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Book Revew: "Housecat CONFIDENTIAL" A humorous look into the life of a suburban housecat by Fin & Meg S. Hart

Delightful!! Completely delightful are the first thoughts that come to mind after reading "Housecat CONFIDENTIAL".

Have You Ever Thought About:

  • What is it like being a housecat?
  • What are the "secrets of life?"
  • Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking?
  •  Do you wonder what your cat was thinking before it entered your life?
  •  What about your cats' Mom or its' litter mates?
  • What  the wide range of  your cats' "meows" and other sounds mean? If you thought (like I did) that "Mah" means "Mom", think're wrong!
The answers to these "impawtant" questions are  conveyed by the beautiful and talented cat-author "Fin" and were typed by her "Ghost Writer"/co-author, Meg S. Hart. Meg also shot the darling photographs that are peppered liberally throughout it's pages.

In Fin's words:"I'm a grannycat, a senior kitizen, but I don't mind getting older. I can't jump like a kitten anymore but I haven't just grown older,  I've also grown wiser. I have so much wisdom I want to share with humans and kitties alike. I've discovered the secret of life and I want to share it with all of you. Why don't we curl up on the couch together and I'll tell you everything I've learned."
Gorgeous "Fin!"

Such as:
  •  how "family is about a lot more than blood."
  • that "a paw gently petting your face means, "I love you very much and would like the gesture repeated on me. Thank you for understanding" (My Cody does this nearly every night when he is laying on my chest before we nod off to sleep and now I know what it means!

I loved so much about this book but there were a few parts that had me in fits of giggles:

  •   "Mousey And Me-A Tale of Forbidden Love" I know that many of you kitties out there (including my Cody) are OBSESSED with your mice, some of you overtly, some discreetly....I laughed til I nearly cried thinking of my Cody and is obsession with his one mangy red other mousey will do. It must be RED mousey. If you have a mousey obsessed kitty this chapter will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone!

  • Is there a "Blanket Monster" in your house? I bet there is....there is one in my house and I shouldn't admit that it is ME! What is a "Blanket Monster?" You will have to read this gem to find out! I won't tell!

  • As Fin says "I don't want you to think it's all fun and games, being a housecat is a great responsibility" One of Fin's many "jobs" is that of waking "Mom"..."Mom getting out of bed is the official start of the day" (as it is in so many of our homes!). This segment also had me rolling with laughter because Cody will resort to his old tricks of jumping on the printer, turning it ON, hitting the paper tray, a sure-fire way to get either me or "Dad" out of bed to feed him. It is silly of us to think that our cats are unique in their attempts to waken us, I now learned that it is universal trait in "Catdom"... as Fin says when unable to waken her "Mom" "I'll knock over anything on her nightstand that'll make a crash, and if something spills (like a water glass), it's a bonus"...."I'll crackle paper on the floor, or pull some papers from the trash if necessary; whatever it takes to make it impossible for her to sleep any longer."

  • "A Moon Landing" will have to read it to find out what THIS is! Genius, pure genius!

"Housecat CONFIDENTIAL" is witty, funny, touching, charming, thought provoking  and sure to strike a chord with anyone who owns or has been owned by a cat. Fin's insight and first-paw experience on being a housecat will resonate with you as it did with me.  In Fin's words once again:
Fabulous floofy "Fin!"

"In the end, I imagine cats want what everyone really wants---a warm place to sleep where you can feel completely safe, a gentle loving hand to stroke away your sadness, someone to curl up next to when you're lonely, and someone to make you laugh and to laugh with you."

Curl up with "Housecat CONFIDENTIAL" and allow Fin to share her "Secrets Of Life" will be thrilled that you did!

SOME THOUGHTS FROM THE AUTHOR: "The idea for the book began as an assignment in a short story writing class. I wanted something light and humorous to offset the darker side of my writing"..."I used to look outside myself to find joy and happiness, acquiring THINGS in order to feel satisfaction. I've realized, through Fin's eyes, you don't have to look outside to find joy. Even a simple life can bring great joy if you appreciate the things you already have within reach."

TO PURCHASE "HOUSECAT CONFIDENTIAL" visit or visit Fin and Meg S. Hart at


ANOTHER NOTE: Thanks to our dear friend Brian from BRIAN'S HOME for having all of us bloggers spread the word about Shelter Awareness Day, January 24th....whenever your local shelters!! They can always use donations, blankets, all sorts of supplies from pens, newspapers, food, treats, name it, they need it! Whenever possible ADOPT-A-PET!!


  1. I shall have to have a look at that.

    The picture of fabulous floofy fin looks just like fabulous floofy Mickey, a 19-year-old cat in our family.

  2. We LOVED this book! And, we LOVE Fin, too!
    AND...her Mom is a super cool lady!

  3. Hi Winnie if that photo looks like your Mickey, Mickey must be one great lookin' kitty! I think Fin is just gorgeous!
    19? Oh you are sooo lucky!! You will love this book! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. @Katnip Lounge so did I!!! (that is why the darned post is soooo long today! lol) I wish I could see Fin and her Mom in are soooo lucky that you did! Thanks so much for verifying when I said it is a FABULOUS book! xoxo

  5. That sounds like a great book! Maybe our Mama can read it to Sammy-Joe. He's been hiding under the stairs a lot lately and needs something to cheer him up! ;)

  6. Darling book, I just got it for my kindle!! Thanks for letting me know about it. :) Hope you have had a great weekend!

  7. This sounds like a good book to get. (M are you listening). I'll make sure she gets this one.

  8. That sounds like such a cute idea for a book! I'll have to see if I can order it at my library.

    So true that cats have such universal habits! Link is the same way about waking me up. He knows knocking my glasses under the bed and starting to chew on them will always do the trick!


  9. @Lily/Link, it IS such a cute idea! Not sure about ordering it at the you have a Kindle? Coupon Queen just said that is where she got hers (probably from OMC if our cat knocked my husband's glasses on the floor my husband would die! He is obsessed with his glasses!

    @Mario it is a GREAT book!! We have to make sure that "M" knows! xoxoxo

    @Coupon Queen, you just ordered it for your Kindle from my review?? I am sooo happy/flattered! Thank you! You will LOVE this precious book! I am having a great weekend and hope that you are too!

    @Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe...oh noooo!!! Is Sammy-Joe not feeling well? I will have to try and get around to all of the blogs before late tonight. I hope he is ok! Yes this book is fantastic! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  10. The book sounds purrty good even tho its all about kitty kats
    Benny & Lily

  11. Oh wow!! I want this book!! So on my wishlist!! How lovely and I love how Ms Hart came to have the idea for writing this book - lovely!!! Fin is adorable and wise!! Thanks so much for the info and the review!!!!! Take care

  12. I have a lovely book Caron called the 'Cat Whisperer' by Claire Bessant-its wondrful I can recomend it.
    Seeing Cody stretched out reminds me of what Charlie Coal did the other day: I suffer with a painful back & daily I lie on the floor on my belly tensing my back muscles. Well, on Thurs last Chas' joined me! He flopped himself on the floor next to me & stretched out purring!
    I love that cat! He brings so much to our lives.

  13. Me and my mom always love Fin's humor. Mom have her book in her list !
    Mom is dying to get this book after she read your review ( always : ). Not just her humor, we love but also her senoir's experience made her book more interesting.
    Now my mom have to do speedy reading with all cats books she have and then she will be allowed to get Fin's book ( my dad have this control )
    Caren, Thanks so much for this review. We always be your fan for Book reviews : )

  14. Like Coupon Queen I downloaded it to my Kindle *hopes to impress with her ability to keep up with technology*. But I did it BEFORE the review lol

    It's great so far, just my cup of tea :)

    Great review too, Caren x

  15. We have this book and love it. The Moon is mum's favourite. It made her cry for laughing so much.
    I totally understand Fin's forbidden love for her mousie. I have had my Scruffy Rat nearly all my life and love him to bits.

  16. Oh that looks like fun. And I love the floofy tummy.

  17. I've read (and reviewed) Fin's book too and it's so cool and so charming... as is Fin herself!

  18. WE have put it on our Mom's reading list. Alas she isn't reading fast enough to suit us.

  19. Fin has just about the floofiest tummy I ever saw!

  20. ::Claps Paws and Hands:: We are so excited that you loved it!

    Writing the book, and the blog that came later, has been such an amazing experience. We've also learned that cat people really are the most thoughtful people around!

    Thank you so much for your kind words and we are busting with pride!!

    Fin & Meg

  21. Hi there,

    I just came by to let you know of my very first 'hosted' blog hop. I would love for you to come check it out and link up if you'd like.

    Thanks so much.


  22. Great review, sounds like a very interesting book.

    Thoughts in Progress

  23. We've read such great reviews of Fin's book, we're just going to have go make our mom buy it!

  24. Me Likes Fin! Me knows she had a book, but my Mommy has not got it yet. Me will bug her until she does.
    Thank yous for writing about it!

  25. @Benny & Lily, even if it is about a kitty cat, there are lessons in the book that apply to all of us and our doggies and kitties! I think you would love it because you love ANIMALS! xoxo

    @Okcats yes you have to!

    @Mason thanks so much! Yes it is! I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was so much I could have put in the review that I would have had to have just typed up the book lol

    @Marie thanks!! I will come by and scope it out in a bit! Thanks for telling me! I got around to some blogs today but haven't been able to get around to all of them yet

    @Fin, you made ME so happy! Thanks!!! It is always harder for me to review a book from an author whose blog I follow, or who I like because I am always afraid that I won't do the book justice. Your book truly is a GEM! I agree that "cat people are some of the most thoughtful people around" from the many others like yourself I have met as a result of blogging...but...I have met a number of doggie people who are the same! I think having a love of ANIMALS be they cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits or whatever makes us all the special people that we are!! xoxo

  26. @Spitty, I KNOW!! Isn't that some AMAZING floof??? lol

    @AFSocksScylla that is the good thing about committing to do a review...I am the same as your Mom...I have soooo many magazines that have gone untouched and some books yet to read. When I commit to doing a review it greatly speeds up the reading process!

  27. @Sparkle, you got it! Charming is the word!!
    I am honored to have been able to review it as well...we both were certainly lucky!

    @Au and Target, it IS "FUN!!"....And that is some serious floof!!

    @Diane, it is!! :)

    @Eric I am so glad you have it! OMC the moon made me laugh myself silly as well! (along with many other parts of the book) but that part really had me rolling! Ohhhh yessss the mousies!!! My Bobo never loved his mousey the way that you, Fin and my Cody love them. And not just ANY mousey will do! That is what I loved so much...and how mousey would be thrown to other parts of the room and deposited in so many funny places!

  28. @Carolyn "just my cup of tea"..."purrfect!" So glad you downloaded it! I am thrilled you did be it before, after or during! lol. Thanks so much too!

    @Puddy I knew you would love this humor because you have such a great sense of humor yourself! I think it is good that your Dad is keeping an eye on the cat books so the pile doesn't get too big while waiting to be read. Thanks so much Puddy for liking my reviews....your comment really touched my heart and means A LOT!! xoxo

  29. @Wockley/Paul...awww I loved how you shared your story about Charlie! That is adorable...yes our kitties add so much to our lives...they enrich us in so many ways. Actually the "floofy" kitty laying down in the photo isn't my is Fin the author of "Housecat Confidential"....I wish Cody were that floofy! Thanks for recommending "The Cat Whisperer"....I will have to get my paws on a copy! :)

  30. @Old Kitty, I was extremely touched too by the story of how this book came to be...there is actually more in the book about that but I didn't want to spoil it all. It was written from the heart and I am glad you noticed that I included that part in my review. I am so happy you enjoyed it and if you get a chance to read "Housecat Confidential" I would love to hear your thoughts!
    Be sure to read it with Charlie on your lap, he will like it too! xoxo

  31. @Nellie (Cat From Hell) you will LOVE THIS! I know you and your Mom have a great sense of humor so I know you will love this book! xoxo

  32. Hello I am your newest follower! I would love a follow back at

  33. I will have to read this one. Thanks for the review! I just want to rub Fin's tummy.

  34. Hahaha, Yoda's day doesn't start until he wakes Mum up and Indi is the same with me - although they aren't so subtle. Just meowing, loudly and insistently, is enough for them haha.

  35. Hello,
    Following from the Monday Blog Hop. Would love a tag back :)

  36. Hi Caren, sorry to be a pain - can you ignore the new blog address? I was having problems trying to follow my old friends' blogs from there so have gone back to my old one, will just have to sort David and his blog out! Hope to see you back there, Barbara xx

  37. Hi! New follower from I love my Online Friends. I love cats!! So glad I found your blog :)

    Hope you visit me.


  38. Aunty Caren,
    Would you have me curled up on your lap and read the book to me? Puuurrrlease.....pretty purrrlease...... purrrr....meow!

  39. WOW! Fin is as floofy as My moby :) You always review the best books Caren. Guess what? You know how I had "Who Moved My Mouse" on order? Well I haven't got it yet because they had to reprint the book! I'm thinking that is a GOOD thing, as they sold more than expected maybe? Anyway, I have to wait till after Feb 1st now.

  40. @Alittlesprite yes Fin is one "floofy" guy! Thanks! I am lucky about the books I have been able to review overall. Sorry to hear about "Who Moved My Mouse?" but yes maybe that is a good thing! Thanks for ordering it and thanks as always for reading!

    @Cat-In-Sydney if I could have you curled up on my lap i most certainly would!! Come on over!

    @Monique Hi! It is a pleasure to meet you! I am so glad you stopped by and I will be by your blog as well! Glad to have you!

    @Barbara no problem! I already follow you so we should be ok...yesterday there was no link in blue...I have you set up to follow so hopefully I will be ok!

    @Cricket/Crystal, thanks for stopping by and I will be over to check you out for sure!

    @Ruth, isn't it amazing the ways our kitties learn to wake us up? Just meowing is great...Bobo used to hit our venetian blinds in my old apt until I got up...Cody is more technologically savvy, he tries to turn on the printer (and succeeds) which sends me into a frenzy!

    @Cherie you are welcome and thanks for reading! Hope you do get this one! I want to rub Fin's floofy tummy too! :)

    @3 Giggly Monsters...I will be over to check you out for sure and thanks for reading/following! It is fun to meet new people/blogs!

    @Pup Fan...this IS a fun one!!

  41. This sounds like a great book. I wish I can categorize my turtles too ;)

  42. @Novroz it is! You mean write a book about your turtles? Go for it! But I only review books about cats :)

  43. That book sounds so interesting! I don't think I can catch up with so many books right now. By the way, how do you manage to read so many books, Caren? You're amazing!!!
    I'm thinking of passing this book review to one of my cat friends, thought she might be interested in it. So she can read it for me, LOL!!! Aren't I cheeky???

  44. So perfect review, congratulations and thanks for the hint!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  45. Hello!
    Very interesting book!
    Beautiful photos!

  46. @Amin thanks, glad you like them!

    @Lunda thank you!

    @Priscilla that is such a good idea! lol. Actually that is why you don't see me doing a lot of time!! lol. When I do a review I read the book the weekend before I do it...(I don't schedule my blogs in advance in the computer which is stupid. I have to start doing that)...I do them one by one....sometimes I will do a draft but that is it. I always save the book til the last second so that I will remember! We are having so much done at home for awhile that I don't have the time I used to have, that is why I have been remiss in getting around to some of the blogs. xoxo

  47. What a cute kitty!! Hi there~ I am your newest follower from the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :)

  48. Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by! Yes Fin is sooo cute! Thanks so much for following! I am on my way over!

  49. Admiral's Mom here: I loved Fin's book. I got it in an auction on the CB and loved every word and photo.

    My girl pats MY face too..before we sleep and occasionally to wake me up. WHO could EVER mind that precious awakening?

  50. What a sweet book. I need to get back into reading, particularly for the 'Mousey and Me' part. I caught Bruce one day playing with a baby mouse... I didn't like that so I chased him away and strangely the mouse wouldn't leave. Did this a few more times and the mouse ran back to Bruce I could not believe it. I wasn't sure if the mouse had imprinted or SOMETHING. But now I am curious :) Thanks for sharing Caren

  51. We have an autographed copy of the book - we enjoyed mum reading it to us. We learned quite a few tricks from Fin and we have put them to good use to get round mum haha!!
    Luv Hannah & Lucy xx xx

  52. Great sounds like a fun book! Perhaps I can read it to Chance..he has a hard time understanding cats:)

  53. @Far side thank you! It IS a fun book! I bet Chance would like it cause there is as section about a doggie in there! :)

    @Hannah and Lucy, I am sooo glad you have a pawtographed copy, mine is pawtographed too and I was sooo happy that it is! Yes Fin DOES know some good tricks!

    @MissKrisTV you would love the part about the mousey! Wow there sure must be something wrong with the mousey you were talking about if it wouldn't leave! MOL!

    @Admiral Hestorb I am sooo glad that you have the book as well! Cody will only touch my face when we sleep...never in the morning cause if he gets us up too early (like before 5am) I make my husband get up and feed he and his brother! MOL!

  54. I couldn't agree more, we totally loved Fin's book, it is very, very clever...and quite interesting. Hey, thanks for purrticipating in ShelterAware24!!!

  55. @Brian YAY! I am sooo glad that you liked it too! Thanks for sponsoring ShelterAware24 and we are glad we figured out a way to participate...I already had it set up with Meg that I would post this for today so I didn't want to move her! You are both so nice I didn't want to let either of you down (that goes for Angie too!)

  56. Yes, we bought Finny's book about a year ago -- or shortly after it came out. Finny's mama is quite amewsing, but then Fin gives her all the material so it's a real team effurt.

  57. @CCL Wendy well...I was new to the world of blogging a year ago so I had never heard about this fabulous book then :)
    Ohhhh yes Fin's Mama is "amewsing" she had me rolling!
    I think all of our kitties are giving us material every day if we only look! :)

  58. Sounds like it is a very interesting book!! And I love the photo...beautiful kitty! My Goro is obsessed with his mouse as well....He loves the brown mouse and tear it apart so I have gone to store many times to get the new ones. As it is mentioned, I think my kitty is very unique but many behaviors are universal. Thank you for the review!

  59. @Tamago, loved your comment! Yes it is such an adorable book and Fin is just gorgeous!! I think it is so interesting to hear about kitties like you, Fin and other kitties and the mouseys that they love. They take so much pride in them. You are most welcome and I am so happy you enjoyed the review!

  60. Sounds like a great book, I will have to get that one soon and share it with our kitties -- they enjoy reading with me at night on the couch :-)

    This is our first visit to your blog and we really enjoyed it. Do come visit us sometime!

    MacKayla the Empress
    Joel Gray
    William the Orange
    Giblet the Thanksgiving Kitten
    Lady the Brittany Dog
    and Magic and Muffin the Guinea Pigs

  61. this looks like a great book... another one to add to my reading list...

  62. @Hilary, OMC you will LOVE IT!!

    @Marie thanks so much! I will pop over in a bit! It is fun to read with our kitties on the couch isn't it? :)

  63. We just love Fin's and her mom's style, too. So thanks for giving us a glimpse of what's between the pages of "Housecat Confidential"!

  64. Hello....As an owner of 2 cats I do wonder what they are thinking about from day to day and I try to guess from watching their faces or their movements. I do want to read this book and I thank you for the info!
    Now, for the big news....I have featured Dakota's BARKAHOLICS QUESTIONNAIRE in my blog today! Thank Dakota for a very fine interview! If Dakota has any other photos to add, please send them! Thank you for bringing Dakota's issues to Daisy's attention but I'm afraid she thinks Dakota's issues aren't his fault...what can I say? Daisy is a dog and her opinions are all hers....heeehee. Daisy also linked back to your blog too...she is so kindhearted! heehee!

  65. Senior Kitizen. Ha! You won the fine art print in my contest. Here's my email I'll need your address to send the prize. Thanks for playing and following. 64 comments, Wow!

  66. @Sharon OMG I am soooooo excited!! THANK YOU! I forgot what I won so I have to stop over!!! lol!!! My mind is shot with home repairs that we are doing and with the blog and all I am losing what is left of my mind! I am soooo happy!!! THANK YOU!! I will email you in a few!

    @The Teacher's Pets OMG we are THRILLED that Dakota was featured! BOL! I have to stop over in a few minutes! Wait til my husband sees it, he will kill me! lol. Thanks sooooo much! Yeah, I know it isn't HIS fault lol. THANK YOU!!!! xoxoxo I will tweet, facebook and share too!

    @The "Boys" and Karen, I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks sooooo much!!!!

  67. After reading your review I headed right on over to Amazon to order it. Was pleasantly surprised to see there was a Kindle edition at an excellent price.

  68. @Pumpkinpuddy that is EXCELLENT news and I THANK YOU! I am sure Meg will be soooo happy!! I know you will LOVE IT! Let me know what you thought of it!

  69. We have this book and we love it! But then, we love Fin!!

  70. @The Island Cats so happy you have the book and yep EVERYONE loves Fin!!
    Thanks for stopping by to you and everyone!

  71. This sounds like a totally pawsome book! It's so funny what cats will resort to, in order to get their humans up out of bed. These antics could almost fill a book themselves.

  72. @Julia, it is! You are soooo right! Thanks much for stopping by!

  73. What a great review! I really loved your comments!

  74. @Denise thanks soooo much!!!!! I truly appreciate it! If there is anything I can help you with my email address is listed above by the photo of me holding Cody!