Friday, February 4, 2011

Make a Life-Saving Decision: Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered, Guest Post by Nooters Club, AND A FREE OFFER!

You may have been putting off the decision to get your dog or cat spayed or neutered.  The time to make the decision is now, before an “accident” makes you a contributor to one of the worst and saddest truths about pet overpopulation in the U.S.

Nooters Club® talks to pet guardians from around the U.S. The number one reason for NOT having a pet sterilized?   It goes something like this:  “Gee it would be fun to have just one litter.”  Or, “We want our kids to see puppies or kittens being born.” 

Before you start thinking about those cute puppies or kitties, please consider this,  according to the Humane Society of the United States, each year in the U.S. about  4 million puppies, kittens, cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and other pets are euthanized due to shelter overcrowding.   This happens in every state, in every community and in every animal shelter with few exceptions.   
Nooters Club Magnet

For the majority of pets that enter an animal shelter, it is the end of their lives.  Most of these animals are not “feral” strays, but pets that were born unwanted or are just unlucky enough to have been given up by their families for any number of reasons.   Some of these pets end up being picked up off the street after being left to fend for themselves; others have been dropped off at a shelter like one would drop off unwanted household items at the local charity  thrift store.   

If you think having a litter at your house would be fun, instead, make a trip to your local shelter.  Most of the better ones will be happy to give you a tour.     Chances are you will see more litters than you ever imagined. 

So for whatever reason you have been putting off getting your pet spayed or neutered, do it this year.  Not only will you be making sure that you are not bringing unwanted puppies or kittens into the world, but your pet will be better adjusted and healthier as sterilization significantly reduces the risk of many cancers and other health concerns.

If finances are tight, ask your veterinarian about payment and credit plans.  Or consider one of the many reduced-cost, high-volume spay and neuter clinics that have opened around the U.S.  Most of them charge an average of $50 (varies with dog or cat /male or female – so could be less or could be more).  See the Nooters Club® national spay/neuter  directory at for clinic locations in just about all 50 states.  If you cannot find a clinic near you, email me at and I will find one in your area.       
I have the same shirt! :)

If that’s not good enough, we’ll even give you the shirt off our back!!  Be among the first 10 pet guardians to let us know that you got your pet spayed or neutered in 2011 and Nooters Club® will send you a FREE adult t-shirt.  Just email me at with proof that your pet was fixed in 2011 (scanned copy of documentation signed by a veterinarian) along with choice of size (small, medium, large or X-L).  Be sure to mention you heard about it on CAT CHAT!


  1. Prevent Littering....I love it! Sounds like a great organization :)

  2. @Angie yep they are and Linda is a doll! She is the one I met for breakfast a month or so ago. My fave T-shirt of theirs is "My Pet Stops At Heavy Petting" lol

  3. Hello!
    It is wonderful news for me.Very big organization.

  4. Great advice! The UK have rescue centres that offer free neutering and spaying - so there is no excuse really!! Great slogan too on the t-shirt!!

    Take care

  5. We think this sounds wonderful, I got spayed even though Mom was a cheap student because she couldn't stand the noise I was making and couldn't bear to have kittens too. She has also fixed all her other pets but Sophie. Sophie has been having issues if you check out Mom's blog but we have a new app for next week!

  6. This is the single most wonderful blog there is about a vitally important thing. And I am so glad you mentioned the so-called fun aspect of having a litter. No, it's not a lot of fun and certainly not for the litter when they are left to scrabble for themselves largely, or abandoned by the "good home" they went to to fend for themselves.
    Thank you for the information and the great treatment of a serious and vital topic.

  7. It's great to let the public know more about the benefits of neutering/ spaying. There are enough strays on the street and we don't need anymore of them!

  8. I'm almost rabidly pro-fixing. Both mine were snipped at the earliest opportunity.

  9. Dear Caren,
    Spaying or neutering your cat will give her or him a longer, healthier life, as well as helping to control the pet overpopulation problem and allowing more homeless animals a chance to live.
    Thank yous for bringing this up!
    We's thinks Nooters Club rocks!

  10. Thank you for speaking out on an very important subject again. All anipals should be neutered. We need to put a stop to the homless anipals wandering our streets. There are groups like Cats Annonomous that will help too. There is help out there, you just have to search a little for it.

  11. Well, our mom sure didn't forget. Now I'm a little chubbier and so is Sam, but he also speaks in a higher voice now.

  12. I love this slogan!! What a great way to get the word out. Thanks for such a great post, its so important! Have a great weekend Caren. :)

  13. We absolutely agree! I have heard so many excuses from people about why they can't get their pet spayed or neutered that it just drives me nuts!

  14. I lost my Oskar-berries a long time ago. I still miss them, but my people say it is best.

    Sorry we haven't been around lately, my mom person's brain hasn't been working well!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. @Amin, so glad you liked it!!

    @Oskar OMC you had me laughing when you mentioned the "Oskar berries"!!!! OMG you "still miss them" lol I love it! No need to apologize! My brain hasn't been working well either and I was gone from 9am til 4pm today so not sure if I will get around to the blog tonight but I will try! xoxo

    @rivercat thanks so much! Thanks for stopping by!

    @houndstooth I know and it is so sad. Some of those same people are ones that abandon their pets as well and it breaks my heart! xoxo

    @Coupon Queen, thanks so much ! Wish I wrote it! You have a great weekend as well! (((hugs)))

    @Lucy "Sam speaks in a higher voice now" LMAO!!! Cody is chubbier too, maybe THAT is his excuse? lol ((((hugs))))

    @Mario "Cats Anonymous?" I never heard of that one! Thanks so much for the info!! xoxo

    @Nellie thanks for telling everyone all of the reasons they should spay/neuter! Those are very important reasons! We think that YOU rock!

    @The Whiskeratti I am sorry but you made me laugh as well! lol! "snipped at the earliest opportunity" I love it but thank you for being a caring Mom! xoxo

    @Priscilla, well said and soooo true! xoxo

    @Admiral Hestorb thank YOU for your insightful comment!! I think Linda did an amazing job conveying her message and I am thrilled that it was appreciated by so many of you!

    ((((hugs)))) to you all!

  16. @Erika and Blair, I have to hop on over because I had such a busy day that I totally forgot what Sophie's issues are. I will be over today or tomorrow! xoxo

    @Old Kitty thanks for the info about the UK. I never knew that! Do they have less of a problem with strays than the US has? You would think that they would. I think that is wonderful! Thanks for informing us! xoxo

  17. I am dumbfounded to think that there are people out there stupid enough (sorry I'm beyond tact at the moment) not to have their animals fixed!!! I'm so glad there great organizations like Nooters Club that are spreading the word about animal overpopulation to those who are still living under rocks....hopefully the message will sink in!

    Caren, I hope you will still be speaking to me after that rant :-)

  18. Darn it! My Daisy, Henry, and Buster all got neutered long before 2011 so I (the human) cannot win a t-shirt! Bummer! But at least I know that I saved myself from the agony of having to adopt out little Daisy's and Henry's and Buster's long ago! I agree with responsible and get your pets "fixed"! I am speaking from experience because 2 chihuahua clients "got together" and 2 babies were the result because the owners were too lazy to make a vet appt!
    And, yes, Dakota, you and PUDDLES the dachshund would be perfect together but aren't you rushing into marriage a bit too quickly? Don't you think you should put dating before marriage? Just sayin'!

  19. Caren,
    This was another informative post. My furry children were snipped as soon as our vet would do the deed. Chloe, the drama queen, was under the weather for a couple of days. On the other hand, Studley Cecil, was a champ!
    I never hesitated, or gave it a second thought, spaying and neutering is the only way to go!

  20. It's the law here now that pets must be fixed by four months. There are some exceptions for breeders.

  21. @Cat....are you kidding me? I LOVE your passion, honesty and sincerity and you are absolutely RIGHT! Thank you for your support!! You are truly special!

    @Fin I am trying to remember how old Cody was when I had him neutered. For some reason I think it was 4 mos as well (might have been 6 mos but I think it was 4) One of the stipulations that the rescue group had that I adopted him from was that he MUST be neutered. (I would have had it done anyway) Even more impressive, they followed up with me via phone to be SURE he had been neutered....if I hadn't they would have taken him back. I love that philosophy/approach

    @Shawn thank you but Linda deserves the credit, I am merely the messenger! Linda wrote it. I am like you, I never hesitated either!

    @Teacher's Pets....I have aggressive male pets...what can I say! They "speak" up for what they want! lol OMG Dakota is at the baby gate as we speak trying to "talk" to me lol. He sends his love!

  22. Great post, and very clever marketing!!!

  23. @Brian thank you!! Linda created "Nooters Club" and I think she and the organization are just amazing!

  24. Marmie neutered me. Against my will. Then she made me wear a cone necklace because I kept licking my stitches. The horror.

  25. Dear Caren,

    Me and my mom totally agree !
    In Melbourne is the same ! Some owners didn't do it for their cats, and most of them was end up in the shelter or the street ! How many cats have to wait for forever home ? How long they have to wait ? Do they deserved this ?..Nop !!

    Mom said " This is really good marketing to remind some silly people out there to take responsible to their own cats !!! "

  26. @Mr Puddy your Mom is very, very smart and I agree that this is very good marketing and for a very good cause xoxo

    @Link, Cody had to wear a cone too! lol. We called him "Space Boy" when he wore it! lol

    Thanks so much everyone for stopping by!