Monday, June 20, 2011

EVIL CAT A Fluffy Kitty Gets Mean By Elia Anie

Think cats are all sweetness and light? "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows?" Think again.

Have a sarcastic side? Yes? Then Evil Cat is for you!

"In 95 side-splitting, devious, duplicitous and sinister illustrations, Anie's fiendishly clever kitty creation will win your heart-all the while plotting to take over the world and destroy the existing order and decency surrounding him."

"From purposely giving terrible haircuts to the family dog, to deliberately prank phone calling a do-not-call list, the hijinks of this EVIL CAT are, no doubt, not so very different from those pulled by readers' real-life duplicitous felines!"

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After studying physics and theatre in college, Elia Anie pursued stage acting, playwriting, photography, and video production. Her love of travel has taken her as far as the Arctic and Antarctica. She recently animated her first short film about misbehaving cats. She is also the author of Evil Penguins.
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Official U.S. Release - June 2011
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  1. Cody,
    I wonder if the Evil Cat does evil laugh like me? har har har *evil laughs*


  2. Ha! Well musn't cats just have left such an indellible print inside the human consciousness for them to be portrayed in so many ways. Looks like the author must have had an absolute hoot making this cartoon.

  3. Ha..Ha..Ha.. I love the video : )
    Some time, Evil thing is Funny !!! I love it
    Thank You
    Love You

  4. "Meow meow meow meow, over! lolol

    Very funny, though I'm laughing a bit shamefacedly here!:))

  5. @Carolyn me too...some of the cartoons, to be honest, were a little too evil for me! lol

    @Mr.Puddy yep, sometimes EVIL is funny!! lol. Love you too and you are very welcome! Thank YOU!

    @Priscilla, it sure is!

    @Cat-from-Sydney I think that the evil cat definitely does have the same evil laugh! lol

    @Gods Little People, so true and I think the author has to be an absolute hoot herself!

    @Rumblepurr/Diego, lol...we all have our evil sides!!! lol

  6. MOL Great review!This evil cat is cute!

  7. evil cat sounds right up my alley!

  8. Hee he, mummy is thinking she would like that book very much. A trip to the book shop at lunchtime :)xx

  9. How funny! Cats are... completely their own creatures. They do as they please, and sometimes they please not to be good...

  10. We love that - we think everyone has a bit of evil in them if they are honest ha! ha!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Looks like normal behaviour around here...

  12. Very funny ...Thank You very much for sharing...

  13. Nothing wrong with a little evil humor now and again, as long as it's humor and not real evil!

  14. That looks hilarious! I may have to buy it!!!

  15. Heh heh, it's so funny!! I agree, cats can be mischievous sometimes :-) And I love them for that too!!

  16. Mol! Pip is evil...

    Minnie, Smidgen, Hollie

  17. All good cats have a touch of evil :-)

  18. Well, FINALLY! A cat book *I* can identify with! About time!

  19. thanks everyone for your great feedback!

    @Au and Target, you know what? I like that attitude! I think I have to agree with that! Thanks for pointing that out!

    @Spitty you silly!!! I don't think that you are as evil as this kitty at all!!!

    @Benny and Lily, see? Doggies don't have to worry about being like this lol

    @Cara and Crew, poor Pip!

    @Tamago, yep cats sure can be mischievous! That is what makes them more lovable for sure!

    @Brian, sooo true!

    @Katnip Lounge, no way!!

    @OKCats, I am interested to hear your thoughts if you do!

    @Amin, you are welcome!

    @Hannah and lucy, I like your comment too! Thanks for the reminder! Yeah, I can be one evil cuss too!! (and that is MOM who said that, NOT Cody! lol)

    @Whiskeratti, that is a FANTASTIC quote! you should put that on a T-shirt!! :)

    @Princess Jasmine, let me know if you get it! :)

    @Luna thank you!!!

    @Hilary, no way!!! You aren't evil like that!!! lol!!!!

  20. @Gods Little People, I did have a blast working on this book, Thank you.

    @Cat-from-Sydney The Evil Cat does end his laugh with a "mate" at the end when he has a vegemite craving, which is never! :-)

    @Spitty-the-Kitty Yes, the Evil Cat stopped talking in thought bubbles long time ago.

    @The Whiskeratti Amen to that.

    @CatChatCaren Thank you for taking the time to review my book

    And thank you, everyone, for your sweet comments. :-)

  21. By the way, the US cover is
    The cover shown here is the older UK edition. Cheers!