Friday, May 6, 2011

A New Litter Box Deserves Nothing But The BEST-We Love World's Best Cat Litter!

The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  Around the time of my birthday, my Mom and I were given the opportunity of testing/reviewing World's Best Cat Litter.
We tested the clumping formula
for one or two cats
It also comes in
Multiple Cat Clumping Formula
and Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula
Available in 7, 8, 17 and 34 pound bags
"it's quite simply the best clumping cat litter on the market!"
At the same time Mom was having an extra room turned into an office for her us. She was going to finally move my litter box out of the room that would become her  our office  and move it into it's permanent home,  the our, bathroom (we're "roomies!!").

Mom  ordered me a new litter cabinet for my birthday, (it was about time! I had been using Grandpa Bobo's old, nasty litter box forever!) which would hide the litter and at the same time give me some much needed mancat privacy.
"This box has
 so many pieces!"

"let's see, we put a bolt here and another there"

Mom tried her hardest but after spending hours trying to put the box together she had to have her friend Cheryl come and finish it for her.
"Finally! It's finished! See the  old litter box to the right?
Mom was afraid I wouldn't use the new box

with new cat litter (she has such low expectations of me! Geeze!)
 and left the old litter box in the bathroom for a few days.

I thoroughly inspected the new litter box
and the new litter,
  it completely conformed with  my standards of excellence"

They even sent me this great mat to catch the litter. My Mom LOVES that this litter doesn't track all over the floor as much as the other litters that Mom used to buy for me.

This is how World's Best Litter looks in the litter tray. Don't worry! Mom scooped it and FLUSHED IT so you wouldn't see my "business"!! (yep, this litter is FLUSHABLE! It is safe for septic tanks, whatever those are). That is one of Mom's favorite parts of this litter. She also likes that it is:

That way, when I lick my paws and clean myself I am not eating all of that gravelly old litter that I used to eat. I am eating something that won't hurt me or cause a blockage. Mom was worried at first about my allergies possibly flaring up with this litter, but so far so good!! I haven't had any flareups!

Mom also likes that this litter works great on litter box smells (she did notice that World's Best Cat Litter  now has a new lavender scented formula  and she is waiting for that to be in the stores so she can buy it because she loves the scent of lavender).

Mom was very happy that she can purchase this litter at three stores that aren't far from our house! (PetSmart, Kroger and Pet Supplies Plus!)

Finally, here are four more things that Mom LOVES about  World's Best Cat Litter:





So guys, that's the dirt SCOOP on this litter! Mom is officially sold on it and you know what the best part is????

SO AM I!!!!

Mom and I were not compensated in any way for our my opinion. We were given a bag of World's Best Cat Litter to try and the great litter mat. Now, if you will kindly excuse me. I must go and make a "deposit."


  1. Cody,
    I've always liked great litter stories....purrr...meow!

  2. Mannnn.... I wish we got this kinda cool stuff out here.

  3. We have been using World's Best for years. To make up for it not tracking as much as other litters, Binga enjoys flinging it all over the place. (Actually, she does that with ANY litter, not just World's Best!)

  4. WOW Cody! That is one fancy litter box!

  5. That's awesome Cody !!!!

    Nice, Private and Good Looking Litter Box : )
    But I cracked up when you said " it was about time! I had been using Grandpa Bobo's old, nasty litter box forever! " Ha..Ha..Ha..Finally !

    I didn't get the good looking litter box like you but my mom used to buy me the Cat Litter ( lavender scented ), But I won't use it.It's just smell too beautiful for me. I love the clay one. If you use it tell me how it go. : )


  6. Do you happen to know how much it retails for? I shop at Kroger often and would love to try it, if it's not too expensive. Love that litter box cabinet. I need to get one for Alice!

  7. Cody - Congrats on your new bathroom! Isn't it wonderful to have one that smells just like you...only?

  8. You are one fancy pants cat Cody. Glad u like the box and litter.

  9. Wow... that's a beautiful litter box... Love it.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Thanks for the info, Cody! Glad you are happy with your new bathroom. Socrates hasn't been too happy with his, maybe he'd like this too.

  11. @Cat-from-Sydney lol thanks!

    @Hilary thank you! Well the litter box is new but I share the bathroom w/Mom so we won't go there! MOl!

    @Michelle, Hi! Mom said her bag was 8 lbs for around $8. If you click above where I darkened "World's Best Cat Litter" it will take you to the site and you can check it out further. Mom said to tell you she is EXTREMELY happy with this litter and has officially switched over to this. The flushable part was a huge selling point and the box stays cleaner because of the way the litter clumps more readily than some of the less expensive litter.

    @Mr.Puddy thanks for that information! Hmmmm Mom said to tell your Mom THANK YOU and she may have to give that some thought. Mom is thinking she could mix some of the lavender with the regular one and that then maybe it wouldn't be too "beautiful" smelling for me. Glad you liked the part about Grandpa Bobo!!! xoxoxo

    @Alittlesprite, Mom and I LOVE IT! It is also useful...Mom keeps stuff on top of it!

    @Sparkle that is the seal of approval that works for me! The fact that you have used it for years means it IS as fantastic as I was saying. I like to throw my litter too...ohhhh boy do I, but with the new cabinet Mom notices I am not throwing it the way I used to!

    @Rumblepurr, mom ordered the cabinet online...the litter she bought in the store. Maybe cause it is called "World's Best Cat Litter" it will eventually be available to purchase all over the world!

  12. Okay - I'm sold buddy. We'll be moving to an apartment this summer probably and the cabinet might work out great for a bathroom that I'd have to share. So you sold me on that. You also sold me on the letter because not having it track so much in the bathroom would be an extra bonus.

  13. WOW!! Yay for doing a brilliant job snoopervising mum and Cheryl, lovely Cody!!!! Me and Charlie are in AWE!! The loo cabinet is just purrfect!! The litter sounds amazing too!! Thanks for the review! Take care

  14. This litter sounds great! Mom used to buy me lavendar scented litter. No more. How was I supposed to know that potpourri and litter were not the same thing. It was in a really big bowl and I loved the lavendar scent. ~Sebastian =^..^=

  15. I was in the process of trying the WBCL when Jimmy came to live with us last November. I liked the idea that it was envrio friendly and not harmful if ingested. However, Jimmy had a lot of skin problems and itchiness/patches/scabs etc back then and the vet said it could be allergies and to change the litter back to clay. It turned out that Jimmy had a staph infection and not an allergy but I never switched back, because I had heard that cats don't like change in the litter area. My only complaint about the WBCL is that I found the corn VERY dusty, more so than the clay and there was a sort of fine yellow powder all over the floor. Btw, the cabinet looks great!

  16. Cody, did you notice whether or not the litter has dust? Mommy is trying to get away from that dusty know the kind..very well known. She bought wheat litter which is not dusty but it tracks terribly all over the house despite the carpet between the litterbox and all over the house. Mommy and I do not like perfumed litter and the wheat litter doesn't have a fragrance..a plus. Mom said when she cleans my box every day there is no worry with but finding non perfumed litter is hard. I have allergies and the perfumy smells in these other litters I use are overpowering smells that cling to my furs.

    So mom is still looking for a better litter..

  17. I most certainly will be trying it sounds great!!! LOVE your new LOO!!!! Very fancy and so NOT litterboxy looking:D!!

  18. Wow! You've your own powder room!!! It looks so neat and fashionable too. Lucky Cody, your mom is the best mom in the world.

  19. Dear Cody (and Caren),
    What a cool litter box! Wes had to take the lid off ours cause it would not fit under the sink in the bathroom in the big house! When the little warm room gets re-done, maybe me can get a nice box too!.
    We will have to see if wes can find that litter. Kisses

  20. @Diane, nooo I'm not a "fancy pants!!" lol. I was living with that old rickety box for 4 years! Mom was tired of the mess!

    @Nellie, thank you! They have the same cabinet in all sorts of colors...I ordered it from an ad on Karen's blog....(can't think of the name, maybe she will stop by and tell us). Hope you can get one!

    @Priscilla well, I share it with Mommy but yes it keeps the litter sooo much neater and this way we finally got the litter in the bathroom where it belongs! Mom doesn't like litter boxes in the bathroom where you can see the litter. Awww my Mom is great but I think you are BOTH the best! xoxo

    @Bloggin thank you! If you try it please let me know what you think!

    @Admiral Hestorb..Mom said to tell you she thinks it is MUCH LESS dusty than normal litter, but...the fact that it is enclosed might be helping with that. To be honest there is still tracking of the litter (which I am not thrilled about. But I think there is nothing that can be none about that. I am a "digger" in the box which doesn't help the situation either. I kick and dig the litter. This particular formula of WBCL is not scented. You can slightly smell the corn but it is not a perfumy scent. Mom will have to think about the lavender one if she will really get it based on everyone's feedback. But she DOES like this formula of WBCL.

    @Cat I was super worried about Cody's allergies as well and so far so good. I think I have been using the litter for about a week now and he has had no flare ups. I did read that you said that Jimmy's scabs were from an infection. I was SUPER worried about changing Cody's litter that is why for a few days I kept his old box in the bathroom. I wanted him to walk by the new one and check it out and get used to the smell. When I took the old box out I literally picked Cody up a couple of times during the day and put him in the box like I did when he was a kitten. I also took the scooper and scraped around hoping the scent from the old box would be transferred in. He did fine!!!

    @Sebastian, uh-oh!! Are you saying that you stopped using the litter box when your Mom used the lavender scent? Hmmmmm I may have to think about it! Thanks for the info!

    @Old Kitty thank you!! We are super happy with it! xoxo Hugs to you and Charlie!

    @Max thank you!! We love it too!

    @Yvonne thank you! I bet Socrates would love it!! Mommy said to tell you she LOVES the name Socrates cause she majored in Rhetoric and minored in Philosophy!! That is why Mom is so "out there" MOL!

    @Mario, the litter cabinet is PERFECT for small spaces. That is why Mom got it too. We used to keep the litter box in the room that is now "our" office and dust was EVERYWHERE all the time. When Mommy redid the room her goal was to get the litter box OUT of it. She found the cabinet on Karen's website...(it was a small ad) is perfect. BUT...there IS still tracking. I want to be honest about that. I think it is nearly unavoidable. The tracking seems to be confined to the bathroom though so that is good. It just annoys Mom cause she shares a bathroom with me. But it DOES still track. I think it might track less but it does track. xoxoxoxo

  21. Well, if dat doesn't beat all! We's use the pine litter but dat one looks even betters cuz you can scoop the poopies!

    Mom loved da look of your new powder room..we need one for our other house!
    Have a rompin', stompin' weekend,

  22. That was a great review, Cody. And your new litter cabinet is really cool! If there is less dust, it clumps well, AND it is flushable, we may just have to check it out.

    Caren: thank you for stopping by, and for your wonderful comment yesterday! We always enjoy visiting you guys, so there's absolutely no need to apologize for not following us sooner ... we sure are glad you are following us *now*, though! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Kevin (meowmeowmans)
    Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  23. Hmm that sounds like good stuff. I wonder if our crazy cats will use it? Maybe we'll try it out, the idea of corn is a good one, but our kitties are fussy!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. There are so many things about that setup that our mom would like to try, but she's a bit afraid to. She's not sure we'd like to be enclosed while we do our business, and she's not sure we'd like new litter. After having a cat who had lots of issues 'outside the litter box', she hates to tempt fate, since both of us are Good. But she did use some lavender scented litter for a long time, and she loved it. But then, all of a sudden, she hated it. She's fickle.

  25. That is what we switched to about a year ago and we love it!

  26. We've been using this cat litter for over a year now and it's fantastic! Especially when you consider how toxic the dust from most commercial cat litter is for the cats. I haven't seen the lavender scented one, but I would love it..I don't know if the girls would, but hey, I'm the one that has to clean the box right? ;)

  27. @Scrappy Grams it is! It is great!

    @Wendy YAY! You love it too! I think it is soooo good! If you try the lavender please let me know what you think. I am still dying to try it!

    @Brian I am so glad you are using it too! all of these great recommendations. I just love it!

    @OKCats-I feel so bad for people like yourself that have cats with litter box issues. I am lucky I guess because each time I had a cat I only had one cat (the odds would increase obviously that one would have litter box issues when you have a number of cats) I really feel bad.I was worried about Cody with the box, that is why I kept the old box around for a few days. I hoped the scent would waft over to the new box. So far so good! He seems to really like his privacy in it.

    @Oskar most kitties are fussy! that's why they are kitties and not dogs lol....TRY IT!

  28. @meowmeowmans awww thank you!! Yes everything you stated is true, it DOES still track though but I truly think that overall the dust is considerably less. We have some real cat owner experts on this page, Brian, Sparkle, etc who use it and that in itself is a great endorsement! Seriously I was appalled with myself! I thought all that time I was following you! YES! I AM NOW FOR SURE!! xoxoxo I hope all of you have a great weekend!! xoxoxo

    @Chloe and Cecil "have a rompin stompin weekend" I LOVE IT!! You too! xoxo

    @Katnip Lounge, yes!! Definitely! Let us know what you thought of it when/if you do!

  29. This stuff is all the buzz!

  30. Cody, your new litter box is very stylish! We're glad you like the World's Best. Our mom tried to switch us to it but Pip, who is very picky, wouldn't accept the change even with transition, and Minnie liked to sit at the litter box and eat the stuff! So as much as we try to be eco friendly, litterbox-wise we aren't...sigh...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  31. @CatLady Diary yes it is, we got on the bandwagon late!

    @Cara thank you! I am sorry but I couldn't help but laugh about Minnie sitting there and eating the litter! I have to admit that I was worried about Cody doing exactly the same. So far, so good....he hasn't!

  32. Thanks for sharing your review! A flushable litter sounds great, and I am all for non-clay litter (we use cedar shavings and wood pellets). I love that litter cabinet, too - so much nicer to look at than a regular ol' litter box.

  33. That's the fanciest cat toilet I've ever seen ha ha! Love it :)

  34. I was considering the furniture -that -houses -the -litter box but the dimensions were rather small. Jean Pierre is my largest kitty and even the his business drops outside the box. Oops.
    So I opted not to buy. But then I tried World's best litter. Definitely less toxic for cats I suppose but then my dog was eating corn coated tootsie rolls! Oh no! Also, it doesn't mask odors. So I reverted back to my favorite brand "Scoop Away".

  35. When I see it in the store, I will try it! Thanks for the review. It sounds great and I love the litter box!
    Have a wonderful day!

  36. Such elegance Cody. Plus a new bathroom will increase your home's value. :)

  37. I tried it years ago but was disappointed in its clumping ability. Maybe they have improved since then. I love lavendar scents, so perhaps I'll give it another go.

  38. I love this! I have 2 cats also and need to keep the dogs away from the litter box since they tend to try to eat it! What a cute way to keep the dogs out of it and make the room like nice at the same time! Happy mothers day to u!

  39. Great review, Cody!! That new litter box sure is fancy! You're right, your Mom needs to give you a little more credit! A refined ManCat like yourself clearly has no problem adjusting to the finer things in life! :)

  40. Late congrats on your new twalette! ke ke ke Here's a best keep secret, specially if you have a large kitty fam; Purina Layena Crumbles Chicken Feed. Yup, it about the same stuff as world's best at half the price. So head on over to your closest Feed Store and throw a 20 pound bag in your truck!