Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review:Bedtime in the Jungle By John Butler

If you know a little one who is between the ages of 2-6 you must check out this stunningly illustrated and endearingly written rhyming bedtime counting book by John Butler.

The book begins:

"It was sunset
in the jungle,

And the sky was
 streaked with red.

The animals
were calling.

It was nearly
time for bed..."

From the Publisher:
 Mother animals and their babies settle down for the night in this endearing homage to "Over in the Meadow."

This delightful book will take your little one on a mini tour of various animals in the Jungle, a rhino, baby leopards and a wolf, just to name a few.

Each animal that is gorgeously illustrated in this book represents a number from 1 through 10. It is a counting book, but your little one won't realize that they are counting and learning because they will be mesmerized by the captivating illustrations.

This is a children's picture book that is visual perfection and should have just the right calming effect to settle down even the most active tot.

When the animals in this book settle down for the night your little one will want to snuggle up and drift off to slumber with them.

It is the perfect read-aloud book  that will create a wonderful bedtime bonding and learning experience for any child that you may know.

And...when they reach the number 10....there is a SURPRISE!

  • Bedtime in the Jungle
  • Written & Illustrated by John Butler
  • Age 2-6
  • Hardcover: $16.95
  • ISBN: 978-1-56145-486-0
  • Total Pages: 32
  • Size: 9 7/8 x 9 7/8
  • Language: English

There really are no cats in this book other than baby Tigers and Leopards but the children will enjoy it just the same! I thought it was worthy of featuring when I received it because it is so adorable. I received no compensation for this review.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JOHN BUTLER is the acclaimed illustrator of numerous children's books, several of which have featured animals in their natural habitats. Butler lives in England. Visit his website at: 


  1. That cover is just adorable. All those sleepy animals would be a relaxing way to end the evening and put a little one to bed.

  2. Hmm, I'm gonna get Rumblemum to read this one to us...

  3. I love those kitty look creatures as they look cuter than my neighbours. Besides, I'm just 2 years old, may be my mom can read it for me!


  4. Caren, this looks adorable. I've been compiling a list of titles for future purchases for my 1st exciting.

    Give Cody a hug from me.

  5. That does look like a great children's book. What fun. I bet our Mom would enjoy that too. She is merely a child. Take care.

  6. I think my grandbabies would love this book for a bedtime story! They are 2 1/2 & 4 1/2. Love the cover!

  7. Well I am 45 but I love the cover:D!! Rosie says I act like a child some days so I guess that counts! Beautiful book! HAPPY FRIDAY HUGS!!

  8. Mum fell in love with the book's cover.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the review. We are 4 do we could get the book
    Benny & Lily

  10. Big cats and little cats have much in comman and this book sounds adorable. A well illustated book appeals to anyone of any age.

  11. Thanks for this review, I imagine lots of adventures in this story!
    purrs and love

  12. Those are kitties and they sure are cute! Love a good bedtime story!

  13. Sounds a delightful book, and really is there anything cuter than baby animals???

  14. So, so cute! I just adore tigers and that cover illustration is just beautiful.

  15. Sounds like a great children's book. Lovely cover picture.

  16. the cover illustration is delightful :)

  17. Thank you for recommending this. It might make a good birthday present for our nephew who is 4 in March.

  18. Such a great book! We is starting to look at kiddie books again. Guess what? We is going to has 2 new grand babies! My oldest human brother (who alread has 3 boys) and his beautiful wife is having another set of twins!
    Don't tell any body me told yous.

  19. How neat to see all of you in Karen M's "Mews Nooz" today.

  20. @Jan thanks for telling me cause I didn't know! I will have to check it out :)

  21. Cool book idea! Our Mama is building up her classroom library for when she becomes a teacher (this fall, hopefully!) and she is adding this to her wish list. She thinks she already has a similar one based on Over In The Meadow but she can't remember the title!

  22. What precious tigers! My son loves animals--in fact we've been watching Animal Planet and Nat Geo for days!

    He will love this book.

  23. awww kitty cats love to read about baby tigers and lions. Looks like great illustrations too!

  24. We enjoy reading your blog so much that wes has nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award:)
    Click here to read my post about it!

    ....▌♥ ღ Nellie
    .../ \ ღ ♥´´¯`•.¸¸.☆¸.♥´´¯`•.¸¸

  25. That sounds great! We know some teachers, and we will recommend this to them!

  26. Great to see such lovely comments about John Butler's illustrations in his book, Bedtime in the Jungle. Just to say that his adorable illustrations are now available for the first time as prints for little ones to hang on their walls.

    As his daughters, my sister and I have recently set up a family run company - - specialising in baby animal pictures, all featuring the artwork of John Butler. Thought you might like this one in particular -

    We send them worldwide so they are available for children all around the world to enjoy.