Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cody LOVES His "Bat-A-Rat!!"

Hi Everybody!! I was so happy that my Mom was lucky enough to meet Brian Dotterer (the wizard behind this great new  toy called "Bat-A-Rat" that my Mom brought home!) and his pretty wife Michele.

OMC how I LOVE this toy! It is the coolest thing EVER!

What Is "Bat-A-Rat?"

It is a super clever pet feeding toy that is great for kitties and small doggies! You see Brian created it cause his 13 year old Tonkinese cat "Elvis" kind of "inhales" his food like I do (we LOVE our noms!) and Brian was worried about his digestion and stuff so he wanted to create something to have him slow down when he eats and to make him move his kitty body more to get the food! I am kinda lazy myself (well, that is what my Mom says!) and that is one of many things she likes about it too!

Why "Bat-A-Rat?"

Other than the obvious, that in my expert treat nomming opinion and my Mom's opinion, "Bat-A-Rat" is  the BEST pet feeding toy that my Mom has ever found, (my Mom wasn't paid to say this, she loves this toy, has tried two others, and she is so happy that I love it too!), there are other features that my Mom really likes about it because she worries about my safety and health.

  • "Bat-A-Rat" is 100% made in the USA (Michigan!)
  • It is Non-Toxic-it doesn't contain any of that lead stuff that can really hurt all of us kitties and doggies
  • It is made out of food grade plastic (not some weird junky stuff)
  • It is Recyclable!
  • "Bat-A-Rat" is super easy to fill and clean, the 2 halves come apart.

Aren't those kitties in the video cute? Those are Brian and Michele's cats, "Elvis" (the food obsessed guy like me!) He is a 13 yr old platinum point Tonkinese and more important than that fancy cat breed stuff, he is a  really cool dude  with a rockin' name! Also featured in the video is "Layla" who is 9 years old and she is a champagne solid Tonkinese  (more fancy cat breed stuff lol).

Now...check "yours truly" out in my video below! My Mom couldn't stop laughing cause I loved my "Bat-A-Rat" so much (we have used it EVERY DAY since!) and I don't usually like anything other than my red mousie! A few reasons I like it are the noms are super fun for me to get out. "Bat-A-Rat" wobbles and I can swat it, grab it and everything and it won't fall!! Also the holes are adjustable to fit any size noms my Mom may have in the house! Another great thing? It can hold up to a 1/3 cup of noms!!! YAY! No one or two bites for me! I can have a nice portion at one time!

Do you believe my Mom actually sat down and figured out her video camera just to film "MOI" lovin' on my "Bat-A-Rat!?" (her video skills are still pretty lame but I give her an "A" for effort!)

Ready for this all of my kitty and doggie pals? "Bat-A-Rat" normally retails for $14.95 but Brian is sooo nice that he said all of the readers of CAT CHAT can get one for $9.95 if they fill out the form on the "Contact Us" tab on his website  AND mention that they heard about "Bat-A-Rat" from me, Cody, at CAT CHAT!

All of you who live in Michigan are SUPER LUCKY cause Brian will be at the Cat Fancier's Association's All Breed Cat Show this Saturday, January 22 and Sunday, January 23, in Allen Park, MI and he will have some "Bat-A-Rat's" with him! How cool is that??? Zoom on over and check him out and tell him that Cody from CAT CHAT sent ya!!


  1. BOL, we are purrty sure we would like to bat a rat too
    Benny & Lily

  2. @Benny and Lily...I am thinking it WOULD work for you! Cody really LOVES IT! I am thrilled with the quality and it keeps him busy and eating SLOWER!
    It is sooo cute!

  3. This is definitely a toy that I need for Princess.

  4. I sure would like to have one of those. Thanks for telling us about it!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. @Virginia...if you click on the highlighted "contact us" in my blog post...fill out their form and mention you saw it on Cat Chat you can get it for the $9.95 price instead of the retail price of $ Cody is incredibly finicky when it comes to toys and he really LOVES it!

  6. @Oskar you are very welcome!!! Tell your Mom you must have one!!! You are a small doggie so I think it would work for you!


  7. Cody you are adorable and the "Bat-A-Rat's" looks like a great invention. A great way to play and eat at the same time.

    Thoughts in Progress

  8. Wowzerz! Dis shur iz a cool toy, Cody 'n Miss Caren! I'z gonna hafta tell mai mommy about dis wun... :D

  9. Cody, theese is a cool toy and what is even cooler is how much you enjoy it! Great video your Mom did. (PS: We read your post about starting your blog and found all that very interesting, thanks for sharing that.)

  10. Cody - good job. he he - M got a similar one for me, but I refuse to work it. Maybe if she took away all my food, I'd use it. Shh - don't tell her tho.) I do know lots of kitties on Twitter dat use it and it works great.

  11. @Mason...awwww thank you! You are making me blush :)
    It is definitely a great invention!

    @GlamKitty it sure is cool! I hope you do tell your Mama! It is super sturdy too!

    @Cloon thank you! Ohhh yeah I DO enjoy it! In mom gives it to me at bedtime (so I don't turn the printer on to try and get food) and I am busy pacing by her feet right now waiting to play with it. Ohhh and thank you that was so nice of you to mention that you read the other post. Thanks so much!

    @Mario...we have a similar one too but I have to tell you that cody enjoys this one much more than the other one I have. This one is sturdier, healthier (due to what it is made out of), and the "wobbling" is intriguing to a cat. I really think you wouldn't be able to resist this one! Cody is a tough audience. We won't tell her to take your food away to use it lol Oh forgot to say the peeps on Twitter don't have this one yet cause it is BRAND NEW!

    Going to bed now, night everyone! Thanks for reading! love, Caren and Cody PS:see you tomorrow xoxo

  12. WOOHOO! Love the video! Moby would have it from one end of the house to the other before realising it had food in!

  13. I've seen treat dispensing toys for dogs, but it's fun to see that kitties can play too!

  14. Cody, you're so lucky!!!
    It's the coolest toy that I've ever seen and it is so cool that you can get your favourite noms from it while you're playing with it. Excellent!!!
    I guess your mom wants to tire you down too : (
    Bty, I give your mom A* for her video skills!

  15. Wow it's amazing!
    I want a bat rat as well!
    purrs and a nice weekend,

  16. Oh that looks like such fun!! Yay for Cody and Elvis and Layla!! It's a great toy/food thing - the kitties are really interested and stimulated too - oh wow!!!!

    Thanks for the info - wonder if there's a UK equivalent?! Time to google!! :-)

    Take care

  17. Now that is a cool toy! I am adding this to my wish list!

  18. Thanks for the great review Cody! We are sure glad you love your Bat-A-Rat.

    @Mariodacat...foraging is really good for cats, you should really try it! Sometimes it's just a matter of finding the right toy or the right treat!

  19. @Alittlesprite, Moby wouldn't know there was food in it?? OMC! Cody hears the BAG and comes running! MOL!

    @Peggy yep there are treat dispensing toys for dogs, there are a few other ones for cats as well (I tried the cat ones and they are so-so) the main thing with the cat ones that I have tried is the design and the materials they are made from are not as sturdy or as safe. This one was the easiest even for ME to manipulate to fill and I am crazy about the quality of it, as well as the size.

  20. @Priscilla yes exercise is definitely an objective but leave it to Cody to find the "easiest" way that he can to remove the treats. He DOES love it! Thanks so much about the video but OMG I have a loooong way to go! xoxo

    @Luna get one!! Price is reduced for readers of Cat Chat!! I am not kidding when I said that Cody uses his every day! Have a great weekend!

    @Old Kitty go into their website (if you click on the highlighted "contact us" on my blog above or go to or if Brian sees your comment he can tell you if they can ship to the UK. His is the only one of its kind (with this unique design and made of these materials that I know of) Thanks so much!

  21. @Daisy if you purchase be sure to say you saw it on Cat Chat and you will get it at the $9.95 price instead of the $14.95 retail price. Just go to "contact us" either where I have it highlighted above or at thanks so much for stopping by!

    @Bat-A-Rat thanks so much for coming over to answer any questions! You don't have to thank me cause I honestly think this toy is the BEST treat/food toy that my Mom has ever brought home...I go to it numerous times a day even when it isn't filled. Love, Your Pal, Cody

  22. Oh Cody, I'm going to have to comment quickly and "mark all as read." I CANNOT let Marmie see this post. She already doesn't feed me enough, and I really don't want to have to work for my food! Unfortunately, I know The Marms would think this toy is a great idea because she's always talking about my 1 lb weight gain.

  23. That is such a neat looking toy. We are going right over and order one. One of our brothers eats really fast and this would be great for him. Besides we all would enjoy batting that thing around especially if we get food from it too.Thanks so much for letting us know.

  24. @Link the Cat lol!! Precious face you aren't fat!!! This toy IS a great idea and if my fat boy Cody likes it I KNOW you will! You aren't fat one bit! Even if you aren't fat this is a fun toy! xoxo

    @Marg I am sooo happy to hear that! It is fun and I am so impressed with how sturdy it is and the size is intriguing to a cat. I am going to try and put some catnip in it one day instead of treats and see what happens. Should be hilarious! I can wash it after so it would be fine. You are most welcome and thank you for ordering one, I am sure Brian will be thrilled!

  25. We're going to have to send our mom back over here to look closer at this thing! The only things Fuzzy eats fast are treats (I eat everything fast!), so this may be good...

  26. What a great idea! Sadly I don't live in the US, but also I think Austin wouldn't bother himself with the "game" as he's a rather picky eater - unless of course they were catnip flavoured Hmmmmm !

  27. Me so wants one of these! It would keep the brat Kozmo away from the food dish and maybe Me could eat in peace.

  28. Neat device. We don't have any pets, but my SIL is has a kitty. I will be sure to tell her about this feeder. BTW, thanks for stopping @ my blog yesterday. Come again anytime!

  29. Hello!
    Very beautiful toy!
    I see how the cats love it...

  30. @OK Cats DEFINITELY have your Mom look more closely at it. It is excellent! Cody can't eat treats due to allergies but I put his kibble in it to make eating it more fun and eating it from the "Bat-A-Rat" IS a TREAT!

    @Amin yes it sure is!

    @Cathy it truly is!! Thanks for telling your SIL! You are welcome! I pop by your blog A LOT! I just don't always comment! :) Thanks for visiting mine as well! :)

    @Nellie I bet Kozmo will want one too! That is the only problem! lol

  31. @Carolyn maybe one day they will ship out of the U.S. Cody is finicky as heck with what he plays with and if HE uses it ANY cat will! :)

  32. That Bat-a-Rat is awesome. Thanks for the great review!

  33. That is awesome, how clever!! Glad I don't have to work for my food like that though :)

  34. Ohhhh!!! Another cool toy!! Phoebe is looking over my shoulder now...I get the message :)

  35. @meowmeowmans it sure is!! Awww thank you! Glad you liked it!

    @MissKrisTV I love it too! I NEED to work for my food like that! :)

    @Angie it is waaaay cool! lol about Phoebe!! She needs one! :)

  36. Dear Caren,

    Mom said something I'm not totally understand about Bat-A-Rat.
    She said " Puddy, I want to get you one of those ! Look Fun..I think you will love it ! it help you on diet in the same time ! Would you like one ? " and then she do evil smile.

    Caren, Before I made any answer to her, I would like to ask you " What exactly she really means about Bat-A-Rat.? "
    With that smile, I'm not really trust her


  37. P.S I gave you a shout-out on my latest post cause you're awesome!

  38. @Puddy lol!! Is your Mom saying you are fat???!! lol! I don't think you are fat at all!! You will love it though...even thin kitties like yourself (cough, cough) would like it! lol!! I'm not gonna say more cause if I tell you your Mom will get mad at me! lol xoxo

    @Alittlesprite, you are too sweet!!! Seriously you ARE! I am going to try and read some blogs now and will read yours! THANK YOU! xoxoxo

  39. Hello all! We love the enthusiasm. We have made a special URL to order Bat-A-Rat at the special order. The link will be live until January 28th. For you out of the U.S. kitties, if you give us your contact information, we will give you a quote for shipping out of the U.S.

  40. Loved the videos! I'm going to order one today! Thanks for stopping by, and BTW, Simon will be on Oprah's new network Sunday at 10!

  41. Elvis and Layla would love it if their new Cat Chat pals "liked" their facebook page. We love to see pictures and videos of our furry pals!!/pages/Bat-A-Rat/119255401454800

  42. Elvis would like all of his new pals to see why his Pops invented Bat-A-Rat!

  43. @Bat-A-Rat YAY!!! How cool that you are going to try and ship out of the US!! Love it!! Hope a lot of people join your page!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    @Kelly thanks much! Mine is nothing like the one that "Bat-A-Rat" made but hey I tried! lol.
    Yep I heard that Simon will be on "Master Class" Sunday night....I can't wait! I love me some Simon Cowell!!!!! xoxo

  44. My Human thinks that thing looks pretty cool, but I say unless I can have GERBERS inside, forget it. I never met a kitty treat I liked and believe me, the Human has brought home every kitty treat produced in the history of the world, MOL!

  45. I'm not sure my Bella or my son's Max want this, but I know I want one for Bella, and when my son sees this, he will want one for Max. Cats are so much fun to watch! Got to get to that web site...NOW!

  46. @Spitty it IS cool! I also cannot get over the fact that you eat Gerber's!! Can you say "SPOILED!!??" lol. You don't have to put treats in it...Cody can't eat treats due to allergies...he has his kibble in it!

    @Scrappy Grams I am sooo happy you are so excited!! Yay!

    All of you who are purchasing "Bat-A-Rat" please be sure to come back and let me know how you and your kitties (or doggies!) liked it!

  47. Very cool toy. Had to get one and got the discounted price. Used the contact form link provided and let them know Cat Chat sent me :)

  48. It's a great toy. I have many friends whose cats would love this bat-rat device. I would definitely recommend it to them

  49. @Lisa I am soooooo happy you got one!!! YAY! Be sure to let me know what you think of it, I think your kitties will LOVE IT!!!! xoxoxo

    @Natural Dog Supplements, yes it is a wonderful toy! Be Sure to tell your kitty friends and thanks for stopping by!

  50. They sure do have fun with that, I think I will get one too! I had looked at some others on Amazon, but reviews were mixed and I wondered if my cats would just ignore it.

  51. @Canidae...I actually have two different pet feeding toys and I will tell you that the quality of "Bat-A-Rat" is far superior to any of them that I have tried thus far. The others are a cheap grade of plastic and I think many of them are not made in the U.S. Cody ignores most me, not this one!

  52. Caren, once again you are a sage and seer to the lost and confused. You would not believe (maybe you would) how much time & effort I invested in wandering around the dog-toy aisles of the big-boxers (we grow em big down here in Bentonville AR can you say Wallie-World Headquarters) saying WHY do you people not realize that cats are the center of the universe??? That ball-y thingy I wrote about was the ONLY thing I could come up with after wearing my dogs to stubs & then trying the Net route with pretty much the same result. . . .

    And then to find out that B-A-R comes from MI?? How COOL!! And that he's willing to knock down the price? Not just a few pennies, but dollars??

    I am SO happy!! I am so ON this! I will let you know the result.

    Whoops, here comes Bugs. Oh no. Too late. He's gonna comment.

    Hello Cody. A word from Moi the Mountaineer: You are way too laid back. Get Ma to bring you over here and I will show you what life is really about: ATTACK. BITE. SNACK. Do not give anything an even break! Break it first! (Hint: It's all in the wrist.) Yours gnawing, Bugs

  53. are beyond kind! I am so glad I could help out! I know how you feel. Before I met the folks from Bat-A-Rat I was also walking around Petsmart, etc trying to find a cat feeding toy that Cody would like, like Dakota liked his Kong. I did buy one that was made very poorly and wasn't nearly as interesting (or as SAFE) for him as the Bat-A-Rat. I use the Bat-A-Rat ALL the time!
    Let me know how everything turns out. I am hoping they will still honor the reduced price if they know that you were referred by me (I think they will!!) I also would love to know what you think of it once it arrives. xoxoxo
    Hi Bugs! Me? Laid back? nooooo way! lol. Let me know what you think of the Bat-A-Rat my friend! Love, Cody

  54. Well, Caren -- it's been a while, but we have finally learned how to use this thing. And we are more grateful to you than ever for telling us about this. We are now BAR's Cat of the Month of Facebook! How exciting is that?? All down to you! Been a while since we've seen you over at our place . . . . have a look. Gave you a shout-out, with appreciation.

  55. Pee Ess: Corrected the spelling of your name, over at our place. Whoops, sorry.