Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meow Like A Pirate Day-Semi-Wordless Wednesday

The original photo was
done by Mr.Puddy
who we miss terribly
Mom just added a few things this year
and guess who else
got in on the act?
Do you know who THIS is?

Visit the Cat Blogosphere to purrticipate!
UPDATE: We just learned of the horrible news that Ann of Zoolatry lost Poppy Vic yesterday after a long battle with cancer. We are hanging our heads in sadness....our post today had already been scheduled or we wouldn't have put it up. We send our deepest sympathy to Ann and the gang at Zoolatry. Love, Cody and Caren


  1. Whoa! Your momma has become a wench! Move aside Keira Knightley! har har har *evil laughs@

  2. Woof! Woof! MEOW Arrrgggg!!! Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden woofs, Sugar

  3. Happy pirate day! perhaps the Lagomorph should set sail to

  4. Arrrr... we be missing that Puddy-pirate too! But mighty fine picture, me buckos!

  5. Yo, Captain Cody, you brought your matey-mom along. :)

  6. Have a wonderful Pie-rat Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. We sure do miss Puddy too. So Cody, your Mom is now a pirate wench. Too funny. Great picture. Take care and have a fun day. Smile

  8. WOW - Captain Cody you look very ARRRRRGH in that picture and your Mom makes a VERY purrrrrty pirate too! Happy Pirate Day!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. chuckles... great pictures.... MEOW!

  10. Oh my goodness!!! Mum is such a scary scurvy pirate!! Yay!!!!

    Take care

  11. Oh Pirate Cody and Pirate Cody's Mom, I think some other pirates have stolen our comments from Dakota's blog. We couldn't find our previous comments and we couldn't see our new comment. Do you know those pirates???

    ~ Eva

  12. Oh Caren! I LOVE how youl look as a Pirate! We could have a great ti,e sailing the seas!
    And Cody looks very dastardly!
    Nellie's Mom

  13. Well well - looks likes ye got the beginnin's of a plunderin' pair here!

  14. Cody Cody Cody! Thou shalt NEVER let your human unto your blog—except for Senile Saturday, that is. Arrrrr!

  15. @Art and Sew Forth lol!

    @Cathy Keisha she is ALWAYS on "OUR" blog!!! Look at the banner and look on the side! MOL!

    @Nellie MOL!!! It's a great improvement for BOTH of us! MOL!

    @Eva lazy Mom hasn't moderated them yet! Sorry!!! She slept in because she was up til 3am watching Big Brother After Dark, they will be there! Arrrghhh!!

    @Texas mom looks even more terrifying WITHOUT the outfit! MOL!

    @Old Kitty Mom is scary pirate or not! MOL!

    @Hilary MOL!!"Meow" BACK AT YA!

    @Sammy we are Arrrrghhhh every day! MOL!

    @Marg I am going to behave but boy do I have something SUPER FUNNY that I could say. Think I will email it to you (wink)

    @Molly thank you and you too!

    @The Chair Speaks yeah I can't get rid of her! MOL!

    @The Furries Yo Ho Ho! Mom is a....wait...I better not say that MOL!

    @Rumblepurr arrrrgggh thank you!!!!!!!!!

    @speedyrabbit happy pirate day to you too!

    @Andrea thank you!! Happy Pirate Day to you too! Guess what is FINALLY going to be on the blog tomorrow (wink)

    @Sugar Arrrrgh and Meow back at ya! Happy Pirate Day!

    @Cat from should have known Mom in her 20s and 30s...she was a MAJOR wench...actually we call it something else but we won't go there MOL!

  16. A fine pirate post!!! Arrgghh!!!

    cats of wildcat woods

  17. Avast ye catlubbers!! You make a fine pirate, Caren!

  18. We like bein' band 'o pirates fer a day 'n bein' bad! Grog-filled Meow Like a Scurvy Pirate Day!

    We're purring for Ann and her family.

    Truffle and Brulee

  19. Love the Pirate Theme as we have the famous Pirates Week Festival every year on this island (November), we are big on Pirates!

    Love the images and specially the first one!

    Sorry to hear about the loss of Poppy Vic.

  20. @sunshine omg I bet that festival is a total blast! I am hoping that you will blog about it! Thanks so much about the images. We are sad about Poppy Vic too :(

    @Sweet Purrfections ((((hugs))))

    @shelter cats thanks! lol

    @Cheri Arrrrgggh!!! Thank you!

  21. Oh Caren!! You are a scallywag!!! xx

  22. Speedy first mate of the Pirate ship the Lagomorph raise a tankered in memory of Poppy Vic

  23. avaste cody...ewe noe yur mom haza crush on johnny depp dont cha


  24. "Whoa! Watch out for t' lady with t' cutlas!"
    ; )

    Lookin' good, matey!
    xo, Katie

  25. Great graphics Cody.
    We are very sad about the news from Ann. Our deep purrs for her.
    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  26. Too cute; Cody makes a gr8 pirate!! :)

  27. We thinks you and your mom be making fine pirates, Cody! Arrrgh!

  28. It was a shock about Vic and a sad day indeed.

    Aarrrrgh we plum furgot but are posting & pinning our pirate pics from last year. You look like finest pirates to sail the seven seas.

  29. that be a right proper post fur MLAP day. we, too, had ours all cued up an' posted befur we knew about poppy vic, but miss ann supported MLAP day so much, we did not feel she would take it as disrespect. we feel sure poppy vic be chucklin' from the heavens!

  30. @Meowers we completely agree with you. We think Ann and Poppy Vic would want the day to continue as planned xoxoxo

    @Layla we are deeply saddened too...we will see your pirate photos soon!

    @meowmeowmans thank you!! Arrrgggh!!!

    @CatLadyDaily thank you!! Arrrgh!

    @Abby thank you and we are deeply saddened as well :(

    @Katie and Glogirly MOL! Got that right! Watch out! xoxo

    @da tabbies MOL!!! Actually no...he's a little too strange even for Mom lol

    @speedy you are a good bunny!

    @CATachresis "scallywag!!!" I LOVE IT!!! xoxo

  31. MOWZERS! Our mommy completely let us down today on this one, so we've come over here to say ARRRRR' MATEY! And...OH MY CAT, is that your HUMAN, Cody?? MOL!

  32. Chloe Jo is very jealous; she wants to be a pirate! Maggie P. & Grizelda are impressed! *MOL*

  33. We were very sad to hear about Poppy Vic and it makes our hearts hurt.

    Ye be mighty fine pirates! Funny, Mr Puddy did ours too and I just had to use it. I just saw he posted his Gotcha Day!

  34. Is Dakota a pirate too?!

    Christie from

  35. You guys look terrific!!

    XOXO to Ann & her family.

  36. Aye, that Caren is a saucy wench! Love Cody, that old sea cat!

  37. Meow for de fine wench! You be mighty fine pirates you two! Arrr!

  38. Garr! Ye be a pair o' mighty fine pirates. Come join us on the Ginger Furball.
    Ann and her family are in our thoughts.