Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day Of Summer!!

Today, much of the world is celebrating the first day of summer.

In honor of this day, which many of us in the Northern U.S and Canada NEVER thought would arrive (after the winter we had last year), I bring to you a song I wrote and posted last summer. It is to be meowed or sung to the tune of Mungo Jerry's famous "In The Summertime." If you use your imagination, some of these guys actually LOOK like they could be CATS with all of their luxurious "furs!"

Without further adieu, I bring to you Cat Chat's version of
 "In The Summertime, Cat-Style!!"

"purr purr-purr uh, purr purr-purr, uh

purr purr-purr, uh, purr purr-purr, uh..."

"In the summertime when the weather is hot

You can stretch right out and be on your favorite cot,

When the weather's fine

You got playing, you got romping on your mind

Have some nip, have a climb

Go out and see what you can find"

"If her Daddy's rich, take her out for some filet,

If her Daddy's poor, just stay in and play,

Speed around the house,

really speed, really speeeed big time my friend,

When the sun goes down, you can make it

make it home before day's end"

"We're no threat, we kitties, we're not dirty, we're not mean

We love everybody, but we do as we please

When the weather's fine

We go fishing or go climbing up some trees

We're always happy

Life's for living, yeah that's our "felineosophy"

"Sing along with us, mew-mew-mew-mew-mew

purr-purr-purr-purr-purr yeah, we're hap-happy.......


"Purr purr-purr, uh, purr purr-purr, uh

Purr purr-purr, uh, purr purr-purr, uh...."

"When the winter's here, yeah it's sleepy time

Bring a toy mouse

Wear your finest fur, it'll soon be summertime

And we'll sing again

We'll go jumpin' or maybe we'll settle down

If she's got "noms" or if she's got mice

Bring your kitty friends and we'll all go into town...."

Happy First Day Of Summer All!!

Remember, keep a fresh supply of water available at all times for your kitties, outdoor kitties take your flea meds!

Keep your kitties  away from pools, lakes, BBQ's, fire pits, dangerous garden plants and other outdoor hazards.

Make This A Great Summer For You And Your Favorite Felines!!

Thanks to Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime" for the inspiration for this parody.


  1. lol, I love the kitties in bikinis! Happy first day of summer!! I think it's going to be a good one!! :)

  2. MOL! Hey I'm the first to comment, for once. ke ke ke

  3. Aunty Caren,
    We're gonna have BBQ and nipfest at the balcony and then sing this song? Wanna join us? purrr...meow!

  4. Happy Summer!!!

    We have it 7/24 for 365 days here! LOL.

  5. We gave you an award! Go to our blog to pick it up.

    xoxo Lars and James

  6. Hahaha! Very good :)))

    I loved the original version of that song and now I love it even more!

    "felineosophy" lol

    Still waiting for summer here??

  7. Happy first day of summer to you too :)

  8. I love, love, love that paw tappin tune! Bravo!!!

  9. Happy summer!! Love the song -- girl, you crack me up :)

  10. Awwww!! Yay!! Me and Charlie love love love love this kitty version best!! We are singing along enjoying the summer (or at least the sunny bits of it!)!!!

    Take care

  11. You are going to join those kitties in welcoming summer by wearing the same number of bikinis? :-D

  12. @Catsparella, those kitties have been allll over the internet but I had to re-dig them up cause I love them! I think it is going to be a good summer too!!!

    @The Chair Speaks ummmm...NOOOOOOOOOOOO....if I lose 30 more pounds? Possibly...but that will be for NEXT YEAR! lol, trust me, you DON'T want to see me in a bikini!

    @Old Kitty I am sooooooooo happy you like it!! Sing away!! xoxo

    @Angie...THANK YOU!! Happy Summer to you too!!! I LOVE cracking people up so I am glad that I did!! :)

    @Brian, THANK YOU!! Tap those paws and shake that booty!

    @Denise, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You too!

    @Carolyn thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! So far ours seems like it is going to start off rainy. VERY humid out there and feels like it is gonna storm today, it beats snow though! :)

    @Bengal Business (Lars and James) awwww THANK YOU!!!!!!!! That is the sweetest thing! Will be over later on!

    @Priscilla thank you!! Hmmmm 365 days a year? If you had low humidity (which I know you DON'T there) I would love that but with high humidity, no thanks! Hate humidity!

    @Cat-from-Sydney OMG the way YOU do BBQ (which I have seen on your blog in it's visual deliciousness) I will be RIGHT OVER!!

    @Kokoro, you were SECOND....but whose counting??? lol. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  13. The perfect way to celebrate the first day of summer!

  14. Happy Soltice to you & Cody Caron! I emeber the original Mungo Jerry hit-makes me feel old now but your version cheered me-Thanks!
    Its sunny here in Birmingham & Charlie Coal is lying in the sun on the lawn soaking up the rays-its a hard life for a black cat!
    PS I'm still having trouble leaving comments Caron but I'll keep trying-Paul (wockley)

  15. Oh my God. That swimsuit shot is hilarious!

  16. Wow - you mean it's FINALLY here? Doesn't look like summer out today - cloudy and rainy. In fact, M slept for hours today - I didn't think she'd ever wake up. Cool pictures.

  17. Ah, summer. Our Mom really doesn't like summer.

  18. That was MAHVELOUS!!! Or should I say PAW-VELOUS!! Very creative, only trouble is, how am I supposed to get any work done today with that song playing in my head over and over!!!

    Great post!

    Love from Human Deb and her feline clan!

  19. Happy first day of Summer to you all. We love the sunshine and the warmth of the sun. We are so pleased you made a new version of Mungo Jerry's song - it's great.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  20. @The Monkeys thank you!

    @Hannah and Lucy awww thanks so much!!! Have a great day and Happy Summer! xoxoxo Love you!

    @Deb and gang...THANK YOU!! ((((hugs)))))) Go turn on the radio to forget the song! lol

    @The Whiskeratti, shhhh, don't tell...I prefer FALL over summer ANY DAY!

    @Mario, it is going to be raining all day today here as well. Extremely humid, I don't like humid!!

    @Sharon lol thanks! I love it too! It was all over the Internet last summer, I love it!

    @Wockley I am older than dirt so of course I remember that song too! If you are still using IE, get rid of it! That is what is causing the comment trouble! ((((hugs)))) to Charlie!

  21. OMC that's hilarious. I just love it. I didn't see it last summer, so I'm so glad you posted it again. Happy Solstice!

  22. can't keep my feet still when I hear that song! love, love, love YOUR words!

  23. @Pumpkin Puddy, Happy Solstice to you too!! There is one addition from last summer and that is the video, I added that this year. Last summer I didn't know how to upload videos to my blog! lol

    @Scrappy Grams yay!!! Keep dancing!!! Sooooo happy you like the song! Thank you!

  24. Gotta go download this and wail away!

  25. ROFLMBO!!!! I love your version sooooo much more. Wow I feel old seeing that vid too! LOVE IT!!! Happy summa from Rosie and Sue!

  26. Hope you get some sun out there! Seattle is welcoming summer with a predicted 76 degree day, can't wait!!

  27. Summer cool song! Thanks Cody and Caren.

    It's muggy here and cloudy and looks like rain is not far away!

  28. @Katnip Lounge MOL! You should make a video of you and the gang singing it!!! Go for it! :)

    @The Boys and Karen, super humid here too and cloudy, rain is comin!

    @Stacy and Ellie I soooo have to visit Seattle one day. That is one of the cities on my "Bucket List" I know I would love it there!

    @Rosie and sue I am sooooooooooooo happy you liked it!!! Have Rosie dance to it!lol! Happy "Summa" to you too!

  29. OMC, dis iz so PAWSOME!! U shur do unnerstand felineosophy, Miss Caren!! **gigglez, doin' sum pawslidez 'n tail-swooshin' to da music** xoxo

  30. This post made Mom and I laugh a lot! Mom says her mom used to always talk about that song, and it's one of her favorites of summertime, but your version has great flair!


  31. @GlamKitty, you are sooo sweet!!! OMC I am laughing thinking of the "pawslides" and "tail-swooshin'!!" lmao!! xoxoxo

    @houndstooth yay!! so happy to make your Mom laugh! Thank you!!!! Glad your Mommy liked it! xoxo

  32. Happy summer! I love that song!

  33. LOLOL...That was just awesome. That song is so classic and great and your version was purrrfection. Officially Summer..Yay! We need it to rain here though desperately...the grass is fried..we need a good day or two of rain and then bring out the sun. I just hate to see plants wilting and drying out..there needs to be a balance.
    Thanks for this post! It's always a delight to visit.

  34. Holy cow I forgot about Mungo Jerry but what an iconic summer song...this reminds me of my older brothers :-)

    I love your lyrics!!! Happy summer kids :-)

    PS - did you know the name Mungojerrie came from TS Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats?

  35. What a wonderful happy post!
    Happy first day of summer!!!

  36. @Wendy thank you!! Thanks for stopping by as well!

    @jen thanks so much! Happy (2nd now lol) day of summer to you too!

    @Cat No!!! I love it!!!!!!!! I never knew that!! Too funny! Well then he definitely belongs here! lol

    @The Island Cats same to you!!

    @Kitty Stampede, awww thank you! You really made my night (and my new day!!! since it is just after midnight) So kind of you! I am thrilled that you enjoyed this!

    @Athena thanks so much!