Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This and That Tuesday

Have YOU entered to win this
Kitty'scape tower?
Read about it here

Photo courtesy of  http://www.margsanimals.com/blogs/index.php/margspets/
Our dear friend Marg, over at Marg's Pets needs our help. As many of you know, Marg takes in and cares for MANY animals. Cats, dogs, donkeys etc. She also helps many of our furiends in the blog-o-sphere.

Now Marg needs OUR help. Her doggy, Jasmine is quite ill and Marg is having a hard time with the vet bills. It would be great if we all could help her out. Even if it is $1, every little bit helps, it all adds up and makes a difference! If you would like to help please visit Marg's blog right here, she has a Chip In on the right side bar. Thanks!

"Sammy" photo courtesy of  http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com/

Today is Sammy from One Spoiled Cat
Mom's birthday!
Pussy foot on over and wish her a GREAT ONE!!!
"Kozmo" courtesy of  http://catfromhell.wordpress.com

Today is also
from Cat From Hell's  Birthday!!

Click here to wish him a happy day too!!
On to our "stuff"
and I are  trying to visit everyone,
 but we are super busy
 and will be for the next week or so!

Tonight begins the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur and we are busy getting ready for that, because we will be having company introoders in our home.

 Thursday evening Mom has been invited to attend an exclusive media only,  sneak preview of the new Tim Burton/Disney movie,  FRANKENWEENIE, (it will be in  theaters on OCTOBER 5TH). It  will be reviewed on  Dakota's blog on October 8th.

 Next week Mom will be in St.Louis for a couple of days attending the Passionate Pet Lovers:Purina Pet Food Summit (Mom is one of the bloggers on the Purina Cat Blog Panel and Purina is paying for their bloggers to attend), so she is pretty darned busy with all of the above and MANY other things!

Mom and I just wanted to let you know that if we aren't able to visit every one as often as usual in the coming week, we are sorry! We will do our best to visit as many of you as possible!

Have a great day!

Love, Cody and Mom


  1. Well listen to all those cool things she is doing! Wow! I am not sure I would like intruders in my home. They disrupt my routine.

  2. @Chey mine too! And...these "introoders" are mostly DOG people...I just go on my own and ignore them. I love my doggy brother but people who ONLY love dogs? pfffttt!!

  3. My human is looking forward to meeting your human in St. Louis!!

  4. Have a lovely holiday! We hope the introoders know the rule...give the cat a treat!

  5. Have a happy holiday and we hope all enjoy. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. BUSY BUSY BUSY!! You guys never get to rest do you! Hope you enjoy your company and Yom Kippur and all the other things you're up to....Mom says BIG HUGS for mentioning her birthday (even though she's pretending she's not a year older!!). We're heading over to Kozmo's now for the PAWTY. See you there Cody!

    Big Hugs from ME and MOM!

  7. Have a great evening and enjoy your holiday!

  8. Cody, you look snug as a bug!! Yes we've been over to Marg :)

    Have a relaxing holiday xox

  9. Wow your Momma is super busy with all she's got going on right now Cody. Tell her not to worry, we will all be here when things slow down. I am envious of her getting to see a sneak preview of Frankenweenie! And Cody, your Penthouse suite suits you. :)

  10. Dear Caren, Cody and Dakota,
    Thanks for stopping by my pawty! I (rather Mommy) is donating 50 cents for every post I get today to Marg!
    Then - we are going on Vacation/Break. Mommy says she needs a break.
    And thanks again!

  11. Cody, you're a regular reporter!
    Thank you for all of the updates and keeping us in the know!

    And tell your mom to have fun! She sure sounds busy, but it all sounds like great stuff! Don't worry about visiting, we'll be here when you're back.

    : ) Katie

  12. cody; see ewe when ya get bak, best fishes N de blessings oh st francis two ewe jasmine; happee day oh birth ta yur mom sammy, and hope ya haza HELLAVA birthday :) kozmo !!

  13. Gorgeous Cody!! You are one stunning kitty!!! Me and Charlie just love your sweet face and cute toesies! Yay!

    Awww Happy Yom Kippur!!! Have a great celebration!

    We send lovely Marg lots of purrs and prayers! Take care

  14. *whew* that was a slew of news.
    We are so glad you help keep us updated.
    Happy Yom Kippur!
    We are purrin and purrin for Jasmine and we managed to grab Mom's card and we helped out a bit too.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  15. Does this mean you get kippers too??

  16. Cody you made us laugh when you spotted the flashy box and whipped your leg back in out of the way.

  17. @Sparkle Mom CAN'T WAIT TO FINALLY MEET YOU!!!

    @Meg thank you!

    @Eric and Flynn you understand...don't you? MOL

    @Connie I have to go and check that out MOL

    @Abby you are a sweetheart ((((hugs))))

    @old kitty thank you and ((((hugs)))) to you too!

    @Katie thanks for understanding but knowing us we will be around :) We're too nosy

    @Kozmo YOUR MOM IS A GENIUS!!! What a FABULOUS idea!!! Ohhhh your Mom is the BEST!!! Tell her to enjoy her vacation...God my Mom sooooooooooo wants to take one too!! xoxoxoxo

    @Bassetmomma OMD we should have gone together!!! Damn! I already invited my husband!

    @CATachresis thank you!! xoxo

    @Priscilla thank you!

    @Sheba thank you!

    @Sammy I KNOW you were extra special to your Mom today!! ((((hugs))))) Hope she had the best birthday ever!

    @Molly thanks so much!

    @The Furries...ready for this? They are DOG PEOPLE...YEP...THEY ARE...may have to leave fur all over them MOL

    @Sam thanks

  18. Cody !!! You are getting more cute every time I do visit you !!! Must have lots of girl friends ; )

    and thanks for the new, I'm on my way

    Thanks for purring for me

  19. Lots of news today. Pawsome! Cody, when do we get to see new pics of you?

  20. We chipped in some green papers and we are verreh happy to see that Jasmine's current bill is covered. hurray! Marg is the best!

    Cody--you has NEVER hadded Kitty Grass?? Tell you Mom to spring for a container. It's just DELISHUS!

  21. Sounds busy at your place. Thanks for all the updates. Since our mama is just getting back we have a lot of catching up to do (and now your mama is going). Wish we could get the mamas to stay put some times.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  22. Wow, you are super busy, so we understand. We hope everyone chips in to help Marg, she is such a wonderful person to take in all those homeless animals. And she loves them so.

  23. Cody, you look super comfy and lovely in the tree's penthouse! You do seem to be wishing you were not filmed though! MOL

    Have a great week and try to take some time for some naps!


  24. @Texas I sure was!! Nope I didn't want to be filmed at all! MOL!

    @Oui Oui we hope so too and we agree!

    @Squirrel queen got that right! I hate when my momma leaves but she isn't gone yet!

    @Spitty YAY!! Thanks for the news! Mom forgot to look at the chip in! That is great news! Nope I never had kitty grass. Mom got it for my Grandpa Bobo but never me :(

    @Katz....ummmm what is the video? Chopped liver???? MOL!!!! That is NEW....Monday's photos are all NEW......you must not be looking too closely MOL!!!!!!!!!!

    @Puddy Hi Puddy! Good to see you!!!! You are welcome for the purrs but you never have to thank me. Nope...no girlfriends for me! None of the ladycats want me. :(
    xoxoxoxo Love you Puddy!

  25. We hear ya, Cody! Our mom's been up to her eyeballs with the high holidays too...the last introoders left at - get this - MIDNIGHT last night (whew!) Which is why we're now running around demanding she take us to catch up on everyone's blog!