Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tummy Contest!!

OK Cats is having a Tummy Contest and the competition is quite formidable!

Much to my embarrassment my Mom is submitting this:

This is my patented "please open the bathroom door, I gotta pee pose"


  1. Crossed paws and tummy? I absolutely looove this Cody! Oh many buddies are entering, I don't know who to vote for now. purrr....meow!

  2. Tummies are irresistible! What fun!

  3. @Cat from Sydney thank you! I really needed to get into the bathroom! MOL! My Mom said she is having the same problem. There are too many kitties entering that she absolutely LOVES and she doesn't know what to do!

    @Peggy they are!! Our Mommies like to kiss 'em!

  4. Cody, What you talking about ? Don't be embarrassed ! Your tummy is cute !!! and the way you crossed your paws. That's pretty unique !
    I think it's so good your mom submited it..It's FUN !!!!

    PS : Do you think we can vote for ourself ?

  5. LOL!! Beautiful Cody!! You make wanting to go use the loo very cute and cuddly! Yay! Take care

  6. It's a nice tummy shot. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. M is going nuts here cuz of all the kitty bellies to kiss.

  8. I love tummy poses... So cute! I hope you got out of cody's bathroom... Poor cody shouldnt have to wait!

  9. That is such a cute pose. I will try and learn that one :)xx

  10. I think this picture is perfect, you are adorable and you have a charming tummy!
    Good luck in this context!

  11. Cody, don't be shy about showing off the belleh. The ladies love it, I promise!!!

  12. That is ngorgeous and a good contender I think. Good luck.. Adorable.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. @Mr Puddy thank you! Actually it is a super OLD photo. We don't have the carpet or the rug any longer (thank God!!) that photo is at least a couple of years old. I am wondering if we can vote for ourselves too lol, problem is, we only each get one vote right? There are sooooo many cute tummmies out YOURS! xoxoxo Good luck Puddy!

    @Ginger Jasper thank you!!! Good luck to you too!

    @Link lol I am NEVER shy about showing my tummy, I do this ALL the time! The human ladies are the ones who especially swoon!!

    @Luna thank you!!!! My mommy loves my tummy! Good luck to you too!

    @Princess Jasmine, oh you are more ladylike than that! This pose is a "guy pose" MOL! xoxo

    @Hilary thanks much! Actually it was Daddy's bathroom! MOL!

    @Mario I know! My Mom is too!!! I wouldn't want to be the one to pick the winners. Every single entry my Mom and I saw are ALL WINNERS!

    @Max thank you!! You have a great day too my friend! xoxo

    @Alittlesprite, thank you!!

    @Old Kitty thank you!! That was my Daddy's bathroom and I can't stand when a door is shut and I always try to get in :) Love to you and Charlie xoxo

  14. Oh Cody, I want to give you lots of lots of tummy rubs now!! Your tummy is so cute! Your mom made a very good choice : )

  15. Hey Caren and Cody whatta cute photo!!! You also have my permission to enter the pic of Rosie you used on the post last week and claim anything it may win. I have no way to "link" so I thought I would offer you the option to make use of Rosie's "pride and joy"....her jelleh belleh :D!!!!

  16. Good luck Cody!! :)
    Don't worry,your tummy is not as embarrassing as my butt ;)

  17. You have a furry pretty tummy Cody - remember if you've got it flaunt it!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. We vote for your Buddha belly
    Benny & Lily

  19. @Priscilla thank you soooo much! I LOVE TUMMY RUBS!!! Yeah Mom thinks this is my best tummy photo! xoxo

    @Benny and Lily THANK YOU!! yep I have a fat belleh!

    @Hannah and Lucy thank you! Ohhh I love flaunting it!! lol xoxoxo

    @Kame, you do not have a fat butt!!!! xoxo

    @Bloggin...all you have to do is go to the top paragraph in my blog (I linked to the contest in the top paragraph where it says "tummy contest" gives you instructions on how to enter....go for it!! I prefer you enter yourself if that is ok! We have to do a blog post for each entry and I don't have time to do another one. I have another blog post (a litter review) that I have to do for tomorrow and tomorrow is the deadline. Maybe she will let you enter even if you don't have a blog? You could find out. I would check but I am running to the gym in a bit and later I have to pick Dakota up from the vet and I just don't have time today. I am sorry!!!! xoxoxoxo

  20. MOL. That is a great pose, Cody! And that is one fantastic belleh you've got! :)

  21. Oh, we like your pose and your tummy is begging to be cute! Hugs and nose kisses

  22. Nothing to be embarrassed about there -- that is a heaping helping of adorable tummy!!

  23. Looks like a winning tummy to me Cody!

  24. In that case, we hope someone was paying attention and let you in the bathroom while there was still time.

  25. hahaha!! Cody, you are silly!! You should cross your BACK legs if you gotta pee! Thank you so much for entering our contest and for giving us a shout out!!!! Good luck!!!!!!

    Love, Fuzzy and Zoe

  26. Cody!
    Yous has a very snoggly tummy! Me would kiss it if me could

  27. We think that is a great picture for entering the contest!! We don't think you have any reason to be embarassed at all!!

  28. @meowmeowmans THANK YOU!!! HUUUUUGEEEEE ((((((hugs))))))) to you!

    @Amy thanks so much! Well...I am embarrassed cause I have such a juicy tummy MOL

    @The Whiskeratti thank you!!

    @Nellie ohhh I would love for you to kiss my tummy! That's why I'm showing it! MOL! xoxo

    @Amin thank you!

    @OK Cats MOL!! I was hoping that no one would notice the wrong legs were crossed!!!! MOL!!! We are happy to enter and we THANK YOU for organizing such a great contest! It is so much fun! xoxo

    @Jan's....nope!!! lol. They didn't listen! lol

    @Brian thank you!! There are so many catabulous tummies on there!

    @Julia "heaping helping of adorable tummy" now THAT is the BEST description EVER! xoxo

    @Mumsy yep! that is why I show it! MOL! My Mommy ALWAYS stops whatever she is doing when I do this and rubs my tummy and gives it kisses!!! I have done this since I was a kitten xoxoxo

  29. Cody! You have a pretty cool looking tummy there, buddy! I don't mean to get all philosophical on ya buddy, but we likes the colors and patterns on your tummy...Good job!

  30. Cody, you are hilarious! I wish you could come and visit me. :)

  31. What an adorable photo! I just love kitty tummies. :) This sounds like such a fun contest, thanks for sharing about it!

  32. Hee hee! Cute tummy shot, Cody! No need to be embarrassed. Good luck in the contest!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  33. @Cloon "gettin' all philosophical" lmao!! Thanks pal!

    @Spitty, my Mom flunked Spanish and I never studied it! HELP!!

    @Cara thank you!!

    @Julie thank you!! Glad you liked it!

    @Scrappy Grams awwww thank you! I wish I could too!! Hey!! Come and visit ME! xoxo

  34. That is a wonderful tummy shot! Kitty bellies are the greatest for cuddling and snorgling.

  35. That's got to be a winner surely? It's adorable :)

  36. *CAT CALLS* Woohoo! good luck, Cody!! I am keeping my paws crossed for you!!