Saturday, September 22, 2012

A new season...


  1. Already? You sure blend in well with the beautiful autumn leaves, Cody! :)

  2. It's autumn? From today's weather - 90 degrees outside during the day, 70 at night and air conditioner on all day - we would have never known it here!

  3. Happy Autumn, my Furiends! ~xo~

  4. Happy Autumn to you too! It's being ushered in with wild lightning, high wind and rain.

    Our human says she wouldn't mind fall so much if it didn't lead to--shudder--winter.

  5. Nice one! Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Beautiful! Thankfully, it's still going to be summmer here as far as the temperatures go, at least for one more day. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Cody! You look very "seasonal" in the pretty Fall leaves - this is my favorite time of the year too and soon we'll have bunches of leaves for me to play in ALLLL over our yard. Wish we could play in them together!

    Kitty Hugs, Your Friend Sammy

  8. Hooray! That is our favorite whiffin season!

  9. Happy Autumn to all of you too. That is a great picture. Hope all of you have a great day.

  10. Happy Autumn to you Cody if you want to know what it feels like just come to the U.K its in the low to mid 50s

  11. You look gorgeous in those yellowish and orangish leaves, Cody!

    Happy Autumn to you, your mom and dad and of course, my dear Dakota.

    ~ Eva

  12. You are a studly-looking fellow dressed in such color! Happy hunting!

  13. What a great way to welcome in autumn

  14. Very pretty, Cody!! Can you send some fall colors our way? Just for a couple days... that would be nice!

  15. YAY! It's our favorite time of the year. ...and beautiful too!

  16. We're sure feeling more FRISKY over here with the cooler weather! Zzzzzzooooom!

  17. Happy Autumn! We finally got some rain! YEAH.

  18. @Chey thank you you too!!! We got rain as well and Mom couldn't be happier!

    @Rykers same here! "brisky" makes us "frisky" yeah "brisky" isn't a word but I like it!

    @BaxCat thank you!

    @Katie and Glogirly it's Mom's favorite time of the year too!!!

    @Deb Barnes we will do our best to honor that request!

    @Hilary awww thanks!

    @Art and Sew Forth "sturdy" I like it!

    @Eva thanks sooo much! Mom is so happy Autumn is here!

    @speedy Mom LOVES those temps! She is sooo glad that summer is over!

    @Marg thank you sooo much! Happy Autumn to you too! Happy Caturday!

    @Brian mine too!

    @Sammy I sure wish we could play in them too. At YOUR house! You have that great yard! xoxoxo Love, Cody

    @Ingrid thank you!! We are happy to say bye-bye to summer! You have a great weekend too!

    @Molly thank you! You have a great Saturday as well!

    @Fuzzy Tales we are having the same weather. Actually I think it hits us before it gets to you since we are by Detroit

    @McGuffy Ann back at ya!

    @Rumblepurr thank you!!

    @Sparkle bleeeccch keep the 90 degree temps there please!

    @The Furries yep already!!

  19. A great photo! We love this time of year as the trees change and the days cool.
    The year did go very fast though.

  20. What a beautiful picture! It would make you like autumn if you didn't!

  21. Happy Autumn to all of you too!
    Thanks for the advice about the photos. After deleting the post twice, I posted the photos individually but two of them were still in the wrong order, but not enough that any one else would have noticed. I am sure I remember at one time you could click and hold and slide the photos to where you wanted them if you weren't happy with the order. When they first changed me to the new dashboard, I changed right back. They changed me over again yesterday but removed the ability to go back to the old way. Mean old Blogger!

  22. @Texas awww thank you so much!

    @Timmy Hi!! OMC YES the year did go super fast! So glad you liked the photo, thank you so much!

    @Sherlock, Ash and Traveler THANK YOU!!!!

  23. I wish fall in Florida looked like that!

  24. We're loving these cooler temps. Great for snuggling!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. Super picture! Love the colours! I didn't know you called it autumn? Thought it was fall? mol

  26. Hey Cody!
    I leaf it up to you to mention Autumn! :) Happy Autumn !!
    Gary, the human and Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star looking over my shoulder...

  27. We love autumn. Cooler air means more window opening!

  28. If only we had Fall in Trinidad. :) I think I would have liked it so much.

    Happy Autumn to you.

    xo Tami

  29. We're a little sad to see summer go....but Happy Autumn!!

  30. TW always starts to get depressed this time of year. Dunno why since this summer was so oppressive and the baseball playoffs are starting soon. They have their tickets.

  31. Cody! yous looks kissalishious! Me is happy and sad it is fall. Happy that it is cooler and sad that it mean winter is around the corner!

  32. Happy Autumn Cody. Have a great weekend! Purrs!

  33. Happy Autumn, Cody (and Caren)! With your coloring just melting into those leaves, Cody, you must be an "Autumn" kitty... :) xox

  34. Just look at you in among all the pretty leaves and whatnot. Very handsome, my friend... Very handsome, indeed. purrs

  35. Happy Autumn! This is my favorite time of the year!

  36. Hello handsome!!
    A happy Autumn to you too.
    Just trying to get my act together to get some shots of Greek "Autumn" - somewhat different to Autumn other places around the world. We're waiting for the first rain to appear - then everything will turn lush and green and all the horribly dry plants will flourish and breathe again... we can't wait for it!!
    Hugs and purr
    from your friends in Greece,

  37. Thank you for your kind words about Tamir. We will miss our very special ManCat but know he lives on in our hearts.
    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  38. We know you're loving cooler temps. May it be a happy and healthy one!

  39. @The Furkidsmom...our eyes are still leaky. Tamir was such a wonderful kitty ((((hugs))))

    @Joan Hi!!! Sooo good to see you!! (((hugs))))

    @Daisy thank you and to you too! It's my Mom's favorite time of year too!

    @Nerissa awww thank you! You love nature so much that I knew YOU would appreciate it!

    @Glamkitty nope! I'm a gray kitty but Mom ruins my natural color by playing with the photos MOL!!

    @The Chair Speaks thank you and the same to you!

    @Nellie thank you!! We are THRILLED that it is fall! :)

    @CK happy you have your tickets but I am really sorry it's for the YANKEES MOL!! Pls don't be depressed! (((hugs))))

    @The island cats we're not! Happy Autumn!

    @indrani thank you! Good to see you!

    @Tami good to see you!!! Will send you some leaves :) xoxo

    @Tamago you got it...wait...or closing lol

    @gary and penny "leaf" it up to me...good one!

    @CATachresis thank you!!'s both :)

    @Andrea thank you!!!

    @Oskar you got it! We think so too!

    @christie will send you some leaves too!

  40. Happy Autumn to you too! Great pic. Thanks for visiting our blog yesterday!

    twitter: @eilbp

  41. @Layla you know it!!! :) Back at ya!

    @essentials enterprise thanks for visiting us too and Happy Autumn! I think we are following you now as well!

  42. **gigglez** Cody, we noes u'z reely BLOO! (U didn't fhink a bloo-point kitteh 'n hiz mommy wudn't notiss such a fhing, now, didja? molmol) We jus fhink ur mom did a pawsome job uv matchin u to da new seezun... :) **whisker-kissez 'n noserubz**

  43. Those are some beautiful, colorful leaves wrapped all around you sweet Cody. Hugs and nose kisses

  44. Oh! Oh! Oh! Autumn is our very FAVORITE time of year! We luffs Halloween, and Fanksgiving and Krissymouse (well, okay, I know strictly speaking Krissymouse is in Winter, but close enough!) Happy Autumn to you, too!

  45. Enjoy the new season! Here is Spring now!!!