Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Karaoke for Kitties!!! A Benefit For Carol's Ferals!

It doesn’t matter if you sound like Beyonce or a cat in heat, head down to the Clique Bowling Lanes, 533 Stocking NW on Saturday May 7st from 9pm - 1am for a fun and hilarious evening, “Karaoke For Kitties,” a benefit for Carol’s Ferals.

Entrance is only $10, which includes free bowling all night long. You can pay to sing and participate in a silent auction. Rev. Charles Preston Smith will serve as host for the evening and a panel of celebrities will be on hand. A donation to help west Michigan cats can have you crooning with comedian, Stu McCallister. Or maybe a group singalong with Grand Rapids own Grand Raggidy Roller Girls is more your style? If singing ain’t your thing, a few bucks means a celebrity of your choosing has to sing any song you choose.  Or for the bolder, show off your pipes to the crowd all on your own.

“We’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to have a blast while raising money and awareness about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and reducing the stray and feral cat population in our communities,” said Carol Manos, the Executive Director, who will also be on hand to sing her version of Life in the Fast Lane (or in this case, "Life in My Cat Brain").  For more information on this event, visit

Carol’s Ferals is a Grand Rapids, Michigan  based, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.  Carol’s Ferals aims to assist outdoor dwelling cat caregivers with TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) services.  Cats are accepted three nights weekly and are spayed/neutered, treated for fleas and parasites and vaccinated or tested for infectious feline diseases as needed or desired.  Sick or injured cats are treated and returned when in the best interest of the cat and cat population.  Carol’s Ferals advises cat fostering and adoption and does limited adoption of friendly cats and kittens.  For more information, go to:


  1. What a fun idea! We will have to Karaoke from here but don't worry, you will know when we are singing, you will hear the Thunder all the way to Grand Rapids. How else would God cover up my lousy voice? I love to sing but can't carry a tune in a bucket!

  2. Such a great program. Looks like a "fun" way to raise $$$ too.

  3. Wow, what a fun event which is for good cause! I couldn't stop imagining what the consequences would be if all the ten cats of my neighbour joined the karaoke! Gosh, Eva would go crazy, MOL!!!

  4. sounds like a great event and Carol is a great gal for all that she is doing for those kitties!!

  5. HH was born in Michigan... She would go to this for sure if we didn't live in Florida. Sounds great!

    pawhugs, Max

  6. We laughed and laughed at the kitty singing his head off into that microphone - a true rock and roll veteran!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. I had a "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" when I first glanced at this wildly creative poster! This benefit is sure to snag everyone's attention in Michigan! What a fun way to raise money for cats in need!

  8. Sounds like such fun and for a brilliant cause!! Wish we (oh ok me not Charlie! LOL!) could be there!! Yay! take care

  9. @Shawn, don't feel bad, I am the same! lol

    @Old Kitty I thought it was a pretty darned clever idea too, that is why I asked them if I could help promote it. so clever! xoxo

    @The Teacher's Pets I sure hope it does snag a lot of attention! I thought it was so clever too!

    @Hannah and Lucy, the kitty rocks!! lol

    @Max, I think you told me once you were born in Michigan! I had forgotten!! xoxo

    @Bloggin, agreed!

    @Priscilla OMG your neighbor has TEN cats???!!!! OMG!!! Poor Eva! Ohhhh the taunting and the teasing!

    @Mario I thought so too! So much fun!

  10. Looks like a great event!!!

  11. I just love creative ideas, and this one sounds like so much fun!

  12. What a great idea. I will sing from waaaay over here, but you will be sure to hear me. Unfortunately Simba only mimes :)xx

  13. Me shall be there in my imaginations! What a great idea!

  14. @Cat it does! I live about 2 and a half hours away from Grand Rapids or I would go. I love Karaoke!

    @Brian I know!! It is super creative!

    @Princess Jasmine omg you made me laugh when you said that "Simba only mimes" lmao!!! xoxo

    @Nellie, I would love to hear you sing! Wish you and I could be there in purrson!!! Love, Cody

  15. Sounds like great fun, and for a good cause. If I lived in the area, I would drop by and sing a medley of songs written by Steve (my human) about cat food!

  16. It is very interesting...I have not seen before so like thing!

  17. Thank You very much for Your beautiful comments!

  18. Love how that kitty at the microphone's tongue is curled back JUST the way you were writing about yesterday when youmentioned from the book that cats can't stop swallowing string their tongues send food flying "backards" down their throats

  19. That kitty at the microphone looks like he's got some serious emoting going on. What a cute idea to raise money. Good luck with your benefit.

  20. MOL for opportunity to have a blast ..ha..ha
    If you can get the video, This will be super cool !
    Me and my mom is dying to see and laugh : )

  21. I'd go too if I lived in the area :-)

  22. Sounds like a fun evening. One thing, is this karaoke for humans or furries? Cause if it's for furries, we'll have to send Buddy to sing for you. We could use the peace for an evening. :)

  23. @Quasi, if Steve did that I would have to drive the 2 and a half hours to Grand Rapids just to see that!! lol

    @Jan c'mon send Buddy on up!! :)

    @Cat me too...I am two and a half hrs away...a little too far!

    @Mr.Puddy great idea! If I forget, remind me. I will see if they have one!

    @Karen I hope they do super well with the benefit! such a good cause.

    @Admiral Hestorb, hmmmm, now you got me thinking if that kitty was gagging or singing!? lol

    @Amin you are most welcome! I have never seen anything like it before either!

  24. It sounds like so much fun!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. Aunty Caren,
    Hear me (attempt to) sing, OK?
    Ehem.... fly me to the moon....and let me live among the stars... OK or not? purrr...meow!

    ps. don't think Mama's buying any tickets for me.

  26. I'm kind of glad I don't have to listen to that kitteh at the microphone. She looks scary.

    What a great idea, though! Best of luck to them!

  27. What could be better than cats and bowling!
    Wish we lived closer, which reminds me...if we are ever in Michigan for show this summer I will have to look you up:)

  28. @jen...I wish I still lived in Cleveland! lol, then I WOULD be closer! YES! If you come to Michigan this summer I ABSOLUTELY want to see you!! Keep me posted!

    @Spitty lol, she DOES look scary! I love the idea too!

    @Cat-from-Sydney...I think you sing beautifully!! that was one of my Dad's favorite songs, he LOVED Sinatra!

    @Oskar, I know! I love Karaoke! Wish it wasn't quite so far xoxo

    @Yvonne, yes, it is!

  29. Thank you so much for blogging about our event. See you all on CATurday night! It's sure to be a blast!
    ~ Carol

  30. @Carol that was so nice of you to stop by! You are most welcome!! I am hoping that when I tweeted this that a lot of people shared. As you can see by the comments everyone thought the idea was soooo creative to have Kitty Karaoke!! Sadly, only one of the people who commented lives in Michigan (I think)...most of us live to far but I am counting on the retweets that I and some others did with hashtags of Michigan. Hoping you have a fabulous turn out!!!