Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Is Adopt-A-Cat-Month! Meet "Almost Home, A Truly No-Kill Animal Rescue And Haven"


Brought to you in June by American Humane Association

Spring ... season of tulips, lilies, daffodils - and cat adoptions!

Each spring during “kitten season,” thousands of newborn kittens join the millions of cats already in shelters across the country. That means your local shelter has tons of cute, cuddly newborns, in addition to all the mellow, older cats and everything in between. And the shelter staff are ready to help you adopt your very first cat — or to bring home a friend for another beloved cat!

In honor of this important event I wanted to tell you about a rescue here in Michigan,  "Almost Home, A Truly No-Kill Animal Rescue And Haven" whose founders Gail and Lauren Montgomery,  work tirelessly in their quest to find the cats (and dogs) at their rescue a furever home.

Meet Gail Montgomery, co-founder,with her daughter, Lauren, of Almost Home:

“After volunteering at a number of animal shelters and rescue groups I became disenchanted and sad about the philosophies of so many such organizations. Even the so-called “no kill “shelters were euthanizing adoptable animals. I was devastated, to say the least.

Click here to learn about these kittens available for adoption

Being a person who is so very passionate about animals, I decided to make a difference. In 2001 I started Almost Home Animal Rescue League. It consisted of myself and my daughter, Lauren. I wanted to help all animals, whether they were young or old, sick or healthy, maimed or beautiful. I wanted to create a place for them not only to FEEL SAFE  but to BE SAFE.

"Andy" available for adoption click here to learn about him

It was really difficult in the beginning. Many people thought I was unrealistic. I have proven them wrong. With my compassion for these helpless creatures who ask for so little and give so much in return, I am able to continue my work with a motivation that, well… kind of drives people a little crazy! I have never been so tenacious and diligent in my whole life. Most of the animals that we rescue are so frightened, confused and sick. It breaks my heart to see them in this condition. There is nothing more rewarding than to help them recover from these traumas. Hugging them, bathing them, loving them and giving them a sense of security is just a start. A big bowl of nutritious food to help make them strong and healthy, and then trips to the veterinarian. Then, ultimately finding them their loving, responsible  “forever home”. Now, what can be more rewarding than that?

"Astaire" available for adoption. Read about Astaire here

It’s hard to believe we live in a world where innocent animals are put to sleep simply because  society says there is no room for them. I feel there is a way to SAVE EVERY ANIMAL. And this is my mission. I encourage every caring person to do your part to help the animals. If you work at a shelter and you see that bad things are going on, speak out. Or start your own organization to advocate for them. Speak for the animals. Do what you can.


One day I hope to walk into an animal shelter and all I will see are a few animals there, waiting for their owners to arrive because they were licensed and properly tagged. One day when I see a pregnant dog or cat I won’t cry, feel sad or be frightened. One day I hope there will be no use for organizations like mine.
But, for now, there’s Almost Home.

Help us save the lives of animals
As always, we are in dire need of monetary donations. We can really use your help. We receive no money from governmental funds in any way. All donations, either monetary or material, are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! The more money we raise through donations, the more lives we can save. It's as simple as that. Please help our animals find their way with a donation today.

You may donate by clicking on the widget on the top right hand side of this blog

Or, please send donations to:
Almost Home, P.O. Box 250602
 West Bloomfield, Michigan 48325
Please make checks payable to Almost Home


  1. Shelter people do such a great job. But I hope they're out of business soon - because it will mean every kitty will have a home!

  2. What lovely work they do, thank you for highlighting this for all of us.

  3. Adopted Month, How Awesome Caren !!!!
    I help you spread this news !!!

  4. Aunty Caren,
    Wow! Beautiful Andy and Astaire....wish we live in Michigan. I'll adopt them all. purrr....meow!

  5. Me and Charlie hope that these most adorable of kitties find forever homes!! Yay for lovely Gail and Lauren and everyone at Almost Home!!! Take care

  6. What an absolutely fantastic job they are doing. I think mummy would love to adopt them all! We will be sending a donation to help them keep up this fantastic work :)xx

  7. What a great post. Thanks for bringing attention to those animals who need homes...

    pawhugs, Max

  8. @Au and Target I agree!

    @Max thank you!! I hope the kitties are all adopted!

    @Princess Jasmine yes they are! Thank you sooooo much for your donation! Did you know you won my contest yesterday? I haven't checked my email yet (just got up) so maybe you already emailed me your address! xoxoxo

    @Old Kitty I hope so too!

    @Cat from Sydney if I had a house I would adopt them all too!

    @Mr.Puddy OHHH THANK YOU!!!! That is sooo nice of you to help spread the news!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU PUDDY!!!

    @RumblePurr thank you!!!

  9. Dear Caren, once again I'm so grateful to you for your activism and heart. I want to support these beauties. My way of doing this is to use the GOODSEARCH search engine (like Google only Yahoo's version). Every time I run a search (many times a day), Yahoo puts a little money into the nonprofit of my choice. So when I checked the Goodsearch roster, I find there are two ALMOST HOMEs -- One in Southfield & one in WB. I want to pick the one that will do most good. Which one should I use? Can you forward my question to these AH angels, if you don't know yourself? Thank you dear-hearted person.

  10. They certainly are doing some great work there. Thanks for bringing their name forward. I'll have M come back and donate a couple of $$ too - every little bit helps.

  11. Amazing!! I am so happy you blogged about this amazing organization!

  12. That was a great post and what a wonderful organization! Those kitties are all so beautiful and I hope their forever homes are looking for them right now!

  13. Those shelter people are wonderful people, they have the most beautiful and biggest hearts!!! Hope all animals found their homes soon.

  14. @Nadbugs thank you for your kind words and your support! Actually their physical address is in Southfield, Michigan, their PO Box is in West Bloomfield. I think the Southfield one would be the one, do you agree? THANK YOU!! xoxoxo

    @Priscilla I couldn't agree more!

    @Brian thank you!! I hope those kitties find homes too, there are many more available there!

    @Jenna, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo We "heart" you!

    @Mario, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Yes, every little bit helps! Even if it is only $1...every dollar helps! xoxoxo

  15. What a great post and what great peoples! They are doing terrific work. Thanks for sharing Caren!

  16. @Nellie thank you so much! We think so too!!!

  17. If only all shelters were run like this one - great job ladies. We have a local no kill shelter too and we do support them.

  18. what a wonderful pair to have started this organization and all that they do for the poor homeless animals in their area. They are truly commendable and God bless them - it is an endless task.

  19. Hope they will get good home. Those little kitties are adorable

  20. Caren, I just e-mailed, to ask which place I should use with GOODSEARCH. Here's their answer:

    Almost Home is the same P.O. and Southfield. One is just a mailing address. Mail can go to either one. You can also donate of Pay Pal at

  21. What a great local shelter!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  22. @Cats of Wildcat Woods you are so right! I am glad you have a good shelter by you as well!

    @Oskar, yep. It is super close to me. Hope you will help spread the word Oskar.

    @Nadbugs. Right. I thought I mentioned that but maybe I didn't. W.Bloomfield is the mailing address and the Southfield address is their physical (street) address. Thank you for checking it out further and confirming. Yes that is correct and you can pay utilizing the widget on this blog which I am also hoping that people will do. I already donated $25. I can't donate here on the Widget because it is my email address and for some reason it won't let me. Would love to see the counter get past ZERO!

    @Amin, so true

    @Novroz, I hope so too!

    @Chris, so very true and THANK YOU!!!

  23. Wonderful people :) Donation gladly made

  24. @Lisa ((((((hugs)))))) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I just got the notification of your donation in my email and I was soooo excited I was practically jumping up and down! THANK YOU!! It is sooo appreciated! xoxoxo

  25. Hi Caren & Cody,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Glad you enjoyed it! And Cody, I hope you adhere to My Food Bowl!

    Your Friend,

  26. The rescue group Mom and Dad work with Lucky Cat Adoptions is just like this wonderful shelter! They believe NO cat is unadoptable and all cats are safe in their care until a forever home is found. WE love that there is so much passion out there -- it makes all the stuff worthwhile.

  27. It's great to see people so willing to make a difference! Way to go ladies, and Caren thank you so much for letting us know about them!

  28. What a great post! This is wonderful!

  29. @Quasi and Steve, you are welcome and thanks for stopping by!

    @Yvonne, thank you! I am so excited because I just noticed we are up to $15!!! Woooo hooo!

    @Coupon Queen yes, WTG ladies!! You are welcome and thank you for stopping by!

    @Abby I am sooo happy your Mom and Dad also work with a super nice shelter like this one! That makes me so happy!!!!

  30. Awesome! Well done, Almost Home!!! We are always glad to learn about other true no-kill shelters. :)

  31. More cat heroines! I share their pain and joy as a fellow cat rescuer and educator. It's tremendous work but also the most rewarding. We have one of the largest populations of homeless cats in Miami and high euthanasia rate at the shelter. No fault of the director who has the highest rate of adoptions. It's all due to economics and ignorance. With cultural differences it's extremely challenging to educate the masses about the critical need to spay and neuter. I encourage anyone with a voice, a blog, website, published magazine or newspaper or BILLBOARD to BROADCAST IN BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS to please spay and neuter pets and strays they feed! Only then will we see the number of homeless unwanted euthanized cats decrease! As a matter of fact, the Cat Network of South Florida is in the running for the Pepsi Refresh Challenge to save cats from being euthanized. Please visit Thank you! Christine Michaels

  32. What angels they are! Blessings to them and purrs for the kitties in their care to find amazing homes.

  33. Kudos to you Caren for supporting this wonderful organization! xoxo

    I am vacationing so I have been a little out of the loop. Plus have to go into shops to get an internet connection! :)

  34. Great post. I'm so glad there are people like her in this world. I don't know if we will see the kind of progress she describes and that all animal lovers want, but we can sure hope, and do what we can to make it happen.