Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meet Your Best Friend At The Zoo!!

Saturday & Sunday
May 14 & 15, 2011

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Detroit Zoo

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The Michigan Humane Society and the Detroit Zoological Society will host the 19th annual spring Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo, sponsored by PetSmart Charities, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 14, and Sunday, May 15, at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak. Hundreds of adoptable dogs, cats, puppies and kittens will be available for immediate adoption from MHS and more than 20 additional organizations at the largest off-site pet adoption event in the country.

There is no charge for admission or parking for this event, 
which is held in the Detroit Zoo front parking lot.

Last year, the spring Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo event found homes for 498 animals. Since its inception in 1993, the event has helped more than 16,000 animals find new, loving families.

Adoption policies and fees are set by each participating group and not by event sponsors. Adopters must present a driver’s license or state ID card. All dogs and cats will have received a medical checkup and age-appropriate vaccinations.
 For health and safety reasons, please leave current pets at home.

Participating Groups:

Adopt-A-Pet, Animal Rescue Connection, AuSable Valley Animal Shelter, Best Buddy Pet Rescue, Canine Companions Rescue Center, Faerie Tales Cat Rescue, Greater Hillsdale Humane Society, Humane Society of Livingston County, Internet Miniature Pinscher Service (IMPS), K-9 Stray Rescue, Last Chance Rescue, Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, Manistee County Humane Society, Metro Area Animal Adoption Association, Michigan Greyhound Connection, Michigan Humane Society, Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue, Midwest Small Breed Rescue, Missaukee Humane Society, Oakland County Animal Care Center, Precious Animal Welfare Society (P.A.W.S.), Roscommon County Animal Shelter, Sanilac County Humane Society, St. Joseph County Animal Control, Tigerlily Cat Rescue, WAG Animal Rescue.

The event will be held under tents in the Detroit Zoo front parking lot,
 beneath the signature water tower,
 located at 8450 W. 10 Mile Road in Royal Oak


  1. Mommy and I were the first one and silly mommy exited out before she typed in the secret word!! Grrr, she wanted to be first!

    I had asked Cody to please save a few treats under the sifa and email me when they were there so I could come over and share with him. I was a GOOD girl and had MY treats, the speacial ones, this morning.

  2. Cool!!! What a fun day at the zoo!
    It's really great that there are so many caring Michigan people (is it called Michigander?) who are trying their best to help our little furfriends.
    I hope it's a big success and lots of our little friends can find their furever homes.

  3. You ARE first Admiral!! Did you mean on this post? You ARE first!!

    Cody said to tell you he is definitely hiding treats for you!! He would love to share them and he is so happy that you are eating!!! You are soooo special to us!!! We love you!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful event. Our PETCO is having a weekend event and I hope this weekend, many fur babies find their furrever homes!

    We have been so happy with our Winston. It took me about two years of debating, and looking, before I found just the right little guy and he is amazing.

  5. What a great event - hope ti goes well. Thank you for your concern and purrs for Chica.

  6. Hi Caren and Cody,

    Wow! What a wonderful event! We are purring and praying (and have paws and fingers crossed, too!) that many, many animals are adopted this weekend.

    Have a terrific day, dear friends. :)

    Kevin ("meowmeowmans")

  7. I hope that lots n lots of kittehs and doggies find their forever homes at this event!!

  8. How great that you are promoting this event! I hope your efforts help spread the word so those poor animals will find forever homes this weekend!

  9. What a great event! Hopefully a lot of pets will find there forever homes!

  10. @Priscilla, yep we are "Michiganders!!" you got it exactly right! It was a rainy day today...hope a lot of the babies were adopted!

    @Jen I hope so too!

    @The Teacher's Pets thank you! Actually I didn't know about it til I was watching the news this morning. Saw it and thought it belonged on the blog so I stole their info! lol. Don't think they will get upset having another pair of hands spread the word!

    @Julia I hope so too!

    @Kevin hi! We had a great day! Actually I had to go to a wedding shower but it was a lot of fun! Was gone the entire day. Hope you are having a great day too! Love to you all!

    @Cats of Wildcat Woods I hope it goes well too! You are welcome! Sending you lots of ((((hugs)))))

    @Shawn you made me smile sooooo huge when you just wrote about Winston (that name is PERFECT for him!) I am so happy that you are thrilled with him! I hope your Petco event is a HUGE success too!!

  11. My people have been to this before & really enjoyed it!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. That cool event, Caren !
    I like this event to help the pet get adopted and it's so nice all dogs and cats will have received a medical checkup and age-appropriate...That's so cool !

  13. Hey--I wonder if my Human could go to this event and adopt me a nice BIG furry friend? One that roars? And would make sure we get our way ALL the time?

  14. @Oskar it is such a great event! I just wish it wasn't raining!

    @Spitty what a fantastic idea!!! A LION!!!! lol!!!!! Are you sure you would want to do that? He would be KING!!

    @Mr Puddy I love this event too!! I wish you lived here so you could come and visit it! Thanks for your enthusiasm!! xoxoxo

  15. Since we were all adopted through our local humane societies and rescue groups, we're keeping our paws crossed that all the deserving pups and kitties find great new homes. Have a great Sunday Caren and Cody!

    Chris, Gidget, Rosie and Lola

  16. Under no circumstances would you catch me within 500 miles of this event. I'm having separation grief just hearing about it. I torment myself every time I go into PetSmart by deliberately steeling myself to straight to the adoption corner and gaze -- unblinking -- at the little ones available there. Thinking maybe it'll get easier with practice. Nope. Never is.

    I still can't get out of my mind's eye one little gray and silver and blue-steel fella with stripes. [sniff]

  17. That's such a great idea! I love it!!
    On a separate note...a big Thank You, and tons of gratitude, for helping our dear friend, Doreen! xo

  18. @wildcats, I am also hoping that a lot of pets found furever homes! Not sure how the turnout was, in POURED here in Michigan the entire day. I bet that had to have affected the turn out. So sad :(

    @Amin, yes it is!

    @Nadbugs I am exactly like you. Whenever I am in PetSmart I look at the kitties and the doggies and it is so hard for me to leave. The cats in the cages tear me apart. It is times like these I wish I had acres upon acres to take ALL of them home. I always say if I ever win the lottery I will open a no-kill shelter....then I could help as many kitties and doggies as possible. Awww your little gray fella you mentioned just tore me up!

    @Cindylu you are welcome!!! I wish I could do more! xoxoxo Thank YOU for all of YOUR help today....( I am STILL trying to figure out the rescue contest lol, my Shelter DID respond so that is a good thing!) figure out what I am supposed to do lol

  19. }}}Head-butt, tail-wrap{{{. Thank you, dear Caren, I feel better now.

  20. I saw that the zoo was having this event (as I can walk there from my house!) and I am really hoping it still had a good turn out since we had such terrible weather this weekend! Do you have any updates on how the event went?


  21. @Nad lol, you are welcome!

    @Macho and Nicole yeah I am wondering how they did with the rain myself. I wasn't contacted by anyone to do this post, I saw it on the news and decided to promote it so I am sorry but I don't know