Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What a sports day we had here in Detroit yesterday!   "LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS! OH MY!!" "Toto Cody, we are definitely NOT in Kansas Cleveland anymore!"
Detroit Tigers mosaic logo
inside Comerica Park
First, as many of you know, our Detroit Tigers are in the ALCS Playoffs! They are battling the Texas Rangers for the title of American League Champions and should they win, they will be headed to the World Series! The Tigers were playing in Texas yesterday and part of their game overlapped with the NFL's Detroit Lions leonine return to Monday Night Football after a 10 year absence.

The Detroit Lions mascot,
photo courtesy of the Detroit Lions
Giant Lion head
outside Ford Field (Home of the Detroit Lions)
Felines follow me everywhere
Woman in photo isn't me
She is an employee of Ford Field
who is about to be eaten by the Lion
There were a pride of 67,000+ fans (the largest in the history of Ford Field) who roared with pride as the UNDEFEATED Lions definitely showed "da BEARS" who rules the jungle in the "D"!
We have season tickets
here is one of the views
of the field from our seats

Another view from our seats pre-game.
The excitement was as thick as a Lion's mane!
The large screen showed the Tigers game
before the Lions/Bears game started.
Sadly, the Tigers lost Game 2 of the ALCS
Game 3 will be played tonight on FOX
Go get 'em Tigers!

The Lions/Bears game
couldn't have been better!

Gooooooooooooo Lions!!!
Best of luck for the remainder
of the 2011 Season!


  1. Our Mom loves the Lions! She always has! Go Lions!

  2. We can't imagine the mood at the game last night. So happy that you got to be there for this Pawsome season.

    Oskar & Pam

  3. @The Monkeys YAY FOR YOUR MOM!!!! Wooooo hooo!

    @Pam and Oskar OMG Pam it was UNREAL!! Totally UNREAL! it was so good to see people so insanely excited for the Lions. The Defense was going nuts getting the fans all revved up too, the interaction between the Defense and our fans was amazing!!!! TIGERS TONIGHT!

  4. So Pawsome yous gots to see the game live! We watched Canadian Football all day!

  5. That giant lion head is pawesome!!!

  6. Ooh I love this post it brings back many lovely memories - I've been to Ford Field - it was HUGE!!!
    I have a picture of me and my hubby sat under one of the massive bronze lions - we loved it!! =^..^=

  7. We are hoping the Detroit Tigers do get in the World Series.Good luck to them. Take care.

  8. Wow, great seats! Looks like a blast, good luck!!

  9. @Old Kitty lol!! xoxo

    @Stacy and Ellie thank you!! The seats ARE great!

    @Marg thank you sooo much!

    @Kitcaboodles, you need to share that photo on my Cat Chat With Caren & Cody Facebook page! I would LOVE to see it!!!

    @Luxington I know! Isn't it? Thanks so much!

    @The Cat From Hell too cool! Does Bon Jovi still own a Canadian Football team? I thought he did but I am not sure. We are going on Thanksgiving here as well! ((((hugs))))))

  10. Have to admit, the Lions got their due. We're Bears fans in this household...

    Hubby has been screaming for Coach Lovie Smith's head on a stick since last night.

    I did point out to him that Cutler didn't have any interceptions...If anything, he played awesome. Our offensive line - *eyeroll* Some of our receivers need velcro attached to their gloves. And I think our defense took a nap a couple of different times. Those false start penalties didn't help either!

    Going to make Hubby some italian beef for dinner to try and ease his pain...

  11. We watched the game last night and had a great time tweeting about it. We are so happy the Lions won! The crowd was electric on TV!

  12. @chocolate angel, for 10 years the Lions have been playing like crap! I actually am also a Cleveland Browns fan (who are now also, as always playing like crap lol). I pray the Lions continue their winning ways, they deserve it, this city has been waiting too long. On the way back to the bus last night some Chicago guys tried to start some crap w/me. Little did they know who they were dealing with (I am rather psycho lol) I turned around, saw their Chicago clothes and yelled, "Don't jack w/me BEAR BOYS!" They shut up....IMMEDIATELY

    @Abby really!!!?? That is soooo cool! Were we really that loud? It seemed as if we were but I would have loved to have heard it on TV!

    @alittlesprite, it was...for me they are few and far between!

  13. Just checking to see if I can comment. Deb

  14. It sure has been fun being a sports fan in Detroit this week!! Whoohoo!!

  15. I can hardly believe I'm seeing the Niners win some games this year! Well, I was here for the glory-filled Joe Montana years, so I can't complain too much! I do hate the Bears, though.

    And hey, since the Giants couldn't get back to the party this year, I'm glad your Tigers did!

  16. WTH????? I can not believe I am reading this, who stole Caren's blog??
    That is the only explanation that I have for seeing such crazy stuff here!
    LMAO (u know I am kidding) but being a Browns fan I couldn't resist:)

  17. @Deb, well I see that you can! :)

    @jen OMG your comment TOTALLY made my day! You know what? I was just speaking with a dear friend of mine yesterday who is from Cleveland and he was telling me about how great the Lions/Tigers are and I was telling him how awkward it feels for me to be cheering for them (Primarily the Tigers). You are sooo funny! It is easier for me with the Lions since the Browns/Lions are in separate divisions, and, I am a "fair weather fan" (kidding!)...I would LOVE a Browns/Lions Super Bowl but since that will never happen I am going w/who is winning! Same w/the Indians being out of the playoffs! You know what they say "when in Rome..." however, I still bleed Cleveland sports! xoxoxoxo LOVED YOUR COMMENT!

    @Spitty thanks so much! Guess who we are playing this Sunday? San Francisco!! I will be there! :)

    @The Island Cats you got that right fellow Michigander!

  18. Wow, that must have been something! Glad you had such an awesome time!

  19. Yeah, Detroit! We definitely have a lot to be proud of lately. That's exciting that you got to go to the MNF game! Hope you had fun :)


  20. Hi Caren, I dug out the photo and of course my memory was way off - I called it a bronze lion - it was actually a stone tiger - LOL!! It was back in 2007 though and we went to both grounds. I'll have a go at sharing it on your page if I can work it out!! :)