Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday-"Zena"

Zena-photo courtesy of

NO, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. YES, that is a DOG! She is a special dog indeed! Meet Zena, the beautiful Tibetan Terrier from the blog:
The Princess Tails which is about how she is adjusting to life without her favorite doggy companion, Zac.

Zac was a friend of my Sheltie brother, Dakota and he was a special doggy. Sadly, Zac had to join my Grandpa Bobo at the Bridge a few weeks ago. Zena is coping with life the best she can. I, for one think she is doing a meowvelous job, but she still misses Zac terribly.

I was honored when Zena presented me, a kitty, with the:

Thank you Zena!!  It is a complete honor to accept this award from such a special doggy.   One of the requirements that accompanies this award is to thank the pawson in this case doggy, who gave it to you-- DONE! Link to their blog, DONE! Tell 7 things about yourself.

Because this award came from a doggy, I am going to devote my seven things to my life living with a doggy! Specifically, Dakota!

1) I bet you don't know that I was adopted about 9 weeks before Dakota came to live with us.
ME when I was a kitten!

2) When Dakota came to live with us there was no separating us into other rooms. Nope! Mom didn't believe in that. She did an internet search on how to introduce a dog to a resident cat, and read about putting a TINY bit of the same perfume on me, Dakota, Dad and herself!  When Mom and Dad brought Dakota home, they put his crate down on the floor and left the crate door shut for a bit. I circled and sniffed. I hissed once and only once! I never hissed at him again! Mostly cause Mom said "You're gonna get along dammit!" Kidding! Sort of! We were fast friends ever since!

3) Dakota can't eat my cat food or my toys, or get into my litter. Mom made sure that half of our condo was baby gated so that I could eat, play and poop in privacy.

4) I have never, ever tried to scratch Dakota with my talon-like claws. Believe me, he often gets on my nerves, but I deal with him in other ways. Brutal fighting isn't my style.  I would rather tease the daylights out of him in ways such as lounging on the opposite side of the baby gate, safe out of reach, taunting him with one of my favorite toys that he can't get to! That makes him crazy and my day is complete.

5) I like having Dakota as my brother because when Mom and Dad leave and are gone for what seems like furever, I have a companion. My brother.

6) Dakota and I make a great "tag-team" at meal time. I start whining which makes Dakota start to bark. We do this in the most annoying way possible which ensures that our food is given to us right away!

7) I don't sleep with my Mom or my Dad at night. I sleep in the same room as my brother. Why wouldn't I want to? After all we ARE brothers!! I have the BEST brother in the world and the fact that he is a doggy doesn't bother me one bit! He loves me and I love him. I am thankful to have him! Life wouldn't be the same for me without Dakota being in it.

So there ya have it! I wouldn't trade my life with my doggy brother for anything!

Now...I am supposed to pass this award on to I forget how many others and yep once again I am going to break the rules cause when I follow them I get in trouble. I don't know who has had this, and who hasn't, I think you are ALL lovely, so if you haven't received this award, please accept it from ME! I am thankful for each and every one of you and for Zena for presenting this award to a KITTY!

Love, Cody


  1. Congratulations on your award! Love learning about you and that video was awesome!

  2. Concatulations on your award! Binga and the dog here have a pretty close friendship - I have never understood it.

  3. congratulation on your award Cody that was lovely reading all that stuff about you and Dakota.xxSpeedy and Mum

  4. I feel like I know you a little better now!! It is great that you get along so well, and the tag team for food idea is brilliant!! I needs to get me a cat! BOL

  5. Big Concatulations on the award Cody :) Youz two are like Alfie and me..he wines, I bark..drives Humom mad, wez also cuddle up togeffer and he's not allowed near my food :) Have a great day..Hay Dakota..your up in the naughty comp today :) xx00xx

  6. Congratulations on your award and it s always nice to read more about the recipients. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Concatulations Cody My Friend!! Loved the pix of you and Dakota growing up together (and just plain being best buds!!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. Conga rats on the award Cody. Love the video. Cody, you got yourself right into that kitchen. Well done. Too funny. Take care.

  9. Concats on the award! That was lovely to learn more about your relationship with Dakota!

  10. A lovely award to a lovely you, Cody! Congratulations on your well-deserved award.

    That is a very sweet picture of you and Dakota.

  11. Congrats on your award, Cody. We love that you and Dakota have such a great relationship. We admit that's an excellent strategy re: meal time. It certainly would work with our human!

  12. What a wonderful award!! Congratulations lovely Cody!! And yay that you and your brofur Dakota get on so well!! Take care

  13. Congratulations! Great news!
    I love watching different species interact. We brought our first cat (tuxedo "Natasha") home to live with our two rough-coated collies. At two and a half pounds she was IMMEDIATELY the boss! Our next cat, "Pan," preferred the dogs to us. Our ninety pound collie "Sligo" spent many happy hours cuddling with Pan and watching him play.

  14. @Andrea thank you!

    @Nancy awww thank you for sharing that! I have learned that the "herding" dogs in particular (Collies, Shelties and some others) tend to be wonderful with cats. I know my Dakota certainly is, but Cody DOES rule the roost!

    @Old Kitty thank you soooo much!!

    @Fuzzy Tales thank you!!! Mom and Dad find our "strategy" to be quite obnoxious...but...IT WORKS!!

    @Priscilla thank you!!! Yeah we are pretty close!

    @Texas thank you!!

    @Marg thank you! Yep I do NOT waste any time!! MOL!

    @Sammy thank you! Yep we ARE best buds!!

    @Molly thank you so much! You have a wonderful Thursday too!

    @Hilary worked like a charm!

    @Mollie yep you guys remind me of us too!!! Dakota is planning on coming over today. Sorry he is late. We had company for the Jewish Holidays and they didn't leave til later and Mom woke up to 300 emails on Road Runner and there are over 500 on AOL...we have a blog post to do for each blog for tomorrow so we are waaaay behind but we will be there! I will join Dakota! xoxoxo

    @harrington YES you do!

    @Speedy and Mum thank you sooo much xoxo

    @Sparkle thank you! We don't try to understand it...we just enjoy it!

  15. tahtz a pawsum award cody N yur brother iz reeely rockin... for a dawg; we just hurd him ask for trout for dinner !!!

    SAWEET !!

  16. CongaRats dear Cody. You do have a fabulous brother.

  17. Congratulations on your award. So wonderful that the two of you get along so well!

    Sorry to hear about Zac, very sad for Zena.

    Thank you Cody for visiting our blog with your Mom and Dakota. See you next Wordless Wednesday, if not before!

    ~Lyvonne ( (twitter: @eilbp)

  18. Cody - beauty is only fur deep. True beauty lies within - you know that! Congrats on your award and more importantly, fur your unashamed love fur Dakota!

  19. CONGRATULATIONS, CODY! A lovely award for a lovely blog. purrs

  20. Congratulations on your award! Dakota and you make a great team...when it comes to getting your meals quickly!

  21. Concatulations on your special award! You and Dakota sure have a great life together. We love both of your blogs, btw!

  22. You and Dakota are so cool together and congrats on the nice award!

  23. Concats on the awardie, Cody. It must be arrful nice to have a woofie brother.
    xoxo Kassey

  24. Cody that was a great post and concats on your award!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  25. I love your answers Cody :)) You are lucky to have such a brother and ConCats on the award, you deserve it xox

  26. What a heartwrenching and yet beautiful story! I loved finding out more about you and Dakota. I will keep Zena in my prayers.

  27. @Meg yeah I was :)

    @Elizabeth thank you!

    @CATachresis awww you are so nice Austin! Thank you!!!!!!!!

    @Abby thanks so much!!!

    @greatgranny thank you and it is!

    @Brian thank you sooo much!

    @Kitty Tales thank you!!! We try our best!! We have to stay on top of Mom at all times! She's a slacker you know

    @The Furries we're a great time all the time! and thank you!

    @Nerissa THANK YOU and happy birthday to your "peep" again!! xoxoxo

    @Art and Sew Forth awww thank you!!! That was beautiful!

    @Lyvonne thanks so much!! We will see you for sure!

    @Katie Isabella thank you!! I think so too!

    @da tabbies MOL!!! you must be mistaken was ME who asked for TROUT! MOL!

  28. Concats on your award! We love how you two work as a team and love each other. Maybe we should get a dog to speed the mom up in the mornings!

  29. @oui oui thank you!! Believe it or's ME that wakes everyone up in the morning. NOT Dakota :)

  30. Aw, Cody, Dakota and Caren this made me leaky eyed...purrs...

  31. What a beautiful award, Cody. We LOVE the photo of you looking right at Dakota...your posture says you mean business!

    We think it's pretty sweet that you've got a brother you love. We're willing to overlook the dog thing.
    ; ) Katie

  32. Congrats on the award. You sound like you have a great life with your brother and your mom and dad. :)

    xo Tami

  33. What a lovely award. I totally cracked up at the video - what a great team you are!!

  34. @cattywampus thank you!!! Yeah we are one heck of a team MOL!

    @Tamie Marie awww thank you! I do (most of the time) MOL!

    @Katie you are highly intuitive and perceptive. YES I ALWAYS mean business and I DEFINITELY rule the roost around here! Love, Cody

  35. Mowzers, Cody! Sounds like you have a pawesome brother!! And concats on the well deserved blog award!!