Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Got Mail!!!

Hi Everyone! It is Cody at the computer today! My Mom and I  were soooo happy  to get something special in the mail!! Hilary from the great blog had a bumper sticker give-away and we were sooo excited to receive one!  We hope you will stop by  and say hi!!

Hilary's blog is chock full of observational humor and insightful  stories about various events in her life and of course about her kitty, Alex!!



Our friend Alex
Alex's Mom had bumper stickers made by Build-A-Sign.   The nice lady at Build-A-Sign had contacted my Mom a few months back too, but my Mom couldn't figure out how to make a bumper sticker (of course she became all flustered and rather than ask for help she gave up) she didn't know the nice lady would do it for Mom missed out on this one!

We are glad that Alex is watching us, we feel soooo protected!

Ohhhhh my Mom forgot to mention that she just reached her 200th blog post the other day! (Took her long enough...geeze!!!!)

Thanks to all of YOU for "watching" us too! We can't do what we do (whatever THAT is! without YOU!!)


  1. Y'all have so much fun!

    May all your gardens grow,

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out Cody! Alex and I are so glad that you got your sticker. Alex is also glad that a "piece of him" can hang with you and your mom! Caren, congrats on #200! You and Cody, and Dakota all rock! Sorry Cody, but your brother is cool too!

  3. @Benny and Lily thank you!!! We love the bumper sticker and we love Hilary and Alex (and both of YOU!) How is the new Honda?

    @Jan lol!!!!! Yeah, we pet-people are NUTS! lol Yes!! our gardens should start growing soon! :)

    @Hilary you are welcome! You know you are sooo pretty that Dakota and I (being boys) have crushes on you!! (Dakota and I LOVE the ladies! lol) Mom loves that the bumper sticker is GREEN! Her favorite color!! We think YOU rock too!!! Love, Cody, Mom and Dakota

  4. Congrats on 200 blog posts!!!
    Me is only at 95! And what a cool bumper sticker! Me is going to see if me can get my mommy to make some of beautiful me!

  5. Congratulations on #200! Hillary is so cool, did you know that Alex and my Sister Gracie are dating?

  6. What a cool bumper sticker! Alex really does look like he's watching you!!

    Congrats on your 200th post too!!

  7. Congratulations on your mom's 200th interesting, informative and full of entertainment posts!!! It's definitely not easy to keep that good work all the time, your mom is wonderful and I'm sure you're very proud of her!!!

    That's a very cute bumper sticker and you're so lucky, Cody!!!

  8. I love dat Bumper Sticker. It's great. Congratulations on the win. Pawsome prize.

  9. Great Sticker Caren! It is so true...the cats are watching all of us! Happy Valentines from me and Lexi. Thanks for following us!


  10. Hey Cody! This sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech. (I should know, right?). Anyway, I love "watching" you too. purrrr.....meow!

  11. Concatulations on your 200th post! LOVE the bumper sticker. :)

  12. Congratulations on your 200th post! We look forward to reading another 200 more!!!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  13. We don't know whether to feel secure or be afraid that Alex is watching us!

  14. Very cute. :) Brought a smile to my face, what I needed. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog Caren.

  15. @MissKrisTV yeah it is soo cute! I love it! So happy to make you smile! Don't feel bad about catching up. Today I didn't make it around to any of the blogs (I feel bad about it but sometimes as you know it is stressful to try and keep up with them all). I will make the rounds hopefully tomorrow. I needed to "unplug" and watch all of the cat shows on the Animal Planet tonight!

    @Katnip Lounge...yeah I sort of felt the same! lol

    @Slash and Bronzy awwwww thanks sooooo much! So happy you are with us!

    @meowmeowmans thanks so much! We love it too!

    @Cat-In-Sydney YES you should know! lol. Thank you!! We enjoy "watching" you too! Sorry we didn't get to stop by today but we hopefully will tomorrow!

    @Vicky thanks much! Yes Alex is a cutie!! So is his Mommy! :)

    @Christina & Lexi yes it is soooo true!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you and Lexi too!! Thanks for following us as well! xoxo

    @Mario thank you sooo much!! Yes we are just thrilled with it!

    @Priscilla THANK YOU!!!! Well my Mom forgot to mention that she couldn't have done it without the help of all of her guest bloggers too! (and of course ME writing some of her blogs!!!) Your blog is soooooo adorable and you know my Mom is crazy about all of you! I am too! xoxo

    @The Island Cats thank you!!!! Yep Alex IS watching! Mom hung the sticker on the side of the kitchen cupboard facing the sink so she can see him when she is at the sink and he DOES look like he is watching!! Enjoy our warmer Michigan weather that is coming! xoxo

  16. @Brian thank you!! Yep Hilary is beyond cool!!! Ohhhh yesss I did know about Gracie and Alex! I left comments on both of your blogs about it. The fireside scene was quite romantic! :)

    @Nellie don't feel bad! My Mom "cheats" and has had guest bloggers help her out too! (like me and many others!)...but she says they still count cause she has to put them up (lazy thing that she is!) I am sure the lady at Build-A-Sign will let you make some. Mom emailed her to see if she could do ours (since Mom couldn't) and am hoping she doesn't think we are losers and will let us do one after all lol) Sorry we weren't able to visit you today. Mom was busy, but we are going to try and make the rounds tomorrow! Thank you!! xoxo

  17. Better than watch dog! I get to kitty-sit next week with granddaughter's Biscuit. :D

  18. Congrats on your 200th post, and here's to 200 more!

  19. Yay for beautiful Alex watching over y'all!!!

    Congratulations with your 200th post!! Here's looking forward to the next 200 and more! Yay again!! Take care

  20. wow how lucky you are, I'm always so happy when I got mail!
    Enjoy my sweet friends,
    and a lovely Sunday for you all!

  21. @Luna yes I have to say we are pretty lucky! (knock on wood!!) I love getting mail too! Thanks so much, you have a lovely Sunday too!! xoxo

    @Old Kitty yes Alex is soooo handsome! Thank you for the congrats! Hope there will be 200 more!! xoxo

    @Julia thank you!!! We sure hope so!!

    @Scrappy Grams, oh what fun!! I hope you will blog about Biscuit!

  22. Concatulations you all! I would love Alex to be watching us. I would conscript him into my little Navy! You saw my ship! It's formidable.

  23. @Admiral Hestorb thank you!! Hey I want to be a part of your Navy too! Love, Cody

    @Pup Fan, thank you!!! ((((hugs))))

  24. That's a great idea!


  25. This must be the week for bumper stickers, we just got an Anipals Anonymous bumper sticker. >.> looks suspiciously for sticker fairie.

  26. Hilarious bumper sticker. I would totally crack up if I seen that. I love seeing original bumper stickers. :D

  27. WOW! 200! Congratulations! We are in awe :D
    Your bumper sticker is great, and we are wondering if it is one of those where the eyes "follow" you. We're getting ready to visit Hilary in just a bit, too -- we love her :)

  28. Congratulations on the 200th Blog post; that's just an awesome accomplishment any way you slice it! We found you through Mariodacat's blog, and are so glad we did. Hugs n snugs!

  29. Ha ha ha ha ha! That is a grrrrrreat bumper snicker!

  30. @Amin, hi and thank you!!

    @Spitty yes it is! :)

    @Stlcatlady thanks sooo much! It is such a pleasure to meet you! So glad you found us! I will have to check you out as well! Thanks for stopping by!

    @Lucy, nope the eyes don't follow, but what a cool idea THAT IS! We love Hilary too! (and Alex and the bumper sticker!)

    @Kitty Stampede I do too!

    @Kokoro yep the Build-A-Sign peeps have definitely been making the rounds throught the cat blog-o-sphere. When they contacted me a few months back I couldn't figure out how to do one and didn't know they would do it for me (til I read someone's post) so I didn't do it. Now I am seeing them everywhere! They are super cute though, I love 'em!

  31. "We can't do what we do (whatever THAT is! without YOU!!)" Haha!! the sticker!! CONCATS on hitting 200!! That's an awesome accomplishment! :)