Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Hey everybody! Cody here and  I just had to steal the computer from my Mom for a second. Guess what today is? It is my Dad's birthday!!!!! My Dad is the best Dad in the whole entire world!

 Wanna know why?

  • He feeds me and my Sheltie brother nearly every morning
  • He helps Mom keep my litter clean and fresh
  • He lets me "make biscuits" every night when he and Mom go to sleep (well, he does let out a  "Ohhhhh nooo, here he is", but I know he says it with love.


He isn't as "fluffy" as Mom but he will always share his lap

He doesn't know that I sometimes like to sleep on his shirt
 I like to get my scent on it
so he can take me with him everywhere he goes

Even if he doesn't blog about me like Mom does
 he is still my hero!!!

In "Cat" years he is over 100 yrs old!!!
 Is that why he looks like Albert Einstein?
 Oooops!! I didn't say that!!!

I love you Dad!!

Have the BEST
Birthday EVER!!

Love, Cody

PS: Sheltie-boy wishes you a
 but this is MY blog and it's all about ME,
get your own blog Sheltie-boy!
Or... paw up some loot for a card, ya know?

 well...he IS my brother after all
 and he loves you too!

Kitty Kisses & Sheltie Licks


  1. Happy Birthday Dad!!

    P.S. You do look like Albert in that picture!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daddy !!!
    I wish he have a wonderful day : )
    and because your dad look like Albert Einstein : )
    He might like Albert Einstein's quote for his birthday :
    "Time is an illusion."

    Hugs and Kisses to Cody's dad

    PS : MOL for your PS to Sheltie-boy, I like your style Cody : )

  3. Your male human is way better than my human's boyfriend - he does none of the things that yours does, and when my human is away and he has to feed me, he forgets to watch and lets Binga steal my food. Plus he is the reason the dog is here. That's why I don't count him as family, even though he lives here. So tell your male human happy birthday for me - he is a keeper!

  4. Naww... how sweet. Happy Birthday to your Daddy Cody.

  5. So Cody dear, what did you get Daddy on his birthday? purrr....meow!

  6. Happy Birthday to the bestest dad in the whole wide world for you adorable Cody and Dakota and yay to the the bestest most striking Albert Einstein lookalike ever!! Wow!!

    Take care

  7. A very happy birthday to your dad! We hope he has a fantastic day!

  8. @Old Kitty thanks so much for the birthday wishes to my Dad, Love, Cody xoxo

    @Cat-In-Sydney what did I get him? Cats don't have to get presents, I AM HIS PRESENT! lol xoxo

    @AlittleSprite thank you! xoxo

    @Sparkle ohhh how you made me laugh! My mom solves the food problem by feeding me in the kitchen with a baby gate there! Oh and my DAD is the reason Dakota is here!! (My Mom wanted a dryer, hers was still is...but Dakota is here!) MOL!!! Love, Cody xoxo

    @Tucker thank you! xoxoxo

    @Mr Puddy OMC my mom said your Albert Einstein quote was purrfect! "Time Is An Illusion" go we guess my Dad really isn't "old", he just LOOKS old!! MOL! We love YOUR style too! Love, Cody

    @Fin thank you! My Dad actually won an Albert Einstein look-alike contest on AOL when he had longer hair. Yep, that is the truth!! lol. xoxoxo

  9. Happy Birthday to your dad and Mom says he does look like Albert Einstein. You look so cute smelling up dad's jacket. I do that too if Mom lays her down jacket on the bed.

  10. My sisters and I all send a great big Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!

  11. Hi Cody! I hope your dad has a very happy birthday... looks like you and your sheltie got very lucky in the parent department!

  12. Happy Birfday to Dad. I'd say you has a pretty cool dad too cuz of all the cuddles he give you and all the stuff he does to help you and mom.

  13. Here's wishing your Dad a very Happy Birthday. Love the photos.

    Thoughts in Progress

  14. Happy Birthday to your Daddy. We are purring that this will be a most wonderful day and year for him.

    Love to all of you.

  15. Happy Birthday to your Dad, Cody. Dad's really are great. I like my mom's lap best, BUT Dad is the best deet giver. He is easily guilted by a sweet face.

  16. A very Happy Birthday to your Dad! :)
    Eat well and make merry!

  17. Happy Birthday to your bestest dad, Cody!
    It's very generous and kind of you to let your sheltie brother to leave some of his well wishes licks in your blog too.
    I'm sure your dad is the happiest man in the whole wide world as your mom is the bestest and kindest woman in the world, you're the cutest and most caring little boy and your bigger size brother is the sweetest and loveliest boy. YOur dad has all the best at home!!!
    Any pressies for the birthday Dad???

    Happy Birthday, Lenny!!!

  18. Happy Birthday to your Dad! We were thinking Albert Einstein before you said it, but that is surely a compliment!

  19. Happy BIRTHDAY Cody's Daddy! And mommy just said TWO times that you remind her of her brother Wayne! xox

  20. Moms are definitely fluffier. But Dads are devoted.

  21. Happy Birthday to your great Dad! We hope he enjoys his special day with all of you.

  22. Happy Birthday, Cody's dad.

    How nice of you, Cody, to let us know about your dad's birthday so we can help you wish him Happy Birthday.

  23. @thanks to EVERYONE for taking the time out of your busy day to wish my Dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! He is sooooooo happy!!! He is so shocked that he got so many greetings!
    Thank you for all of the kind things you said about my Mom, Dad, Sheltie-Boy Dakota and of course ME!!!!
    I can't answer everyone individually cause my Mom and Dad are busy with Dad's birthday and she is taking the computer away in a minute.
    We probably can't visit your bloggies today but we are going to try to visit tomorrow before the Super Bowl....if not we promise we will stop by on Monday so please don't be upset!
    We love all of you and we thank you!!
    Love, Cody (Mom, Dad and Sheltie-boy Dakota too!!!)

  24. Oh! He is a handsome dad! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!
    Are you sure he's not a closet cat blogger? Are you really, really sure? We think we sniffed a bit of him around the keys.

  25. Happy birthday to your dad! (He does look a bit like Albert in that picture!)

  26. Cody,
    Give your daddy a big hug from the Becker clan..happy birthday!

  27. We wish your Dad a very happy birthday, Cody. Hugs and nose kisses

  28. Happy birthday to your dad person!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  29. Happy Birfday to your dad! He looks like a real keeper!

  30. Awww... Happy Birfday to ur daddy, Cody!! Ur daddy soundz ('n looks) liek he'z a pritty pawsome dude, so I hope u 'n Dakota 'n Mom r awl treetin' him liek a king tooday. :)
    (Wen asked to describe mai daddy, I alwayz sez dat he'z 'not da mama'... but he'z still mai secund-fayvrit purrson, so I guess I'z gonna keep him around, hehehe.)
    xoxo, Boomie

  31. Well happy birthday to Dad, and that little house is cute. So is your brother.

  32. Dear Cody,
    Happy birthday to your Daddy! Me loves my Daddy lots and lots! Daddys are the best.
    Dear Caren
    Me is sorry yous did not win the painting of me, but me wants to send yous a postcard of one of Mommy's paintings. Could yous please send your snail mail address to my email? It is

  33. Happy Birthday!! Absolutely enjoy this weekend!! (((hugz)))

  34. We hope your dad had a great birthday! Hugs and nose kisses.

  35. Happy Birthday to your dad. We hope he is having a wonderful day.

  36. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! Dads are the bestest!!

  37. Happy Birthday Dad! Purrs from all of us.

  38. Thank you all sooooo much again for the wonderful birthday greetings for my Dad! We were gone all day and didn't have time to visit the bloggies...we might try and visit a few before we go to bed...if not we will visit tomorrow or Monday.
    Thanks soooo much again to everybody!

  39. Wow I love these pictures, your dad is so lovely!Your did a beautiful homage for him!
    Happy Happy Birthday!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  40. Awww....what a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Dad!!

  41. thanks again to everyone who stopped by to wish my Dad a Happy Birthday!! He is soooo happy!!!

    Love, Cody

  42. Stopping in with late birthday greeting for your daddy. I hope he had a fun filled day and let all those that love him spoil him all the day long.
    I am thinking that I have the best dad and you said you have the best dad . . . hum . . . how about I have the best dad where I live and you have the best dad where you live . . . Dads are the bestest of the best!!!

  43. d' sweet is that?!?! Happy Birthday Einstein!!!....err...I mean Cody's Dad!! ;)

  44. Sending birthday wishes to Dad! Hope the day brings his favorite things!


  45. @Amin thank you!

    @Pat he had a great day! Thanks so much for the greeting!

    @Kitty Stampede lmao @Einstein lol!!

    @Gracie thanks sooooo much! Yes he had a fantastic day thankyou!! Yep you are right...we both HAVE THE BEST DADS!!

  46. I'm one day late, but Happy Birthday!! I am sure your dad says "oh no" with a lot of love when you make biscuits :-) I chuckled when I read "he isn't as fluffy.." part. It's so cute. Have a wonderful weekend together !!

  47. Happy Birthday to your man humanoid!! Yay - I love birthdays! I haven't had one just yet but looking forward to it!

    Cody - I hope you got some lovely treats too! hee-hee...

    From a cute kitten x

  48. @Dexter Awww you are sooo sweet thank you for your greeting! We will be sure to celebrate your birthday (as soon as you have your first one xoxo) Love, Mom and Cody PS:Nope cody didn't get anything! lol

    @Tamago in our house we celebrate birthdays for a whole month so you aren't late at all! Thanks so much! Glad I could make you laugh with the "fluffy" lol About the biscuits...nope..I am afraid he really means "Oh No" lol. Hope you have a great weekend too! Love, Cody

  49. Oh, you got a good dad! Happy birthday to your dad!

  50. @Daisy, yeah I do! lol Thank you!! I will tell him! He is watching the Super Bowl pre-game and Mom and Dakota and I are gonna watch soon too! xoxo

  51. Sorry I'm a day late!! Cody, please wish your dad a very happy (belated) birthday for me!! I hope it was a good one! <3

  52. @Cats of Wildcat Woods @Catsparella and everyone who stopped by...THANK YOU!
    It is never too late to say happy birthday! ((((hugs))))

  53. Hi, Caren - I've been MIA so I'm late too...happy birthday, Einstein - ooops, I mean Cody's dad!

  54. @kelly and @The Whiskeratti it is NEVER too late! Hey everyone is busy (me included!) so I totally understand! I didn't get around to visit many blogs in the past few days but I am hoping to today!
    xoxo THANKYOU!

  55. A Belated Happy Birthday to your Dad! I must say he looks very kind, and from what you've said his actions match.

    We wish you many happy and healthy years ahead.

  56. Yay Happy belated Birthday! I hope you got to do something fun to celebrate :)