Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Have A Garden!! And The Winner Of Our Nature's Logic Give-Away Has Been Selected!

Hi everyone it's Cody! Mom  and I are so excited to be taking part in our first Thursday gardening post!

Mom has wanted to try growing a container garden on our balcony for quite some time now. She wasn't sure if it would work, so she let a number of summers go by without planting one. Not this year!!

Mom's friend Cheryl, came over last week and helped Mom plant a container garden!! I have to take you on a tour from the inside because I am strictly an indoor kitty. It will still be fun! C'mon!!

We have a small balcony on second floor

Here is another view
Yet another!! These are cherry tomato plants and romaine lettuce
On the left are sugar snap peas!!
Catnip!! I can smell it now!
Wait til you see this next week
It has already gotten sooo much bigger!
Mom is proud of her brainiac idea
of turning a useless footstool
into a plant stand
Simple minds, simple pleasures, ya know?

These are pepper plants, at least I hope they are lol
We have planted sweet peppers and hot peppers
They have already gotten so much larger
and of course a plaque about cats
One of our tomato plants
We planted cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes
I am amazed because these pictures were taken a week ago and already everything has grown sooo much! When I show you our garden next week, you won't believe your eyes!

Thank you for joining me on my very first garden tour!

 I will try and make next week's better! Be sure to visit Jonesie and his garden here

He is a master gardener and really knows what he is doing!

Now...on to some more fun stuff!

Mom went to and picked the winner of the
I am sooo excited to tell you who won!




Daisy is a girl-kitty after my own heart!  She requested canned rabbit! Rabbit!

 Do you believe it? Daisy and I BOTH eat rabbit!!

 We are cats with discriminating taste that is for sure! In the unlikely event you don't know Daisy you should really check out her blog here, she wears lots of pretty clothes and has a fun kitty brother named Harley. She is so much fun to follow! Now that she eats rabbit like I do, I'd pretty much follow her anywhere!

Thanks to all who entered!!

Have a great day and be sure to "stop and smell the roses!!!"

Love, Cody


  1. We love your balcony garden. It's awesome. Concats to Daisy.

  2. Cody dear,
    My Mama is soooo jealous of your mom's garden. We can't start our after we've finished unpacking our boxes. I used to have a thriving garden in Sydney...I really am missing it. Have fun in the garden, Cody. And don't you dare poop in the pot. Cat poo can be harmful to the plants as it has too much ammonia. Dunno, my Mama told me that to prevent me fertilising my garden last time. purrr....meow!

  3. Woo-hoo, Cody! Now THAT was a really great garden tour. I like the catnip a lot and I also like the little plaque near the pepper plants!

  4. That is a GREAT garden, Cody, and it makes my human's black thumb look even blacker!!!

  5. Hoorah for Daisy!! And what a fantastic garden! I wanna tiptoe in it!

  6. Yay!!! *Applause! Applause!* Me and Charlie are so in AWE at your gorgeous balcony garden sweet Cody!! Yay for doing a great job snoopervising mum and her friend!! All your plants look wonderful! And we love love love what your mum did to the footstool - that's just so clever and creative!!! Yay!!!!! We look forward to more of your fab garden!!

    p.s. Congrats to Daisy!! Yay!! Take care

  7. OMC! I am so thrilled and excited that I won the foodies! Hooray! And thank you so much.

    Your container garden is very cool.

  8. Mom love your mommy garden, It looks so lovely ! Especially the hanging baskets : )

    Mr. Cody, I sure you know well how to help your mom's plants grow FAST !!!
    Every morning...They just need your organic fertilizer..heh..heh..


  9. @Au and Target, thank you!!!!

    @Puddy ohhh Puddy the hanging baskets are so much prettier in purrson! They are red, white and a bright purple! They have gotten a lot bigger! I can't fertilize the garden cause I am an indoor kitty, I don't have adventures like you do! Love, Cody

    @Daisy I am sooo happy that you are happy! The lady from Nature's Logic will be emailing you! Concatulations!!

    @Old Kitty, you are the sweetest!! I wish you lived by us so you and Charlie could come over and sit on the balcony with Mom and enjoy the garden. Mom and I would love that! Charlie would enjoy sitting in the sunshine! Have a great day! xoxoxo Love, Cody and Mom too!

    @Rumblepurr/Diego...thank you! That would be so much fun to have you come over and tiptoe in it! MOL! xoxoxo

    @Sparkle, there is NO WAY with as talented as your Mom is, that she has a black thumb!!! Wait til you see the garden next week! It has already grown so much from last week...wait til you see! So glad you like it!

    @Spitty THANK YOU! It was our first one so mom and I don't really know what we are doing! We like that plaque too...shhhhh...we have a DOGGIE plaque also! xoxoxo

    @Cat-from-Sydney thanks sooo much! Can't wait til you plant yours. What are you going to plant in it? No worries about fertilizing since I am an indoor kitty!!! xoxoxo

  10. That looks like it's going to be a very nice garden, but you forgot something. Where's the catnip plant?


  11. Oh dear, your garden is so beautiful and useful, Cody! Your mom is a wonderful gardener. My mom doesn't have any green fingers at all, we have some lemongrass, chillies, screwpines and basil. Not a wonderful garden but at least she can use them for cooking.

    Thanks for taking us the garden tour, it's lovely! Can't wait to see them grow bigger and bigger.
    ~ Eva

  12. Great garden. You can really do so much even with limited space. You and Mom are going to enjoy having your own fresh food.

  13. Nice work! It's hard to grow things.

  14. Lovely space-saving garden. Neat too!

  15. Cody, how FABOOLUS!! U haz ur own garden to look out at... jus fhink uv how much fun dat will be! When da wind blowz, da leavez will do awl sortz uv wiggly 'n xciting fhingz... plus, u'z gonna be attractin' flutterbyz--'n maybeez a hummybird or twoo, wif doz pritty red flowerz! **sigh** I fhink ur mom luvz u BUNCHEZ, Cody, ta do awl dis jus fur u! ;D
    xoxo, Boomie

  16. What a nice garden. TW has 2 plants on MY windowsill: catnip and basil. The basil is very annoying cos I can't walk across the sill. In their old house, they had a huge garden and hanging fuschia & bleeding hearts on the porch. Nicky told me how beautiful it was in a dream. Gotta get TW to scan those piccies. Lots of luck with your garden.

  17. Hooray for Miss Daisy! Your garden looks wonderful to me. I don't have a garden, but our flowering crabgrass is doing mighty fine!

  18. That is a great garden!! Looking forward to more pics as it grows.

    We missed the contest, but we do love Daisy and glad she won. Food sounds good ^..^

    Happy Thursday!
    ~ The Bunch and Phillip

  19. "Simple minds, simple pleasures" is our motto round here, just ask the kitties. LOVED your garden tour!! Grow baby grow:)

  20. Wow, awesome garden! I just planted my first ever patch of garden last week, too. I can't believe how much it's grown since then either. It's all so new and exciting!! And I'm so happy to hear about the Thursday gardening posts 'cause I'm new at this and need all the help I can get it. :)

  21. @Pat, NOPE!! I didn't forget catnip! It's there! I thought I photographed it, did I photograph the wrong plant? If I did you will see it next week for sure! I DID plant catnip! :)

    @Weetzie THANK YOU!! I am sooo excited that you planted a garden too! I have always wanted to and never have til now. I am new at this too and need all the help I can get as well! So glad you will be learning with me! xoxoxo

    @Carla lol you silly!! thanks sooooo much!! Yeah! "grow baby grow!!"

    @Amin thanks so much!

    @The Bunch and Phillip, I am so sorry you missed the contest, hopefully there will be more! We love Daisy as well and are so happy she won! Thanks about the garden!

    @Brian, you are sooo silly!! So what's wrong with a little crabgrass? lol

    @Cathy I would soooo love to see photos of your old garden, I bet it was just beautiful! It sounds as if it sure was! Nothing wrong with catnip and basil either...just tiptoe around it! :)

    @Boomie, oh yes!! I was watching out the patio window at the leaves blowing. I was watching my catnip grow. Can't wait to have it. I sure hope that hummingbirds will come, that will be great! Love, Cody

    @The Chair Speaks, "neat" for now! Let's hope it stays neat! Thanks so much!

    @The Whiskeratti, noooo it's fun to grow things! My Mom is pretty good with plants so she is hoping she has good luck with veggies too!

    @Bailey, thank you!! We didn't realize how much you can do with limited space til we did some reading and saw other people's gardens. We will be sooo excited to eat the veggies!

    @Eva are you kidding? Your garden sounds wonderful!! Lemongrass, chillies (however you spell it! lol) but what are screwpines? We LOVE basil! Mom is using her garden for salads too (if we get enough). I think I forgot to say we have Greek Oregano growing too! xoxo

  22. We love your container garden!
    It is so beautiful and we are sure it is looking better and better each day!


  23. @Abby thank you!!! My Mom and I love it too! You know the photo with the plaque? Well, the lettuce leaves have already covered it up, that is how fast they are growing!! It is so much fun! xoxoxo

  24. Loved the story below about Hootie. Congrats to Daisy on winning. DO stop by our party if you can.

  25. you have one beautiful and neat garden!!
    Benny & Lily

  26. @Cats of Wildcat Woods, I thought I did stop by!! Maybe I stopped after you already sent this? Please let me know if I didn't but I swear I did!

    @Benny and Lily thanks soooo much! xoxo

  27. You really made amazing use of your small space. The hanging plants look so pretty.

  28. Sorry it's taken me so long to come by and see your garden. It takes a lot of talent to grow so much in a small space in containers!

    Pee Ess...I'm a girl kitty! I know my name is kinda like a boys name...and I do like dirt and stuff, but I'm pure girlie!

    xoxo Jonesie
    Purresident, Society of Feline Gardeners

  29. Delightful post, Caren. Doing the happy-dance.

  30. Caren, Your garden looks great! You might make some kitty friends with the catnip! I know some cats planning a road trip to your place!

    And congrats to Daisy!

    P.S. I nominated you for funniest blogger for the Petties. xo

  31. Good luck with your garden. We tried last year, but the squirrels got there just before harvest time...over and over.

    We've since decided we're the kind of people who support farmers, not emulate them :)