Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Petfinder's Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week!

Hi everyone it's Cody! I am hoping that today you will help spread the word that September 17-23 is Petfinder's Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week!

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

Did you know that 99% of Petfinder's shelters and rescue groups have adoptable pets that have been at the shelters for a super long time? That makes me sad.

The "less adoptable pets" as shown above, often wait at shelters nearly 4 times longer than the average adoptable pet does. Sometimes as long as two years!

Look and see which pets have a harder time finding homes:
Photo courtesy of Petfinder.com

 Won't you help spread the word?
Have you adopted a less-adoptable pet?

Share your story here in a comment or blog about it yourself...let the world know how proud you are of your "less-adoptable-pet"

 Visit the gallery of nearly 1000 shelter nominated "less-adoptable-pets" by clicking here and share them with your network.

 The more we share, the better the chance that some of these "less-adoptables" will find a furever home.

This video was recorded last year but it explains quite well the meaning of this week and how important that it is.

Thank you for reading,
thank you for caring,
Love, Cody


  1. You know what's the sad scenario here? Those "less-adoptable pets" won't even be around to be adopted. Our shelters are not no-kill and any animal who require more care (including newborns) would not stand a chance. It's the sad reality and a major reason why I avoid going to the local shelters. There are private rescuers who rescue these animals and try to rehome them, all at their own expense : financial, emotional and time.

  2. We hope the less adoptable pets all get a good chance of a forever home. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Cody darl,
    I was a stray kitten who was lost and adopted. I was never in a shelter though. One of Angelina's fiances, Casper, is a white deaf cat. His furrever pawrents adopted him because of his deafness, thinking that he would be put down as no one would adopt him. And now, he rules in a house of six hoomans! har har har *happy laughs*

  4. I suppose Buckley, the subject of my book Buckley's Story: Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher would have been considered a "less adoptable" cat since she had a deformed hindleg. I have a hard time thinking about her that way because in her mind, her disability didn't exist, and I was always surprised when people asked me about it.

  5. I hope more and more special/different fur babies find forever homes! Special and different are the great things!

  6. I hope many many special kids find their lovely furever home as soon as possible. They deserve to have a second chance and be loved and cared. They need a family just like we all do.

  7. This is so important. Thanks. Grizelda & chloe are almost 2 yrs old. I bottlefed their litter beginning at 2 days of age. We kept them, the two black ones. Doing rescue 35+ years we have taken in a wide variety of "unadoptables" who blessed us in a variety of ways. We have taken in elderly, ill, handicapped, breed prejudiced, and others. Every one has been worth it. Love does conquer so much! <3

  8. Thanks so much for bringing this subject to everyone's mind. I think that cats and kitties that have disabilities or are black or old are such great cats. They are every bit as good as that cute little furry kitten and an older cat is already broken in so to speak. Take care.

  9. Good for Petfinder to highlight these sweet furries. We're with you, Cody...adoptable pets that have been at the shelter for a long, long time makes us sad too.

    We will help spread the word!
    xo, Katie

  10. First Cody, ya clean up real good dude! Wish I could come to the Red Carpet Twitter party, but we are moving and we haven't done Twitter parties for a couple of months, and I miss them lots

    Yes, please enter me for the bag of goodies

    And I was a less adoptable adult cat. I lived hidden in my cubby bed at my last shelter where Dad and Mom found me. They took me to foster so they could help me become more social able and then get adopted. But the found I had such a long way to go like a year, so they adopted me. I was 4 years old and probably had not played for over a year. We luv the less adoptable and my former shelter Kitty Corner rescues them from our local kill shelter. Thanks Cody for listening to me. Paw pats, Savannah

  11. Ohhhh it's so sad that there has to be "less adoptable pets"...I wish all pets could be adopted right away and none had to be left behind or wait longer. One of my favourite pets was a 5 year old Greyhound that we adopted...and he was awesome! I highly suggest to everyone to be open minded and also provide older pets with forever homes, so they can live out their lives with a loving family :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. @Andrea yay!!

    @Savannah you are a prime example of the incredible love that a less adoptable pet can GIVE when THEY are given the proper love in return!! Before I forget...haven't read comments yet on the Red Carpet post...did you comment there that you wish to be entered? If you did great! If not, please do because that is where I am taking the entries from. Thanks so much!

    @Katie glad to hear it!

    @Marg you make some super good points!

    @McGuffy Ann YOU are an angel...Bless you for all of the good that you have done!

    @Priscilla so true!

    @Tamago I like that "special and different are the great things" :)

    @Ingrid because to you it was just a part of who she was. It didn't make her "different" You loved her just the same

    @Cat from Sydney I LOVE the story of the white kitty!!!

    @Molly we hope so too. You have a terrific Tuesday as well!

    @The Furries...I am embarrassed that I didn't know that :(

  13. There is another one of those pesky myths that need busted. There is no such thing as less adoptable!


  14. this iz a grate post cody; thanx for bringin this topic ta lite...

    even tho eye wear a tux; peepul always pointed N said: oooh, a black kitteh and when eye wuz surrendered ta de shelter, the shelter staff wuz told eye had socialization izzues....

    while eye lived at de shelter eye dinna interact with any peepuls; or de staff purrsons..but that'z coz eye KNEW my new mom wuz stoppin in and her wuz gonna take me home...

    and her did N her doez knot care if eye wear a tux or run round butt nekkid AND eye haz knot hada a socialization izzue since...

    xoxo; eye love ewe mom

    sauce of fishbone; sheriff o trout towne

  15. it makes me so sad to think of all the animals that don't have a home...

  16. I'm planning on doing a post this week. My Auntie says the key to getting special needs pets adopted is to give them really cute names. They have no trouble finding homes for their "less adoptable" pets.

  17. We're on the same page today! Campaigns like this are so important to gradually change the mindset of who and why to adopt.

  18. @Layla "great minds" and only having a week to post this :)

    @Cathy Keisha your auntie is pretty smart! That's an interesting idea! I think more people should try it

    @Hilary me too

    @da tabbies we love you back!

    @Brian you are sooooooo right!

  19. @Brandi omg I almost missed you! Thank you for sharing about the 5 yr old greyhound. I wish more people would do this!

  20. We know so many cats and dogs at PAWS who will make GREAT best friends. They just need a chance.

  21. Thank you for posting this! We believe that ALL animals are adoptable--and we hope to do a post about it sometime next week :)

  22. Having been an identified as a unadoptable pet and was set for death, me is very excited about this!
    Thanks yous Caren and Cody

  23. Ozzy and Cocoa were 7 when we adopted them; 5 years later they are still the friendliest cats in the house! Even people who ordinarily don't like cats think they're great. There are so many cool older cats that need homes that I don't think we'll look for a kitten again.

  24. Efurry Kitty and Woofie deserves a good home! I nefur knew I was "less 'doptable" just cause I am a black kitty. As if! We should be MORE adoptable because we is all so Handsome!!! XOXOXO

  25. We try to adopt less adeptable pets whenever we can. The mom loves some of the pure breeds, but they aren't filling the shelters.

  26. I liked the video!

    This less adoptable label is not good at all. First of all because it is all in people's heads and on top of it, it only takes some people to see or hear the label to get it in their heads and make it true (in their heads).

    As a kid, a black kitty had adopted my human. She loved him and never quite understood what was the problem with some relatives regarding her cat's color. For her, he was her kitty, period. And that's what made him special =^.^=