota is super thrilled!!

    @Sammy and Andy awww thank you!! you guys are too! Yep Dakota has ALL this time to worry! lol

  28. Some pals have all the luck I guess.

  29. Don't worry, Cody! Friday is only a few days away! But when will it be YOUR turn to go to the vet?

  30. Aww, poor Cody!! There's just no justice in this world, is there, sugar? (Very good look of wounded pride/utter disbelief there, btw... lol.)

    Of course, you do realize that this temporary reprieve give you the chance to roll out all of your very best horror stories of what goes on at the V-E-T for poor, unsuspecting Dakota, don't you? (No, no, I'm not saying you would *exaggerate* or anything, but... well, let's just say that most tales do tend to become, erm, taller, with the passage of time. ;D)

    One last thing... I totally want to go after your tummy in that final shot, Cody! You're quite irresistible... :D

  31. I love the look of shock and horror in the second photo lol. What do you mean he's not going? lol

  32. Not fair to get your hopes up like that Cody and then no appointment...even if it is rescheduled - LOL!

  33. @Mario ya got that right my friend!

    @Cat I know! What a letdown!! Waiting just isn't as fun! MOL

    @Julia lol!!! So happy that you enjoyed it! That makes my day!

    @GlamKitty, are you flirting with me??? If so... being the beautiful kitty that you are I LOVE IT and you can go after my tummy anytime you want!!! It's all yours! Yep I just may have to tell Dakota more horror stories...he is being pretty good today though so I am not sure. Much Love, Cody

  34. @Trixie, Lily and SammyJoe, trust me...I won't be going FRIDAY!!! MOL!!

  35. Hehehe! No, Cody, dat waz Mommy posting about ur tummy 'n stuff! (U can tell, becoz she usez da propurr spelling, 'n I haz mai spelling, mol!!) ;D

  36. :) ahah funny!! Your blog is really good!

  37. I loved this! Those expressions are adorable; I'd reschedule as well. We got 18" of snow last night and today and it is still snowing lightly.

  38. Silly Cody! His face just cracks me up every time -- he's got great expression :)

  39. @GlamKitty....awwww you just broke my heart :( Ok...I will just have to be in love with your Mommy then! :)

    @Angie his face IS a trip huh? lol. Usually he just has one expression...BORED lol xoxo

    @Diane thank you!!! Wow 18 inches!! Where are you again? Are you on the East Coast? They really got whammed! We only got around 4. Guess what? It is supposed to snow Friday as well. I told my husband he is (blank) out of luck, we are taking Dakota Friday!

    @The Vet Girl, thanks so much! It is a pleasure to meet you! Thanks for stopping by!

  40. Thank you so much for your comment @
    Made my day!
    I'm following you back

    Maria Afonso - The Vet Girl

  41. Keep your paws crossed it doesn't snow on Friday
    Benny & Lily

  42. Good for you for being safe and not driving in the snow! It's dangerous and other drivers are so unpredictable!

  43. @Maria/The Vet Girl, you are welcome! I seriously LOVE your blog! It is so informative!! I am happy to be following you!
    Thanks so much for following me back! :)

    @Benny and Lily, guess what? It IS supposed to snow but Dakota is out of luck...he HAS to go regardless! :)

    @Stacy and Ellie...yeah but we will be driving in it on Friday! I know the other drivers are so unpredictable but we have no choice, we have to go! xoxo

  44. Oh, well ... your revenge can wait till Friday, can't it? Keep warm!

  45. When the Humans make a commitment like that, when they tell you the woffie will be GONE for awhile, then gosh-darn-it that woofie should be GONE.

  46. Oh Cody, you'z funny! But theese is good your Dad is staying home with all that snow. Hey I saw your LOL's, congrats!

  47. @Tucker, it looks like it is going to have to! Thanks for stopping by!

    @Cloon lol! Thank you!!! Awww thanks about the LOL's too! We loved them and were sooo excited!

    @Indrani thank you!

    @Fin, yep sooo true! thanks to you all for stopping by!

    @soxy yep! "v-e-t!!" thanks much for stopping by!

  48. @Spitty, this is the FUNNIEST thing EVER

    "when they tell you the woffie will be GONE for awhile, then gosh-darn-it that woofie should be GONE."

    And now...on that is time for me to go to bed because you have TOTALLY made my night (and early morning cause it is 12:30am now)....soooo true and soooo hilarious! xoxoxo


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