Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review: "Mitska Says: A Cat's Eye View to Healthy Senior Feline living" By Mitska with help from CC Reider

As anyone who owns a senior cat knows, watching them age can be challenging and oftentimes sad. We are faced with so many questions, "My kitty is exhibiting such and such behavior, is this normal?" "My kitty is going through some physical changes, what's going on?" "My kitty has been diagnosed with such and such, what should I do?"

You will find the answers to many (if not all) of your questions in "Mitska Says: A Cat's Eye View to Healthy Senior Feline Living" as told by Mitska a fifteen year old Maine Coon  kitty who really thinks she is a "young" ten!  There are excerpts and anecdotes from Mitska herself that are charming and frankly I wish there had been even MORE of Mitska in this helpful book. The portions that featured Mitska were some of my favorite moments.

Cats ages 7 and up are considered to be "Seniors". The title "Seniors" brings with it many changes. These changes can be physical, emotional and behavioral and are often quite confusing to the cat that is experiencing these changes and their owners who love them.

Reading this book I was reminded of many things that my Bobo had experienced throughout his Senior years and I couldn't help but think how helpful it would have been to have a book like this to explain some of the changes that he was experiencing. If I had had a book like this it would have alerted me to some things that I would have loved a better understanding of such as:

  • "Senior Conditions & Illnesses"
  • "Veterinarians Answer  Your Questions"
  • "Nutrition And Hydration"
  • "The Scoop On Poop" (love that title!)
  • "Stress"
  • "Pain"
  • "Cat Health Studies"

I have never been  known to be concise in my opinions and in my writing and I think my dear friend Lisa Brewer from Lisa's Cat Lover's Pages  who IS blessed with this ability, summed this book up the best when she said:

"A wonderful book that will give you advice on how to keep your senior cat healthy and what signs to look for. Lovingly written with extensive research and help from veterinarians, this is a must read. You will also find a bit of humor as Mitska gives you advice on humans...Lisa Brewercreator and author of Lisa's Cat Lover's Pages"

To purchase this book please click here

We were not compensated in any way for this review other than we received a complimentary copy.


  1. That actually sounds like a book I could use! I will have to check it out. My cat Morris is sixteen, and it appears that he is starting to slow down. He could probably use the TLC!

  2. Dear Caren,

    My mom is always be a big fan of your book's review. And This is the book my mom is waiting for !!!! something about senior cat with humor ! Mom read so many cat books since she have me. But none of them talks much about senior cats. Just a few page per book or may be one chapter , that was about it !

    But I'm about 2 and a half year old, I don't know why she really want to know about senior. It's a long way to go for me. Any way, Mom always say " We all are getting there ! "

    Thank you , Caren for this review ..It's fabulous !
    And I think my mom is going to get this book, It's on her list : )


  3. Great review, looks like an important reading for all of us that love our cats!
    Thanks a lot!
    Mommy Léia and little Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  4. Awwww - it's incredible to think that kitties 7 years and above are considered seniors - but I guess they are really when seen in human years!

    Thanks for the intro to this very handy book!! Take care

  5. Thanks for the review, we are going to look into reading the book as Mommy has noticed some changes in me. The good news is the Vet says while I may be a senior I has the blood of a two year old. She was very pleased with it. ~Socks, Senior Mancat

  6. @Not just another mother blogger your Mom's cat is 16? This is PURRFECT!! It is a MUST purchase!

    @Artemisia you are welcome! "blood of a 2 yr old?" I am impressed!!

    @Old Kitty, hard to believe for me too, I remember when Bobo was 7 and he no way seemed like a Senior. This book is important because it will walk you through everything!

    @Luna it is and you are welcome!

    @Mr.Puddy awwww thank you! Please tell your Mom thank you! I am so glad she enjoys my reviews! Puddy I didn't realize you are 2 and a half!! You seem so mature for your age!! When your Mom gets the book please let me know what she thinks! Sorry I haven't been around to your blog and others all weekend, I have been super busy and hope to come around later tonight! xoxoxo Love you!

  7. Thanks for the review, Caren!
    You're always an inspiration for me as you're a lady with wits and wisdom and you're so hard-working!
    I'll recommend the book to my neighbours : )

  8. This sounds like a very good book. Lots of informaton that can only help the folks take the bestest of best care that we deserve.

  9. We call our cat Hana, "Senior". But only because her knickname is frog. It's some bar in Mexico I think.

  10. Aunty Caren,
    Seven is senior? I'm still young.


  11. Great review. It sounds like a good book...

    pawhugs, Max

  12. @Priscilla you FLATTER ME! Are you kidding??? YOU inspire ME!!!! xoxo Thank you!

    @Max thank you! It is! I wish I had had it when my Bobo was alive, it would have been a huge help! :(

    @Tom/Cat-from-Sydney, yep 7 is senior!! Sorry I haven't been around this weekend, I hope to make the round to the blogs tonight! I had no time!

    @Sharon Wagner "some bar in Mexico" lmao!! ((((hugs))))

    @Gracie, THANK YOU! You said it a ZILLION times better than I did! xoxoxo So true!

  13. We aren't old enough to be senior yet but mum was surprised senior starts at 7 she thought it was around 12. The one you came before was almost 20 when she went to the Bridge and she could still get up on the garage roof in 2 jumps!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. @Hannah and Lucy, yep! 7 is considered senior!! I remember from my Bobo. Wow a 20 yr old kitty on the garage roof! Amazing!! xoxoxo Love you!

  15. Hahaha, all of us here are seniors, not only the cats but our human too. Yes, all of us may not be as agile or youthful but we have each other and love keeps us together -- The Chair :)

  16. @The Chair, I love that sentiment. You aren't alone. My husband is considered to be a senior for certain things (he is 61)....I am heading there too...I am 55...(GASP!!) But mentally I am 27 where I shall remain! lol

  17. Sounds like a good one for our kitty friend's mom
    Benny & Lily

  18. Sounds like good info. Feline medical research has certainly come a long way.

  19. That really does sound like it could come in handy, thanks for sharing it!

  20. @Benny and Lily I bet they would love it!!

    @The Whiskeratti it is super good info and you are exactly right, "feline medical research has certainly come a long way"

    @Brian it most certainly will!! You are welcome!!

  21. Dear Carren and Cody,
    This is a great review! Me is a senior cat and Mommy is thinking she should read a book about senior cats.

  22. @Nellie, Ohhhh I think your Mommy should get it for sure!! She will find it to be very helpful!

  23. Mom says I will be 12 on my purrday in that makes me a very senior kitty. But I don't feel a day over 3!

    This sounds like a book Mom should have though.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  24. Hey, if you found me today I should always be there! Glad you found me without any problems!

  25. This is an awesome book. I enjoyed it and learned so much

  26. SEVEN -- a SENIOR???? I don't THINK so! I am a young manly mancat in my PRIME! And I say Pfft to being called a "senior."

    SMILE when you say that, Mitska!

  27. @Abby, just remember...age is merely a number!! You are as young as you feel! xoxo

    @Spitty...Mitska IS smiling! lol. I think you are one handsome mancat and I would have never thought you were a senior kitty! You just get better with age!

    @Lisa ditto!

    @Brian I sure did!! I am happy I didn't lose you!!! xoxo

  28. Excellent review - as always. Sounds like a great book.

  29. @Fin thank you! It is! It is a great guide for the Senior kitty! :)

  30. Sounds like a very handy resource for all people who have a cat in the family.


  31. My baby and I are learning by the seat of our furs..or rather her furs. Sounds like a most excellent book and I may just get it.

    xoxox to you and Cody

  32. @K9 it most definitely is!!

    @Admiral I am STILL learning by the "seat of my furs" and I certainly did with my Bobo! I think it is a great book for you to get for sure! xoxoxoxo back to you and your Mommy!

  33. I think many humans hope their kitties to stay young and healthy...but they age as we do. It sounds like a wonderful book!

  34. Great review! My mama bought the book. My brofur is 9 and I just turned 7, so we are both considered senior I guess. It's hard to believe since we both act so young! Still, as mama says, knowledge is power.

  35. @Tamago so was so hard for me when my Bobo became 18 and experienced so many problems. It was so sad :(

    @Athena thank you!! YAY!! I am so happy your Mama bought the book! Please let me know what she thought of it! I agree with your Mama "knowledge is power" I agree with you though, 7 and 9 seem so young!

  36. It is sad to see our furry friends ageing and any advice we are given to help them is always welcome.