Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We're About To Be "Floored"!

My Mom's furs are standing on edge
 This is why.
Our new Pergo flooring that Mom ordered
 from Home Depot arrived yesterday!

The nerve of my Mom and Dad to store this in my playroom. Mom is thrilled to finally be getting new flooring (our carpet was like centuries old and had every stain known to man on it.) There wasn't a carpet cleaning product in the world  that could even begin to make it look presentable. Not to mention the times that Dakota was impersonating a goat and decided to chew it like there was no tomorrow!

Mom is a total wreck. The control freak in her can't deal with a disruption in her environment. Geeze, you'd think she was a CAT!

There are lots and lots of things being stored in Mom and Dad's bedroom to get them out of the way so that the nice men that are going to be putting down the flooring will have room to work. The above scene is guaranteed to give me a good laugh when Mom and/or Dad trip over this in the night. I can't wait to hear the nasty words that will be flying around then! After the flooring is laid  Mom will have to move everything back out.

Mom said for me to tell everyone that since she will be her manic self for the next few days, she may not be able to get around to all of the bloggies like she enjoys doing. She said that she will visit as much as she can (and I might too), but if she can't visit she is hoping that everyone understands.

In the meantime I will be staying away from Mom until her messy little world is righted and there will once again be peace in the valley (until her next little self-imposed crisis).

Shhhhh! Don't tell the crazy lady that I am in here!

Wake me when it's all over!!


  1. Oh you are so lucky to be getting new flooring! ENJOY!

  2. Oh, you have found the perfect place to hide out until it is all over and done with...and I bet you are gonna love those new floors. Thanks, for visiting our blog. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. @Shawn, I know but it is the BEFORE part that is the worst lol! But I am thrilled!!! Our carpet is soooooooo old! They are actually going to be starting on Thursday, very excited thank you!!!

    @Mumsy, I sure have found the perfect place to hide! lol. My Mom and I will love the new floors for sure! It is our pleasure to visit your blog, we do whenever we can! xoxo

  4. We want to see pictures when the floor is all installed.

  5. LOL LOL... you are soooo funny! Love the pics! I think I'd be hiding too until it's over :o) I'm getting a visual of you and hubby in the middle of night forgetting those items are there. OUCH!!

  6. Tell your mom to relax and calm her fur down! A new wooden flooring is good as it is so much easier to take care of than the carpet. We can't have carpets here as it's too warm and humid so we have a lot of wood at home. I'm using Pergo from Home Depot too. I liked those men, they were nice and did a good work so I hope yours are nice men too.
    Good luck!!! By the way, tell your mom not to worry about blogging and commenting. We all understand and no one likes things being moved from A to B and then moved back from B to A. It's lots of work. Tell your mom and dad to be careful at night too, don't trip!!! Stay alert!!!

  7. Oooooh! New floors = excitement. I understand what you mean - our lounge room floor is horrible!! And Cody, you have boxes! Boxes are fun!

  8. Oh wow!!! YAY for NEW FLOORS!!! We're in the process of moving to a house with Hardwood floors and I cannot wait to be rid of carpet!!! OMG!

    Congratulations Mom!

  9. Cody dear,
    It's a nightmare, isn't it? Wish you luck, mate. Oh, ask your mum for some ear protect your hearing against all those spewing from mum and dad when they trip over stuffs at night....hehehe.... purrrr....meow!

  10. Shame on your human for replacing that carpet just when you guys had it right where you wanted it! Humans have no respect for the hard work we creatures do.

  11. MOL.. Cody !!.. Just send Dakota to see her first : )

    Dear Caren, I'm dying to see your new floor !!!! But you know your carpet is look better than our old carpet. When mom first got this house. It had rosy pattern from 1940 !!!!

    Me and my mom will miss you a lot but we do understand.

    Love You !!! Already Miss You !!!

  12. How nice,I'm anxious to see the pictures after all work in your place!
    And you have found a cool place to play and hide, I also love boxes, it's so fun!
    purrs and love

  13. "next self imposed crisis" Oh Cody, you are all heart! You be careful you're not floored yourself, by mistake :P You just stay in your box, love, until it's all over ;>)

    Seriously, keep calm Caren and breeeeeaaaathe! It looks as though it's going to be great x

  14. Hope your mom keeps telling herself "This too will pass". :0) Just think in a few days you will have a beautiful floor!
    Hang in there!

  15. Cody, I would stay put, in that cozy box, if I were you....

  16. @Anonymous, I will!

    @Hilary MOL!!! Love ya! Cody

    @Cherie, oh yes! She is! She is excited!

    @Carolyn yep I sure am aren't I? MOL! It will be great!

    @Luna we will show pictures for sure! Oh and Mom already got rid of the boxes....grrrr...

    @Mr.Puddy, today we should be able to get around to all of the blogs we are going to do our best! They aren't starting the floor til Thurs when they rip out the old carpet...your blog is one of our "must reads" so we will do our best! Wow! Carpet from the 40s? We thought OURS was bad! Kidding!! Oh and Dakota will be right there to get it all first! MOL! XOXOXO

    @Sparkle YEAH! I was thinking the same thing! Mom already got rid of my favorite old couch, she said we are getting a better one but the old one fit me perfectly! Now I hear my favorite chairs are going too! I will have to work hard to get my furs and scent on everything! YOU soooo understand!

    @Angelina Jolie, yes it is a nightmare but will have a great end result! You see we only have a 2 bedroom condo so there isn't much room to put all of the things from the living room and dining room while the men work. Guess what? Daddy tripped first thing this morning just as I had hoped!!! It's gonna be a GREAT DAY! xoxo

    @Knotted Fingers YAY!! Soooo happy for you too! You probably have real hardwood in your new house! Pergo isn't real hardwood but it is super pretty! Enjoy your floors too! xoxo

    @Ruth yes Mom is very excited!! Mom already filled my boxes with stuff! Grrrr

  17. Well Cody you go do your calming magic on her and she will be just fine. It'll be over in no time and everyone will be very happy. That sure is gonna look real snazzy with a new floor.
    Take real good care of each other meanwhile!
    Big hug and tranquilizing thoughts :0)

  18. @Auntie Priscilla ohhhh yess we hear that Pergo and wood floors are MUCH easier to take care of and better for pets and humans too! They help with allergies! You have Pergo from Home Depot as well? I have seen photos of your floors and they are BEAUTIFUL! Actually the men from Home Depot aren't installing ours, my Mom has a very nice friend named Cheryl and her husband is a contractor and he and his son are putting it in. Mom is very excited! YOU know my Mom very well and you understand her personality so you know how she feels!!! We have a very small place (2 bedrooms) so it gets much more cluttered during changes than a house would! We will be able to read your blog because it comes via email and we read it right away!! xoxoxo

  19. @Denise LOL!! I am happy that this made you laugh!!! Yep! It happened! Daddy was the first one to trip this morning because Dakota woke him up with his barking and Daddy jumped out of bed, BAM!!!! Then Mommy CURSED!!! YAY!!!! xoxoxo

  20. I bet the new floor will be absolutely wonderful when its finished. It will be worth the upheaval we are sure. In the meantime, look at all those things you can clamber and climb all over hee he xx

  21. @Gods Little People you got it! It will be snazzy and I am gonna let my Mommy pet my furs ALWAYS calms her down! xoxo

    @Princess Jasmine ohhhh yes we think it will be beautiful!!! Yes you are right, I have plans to get into EVERYTHING!!!

  22. Ugh, renovations! We hope it is all done quickly and your world is once again in order!

  23. Mom might be a bit stressed about the clutter, but something tells me Cody is going to be in heaven. So much snoopervising to do!!!

  24. Congratulations on your new floor!

    We just love our Pergo flooring! Well, I'm not sure if it is Pergo but it is some type of laminate! I am slowly trying to make most of the house laminate! Only 3 more rooms left to go!

    Can't wait to see pics when it is all done:)

  25. Good luck with the floor installation! We understand that chaos can cause serious stress, but tell your mom it's *just* a floor. Seriously. It's not life and death, and when she is lying on her own death bed, we're pretty sure she won't be thinking about that.

    (Our mom does that sometimes, to keep her own perspective about what really matters--thinks about the end of her life and what she'll be dwelling on. It won't be home renos or work or any of the petty everyday concerns humans seem to have.)

  26. Cody - just be patient until the floors all done and you'll be able to have great run and slide games on it!! That will be so much fun.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  27. @The Monkeys see? I can tell you are more like me! We LOVE the after results but we hate the getting there!!! xoxo

    @Kea thank you! You mean the home reno WON'T be on my tombstone?? KIDDING!!! Not being able to read some of the blogs WILL be though lol KIDDING AGAIN! Seriously you are sooooooo right!!! ((((((hugs))))))))))

    @jen THANK YOU! If you have laminate it is probably Pergo! I think that is one of the most popular out there. I have been hearing such wonderful things about it that I am sooooo excited! I watch a lot of HGTV and I seem to be seeing Pergo and hardwood floors everywhere! Carpet isn't as popular right now. Will definitely post pics! xoxo

    @Link actually you are sooo right and that is one of my concerns. My first cat (Bobo) would have hid during all of this, not Cody. He is BEYOND friendly and sooooooo nosy, I am sure he will be in their way. Hmmmm....maybe it will be a good photo op? lol xoxoxo

  28. @Hannah and Lucy OHHHHHHH I LOVE that idea!! I can watch my Sheltie brother Dakota slide allllll over the place! MOL! Charging up the video camera NOW!!!! xoxoxo

  29. Oohhhh no.... loud noisy strangers! Bad smells. Ick. We hate this sort of thing too. But our Mom says it will be very pretty and nice when it's done.

  30. Oh my! You are going to love your new flooring! Mom had that installed two years ago - got rid of the carpeting in the living room, two bedrooms, her craft room, and the hallway! She said it is so much easier to take care of....and clean up cat yak from! MOL

  31. Cody pal - we are going to miss you and your mom, but we do understand. Sometimes the oomans just have too much stuff going on. Oooo - M is very envious of your new floor. Will look so purdy when it's done.

  32. Awwww sweet Cody!! You are wise to stay hidden and safe from all the flooring work about to happen around you!!! Me and Charlie hope that peace and calm will return soon! :-)

    Your new flooring is going to be WONDERFUL! Take care

  33. Dear Caren and Cody,
    Wes had Pergo floors 2 houses ago and Mommy says she misses it. She likes it way better than stinky carpets! Particularly for the hairballs and grass eating accidents!
    Yous stay in the box until its all over Cody!
    Kitty Kisses

  34. New Flooring and wood too! I had wood floors when I lived with Mom at school and thought they were awesome for sliding on but at Mom's house they wood floor are only for walking and her doggies do not like that they arn't allowed to play rough with toys in the house anymore because of their nails.

  35. Hope all goes well - we redid the floors before we moved in and took up all the carpet! You will like the new ones but it does create havoc!

  36. My Human has the jealous in a big way! She'd sell her soul (well, maybe not quite!) to get the hardwood floors redone -- alas, we live in an apartment and the chances of the landlord doing that are ZERO!

    But Cody! I hope there will be room for you to get UTB in that bedroom if you need a refuge from those frightening carpet people who will invade your happy home! Be careful, Bro!

  37. Cody,

    We're glad you found a hidey place so you can keep out of the way of all that commotion.

    But a new carpet sounds absolutely scrumptious.

  38. It'll be so worth it. The mom will love taking care of the new floors, just sweet and wet mop instead of all that vacuuming. We got them downstairs a few years ago.

    The cats feel the vibrations more and slide a lot, so it's a much better playing surface.

    Can't wait to see pics of the finished place.

  39. Cody: That's where I want to go whenever we have work done on the house. I want to hibernate until it's all done! Your Mom might join you in your box!

    But I'll bet you and your Mom will be lovin your new floor.

  40. Oh we remember the horror when our new floors went in (well, some of us do at least - Gus and Stella and Trixie weren't here yet - we can't remember if Barney was but we think he was little when they went in). It was so annoying and mom kept us in one room all day (she stayed with us - dad was in charge of the floor guys). We had the same situation - nasty old carpet being replaced with nice shiny flooring (laminate but armstrong, not pergo). It is freaky to walk on the first time so be prepared - but once you are on it, it can be a lot of fun (but you have to learn to stop earlier when running - we all learned that the hard way!) Once it is all over you will love it!

  41. How nice! I would like to get that in my kitchen one day; I have white linoleum that never stays clean for long.

  42. @The Whiskeratte, "loud noisy strangers" lol! I think Cody will be fine with that, it is Dakota who will lose his mind but we are having Dakota groomed on Friday so that he can be gone most of the day :)

    @mom2acat noooo!! You don't want it in your kitchen! One of the men at Home Depot said it isn't good for kitchens or bathrooms (due to possible water problems that can occur in the kitchen)

    @Amy. I love how you guys handled it. You have a lot of cats so it would be so much harder for you. I am thinking of putting Cody in the bedroom if he is too inquisitive and in their way too much, I can't stay with him though (well I could til I offer the guys lunch or something) that isn't a bad idea. Thanks for the warning of it "feeling freaky" at first, I appreciate that! OMG I can't wait to see the boys slipping and sliding all over, should be hilarious!! Thanks so much for all of your helpful input!

  43. @Ann, yep we will be hiding in the box together! lol. I know we will just adore it once it is in!

    @Linda B, thanks so much for the info! I had a number of people tell me that using vinegar and water is great for Pergo. I will be happy to be rid of all of that vacuuming too! I am sooo glad you love your floors and yes I will definitely take photos! Cody doesn't play much in the living room, dining room or hallway because we keep his toys in a spare room (with his litter and all) and that room is still carpeted and will stay that way. You just gave me a great idea though. The hallway will be done and we have part of that babygated so I will probably encourage Cody to play there. You guys are giving me the best info and tips! I really appreciate it!

  44. @The Boys and Karen, hmmmm new carpet might be scrumptious but we won't know cause we are getting Pergo floors (we are getting rid of our carpet)....either way I am sure Cody and Dakota will be happy when it is over! :)

    @Spitty actually you are sooo lucky to have hardwood in an apt! That isn't very common. We are actually in an apt building (but part of them were sold as condos) so I know what you mean about them not doing it for you and I am soooo sorry! Too bad they don't. I am actually considering putting Cody in the bedroom with his Bat-a-Rat, as long as he has food in there he will be a happy kitty! Not sure if we will carry his litter box in or not, might not need to

  45. @Cats of Wildcat Woods, my Mom has a MUCH better attitude about it today so hopefully tomorrow she can try and relax! We are so happy you love yours too!

    @Erika and Blair, I think we should be ok about the playing because these aren't hardwood they are a laminate that looks like wood. From what I understand Pergo doesn't scratch, you are right that hardwood DOES scratch and that is a totally different story! We should be ok! Thanks for telling me though because I will watch for that.

    @Nellie I am soooo glad that your Mommy liked Pergo way better than the "stinky carpet". I think my Mom will too. Yep it will sure be better for furballs! I didn't think of that! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  46. @Old Kitty, yep I will probably be hiding out in the bedroom with lots and lots of noms!! (and the comfy bed of course!) xoxoxo

    @Mario my Mom is going to still do the blog (at least she is planning to!) She is just worried that she can't visit everyone elses...she will visit as many as she can. We will show pictures when it is all done!! xoxo

    @Clarissa WOW!! Your Mommy had it put in EVERYWHERE!! Wow! We are soooo happy that it is sooo good! That makes us more excited! We are just putting it in the livingroom, dining room and our hallway leading to the bedrooms. That is enough for now! lol Thanks so much for telling us that your Mommy loves it! xoxo

  47. I can't wait to see what your new floor looks like! Smooth surfaces are fun. Harley always runs too fast and skids around on the tile floor here.

  48. All the hassle will be worth it. I would love to replace our ratty old carpet with hardwood. Alas, that's a way too pricey proposition!


  49. @Daisy I will post photos for sure! You had me laughing when you said that Harley skids around on your tile floors, I hope that Cody and Dakota don't crash into each other! lol

    @Pat Pergo is actually less expensive than hardwood (we can't afford hardwood either) so if you can swing it, Pergo is a less expensive alternative!

  50. That is exciting - I bet it will look so nice!

  51. @Stacy and Ellie, yes we are excited! OMG it has to look waaaay better than what we have now!

  52. Oh oh! We're purring for your mum's sanity. But with your snoopervision it should be easier, right?

  53. Our mom and dad are talking about reflooring our downstairs...the only reason why they haven't done it yet is because our mom would be crazy while it's being done!!

    We hope all goes well and we can't wait to see it all finished!!

  54. tell your mommy that if this goes will be a miracle. Blogger is giving mom a problem trying to post her comment on here.

  55. I wrote you an answer on my bloggie about the pawing. ♥♥♥

  56. Hi Caren!

    Just stopping by to say hi and to thank you for he very sweet comments.

    I am so thankful to have you for a friend!

    Have a great day!

  57. That's a big job but it will be a thousand times better -- meow, a million times better than the carpet!

  58. New shiny floor = kitty slip 'n slide?

    Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to say Happy Presidents Pets Day - the day after Presidents Day, as I like to call it. In the US, we love our presidents..... pets. See my blog if you’re in the mood for a good ol' irreverent howl.

  59. I think hiding out in that box is your best bet, Cody!! Please tell your Mom that I hope everything goes smoothly, and that I'm sure she will be enjoying her beautiful new floors in no time! Good luck with everything!

  60. Ooh, new floors - exciting! Seems like an annoying process (although it appears the chaos leads to nice kitty hiding places), but it'll be worth it!

  61. @Au and Target well my Mom wasn't sane to begin with so maybe this will actually help! lol. Don't know how much "snoopervising" I will get to do. I am hearing talk about putting me in the bedroom while everything is going on! What nerve! Who will make sure that everything goes ok?

    @Natalie ohhhh yes I have TONS of good hiding places hehehe....

    @Catsparella I think I will be hiding out in the bedroom if Mom has her way! Mom IS excited about the new floors! Mom says thank you!

    @Nick yep it will be a kitty and Sheltie "slip & slide!" I live in the U.S. so I know about President's Day but I will pop over!

    @Pup Fan thank you!!! So do we! :)

    @Julia Williams, a ZILLION times better than the carpet! My Mom is hoping that maybe it will help with whatever I am allergic to :)

    @Java you are sooo sweet to stop by!! See? You are on the COMPUTER! lol. Thank you! I am lucky to have YOU for a friend as well! (((((hugs)))) We ALL love you!

    @Admiral Hestorb I was having trouble with Blogger earlier this evening. At one point it told me I wasn't following ANY blogs and I was like WTF?????!!! I am following a TON! Then I left the site and came back and all was fine. Both of your comments are here! I will pop over and read your response xoxo

  62. @The Island Cats, Ahhhhh a woman after my own heart! Another one that gets "crazy" with all that is being done! I know it will be worth it. At least you HAVE a downstairs! lol (you can move things upstairs while it is being done if you decide to do it). I am feeling better than I was. Everything is moved except for the furniture, all the zillions of knick-knacks are moved. Now it gives me an excuse to wash things or get rid of things. The pile in the bedroom has gotten larger. Glad I am not the only one who gets crazy with all of this!

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and your fabulous advice, etc. I am hoping that the majority will be done by late Fri. I still will have a blog post up Friday (a book review hopefully) but not a new one for tomorrow. Tomorrow they will be ripping out the old carpet and then they said they are going to start with the floor. Then......after that our new couch, coffee table and cabinet for under the TV will be delivered and then I am starting a hunt for area rugs (2 large ones)....that will be the FUN part! Thanks again everyone you are all the BEST and I am so lucky to know all of you! (((((giant hugs!!!))))))

  63. In your play room!!That is ridiculous.
    Benny & Lily

  64. Caren I am so thrilled you finally get new floors, how exciting!! It will look great when its all done, be patient. ;) Cody, just think you can learn the trick two of my kitties absolutely adore, how to run and slid on smooth floors, plus your toys will skitter even better now and it will be so much easier to push them under the furniture to make your mom and dad get down on the floor with you to look for them all. Have fun everyone!

  65. Your mommy did what? Oh heavens! Well, it's a good thing you've gone missing until your mommy's nerves get unraveled or is it your nerves are raveled? Anyhow either way, it's best to not cross her path. Look at the bright spot, Cody, once the new wood floor is layed down then you can have fun sliding across the floor. Get your mommy to buy you some kitty socks. It'll be twice as fun. =D

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    PS: It just occured to me, you look a lot like the kitty we once had. Her name was Christopher. Yeah, I know Christopher is typically a boy's name. But humans have a hard time telling what you little fur balls are when you're really small. We just decided to keep the name for her, though. Mew-Mew for now!

  66. @Coupon Queen it is SOOOO GORGEOUS! A little less than half is down and even with the mess it is GORGEOUS!!
    Actually Cody doesn't get to play with his cat toys in there because of Dakota but it will be fun to watch both of them running and sliding into walls (kidding! sort of! lol)

    @Cathy "kitty socks!" I love it! Poor Cody has been in the bedroom since 10am...I gave him food and water but stupid me didn't move the litter box in with him. I sure hope he can hold it longer!!! lol) I put all kinds of pillows and blankets in with him so he should be fine. Soooo cute you had a girl kitty named "Christopher!" Bet people qave you quizzical looks on that one!

  67. I guess one pawsitive byproduct of all this mess, is that there are more boxes around for you to hide in, Cody!

    At least you've got lots of places to take cover when all those strangers invade your house.

    I hope the renovations go smoothly (and quickly). That PURRgo is good stuff! Cats like it.

  68. I'm floored at the sight of all those beautiful boxes!!!

  69. Cody you are a very clever cat to stay out of the melee until everything is back to normal!

    Caren your floors will be so beautiful when they are finished, just try to focus on that thought :-) Please post lots of pictures!!!

    I have three different types of flooring in my house and it drives me nuts, I wish it was all uniform. The floor in the living room is oak and I suppose it is ok, but a little too dark for a small house line mine. The floor in the kitchen is a knotty pine, and while lighter than the oak I don't like the "rural" feel it has. Upstairs is my favourite flooring, red pine in wide planks. It is original to the house which is about 100 years old and has a few loose boards but it is gorgeous! I wish the entire house had it :-)

  70. We think it will look lovely when it is finished, but the box looks like the best place to be until then.
    You asked if we had a farm. It is a 16 acre smallhoding which mum runs as a livery yard and we take a maximum of ten horses. The owners pay for stables and grazing and mum feeds them in the mornings and turns them out into the fields. Some of the horses are friendly to us, but others chase us so we are not allowed in their fields unless mum is very close to us.

  71. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Good luck with everything!

  72. @CCL Wendy "Purrgo!" love your spelling and I LOVE my Pergo! it is almost all in!!!

    @Eric and Flynn....ohhhh it is soooooo beautiful! Poor Cody had to spend his time in the bedroom the entire time. I know I sound stupid but what is a "smallhoding?" I love horses! What fun!! I guess they aren't too much fun if they are chasing you though. I am so happy your Mom stays close to you :)

    @Yvonne, the flooring part is almost done and it is GORGEOUS!! YAY!! After that is done I get to move everything back lol Thanks for the good luck wishes!

    @Cat thanks so much! I am going to try and put some up tomorrow but will wait for the bulk of them when our new furniture comes (hopefully next week) Cody stayed in the bedroom the entire time (poor guy) he was NOT a happy camper!
    I know what you mean about some floors being too light. Your upstairs red pine floor sounds amazing! You can't beat the original wood from an old house....gorgeous!

    @Brian, you are alway such a witty cat!

    Thanks so much all! Hoping to put a really short post up tomorrow to show you the nearly completed floor. I LOVE IT!! Thanks for all of the wise words of encouragement! xoxoxo

  73. YAY for new flooring. Can't wait to see pics!

  74. Oh my gosh, you really are in a construction zone! Crazy for now, but the payoff will be sweet!

  75. @Alittlesprite I am posting them today!

    @Angie yep but it is almost done!!!!! It is gorgeous!

  76. Sorry, I dropped an L. It should have been 'smallholding' which is just another name for a very small farm. Some people call it a hobby farm as it is not big enough to be a sole source of income. I don't like that name for it as it sounds as if it is something you do when you have an odd hour or so to spare, and I put far more time than that into it.

  77. Hiding in boxes is something you have in common with my bunnies. I am sure you will like them. I even put a box in their rabbit hutch and they juts really love It. I bet it is a good hiding place.


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