Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Thinking Of You Award

Hi everyone! It's Cody and I am sooo touched! Back in July I was visiting my favorite blogs and I was honored and surprised to read that my buddy:

 Sammy from
One Spoiled Cat had given me
this super cool award:
It is always special to be thought of, and even more special to be thought of by a kitty that I hold in such high esteem.

Sammy is one of the kindest kitties that I have ever met. He is a Senior Kitty and I always learn so much from him. I have learned that crinkly paper can be fun, I have learned how to make cozy tents, I learned that cats and froggies can be friends, and countless other wonderful things! If you visit Sammy you will see what I mean!

All awards come with requirements that you must fulfill in order to accept it and this award is no different. The requirements are:

1) Link back to the sender. DONE!
2) Tell 7 things that I love and think about daily:








Now...I am supposed to pass this award on to SEVEN other blogs. Being ever the diplomatic kitty, I have chosen to pass this award on to the  cat-i-dates of the :
Read about the contest HERE!
I am sharing this award with Zee Zoey and the cat-i-dates!
Be sure to cast your vote on September 11
I am thinking of ALL of them! Click on their names to visit their blogs!
5) Odin

Who am I voting for? I'll NEVER tell!!! I'm just wishing them ALL GOOD LUCK!!!

Rabbit-flavored, staying-out-of-the-political muck kisses,


  1. Congrats :)
    Cody is such a cutie!!!

  2. Oh yeah....better stay out of the politicos, Cody. If I were to be ruler of the world, I'll be a dictator. An absolute dictator. Angelina said that, not me. har har har *evil laughs*

  3. Concatulations on the award - and thanks! You are quite the diplomat, Cody!

  4. What a cool award, Cody! And how very United Nations of you to share it with us cat-idates! ; )

    Your photos are adorable...and by your answers, I can tell you've got your priorities straight.

    Thank you for the award!
    We'll have to replace our campaign hats with thinking hats now. heh heh

    ; ) Katie

  5. Congrats to you Cody this show how special you are

  6. Congrats Cody!
    Looks like we have some things in common. The sleeping and eating parts at least.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  7. ConCats to you Cody on winning the award and how sweet of you to pass it on to we cat-idates!! It certainly is full on at the moment, so it's great to know we are being thought of during the campaign :)) xox

  8. MOL. We are with you with the eating and sleeping bits!

  9. Hi Cody! Glad you like that pretty deserve it because Mom and I both think of you and YOUR Mom every single day. You were very diplomatic in passing the award on to the candidates for the Cat Ruler of the World contest and THEY all deserve the Thinking of You Award as well. Happy Wednesday Dude!

    Kitty hugs, Your Pal Sammy

  10. congrats on your award... how did I ever guess that eating & sleeping were so good to mention twice?

  11. Congratulations Cody. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. @Molly thanks much! You too!

    @Hilary MOL!

    @Sammy thanks my pal!'s THURSDAY!! MOL!!!! You know Mom and I ADORE YOU! xoxoxo

    @The Furries I think all kitties are!

    @CATachresis thank you!!! You ALL deserve it for all of the good that you all are doing for all of the kitties in the world! xoxo

    @SquirrelQueen that'a what it's all about!

    @speedy awwww you are SOOOO special too! xoxoxo

    @Katie/Glogirly "how United Nations" LOVE IT!! you all deserve this award for all of the good that you ALL are doing for the kitties!! xoxoxo You always have your thinking cap on are one smart kitty!

    @Sparkle you are welcome and as I told the others it is WELL DESERVED and EARNED for all of you! xoxoxo

    @Cat from Sydney my Mom is the dictator MOL!

    @Sarah awww thanks! You are pretty darned cute yourself! Love, Cody

  13. Those pictures of you are so adorable, Cody!

    We are thinking of you too!

  14. Conga rats, that is such a nice award. It is so pretty. And how very nice of you to pass it on to the candidates. Well done. Have a great day.

  15. Cody!
    Yous (and your Mom) is the BESTEST! And WE thinks about yous everyday!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!! Well deserved! ~xo~

  17. @McGuffy Ann thank you!! xoxo

    @Nellie awww thank you! We think that YOU are too! xoxo

    @Marge "Conga Rats?" ROFLMAO! Are those rats that are dancing in a conga line? xoxoxo

    @Repositorio thank you!

    @Priscilla thank you! We think of you ALL the time!

  18. Congrats on the award Cody, you surely are a special kitty and loved by many!!!

  19. @Sunshine thank you!!! I sure think that YOU are pretty darned special too! Love, Cody

  20. meowloz cody; we bee new ta yur site...nice two meet ewe & conga rats two ewe on yur award N we hope ya get plentee oh food with de bazillion dollars ewe winned !!

    da tabbies o trout towne

  21. Yay Cody!
    You are one cool cat and Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star has instructed me, a mere human, to forward on her pawsitive congrats to you for receiving that award.
    You are obviously looking after your humans and Dakota well. That would be in between eating and sleeping and eating and...
    Well done and congrats to those your forwarded the award onto :)
    The human Gary and yes indeed, Penny! xx

  22. That IS extremely diplomatic! MOL.
    Concats on the new award and thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop!


  23. Congratulations on your award, Cody! I noticed that you snuck sleeping in there twice, so does that count as seven?

    I believe any cat could rule the world better than man has done so far. So, it's a toss up!

  24. Congrats to Cody, who is so gracious to include all of the candidates. Odin and I are proud to be your friend and we're happily sharing this post.

  25. @Layla awwww thank you! We think you are ALL great and we wish that ALL of the rescues could win!! We are proud to be friends of yours as well!! Love, Cody and Mom

    @CCL Wendy oh rats! I never thought of that! Don't make me come up with another one! MOL! I agree with your sentiment!

    @Cokie MOL!! Thank you! You know, since you are a Libra...being diplomatic is one of our strong suits!

    @klahanie, Gary and Penny it is always a joy to see you stop by! You always make my Mom and I smile!

    @da tabbies so nice to meet you!!! A bazillion dollars? From your mouth to Cod's ears! (so they say!)

  26. Congrats to you and your list was picture purrfect! thanks for sharing with us!!!

  27. Congratulations on the award! The candidate posse is a perfect choice.

  28. Congratulations sweet Cody! We loved reading your 7 things, especially the sleeping and eating. lol Hugs and nose kisses

  29. How thoughtful you are to mention your parents in your list of favorite things! Oh, and I love that you mentioned sleeping and eating as favorites twice! Congrats, Cody! You always make me laugh!

  30. Congratulations on your cool award
    Benny & Lily

  31. Excellent answers! Concats on your award, and to the new winners too.

  32. I so LOVE how you showed everybody what you think and love about the most with pictures. BRILLIANT!

  33. Cody, you and your mom are always thinking of others! If everyone was more like you and your family, the world would be a better, happier place!

  34. Cody - you are such a good friend!! Concats on the award and thank you so much for thinking of all the Cat-idates!! Please accept our human's apology for being a day late to the party.... she is a bit distracted and not up to par lately!! xoxoxo

  35. @Deb thank you!! No problem! We understand! xoxoxo

    @Christine you are waaaaaaay too kind! You don't know Mom very well do you? MOL!! (((hugs))))

    @George The Duck thank you soooooo much! So nice to see you here!

    @Nerissa THANK YOU!!!! It's because Mom is too lazy to help me MOL!! xoxoxo

    @Oui Oui thank you!!

    @Benny & Lily thank you!!

    @The Teacher's Pets that's because my parents both feed me and all I really love is sleeping and FOOD! MOL!

    @Maggie awww thank you!!!

    @shelter cats thank you!

    @Brian my pleasure!

  36. Concats on the award!
    I so agree about Sammy! He is one of my best furriends!

  37. Cody, you political animal you! MOL, great choice on the awarding, dude!
    And concats on being given the award by Sammie!