Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Celestial Kitties and Catnip Toys that benefit Winnie's Wish

Hi everyone! There are so many things that I am thankful for EVERY day but today I am super thankful for people like Andrea over at Celestial Kitties.

Visit Andrea, Leo and Star by clicking here

Why? One day in August we stopped by for Leo's birthday pawty and we learned about:
this super cool fundraiser:
Andrea was kind enough to organize this fundraiser to raise money for Chrystal  of Winnie's Wish as a thank you for all the wonderful work that she does to help furbabies who need furever homes.

Helping all of these babies can be expensive so Andrea began a fundraiser where if you donate a minimum of $15 you get FIVE really cool toys!

Mom loved this idea and decided to donate and LOOK at what happened when my toys arrived!

Speaking of PINK! Look!
Hey Katie!!! of Glogirly fame
Since you are into
all things Pepto-Bismol colored
I think you should have your
Mom spring for this for you!!!
Don't you need this for your THRONE?
All of you cool cats can get these great toys for yourself too! Don't let your Mom tell ya you already have too many. You know what, if you do, just donate these to kitties less fortunate than YOU or if you are a bloggin' kitty have your Mom or Dad or human or whatever it is you call them, give these out as PRIZES! You know, "pay it forward?" Just sayin'.....  click here to find out how to get yours!

So what are you waiting for? Get goin'!!

Also we would like to offer our deepest sympathy, our love and our prayers of strength and comfort to everyone at Zoolatry on the loss of dear Poppy Vic.

Love, Cody and "Mom"


  1. Those are great looking toys! How cool is that?!

  2. I LOVE the Celestial Kitties' human's work for Chrystal Winnie's Wish. This is an awesome project.

  3. They are sooo cool! Want! :)

  4. You've got some cool toys! I love pink too.


  5. What a lovely bag-o-swag you got as a thank you for helping Winnie's Wish! Wowzers Cody - you look like you're loving all the new stuff my friend. Also sorry to hear about Zoolatry's sad loss...another friend over the Bridge.

    Kitty Hugs and love, Sammy

  6. This is a very original and pawsome fundraiser! And I like how the blogs on the cat blogosphere are sharing the projects with pics of kitties enjoying the toys =^.^=

  7. We got two sets of those toys from some very nice blogger friends and they are terrific. And it is such a great project to raise money for Chrystal. Love your message to Katie.

  8. Cool toys. Have fun. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Dear Cody
    Fabulishious toys yous gots! Winnie's Wish is a gret cause! Yous looks likes yous enjoying all those new toys! (Almost too much!)
    Me amd Mommy is so sorry to hear about Ann amd Maggy and Zoey's loss... wes really feels for her.
    Kisses to yous

  10. What great pictures of you with those toys. I love the one of you standing on your head.

    hugs, Max

  11. we love Andrea and Chrystal....

    and are sending soft purrs to Ann

  12. Pepto Bismal?????
    I like to think of it as jelly bean pink. ; )

    We love Andrea and the Celestial Kitties. Glogirly told me that I have enough toys, so we gave them some green papers and asked that they give the toys to the next kitty that's adopted.

    ....but we can't take credit for this idea. Brian from Brian's Home did it first and we liked his idea so much that we copied. Yeah, we're copycats.

    Thank you to Winnie's Wish! You guys are making a difference!

    xo, Katie

  13. Cody - looks like Mom will get plenty of work done today as you play all day!
    Great idea!
    Prayers for the family of Poppy Vic, too. :-(

  14. @Art and Sew Forth, not really...I make her play WITH me. I am not very good at playing by myself :(

    @Katie and Glogirly we LOVE yours and Brian's idea of giving green papers and then giving the toys to the next kitty that is adopted! That is just PURE GENIUS!!! And YEP...we said "Pepto Bismol!!" But...we said it cause we know you can take the teasing and in our book that's a GOOD thing! xoxoxo

    @Random Felines we do too and we also are sending our purrs and prayers

    @Max MOL thank you! Mom can't figure out why I ALWAYS stretch out like a cobra (upside down) when I play. Mom says I'm "strange" MOL Love, Cody

    @Nellie yeah I love them!

    @Molly thanks! I will! You too!

    @Marg we are so happy that some nice pawson gave you TWO sets! YAY!!! Yep we like to tease Katie cause we know she is a good sport :)

    @Texas we like the fundraiser and the sharing with pics too cause that's how we roll!! :)

    @Sammy yep it is nice that after we donate the kitties get purizes too! We are very sad about Poppy Vic too :(

    @The Furries and rightly so!

    @Eva yep we know you do...we love you in spite of it MOL!!

    @speedy we love it! We love helping other kitties too!

    @The Purr Diaries head on over!

    @Sparkle we couldn't agree more!

    @Chey it's super cool!

  15. Oh Cody... you're gonna have such fun with those. Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO! purrs

  16. Awesome, glad you like the toys! That rolling over and 'standing on your head' is adorable! Leo can't seem to play unless he's rolling around like a goofball!
    Thank you so much for sharing about our FUNdraiser! Together we're making a difference for Winnie's Wish!

  17. Our Winnie's Wish toy was denim blue! I brought some of the toys (the ones my gang didn't run off with after they opened the envelope) to PAWS for the shelter cats.
    Andrea at Celestial Kitties posted the picture of young black and white Jack loving his nippy pillow.

  18. That toy idea is such a darn good one, and yes Cody, pink is A-O-K just because us mancats say so!

  19. All I can really do is forward your article to various social networks to see if it helps such an excellent, worthy cause.
    Gary and yes, that lovable Jack Russell dog, Penny

  20. Hmmmm, why didn't Katie donate them to ME!! I want new toys and the peeps are so tight they squeak. I heard George Washington crying in Pop's wallet! He wanted out!

  21. Our toys just came! Gotta run . . .

  22. Pepto Bismol!!! lol and lol again!!

    What a great idea, though!

  23. @CATachresis MOL!

    @Oui Oui YAY!

    @CK OMC that was hilarious!

    @Gary and Penny you are the BEST!!

    @Brian you got it DUDE!!

    @shelter cats i have been keeping abreast with the kitty pics! They all rock! How nice of you to donate some of yours!

    @Andrea it took me a long time and i apologize, but I told you I would post and I hope it was worth the wait! OMC Leo and Cody must be so similar. Cody has to stretch like a Cobra when he plays. I never did understand it lol. I am so glad we could be a part of this great campaign!

    @Nerissa I am!