Monday, June 27, 2011


I was recently given the opportunity of testing/reviewing the  ShedMonster, a grooming tool for dogs and cats. There are "As Seen On TV" products that perform as they promise that they will and those that do not, in my opinion the ShedMonster does not.

 However, Cody liked it! It barely removed any fur at all, but YES, Cody liked it!

Cody was actually rolling around with happiness
 even if Shedmonster barely removed his fur

To give the folks at ShedMonster the benefit of the doubt, Cody is an extremely short haired cat.  He does shed, but not as much as a cat that has longer fur.

We were given the ShedMonster for short haired cats to test/review. Here are comparison photos that show what fur the ShedMonster removed and the fur that my old standby cat comb removed:

Look closely,  the ShedMonster is on the left
and  has virtually no fur in its teeth
Check out the comb on the right (my cat comb)

another photo showing the same thing

my cat comb is loaded with fur
It's a no-brainer that I would stay with my current cat comb. For the record, Cody likes that as well.

ShedMonster also has a model for long haired dogs and cats. Maybe it works better? Anyone have experience with it? I am interested in hearing your opinions. If you would like to decide for yourself and are  interested in purchasing the ShedMonster, you can do that here

**I was not compensated  for this review. I was only given a ShedMonster to use for the purpose of this review.


  1. Looks interesting!
    My mommy uses adhesive tape for taking my "hair"off the sofa and so on, and it also works well!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  2. Aunty Caren,
    I think the name ShedMonster frightens the wit out of the fur, so they stop shedding when they see the monster. purrr....meow!

  3. Cody, I love love grooming too !!! feel so good and I do purrs.
    But I didn't know short hair cat have to do it too.

    PS : If you have a chance stop by my blog today ,my friend, My 1st blogoversary today . No pressure but I'm waiting..heh..heh..heh

  4. Sorry, no experience here with ShedMonster... It sounds scary though.... I was always fondest of the brush...just the plain ol' brush. Thanks for telling us how this worked for you.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. M never tried that monster on me. She tried to Furminate me ever now and then, but I hate that thing and after two swipes with the monster, I protest by putting the bitey on her. I much prefer my slicker brush. Thanks for the review.

  6. The Furminator works much better on long and short haired cats...I know from personal experience. My short haired MinnieMouse shed like the dickens and the Furminator kept her loose hairs to a minimum and it did the trick on my long haired Maine Coon.

  7. @Luna, lol!!! This is for taking fur off of the CAT don't want to use tape on a cat lol!! xoxoxo

    @Mrs B, I have read so many reviews about the Furminator and I think that would be a zillion times better. Never tried one, maybe one day I will!

    @Mario, cody puts the "bitey"on me too, but he does it because he LIKES being brushed/combed lol You are welcome!

    @Max it SOUNDS scary but it is so dull that when I touched it I thought that maybe I was supposed to take something off of it to get to the part that works lol. Cody's comb is purrfect for my needs!

    @Mr.Puddy! I am going to read the blogs tonight (took a MUCH NEEDED break from reading most of them all weekend...I was starting to have NO LIFE whatsoever) coming over now! I didn't realize you are only blogging for a year! I thought it was much longer than that! I will be right over!! xoxoxo

    @Cat-from-Sydney no need to be frightened, it is DULLLLLLLLLLLL....

  8. glad my mom didn't waste her money trying this!
    ~kitty hugs~

  9. I had not heard of that one, but I though Sister Dolly was the shed monster!!!

  10. We've never heard of this ShedMonster. Sounds scary to us. LOL. Actually, the mom uses a cheap plastic comb from Wal-Mart and that gets out TONS of fur! She also has a massage brush which doesn't get out quite as much fur, but feels SO good!

  11. I purrfurz regoolar brushez, too... sum uv doz "speshul" wunz are just too scary!! (After awl, brushing shud be fun and feel good, amirite??) So, I'z bery glad u agreed ta be da guinea pig fur dis wun, Cody... now Mommy 'n I noes dat dis izn't quite da tikkit fur me! xxx

  12. Boy do we need that thing. Momma said she can make wigs from our hair. Thanks for the review
    Benny & Lily

  13. Hmm ... doesn't look like it did a very good job! But at least Cody liked it! :)

  14. I laughed when I originally saw the ad for this product. Sounds very much like one of those "make life easier" items. I'll stick with the brushes I have for Bazinga, they work just fine! :-)

  15. @Scrappy Grams, got that right!

    @chocolateangel thanks for visiting! I think you made a good call!

    @Tucker nope, it certainly didn't but yep Cody liked it!

    @Benny and Lily, it doesn't work!

    @GlamKitty stick with what you have!

    @FuzzyTales sounds like a plan to me!

    @Brian, lol!

  16. Hey we have one of those to review too! It works great on our short haired cat, but not at all on our double coated long hair cat. I wouldn't let my mom person get near me with that thing, BOL!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  17. @Oskar, I would seriously love to know how it works great on your short haired cat, when the comb part is duller than dull!! I seriously kept examining it to make sure I wasn't using it in the wrong direction or to see if there was something that needed to be removed. It removed virtually NOTHING. Maybe you used the one for long haired dogs on your cat. This was for short haired cats specifically. I have to tell it like it is and this was awful.

    @Amin, nor have

  18. Mmm... doesn't look too convincing. We could do with a really brilliant tool here - the cats shed fur like crazy because it's so hot.
    P.S. Caren thank you so much for your kind words on GLP. My husband will often turn to me with some amazement saying; you don't actaully have a limit to how many cats you can love in the same way, do you?! I just can't help it, but it is frustrating because there are SO many. They're literally knocking on my door at the moment (two new and super skinny cats just appeared in the garden within the last few days). You don't turn an emaciated cat away, do you!

  19. @Gods Little People, no, believe me it isn't! The comb that I have next to the ShedMonster works superbly. I am sticking with that. You are most welcome! You see, word gets out and these cats find YOU!!!! You warm my heart every day! xoxo

  20. Wow!!!! I think doesn´t have ShedMonster here in Brasil!!! I love it!!!

  21. My Mom would wish that I would tolerate any of these kind of grooming tools, but I only allow Dad to brush my head and back, very minimally my sides and flanks etc. I have lots of long fur that could seriously be removed if I was a little more easy going about it.

  22. We've never heard of the Shed Monster (except if mom calls us that, mol!) Very cool test result and good information. We are all medium to short hair and the Zoom Groom has always worked well for us (and gets ALOT of our furs off!) So mom just sticks with that and a flea comb - we all like it too!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  23. We were fortunate to get to test the Furminator which does do a good job of removing fur. But how much comes off seems to depend on the cat or dog's coat. It doesn't work very well on those with the short, thin coat.

    We came by to wish you a belated Happy Anniversary!

  24. Hi efurrybody! My name is Spitty and I am a Brush Slut. Yes, I will go to almost any lengths to insert my body in between a brush and its target. I never tried to ShedMonster but I am sure I would love it as I love ALL brushes and the like.

  25. I've never used the ShedMonster, but I have used a "knock-off" brand of the Furminator. I was not that impressed, really. My standard cat brush brushes off a ton more hair than the furminator knock-off thing does!

    Thanks for sharing this with me. I am always interested in knowing how products work for other cat owners before I decide whether or not to go out and buy my own.

  26. We like our furminator and best of all our old zoom groom.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  27. Interesting... thanks for testing this out and reporting back! I'd be interested to hear how the other models work too (and more on the furminator). I'm pretty old school in my choice of grooming tools... just a brush/comb.

  28. Thanks for the review. I won't put the ShedMonster on a wishlist anytime soon. Have a great day!

  29. we gotted one for review also, and decided not to bother cause it did not get a single hair! we has a regular wire slicker brush that does teh job MUCH betters.

  30. Hi Everyone and thanks for the feedback!
    @Jan, thanks for the anniversary wishes!!

    @Attie, I am sorry it didn't work for you either but I am soooo glad that it wasn't just me! Yep, "not a single hair!"

  31. Cody you are SO good looking! We love the zoom groom, it works great and feels awesome!

  32. @Lux I HAD to come back and reply to your comment when I read it. Ohhhh you have this gray kitty blushing!!!! lol. You said I am good looking! Thank you!!!!! I am glad you like your zoom groom! I like my little comb! xoxoxo

  33. Hey Caren and Cody

    I was wondering how you got the Shedmonster to do the review? I was thinking about getting one for my mom and her 3 cats and 3 dogs but right now I'm unemployed and the $25+ isn't really in my budget.

    I've got a blog also more of a coupon/deals blog than a cat/dog blog but I'd be willing to review it also. :-)

    Thanks for the info from Jamie aka FreeSpiritChick

  34. @Jamie @Free Spirit Chick, first of all I love the name of your blog! Did you watch the Shedmonster video above? There might be a way to contact them there, or...if you click on where I bolded Shedmonster that might take you to their website where you can contact them to do a review. I am sure they would be thrilled. I didn't pay for mine, when you review they give it to you to test. NEVER pay for something that you review, you don't have to. It doesn't matter if you give a negative or positive review, they are getting free advertising. You may love it, I didn't have a positive experience with it but everyone should decide for themselves. Thanks for visiting us!

  35. I have a big ole black lab (I know not a cat but I have a point) and this thing works incredibly well. The other brushes I would use I could tell hurt his skin. When I'd be done his coat would be covered in dandruff and skin :/ However, this thing worked amazingly! I can't say how happy I am because he sheds real bad haha. Anyway, i imagine it works great for long haired animals but I have no experience with short hair. keep in mind, my dog has more medium length than long. It may be expensive but I am just so happy to have something that works so well and won't harm him. Thanks!