Sunday, June 5, 2011

Everything You Wanted To Know About Us...Or Not...We Were Asked To Play A Fun "Meme!"

Mom and I don't usually do "Memes" (is that how you even spell it? MOL!), but some super special friends of ours asked us to pawticipate and we just couldn't say no. Well, we could say no  but we decided not to because we love these friends of ours and we would like them to remain our friends! MOL! We don't want them comin' after us!

The friends who asked us to pawticipate are Chloe And Cecil and Nellie from The Cat From Hell. Do you blame us for not saying no? When you have a kitty asking you to do something, and they are from a blog named "The Cat From Hell", you do what they TELL you to do. If not, you risk sleeping with the fishies!

Ok on to the Meme. We have to answer the following questions. Both Mom and I are going to answer!

1) Where do you like to hang out?
Mom's answer:

My Answer:

Sleeping on Mama's Tummy
2) Who Is Your Kitty Crush?
Mom's Answer:
Mom is COMPLETELY smitten with him!
It is ridiculous!
Someone should tell Mom she is a human

My Answer:

Katy Perry
If she kissed a Cody,
she'd like it!

3) What is your favorite scent?
Mom's answer:

My Answer:

Royal Canin Feline
Green Pea & Rabbit Formula

4) What is your favorite TV show?
Mom's Answer:

My Answer:
Garfield & Friends

5) What Is Your Favorite Movie?
Mom's Answer:

My Answer:
The Lion King

6) What Is Your Best Piece Of Feline Advice?
Mom's Answer:

"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.
 It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed...
every morning a lion wakes up.
 It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.
 It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle...
when the sun comes up, you'd better be running."

My Answer:

"When in doubt,
blame the dog"

Now I am supposed to pass this on to 3 other kitty friends that I would like to learn more about, a lot of them have had this already. Here are 3 that I don't think did. I hope I am right!

1) Alex from Feeling Beachie

3) Spitty from Spitty Speaks


  1. I like YOUR answers, Cody! Well, except that I can totally see why your human has a thing for Mr. Puddy.

  2. Ha..Ha..Ha.. This is so Funny Answers, Your mommy love to hang out not one place but two " Weight Watcher and Planets Fitness " For me, sound like stay with the VET plus Diet Dinner Menus...EKK ! I prefer to hang out like you, Cody..More comfy : )

    She got crush one me !..Ha..Ha.. I'm so ready to give a Big Kiss to your mom, I heard Kissing help burns calories but I may have to do long session with her. Do you think your mom can handle my kiss ? I just ate tuna..heh..heh

    And I like your feline wisdom..heh..heh..great idea !!!
    but I'm not sure Dakota will happy with it : )

    Love your mom and you too

  3. Hey Cody,
    I agree with your choice of film...feel like singing... In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight....eeooooo....oemboek oemboek...eeooooo.... purrr....meow!

  4. That's truly interesting, Cody! If you asked me the same questions, most of my answers will be the same as yours except I eat Royal Canin Doggy Kibbles and the last answer of the last question will be "Blame the cat"!!Tee hee!!!
    ~ Eva

  5. Cody, we like your answers and your mom's answers! We all have a thing here for Mr Puddy too :) and our mom REALLY likes your mom's answer to #3 (she can relate to the picture, lol!)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  6. Love your answer to question number one, Cody. LOL!
    Our human totally agree with your mom to answer number three.

  7. we loved reading about you and your mom Cody. Mom says she loves Rachel Ray and The Breakfast Club too, and we loved your feline advice and blaming the dog - we practice this daily and blame Rosie - hah hah. Have a great Sunday all.

    Gidget and Lola

  8. "When in doubt, blame the dog"! Cody!! Me and Charlie are laughing so much at this, our sides hurt!! Yay!!

    Take care

  9. Great way to wake up in the morning! What fun! I love your response about "blame it on the dog." In our house, it's "blame it on Zee" cuz he NEVER gets in trouble, not matter how naughty he is!!! MOL

    This is quite a challenge and we will take the time one of these days to participate!

    Have a great day! We love you!!!

    Deb, Dan, Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Jazz, and Harley

  10. I really enjoyed your answers and I really liked the gazelle and lion advice.

  11. @Sparkle thank you!! My answers ARE much better but in Mommy's defense she hit the 40.2 mark on her weight loss (she just hit that yesterday) so she is pretty pumped lol. Now she isn't as "plumped" just pumped! OMC SHE IS BEYOND in love with Mr.Puddy!!! I think she secretly wishes she were a cat so she could go off with him on his adventures with Smudge, his brother, etc. etc. Geeze!

    @Old Kitty lol! Well, it's true! I do a lot of things that Dakota gets the blame me! Glad to make you laugh! Love you and Charlie! xoxoxo

    @wildcats we are so glad you enjoyed our answers! Thank you!!! Yay you like what Mommy likes!! :) Mom was gonna go out today but she is gonna stay in and catch up with a lot of bloggie stuff she has to do. She has been a lazy slacker so she better get moving. You have a great Sunday too! xoxo

    @The Chair Speaks, yeah my Mommy has a comfy and fluffy belly...even with losing weight. She drinks soooo much coffee she should be 90 lbs lol

    @Cara and Crew, thank you!! I think coffee and blogging just go together!! Oh yeah she loves that PUDDY!!!! She just stares and stares at him and laughs and laughs at him!

    @Priscilla/Eva YAY you like Royal Canin too!! Dakota is a Nutrish freak but I eat only Royal Canin cause of my allergies! I am gonna have to come there and talk to those neighbor cats of yours. I don't want them being blamed! MOL! xoxoxo

    @The-Cat-From-Sydney...OMC my Mom has seen that movie at LEAST 100 times. She just loves it! The quote came from an award Mom got when she worked at the newspaper in Cleveland eons ago (before she became a slacker here in Michigan and didn't have a job). People don't believe she ever really worked, but yeah, she did. In advertising in Cleve for over 20 years and even did advertising here in Michigan. Now? She's just a loser.

    @Mr.Puddy, trust me. My Mom LOVES tuna!! She would just kiss you all the more. Believe me. She is ridiculous. Sometimes she doesn't even realize she has ME cause she Loves YOU so much! Every day I hear her laughing, see her smiling, she can be alone in a room looking at you and reading about you and she is laughing out loud and saying "Oh how I LOVE that Puddy! Look at how cute he is today and he looks so handsome in his red collar" I really think she loves YOU more than she loves Dad!!! Ridiculous!!!! Your pal always, and my Mom's "crush" for always, Cody and Mom. xoxoxo

  12. @Deb and Zee & Zoey I am so glad you liked it!!! Only do it if you want to! I understand if you don't! I usually don't do these at all but when I was asked by two people I felt bad if I didn't! You have the book and all and work full time, no worries if you don't do it, I still LOVE YOU!

    @Amin thanks so much!

    @Brian thank you sooo much! The gazelle and lion advice is special to me. It was from an award I had received at the newspaper I used to work for in Cleveland, I believe it was back in 1990 or around then. I still have that displayed. I LOVE IT! Have a great day!

  13. I'm here :( Sorry for the hiatus I hit a bad time.. really bad. You stopping by my blog helped me get back and thank you for that!

    Weigh in is Tuesday.. how are you doing on your end?


  14. Oh.... that was fun. I really enjoyed reading your answers... Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  15. Caren, you and me both have a crush on Mr Puddy!!! (please don't tell Austin, it would hurt his furry feelings)=^..^=

    Austin says, Cody, mama's tummy is the best place in the world and you get ♫good ♫good ♫good vibrations♫ when it's rumbling!!!!

  16. We don't have a dog...can we blame Daddy instead?

  17. I love it! The Breakfast Club is an awesome movie--still is one of the best, even after all these years. Now I have to go watch it!

  18. You have GREAT taste and my Mom and I love many of those same things :D!!Rosie

  19. Caren & Cody.. what fun! Alex and I have not done this... we are very excited to play along. Well, Alex will be once he gets up from his nap....

  20. Your a funny gal Caren. Cody - well he is just too darn cute!

  21. @Amanda Hi Stranger!!! Actually I DID read your post but didn't want to bug you about it! I am very happy you are back on track, CONGRATS!!! I am doing well! I reached a HUGE milestone last week (40.2 lbs). I was THRILLED!! Now...I have at least 30-40 more to go lol. One day at a time! So good to hear from you! xoxoxo

    @Denise G. lol, thank you! (blushing)..hmmm, do you mean "funny as in strange or "funny" as in "Ha, ha"...not to worry, that was a rhetorical question lol.

    @Hilary YAY!! You haven't had it yet! I can't wait to read your answers, I know they will be great!

    @Rosie, you know that they say, "great minds!" :)

    @Natalie thank you!

    @Not Just Another Mother Blogger, I sooo agree! It totally is lasting even with the test of time. I also adore "Dirty Dancing" and some much older ones but I used to LOVE Judd Nelson during the era of "The Breakfast Club" I always was attracted to the "bad boys" lol

    @Katnip Lounge, lol!! Blaming Daddy works for us! We do that too! :)

    @Carolyn no fair!! I want Puddy!! lol. We will have to share him. Yep Cody loves his Mama's tummy! He always has!

    @Max thanks much!! I love when I can make people smile! Hope you had a great day!

  22. @Benny and Lily thank you!
    I am on my way to check out the bloggies now!

  23. Very informative Cody. We don't often get a lot of personal info about you or your mom.

  24. That was fun to read. Great pictures too. Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. To answer your question...the pig is my little dog Chancy's toy and Patches had just discovered it and didn't quite know what to think of it. She stared at it for a long time. Hugs

  25. Thank you sooooo much for thinking of me, but I did already play this (!

    I loved reading your answers though! (My Human is in love with Mr. Puddy too. I think that's kind of creepy. Good thing for him he lives so far away! MOL!)

  26. @Link thankyou!! Ohhh yesss we have had some personal info :)
    You haven't known us that long, if you look in our archives there is quite a bit! We haven't had much recently but's there! Glad you liked it! xoxo

    @Spitty OMC I am so sorry! It must have been posted on a day when Mom was super busy and didn't have us come around and read the blogs! I am sorry! Yeah tell me about it...I think it is pretty darned creepy to have a crush on a cat too! xoxo

    @Mumsy thank you!! You are welcome! Awwww thanks for explaining about the pig! Sooo cute!!! ((((hugs)))) back at ya!

  27. That was so much fun to read! I would love Katy Perry to kiss me too.
    Abigail loves Garfield. Thanks fur sharing!
    Madi and Abi

  28. @Kritter Community I am so glad you liked it!! Yeah I think Katy Perry is soooo pretty and she LOVES kitties!! I was surprised that more kitties didn't mention Garfield! Have a great night! Love, Cody

  29. Theese are all cool Meme facts! My Human likes the smell of coffee too and she likes Mr. Puddy (that guy has a way with the women!) so you have lots in common. And Cody, I thinks Katy Perry is a great choice for a crush and your Mom's tummy is an excellent spot to hang out!

  30. @Fin thank you!!!! :)

    @Clooney thanks so much!! My Mom is ADDICTED to coffee! lol about Mr.Puddy (he DOES!!) lol. Mom likes Katy Perry too!! She thinks she is pretty!

  31. What great answers! I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!

  32. It was fun to learn more about you and your Mom.

  33. Me is so happy that you played the game with Kozmo. He has been pestering me everyday to see if Cody has answered yet. Then Mommy took the ipad to the farm markets this weekend (Me thinks she plays Angry Birds all the time and lets Daddy do all the selling). So we could nots check any of the blogs until this morning!
    Me loved the answers! Mommy says yous 2 must be twins by another Mother.

  34. Ohhh, good advice! and we also kind of have a crush on Mr. Puddy, he's like the rock star of kitties, isn't he? And your mommy and our mommy have very similar tastes. It was so fun in getting to know all of you better >^..^<
    Miss Bella and Sele

  35. I completely agree about coffee...If I could find coffee-scented soap I'd bathe in it :)

    Great answers!

  36. Dat was great! We're procrastinating and catching up on our blog reading! Now we knowz everything about you! Mum loves coffee so much she put one in my comic.