Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Fun Meme!

Happy Sunday All! It's Cody and I have "Memes" comin' outta my  ears! MOL!  My friend Scylla tagged me, and being the gentleman that I am, I just can't say no to a beautiful ladycat! we go!

"Do I think I'm HOT?" Well...not today, it's in the 70s and not the 90s like last week so I'm quite comfortable! Ohhhh you meant am I a sexy mancat?? I'll leave that one to the ladies to answer MOL.

"If ya like my body, and ya think I'm sexy,
 c'mon Sugar let me know!"

Upload a picture or wallpaper I am using. My Mom has pictures that keep changing, so that is kinda impossible. Here is a picture of a shirt Mom just won from a really sweet bloggie friend named Colleen who writes the blog CRichmanFreebies.

My Mom really likes this shirt
but it is cut super small for an XL
Mom wears a large now but ordered it
larger and wow is it cut small!
She still loves it though!
You can check out the shirts

When was the last time I ate chicken? Awww this is a cruel question. I am on a strict rabbit diet since last August. For those of you that missed this post it is hilarious if I do say so myself. You can  read  it right  here.  I'm afraid chicken is nothing but a fleeting memory.

The song I listened to most recently? Nothing but my Mom's annoying cell phone. She keeps getting text messages while I am trying to type and her nondescript music is highly annoying.

What am I thinking while I am doing this? Actually I am sitting and licking my crotch. (Hey! YOU asked!)  Not really thinking about much of anything. That is how I pass the time.

"Ya caught me mid-lick,
can't a guy have ANY privacy?"
I told ya, I wasn't thinking about ANYTHING!"

Do I have nicknames? Haaaaaa!!! Do kitties have whiskers?

Cody Bodey
Jelly Belly
The Henchman

Now I am supposed to tag 8 bloggie friends. Most of you have probably had this already so if you can't complete this I understand!

1) Dakota
2) Eva
3) Benny & Lily
4) Old Kitty & Charlie
5) Bugsy & Knuckles
6) Hannah & Lucy
7) Princess Jasmine
8) Mr.Puddy

Now I have to answer these questions...(Geeze this is looooong!!! MOL!)

 Who is listed as #1?
My brother Dakota. Contrary to popular opinion. I love him.

 Say something about number 5
They are such cute kitties and I love how they get into mischief

How did you get to know #3?
I honestly don't remember. My Mom read their blog one day and I don't really know them pursonally but my Mom and I love their bloggie.

 How about number 4?
I love Old Kitty and Charlie. Old Kitty ALWAYS has a kind word to say when she comes to visit me and my Mom. She always visits us and we appreciate it. Plus we love Charlie as well. He is a kitty of few words but he is cute.

Leave a message for #6
This part is for Lucy. My Mom has a special soft spot for Lucy cause she looks like my Grandpa Bobo looked. It makes my Mom smile when she sees her.

Leave a lovey dovey message for #2
Ohhhhh you will have to ask my brother Dakota to do that one! You see Eva is a Sheltie. She is a BEAUTIFUL Sheltie girl. My brother has had a crush on her for quite some time. (If I were a doggie I would have a crush on her too!)  He thinks she has luxurious furs and he loves her feisty personality. She is quite brilliant as well.  My brother wants to get on a plane and go to Malaysia and chase cats with her. Yes, you read that correctly. Dakota wants to chase cats with her! The nerve!

Do #7 and #8 have any similarities?
Yes! They are both wonderful kitties with catabulous Moms. My Mom and I love them very much.

This was exhausting. If you will kindly excuse me I have some Zzzzzzzz's to catch:


  1. Haha, thanks for tagging me, Cody! This is a funny game and I'll do it as soon as possible. Honestly, it depends on my mom. You know her, she is LAZY. I promise I'll give her a little gentle push if possible.

    Sheesssssh, the following ISN'T for your kitty blogger friends:
    I'm so glad to hear that Dakota wants to come over and chase cats with me! Whoo Hoo, we'll have loads of fun here!!! Can't wait to have him around.
    ~ Eva

  2. Cody,
    Wow! Heaps of info about you that we know now. We've been tagged by someone else so the family will have to vote and work on it too. People say too many cooks spoil the broth, in our case too many felines delay the meme and clog the blog. purrr... meow!

  3. A-Hem ! Thank you very much Mr. Jelly Belly ..OOPS ! sorry , Cody ( of course ) to pass it on to me : )

    Love your answers buddy Cody ! Especially, the answer for the song you listened... My mom, she have a Meow Ring Tone ! I feel like I have an intruder every single time when her mobile rang !!!!

    Love you too, Cody

  4. Yay for such a fun meme!! OH Cody - you are too HOT to handle! Look at your handsome face in mid-bathing pose!! Yay!!

    Awww thank you so much for nominating me and Charlie!! He's indeed a kitty of few words!! LOL!! Take care

  5. Wow, no wonder you're exhausted - that was a long one to come up with. It's cool here today too compared to last week here in Northwest Ohio and we're loving it. Loved your nicknames! Have a great Sunday

    Gidget, Lola and Rosie

  6. Awww - cody that last picture is enough to melt your heart. (M's words - not mine - I'm a guy remember!)

  7. Thanks for the good LOL this morning Caren. Cody is a charmer.

  8. @Diane you are welcome!! I am glad to make you laugh!! Yes, Cody can be a charmer! lol

    @Mario my Mommy likes that last picture too. She just took it last week of me sleeping with my lamb and she likes how it came out like it was black and white. That was due to her ineptness but it worked!

    @Gidget, Lola and Rosie, yep we are in Michigan so we have nearly the same weather as you. This week it is supposed to be purrfectly beautiful! Glad you like my nicknames! Hope you have a great Sunday too!

    @Old Kitty awwww thank you!! At least SOMEONE thinks I am "hot!" MOL! I am so glad you liked the Meme!!

    @Rumblepurr/Diego thank you!!!! xoxo

    @Mr.Puddy, my mom used to have a meow as her ring tone too! It started to drive she and Daddy crazy so she got rid of it. Every time it went off she thought it was me!! MOL! She has that cat app on her phone though where you feed it milk and all and it repeats what you say. She got the new cell phone by Sprint. They kept showing the cat commercial here with the cats walking by the phone and Mom HAD to get that phone! Love, "Jelly Belly" er Cody

    @Michelle, MOL!! Thank you!!

    @Cat from Sydney ohhhh yess this would be hard to do if you have a lot of kitties!! You sure do have to vote to see who will do it! Can't wait to see what you do!

    @Priscilla ohhhhh believe me Mom TOTALLY understands if you don't do the Meme!! She won't be mad! Mom doesn't usually do them either cause SHE is lazy and usually can't focus to do them lol, but she did the last two. Please don't feel like you have to do it! I just wanted to mention you!! Mom and I love you no matter what! Yep!!!! Dakota wants to help Eva chase kitties!!! Love, Cody

  9. Sexy?? Absolutely and utterly irresistibly Code-a-licious!!!

  10. You are funny, Cody. We especially love your answer to the question, "What am I thinking while I am doing this?" LOL!

  11. I went back to your old post to see why you don't have chicken. I must say I sympathise with you Wascally Wabbit because I am not allowed to have beef or anything with beef extract in because it makes me yak. Flynn and I agree that the ladycats would think you are hot, but as we are mancats we would prefer not to answer that.
    Hmmm wonder why those squiggly red lines underlined wascally but not wabbit.

  12. Loved reading all your answers.... I'll tell Bugsy and Knuckles that they are "it"... what fun!

    pawhugs, Max

  13. Bravo! Those were really great answers and I enjoyed reading about you!

  14. @Gods Little People, MOL!!! xoxoxo

    @Max YAY!!!! So glad that Bugsy and Knuckles haven't done this yet! Can't wait to read their answers! Love from your pal, Cody

    @Eric and Flynn ohhhh no Eric! You can't have beef? I haven't had beef myself in a looooong time so I feel your pain! lol about the lady cats and your not answering that...I don't blame you one bit! Interesting about "wabbit" Maybe cause Bugs Bunny might have made it a word? Will have to check that out!

    @The Chair Speaks MOL!!! So glad you liked it!! :)

  15. @Brian thanks so much!! Hope you are having a great Sunday!!

  16. Great answers! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  17. Cody, you did a great job, 'specially since you had to mumble 'round your marbles!
    We HATE it when that happens.

  18. Thinking can be quite exhausting. And so can the cleaning process. IT's always good to learn more about you friend.

  19. @meowmeowmans thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it!

    @Katnip Lounge "mumble round your marbles" OMC I LOVE IT! xoxo

    @Link sooooo true!! Thank you! Glad you liked it Link!

  20. Cool info! TY for sharing. Enjoy your well earned nap.

  21. Hi Cody! I loved reading your answers! But the best part was that last picture! My Human was all squeeing over you!

    P.S. The Human says: For some reason, it is almost impossible for me to visit your site lately--trying to load it just freezes up my computer :-( It's also been hard to leave comments. This seems to be happening here & with Mr. Puddy. Don't know why, but I hope it clears up soon! I'll try to visit when I can.

  22. those are some good answers you got there
    Benny & Lily

  23. Cody, Artemisia and I both think you are totally HOT! Thanks for answering the Meme. And thanks for coming to visit our blog and letting us know. We are way behind on visiting our friends. ~Scylla

  24. @The Whiskeratti, I am glad you liked it!

    @Fin lol! "Code-a-licious" was the VERY FIRST nickname that I had for Cody! :)

    @Scylla awwww thank you!! You are welcome! OMC don't feel bad about not visiting. My Mom has been having a MISERABLE time visiting the blogs the past few weeks. She didn't get around to them yesterday and today she got to as many as she could. My Mom and I TOTALLY understand that sometimes it is just impossible to visit the way we would like to! It makes my Mom soooo nervous trying to visit when she just can't! We understand and will always love you anyway!

    @Spitty my mommy loves that picture too! it is brand new! She loves how it came out black and white by accident lol. Hmmm...I am sooo sorry you are having problems with mine and Puddy's blogs. Maybe someone put a curse on us? MOL!!! What browser are you using? Are you using Internet Explorer? If you are I am fairly certain that that could be the problem! I use Google Chrome now. Thank you for telling me! xoxoxo

  25. That sure was fun, Cody!! You gave some honest answers!!

  26. I like the shirt that you picked it's really cute. They do run really small don't they? That was the thing that disapointed me because they have the cutest graphics. Enjoy your night!!!

  27. Nice answers. We're sorry about the chicken. How's the rabbit taste?

  28. Dear Cody, me loved to reads your answers and my mommy was sqeeling of the black and white pciture too! Cody is sooo photogenic.

  29. @Nellie thank you!!! Yeah, I am a pretty photogenic guy!!! xoxoxo

    @Au and Target, yeah, I'm sorry about the chicken too. The rabbit is good!! I scarf that down as well!! I actually love it!

    @CRichman, I LOVE the t-shirt! Thank you again! The good thing about it being small is I am in Weight Watcher's, have lost 40 lbs so far (some of my T-s are larges now and some are XL's..used to be XXL!!!) the fact that this is cut small gives me something else to strive for! :)

    @The Island Cats thank you!!! Yep I am an honest kinda guy! :)

  30. Love that last picture! So cute!


  31. Cody looks waaaay too comfy in that first picture! Also, I love the nicknames :) As pet owners, I think we are required to give our pets at least 3 nicknames on top of their actual name, lol!

    Ellie belly, Bells, Bunny, Punky, are some of mine

  32. Now weeze know ebben more, about you! I'm surpised no one calls you, The Codester...