Friday, May 20, 2011

"Odor-No-More" Cat Litter Additive-Give-Away & A Guest Blogging Opportunity!

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a representative of ONM ("Odor-No-More") asking me to review their cat litter additive, a product to eliminate litter box odors.

I had many reservations. My main hesitancy in reviewing this product was I had just switched to a high quality cat litter, (World's Best Cat Litter), that I LOVE. My motto is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Since I switched to World's Best Cat Litter I do not have the litter box odor that I had with the litter I had previously been using.

Another concern was that by adding this product I may mess up the ability to flush World's Best Cat Litter by adding a product that I thought could possibly tamper with it's formula and render it ineffective.

Also, Cody's allergies have virtually disappeared since we switched to World's Best Cat Litter and I am fearful if I add something new to the equation they just might return.

I was forthcoming with my concerns and told the gentleman at Odor-No-More that what I would do is tell you about this product and let YOU, my knowledgeable and experienced readers decide for yourselves.

Odor-No-More is a "deodorizing super absorbent cat litter additive". On the brochure I received it states it:

  1. Eliminates odor and moisture
  2. Reduces litter consumption
  3. Reduces labor
  4. Reduces disposal
  5. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic
  6. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

To reiterate,  I  have not tried this product. This is where YOU come in. I am giving away both of the unused containers that I received to TWO WINNERS (one container per winner).

And, I am offering each winner the opportunity of testing/reviewing this product on Cat Chat as a guest blogger.

I need your HONEST opinion. If you love the product tell me, if you don't, I want to know that too!

If you are interested in this give-away/guest blogger opportunity please leave me a comment. If I am able to ship this product out of the country (anyone know if I can?) I am happy to open this give-away to EVERYONE.

Please leave me a comment stating your interest by MIDNIGHT (EST), MONDAY, MAY 30th. Winners will be announced on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1st.

In full disclosure,  from time to time I will feature products that Cody and I may not have tried ourselves but we feel they may be of interest to our readers. When that is the case, I will always let you know, as I am today. It is up to you, my valued readers, to form your own conclusions. I received  no compensation for this post.  


  1. follow me?
    i will follow back.

  2. I'm not taking part in it but I just want to tell you that I like the way you handle this! It's sincere and honest!!! Loving it!!!

  3. I agree with you... if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I would be hesitant to make changes to Alex's bathrooms. We once cleaned them out too well, and lets just say, he didn't like it!

  4. Well, my poo poo really stinks...or so Marmie and Diddy tell me. So I guess I would be willing to give this product a try. Marmie and Diddy might make me.

  5. Interesting, but unless I'm immune to kitty litter odors, I don't need it. I liked World's Best Litter too, but I've not been able to find it in recent months.
    Update on my kitty situation:
    Lenny (the white cat given to me by the friend of a friend) seemed to develop tummy problems when he came to live with me. Cleaning up upchucked food daily or more times, I took him back to his original home. It was just too much to keep trying different foods and then up each would come.
    I adopted Jax (with the help of my youngest, who is a CAT person) from Action for Animals. He's settled into both my home and heart. I love him already even though he's been here only nine days. :)

  6. This sounds like fun, I'm not sure that Blair uses her litter box enough to warrent it and Grandma really likes arm and hammer dual kitty litter which actually smells decent even after Blair has used the litter box.

  7. @Priscilla THANK YOU! I gotta be me!

    @Scrappy Grams I am really sorry that Lenny (that is my husband's name, do you think I can take HIM back to HIS original home too and get a new one??? KIDDING!!! Sort didn't work out. I hope he can find another home. I wonder if he had an illness or hairball or something? I am so glad you adopted another baby though!! CONCATULATIONS!

    @Link I will definitely enter you! Thank you!!

    @Hilary I agree. With me it is more that for some reason since I changed litters I see no traces of any allergy with Cody. I am going to give it a little longer and then talk to the vet about maybe seeing if we can start introducing different food back in his diet because maybe it was environmental and not food related all along.

  8. @Erika and Blair, ok then I am going to assume that means a "no, don't enter you" unless you tell me otherwise. :)

  9. Huh. We agree - messing with the litter and or litterbox is definitely not a good idea if it can be avoided. We're a Tidy Cat household ourselves.

  10. I would be interested in trying this. We don't have too many litter odor problems, but I live in a fairly small apartment, so any odor is noticeable!

  11. Hi Caren. I have been considering changing to World's Best Cat Litter and now am convinced. One of my cats has allergy problems too. When you introduced the new litter did you completely change the box to the new litter or did you add the new litter to the stuff you previously used?

  12. Ok, I will enter the giveaway and review the product if I win. This will be a good test to see if my luck only holds when it is cat food on the line. LOL.

  13. @The Whiskeratti, trust me, if I wasn't so happy with what I am currently using and if I experienced a lot of litterbox odor I would try this. I am interested to hear what those that try it think of it.

    @Julia love your attitude!! You got it! You will be entered!

    @Deborah Hi!! How have you been? Here is what I did. I left the OLD litter box in the bathroom with the old litter and I moved the new litter cabinet in as well (I did a post about it a week or so ago). I put the new cabinet/box in just so that Cody could investigate it while still having his old box to use. I left both boxes in the same room for nearly 2 weeks. Cody would go in and out of the new box and walk around in it but then he would use the old box. I took the scooper from the old box and ran it around the litter in the new box to get some of his scent in there. I never had a problem. Now I am not saying that World's Best Cat Litter is the reason Cody's allergies seem to have cleared but weeks ago after Cody finished his meds he was still getting flare-ups on his chin. I switched to this litter and they have totally stopped. To me it seems logical that this litter might have had something to do with it, if it was an environmental allergy. He had always been using Bobo's old litter box and this is the first litter box he has had that is totally his. I am going to mention this to the vet the next time I see him.

    @Natalie great! I will enter you for sure. We live in a fairly small place too so I know how important it is. Thanks!

  14. When I first saw the name of the product I thought it must be for humans since us cats don't have an odor problem! Seriously, we have the exact same concerns as you so we'll have to pass on the entry. I do look forward to reading the review!!!

  15. Very well done! No problem with box odors here; since I switched to grain free the poop issue is a non-issue! So we don't need to enter, However I AM interested in how it works, just because I'm nosy.

  16. @Brian lol!!! I look forward to the review too! BTW, I hope you are having a great birthday!

    @Katnip Lounge, thanks much!! Yep, Cody is on grain-free too...wonder if that is also what has helped? I am like you, I am NOSY and I want to know too! :)

  17. We at the CCnY blog are in a bit of a testing stage with litter at present. Sure we will give it a try: three different naked kidz with varying litter box habits. It will be interesting to see if it can hold up against the naked stench that is my kidz.

  18. We use crystals and the boxes don't stink until right before they need to be changed. If we made the box not stink at all, Mom might never change the litter! That would be a total disaster. And our poo doesn't stink nearly as bad since we started eating Nutro. Ek & Candy don't toot much anymore, either.

    I'd be interested to hear how well the stuff works, too, but our boxes aren't enough of a problem to be good testers.

  19. Caren and Cody, thank you for this opportunity to interact with your fans. We noticed many comments revolving exclusively around the odor control aspect of our product. However, adding Odor-No-More Cat Litter Additive provides a few value propositions for you: 1- It enhances the clumping capability of ANY litter increasing the absorption rate significantly, 2- It preserves and extends the life of your litter, requiring less litter consumption and disposal, 3- It's eco-friendly and safe for use with ALL cats, 4- it eliminates odor, doesn't mask it!

    We’ve tested the product with almost all litters in the market and have achieved outstanding results. Combining your current litter with Odor-No-More Cat Litter Additive will make it perform BETTER than any litter available on the market, even the most expensive litters there are. An average litter has a 6-8x absorption rate. Odor-No-More Cat Litter Additive has a 200-300x absorption rate!

    So, before passing on this great opportunity to win free product, write an independent review and become a guest blogger on Cat Chat, consider ALL the benefits of using Odor-No-More beyond just the outstanding odor control.

    For more detailed info on our product you can visit our Facebook Fan Page at:

  20. When you have 6 cats and your litterbox is beside your toilet when you sit on the throne you know there are cats in the house even if they aren't trying to get in your lap at the moment. So please pick us!

  21. @Cho Meir so nice to meet you! I will definitely enter you....thank you for stopping by, "naked stench" I love it!

    @Rachel so nice to meet you! Wow 6 cats! I am entering you for sure!!! Good luck! Thanks for stopping by as well!

    @Odor-No-More thank you for your understanding and for stopping by to clarify some questions and for making some important points! I am looking forward to picking the winners on June 1st, and I will get the winners their product as soon as I have their email addresses after I contact them and I will post their reviews this summer!

    @Pumpkinpuddy if you change your mind, for sure let me know! I think you are a good candidate as well, but I won't enter you unless you want to be entered :)

  22. We are a big fan of World's Best - like you said if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  23. I would love to give this a try! I wish I could afford World's Best. I've heard great things about it. I'm interested to see if this product really works. Thanks for the chance!


  24. @Michelle okey doke! you are entered!!!! Thanks much!!

  25. I would like to try it. With six cats the odor sometimes is not what you would call pleasant. We use Fresh Step and that kind of kills the smell but hey I am open for other options.
    Have a great day Caren and Cody!

  26. I wouldn't mind writing a review on it, but I live in Belgium so it's really far to ship to. Probably not a good idea :-s

    Purrrrrs from Avalon xxx

  27. @Cherie I will enter you for sure! OMC SIX CATS! You need to try it! :) Good luck and you have a great day too!

    @Avalon, I am game for shipping it to you as long as customs has no problem with it! I will enter you and see if you are picked! Good luck and thanks! :)

  28. Simba is calling me Princess Pongy Pants at the moment. I think he would be very happy to have something that could make THAT odor disapear :)xx

  29. We use Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat hypoallergenic litter and we really like it. We don't usually have odor problems ('cept right after Ernie uses the box...phew!), however we would like to try this product and let everyone know what we think.


  30. @Princess Jasmine, you are sooo funny! I will enter you for sure! xoxo

    @Amin thank you!

    @The Island Cats, thank you Wally!! I am more than happy to enter you! Good luck to all!

  31. Like yours, my Human is reluctant to mess wif success. So she doesn't want to be in the contest. Still, she will be interested in the report from the tester(s).

    For reasons too complicated to 'splain here, she has to have the kitty litter in the bedroom, so she is super-careful about "freshness."

    Besides, my s*** don't stink, ha ha ha ha!

  32. @spitty love it!! I needed that today! It is in the mid 80s here and air air conditioning is broken and I am dying!

  33. MY mommeh cleans my box every day aso we neveer smell anything. The only time there was some hint was when she was using a non clay litter made from wjeat. She likes it but it's messy and when it got hot and humid..there was a bit of an odor. She mixes the wheat and regular scoopable together to hold doqn the dust of the clay litter.


  34. Hi!! I am a rescuer of homeless and feral cats...This is my life and my love! I have 13 adults and 9 kittens at present....and MULTIPLE litter boxes.
    Have been dying to try this product...If it works as advertised, I will be a GREAT customer!!! Thanks for your time!!!!

  35. I LOVE ONM! about a year ago, a vender selling fruit at a produce market gave me a container. He would not let me pay for it,tho I dont'know why. Anyway, I was skeptical, but my boy kitty, Joey, made the litter stinky no matter how often I changed it. I followed directions, a light spinkle on top, stir it in, How could that work? But IT DID! We use scoop away. The container lasted a long time, and we ran out about the time my sweet, very old Joey, passed on. My girl kitty, Lida Rose, doesn't make the box stinky. But Easter eve, someone left a cat carrier with a very large boy cat in it on our doorstep. Shroeder is a lovely cat, but the litter is stinky again, So I went online to order more ONM, and saw your blog. I like it and will return to read more. I know I missed the contest,but just wanted to share.