Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13th Funny-Welcome Back "Blogger!"

To be sung to the tune of the theme song  from the hit 1970s TV show,  "Welcome Back Kotter"

Welcome back, your site maintenance  was your ticket out.
Welcome back to that same old place that we hang about.
Well the blogs have all changed since we hung around,
But our blogger friends still  remain and they've updated now.
[ Lyrics from: ]
Who'd have thought you'd lead us (Who'd have thought you'd lead us)
To WordPress  (if you continue to screw us!)

Yeah we tease you a lot cause we've got ya on the spot,
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!!!


Let's hope that after Blogger's scheduled "hour long maintenance" that turned into at least 14 hours long, you and I are spared anymore Friday the 13th shenanigans!! Superstitions? Coincidence? YOU decide!


  1. We--and the mom--are very happy (a) to see Blogger back and (b) that we haven't posted since last week. We see that not all previous posts are restored yet, wouldn't wanted to have lost anything. :-P

    Happy weekend to all.

  2. Lol I love it! I didn't actually notice it was down :( Toooo busy!

  3. I lost a great post, so Post Mortem comes to mind! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. That was awesome! We are setting up a secondare wordpress version of the blog just in case, and are going to increase our exports for sure!

  5. MOL!!Purrfect! It has been frustrating.

  6. @Fuzzy, another person mentioned that too. Thanks for reminding me. I have to check, I didn't check to see if I lost anything. Thank you! Have a great weekend!

    @Stacy and Ellie, thank you!! Ohhhh you missed all of the "fun?" lol!!! It was down since late afternoon yesterday :)

    @Brian ohhhh noooooo!! I am soooooooo sorry!!! I lost the link you sent me to your other blog....if you get a sec would you mind please re-sending? Or...if you do post it again on Blogger I can just look for it here. thank you!! xoxoxo

    @Amy thank you!!! You are smart to set up a second version (WordPress version)....I have my dog's blog on WordPress but there are things I can do on Blogger that I can't do on WordPress (unless I haven't figured it out). That is smart of you though! xoxo

  7. @The Whiskeratti thank you!!! OMG I know! It started with me last Thurs/Fri. Blogger deleted the blogs I was following. Then late yesterday I came on wanting to catch up on reading the blogs and I couldn't. Today I came on early this am (like so many others) and couldn't post. It was actually lucky for me because I thought I had a guest post for today. I contacted the person and never heard from her. Blogger saved me cause I don't write my blogs in advance (I should, but I don't). Hopefully all will be fine now!

  8. I kind of enjoyed the break! Does it make me a bad blogger? lol

  9. I am happy it is finally back up but Where oh Where did my Earlier Posts Go, Oh Where oh Where Can They Be??

  10. Yes blogger has been a pain. I lost a post too. Who knows if we ever see them again. Never mind onwards and upwards as they say.. Hugs GJ xx

  11. Yep, frustrating for sure. Could get in to get a link to my current post - an interview.

    Cute way to welcome back blogger, hehehe

  12. WE've been blogging for awhile and this is the first time we've encounter anything of this magnitude with blogger.
    I couldn't find out what was going on and finally ran onto a site that monitors all the major blogs, twitter, Fb etc....yesterday Yahoo mail was down the same time that Blogger was. And TWITTER has been having outages today along with Tumblr. So it happens, just usually not 20+ hours. I missed not being able to visit our furfriends last night, but Blogger is saying that all deleted posts and comments will be restored.

    And I agree with you about WP!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  13. Come on over to Wordpress. It was so hard on us WPers not to be able to connect with you blogspotters. I really missed this!

  14. @Julia...if it does...then it makes me a bad one too....shhhh.....I enjoyed it too! lol.

    @Nadbugs, I have Dakota's blog on WordPress. Cody's is staying put for the time being! (unless Blogger has other plans!) You were so sweet to say you missed us! Thank you!

    @Abby and Gang, I agree with you. I am certain you have been blogging longer than I have. (it will be 2 yrs for me in Oct)...I also have never seen anything like this happen with Blogger. I guess they are entitled. Yep I agree about WP. There are all kinds of things I can't do there that I CAN do here!

    @Linda thank you! Yep it was frustrating but I agree with Julia, it was kind of a guilty pleasure! lol

    @GJ they are saying they will be restored! I sure hope yours is. Thankfully I didn't post yesterday :)

    @Shawn I am happy they are back up to! They say your posts will be back! I hope so!

  15. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to get back on Blogger. I already have a blog on Wordpress so it would be no problem for me to go right on over there. Blogger finally let me on to visit and make comments and it appears they restored all my posts.

    Would love to have seen the picture of Cody on the table. Thank you for all your great comments on my posts. Love them. Hugs and nose kisses from all of us for you and Cody.

  16. Thanks COD ! Mom had been so frustrating. This morning, when Blogger is back to normal and all of the sudden. My mom can't use anything on internet ! even load Google Page ! Took her almost an hour to get back on....This is really night mare ... MOL


  17. I'm so glad they are back up. I was wanting to get caught up with my blog reading yesterday, only to be thwarted by the Blogger gods. Glad they've relented :)

  18. We are glad to have blogger back. We wanted to share our mum's news but bad blogger made us wait.

  19. I have my old MSN Spaces blogs (almost 6 years worth) on Word Press and some since they were ransferred. Admiral seems to take all of my time though. She always wants me here helping her..which I do as she is the boss.


  20. @Mumsy I am so glad that all of your posts and all have been restored, I felt so bad for the people that that happened to! Ohhhh you may still see Cody's table photo (didn't come out that great though)....I took it today and haven't posted it on the blog yet :)

    @Admiral OMG you have been blogging for SIX YEARS!!??? OMG boy do I ever admire you!! Yes, our kitties are "the boss" and they don't ever let us forget it!

    @Eric & Flynn, I am glad Blogger is back too! I am going to go and look for your post now!

    @Vicky, same with me. I was behind a day or so on my blog reading and was trying to do the same when the Blogger Gods got all of us!

    @Mr.Puddy all seems to be ok now! Your comment on Facebook was one of the first ones that I saw about it. Once I saw you were having trouble too then I knew it wasn't just me! Actually in a way it turned out to be a good was God's way of giving us a little blog break! lol

  21. LOL - That was great. It's so good to be back. I was thinking about Wordpress, but I'm happy to be back on blogger.

  22. Very funny! It was like a limb was gone!

  23. Yikes! That was quite something! We have been out of the loop and very behind this past week and when we finally could go visit yesterday, we couldn't leave comments. Bummer. Glad it's all working now. PS: We like Cody's new litterbox cabinet it is very classy! Have a great weekend!

  24. Sigh. My Human is sooo useless. She can't build cat condos and she couldn't even fix Blogger.

  25. Hi Caren & Cody,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, Writers and Kitties is a wonderful site!

  26. Yes what would be do without our blogs!! That's it you tell them we will all go to Wordpress if they don't smarten up lol...

  27. Aunty Caren,
    For us, trouble (aka Blogger God) started Wednesday afternoon. Then it came back sometime midnight till wee hours of Thursday. went dead!!!! Shouldn't we rename Blogger Lazarus, now that it has resurrected itself? We're backing up all of our entries (since 2006) into Microsoft Word. You never know with these IT Gods. Oh yeah, welcome back Blogger or should we say, Hail Lazarus! purrrr....meow!

  28. @Yvonne I am happy to be back too! I have Dakota's blog on WordPress, while there are things I do like about WordPress I think I prefer Blogger :)

    @Cat-from-Sydney omg it started Wed? That's right, you are ahead of us on time...backing up is a good idea, I should do the same! "Hail Lazarus" lol

    @Denise lol yeah!! We will all go to WordPress! (who I heard crashed about a week ago! lol)

    @Quasi you are welcome! Thanks for visiting us as well!

    @Spitty I feel the same...our Moms are worthless lol, love Cody

    @Cloon we have missed you! look what you came back to! lol Blogger just wanted to keep us on our toes! Thanks about the litter box! Thank goodness Cody loves it!

    @Fin it was like we lost a limb! I kept looking at the page I couldn't get into going "Ohhhhhhhh nooo!"

  29. Lost a limb is not the word for it! I am away from my studio, took my netbook with me only to find out that there is no WI-FI. Found out I lost blogger while squinting at my phone screen!

  30. Me and Charlie are singing away, lovely Caren and Cody and Dakota!!! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaaaaaaaack!!!

    :-) Take care

  31. Totally jacked me up, it was like missing my next hit of crack.

  32. Marmie is very curious why so many pet bloggers use Blogger as their platform. In the healthy living blogging world, Wordpress is king. Also, almost every blogger that blogs about the process of blogging recommends Wordpress too. She's been wanting to ask someone about this for a long time.

  33. To funny Caren! Mommy was laughing so hard, gingerale came out her nose and she coughed and coughed! It was totally hilarious!

  34. @BayColony oh noooooooo!

    @Nellie/The Cat From Hell lmao!! THANK YOU! YOU made ME laugh soooo hard with your comment! OMG!! I hope you are ok!! xoxo

    @Link ok I need to have the whole page to respond but I will try and make it short. As a blogger who uses both Blogger and WordPress there are advantages and disadvantages to both. The issue I have with WordPress (among many) are I cannot put badges and other things on WordPress that I can do on Blogger. (Now I admit there might be a way but I am not technologically savvy and have not found a way to do it) could easily be me and my shortcomings. My blog is sponsored by The Oakland Press (a local newspaper here) and they have me set up to Blogger. When I first started blogging I knew nothing....I had to teach myself to navigate etc and I find Blogger to be much more user-friendly for a novice blogger than WordPress is. I think someone just starting out would have a much harder time with WordPress. They both have distinct advantages and disadvantages...for now...I will keep Blogger for Cat Chat and leave Dakota's blog on WordPress. But, you are right, most blogging newsletters praise WordPress much more heartily than they do Blogger.

    @Mrs Tuna...ONLY YOU!!! I trust the "crack" you are talking about is sniffing the sidewalk kind of "cracks" correct????? Hehehe

    @Old Kitty we can hear you and Charlie from here!!!! We THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are happy to be back! Sorry we didn't get to go around to the blogs on Saturday...I was at a wedding shower and ran out of time later in the day. Hope to catch up tonight after I read a book I have to review for tomorrow's blog! xoxoxo

  35. What a crazy frustrating day it was!