Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Angie From "Catladyland"

My Mom and I were so excited to get mail! We were even more excited when we saw it was from YOU! You are so special to us! We wanted to show everyone what we got:

We got a great sticker, a beautiful note and a new MOUSIE!!!

Be sure to visit Angie at Catladyland

I was so happy to get this wonderful surprise,  but my Mom is really upset with me. I was running with the wonderful mousie when the video camera was NOT ON! I kept running carrying mousie and I would bring him into the kitchen. I thought if I brought mousie into the kitchen then Mom would get the idea that I wanted my bedtime snack! I was just focused on my snack and not the mousie and that is why Mom is so upset with me.

 Mom said as soon as she turned the camera on I had ZERO purrsonality. I just want to tell  all of you that I LOVE my mousie and sticker but I don't see why I have to turn my mousie fun into a photo op for my Mom!  Geeze! Get a life woman!

Anyway, here is the video that made my Mom so upset with me.

I really do love my mousie Angie!! I thank you and I am sorry I was more worried about my snack than I was with mousie. Please forgive me. Please tell Phoebe, Cosmo and Saffy thank you and that I send them kitty hugs and kisses. I  will convey more gratitude instead of "catitude" in the future.  Love, Cody


  1. Cody,
    Forget any dream of Hollywood fame you may have! Anyway, I'm sooooo jealous of your "mail". purrr....meow!

  2. Awwww Cody!!!! You are the sweetest cat in the whole wide world!!

  3. Cody! You were a little bit rude by not showing your appreciation more in the video! That's sort of like a moving "thank you" card. Oh well, I should know better than anyone else that we kitties do not really do human etiquette all that well.

  4. Cody, That's lovely sticker and cool mousy. Angie is so nice.

    About the mousy, I won't blame you at all. You did your best with mousy but she forgot to turn camera on. Nothing you can do !

    You know what ? I got the mouse exactly the same as you but red. I just love it. It can play so many ways. My dad tie the string to the mouse's tail and then my dad will drag the mouse along the hall way. It's really great game, Cody ! It like the mouse is alive and can walk and I do stalking. You should try.


  5. Wow!!! Some cool prezzies from friends! The mousie looks good and yummy but I completely understand that it's not REAL snack and you needed something edible at that hour and that's why you led your mom into the kitchen. Sigh!!! I feel so sorry that your mom paid more attention of getting your video instead of trying to figure out the intention of you being in the food place. However, please don't blame your mom as she just wanted to show her blogging friends how happy and cute you're when you played with your mousie. I bet your mom had given you loads of treats after the video section.

  6. Congratulation Cody...hope you always enjoy your mousie :)

  7. Your friend Angie is so adorable ,how cool this new mousie!
    So nice news!
    purrs and happy Sunday
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  8. Hello! I t is big pleasure to get the mail from the friends.I see beautiful new floor in the video!Beautiful!

  9. Yep... your mom will learn there are no repeats. Catch it on video the first time or forget it. HEE HEE

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Hehehe, we do that too with our human. With the flashbox in hand, we act bored too. :-D

  11. @The Chair Speaks, isn't that always the way? lol

    @Max yep she knows that! Funny thing was I was playing so nicely which is why she grabbed the camera, I showed her!

    @Amin thank you so much! There is also a piece of white on the trim that we have to go around and take off. They put labels right on the side trim and it is so hard to take off!

    @Goldie, Shade and Banshee yes they are, so special!

    @Luna "purrs and happy Sunday to you too!" Angie is soooo sweet, we loved being able to see her handwriting! :)

    @Novroz thank you so much!

    @Priscilla, see? That is why Eva is so well trained. You know EXACTLY what to do! Mom should have done exactly what you said! Feed me my snack first, then do the video when I was all happy. That is why Eva is so well trained and Dakota isn't MOL! Love, Cody

    @Mr.Puddy, I have the exact same one TOO only in red!! Actually my Mommy took pictures with me and that one before, she has some nice ones of red mousie she keeps saving but hasn't posted yet (they were taken a while ago). My red one is my favorite too, I love my new blue one and Angie is so sweet but I have to get my scent on it just right first. I like what your Daddy does about tying string on the end (we have used shoelaces,) that is what Mom should do xoxoxo

  12. @Rumblepurr thank you! We were so happy!

    @Sparkle, Mommy agrees with you. She thought I was rather rude too and that is why she was upset. She liked what you said about it being a "moving thank you card", guess I blew that!

    @Knotted Fingers....ahhhhh YOU have it RIGHT! No matter what I do you think I am SWEET. I think I am in love, Cody

    @Cat-In-Sydney no worries about that! MOL!!! We have never entered any video contests or anything and have no intentions of entering one! MOL!

  13. Awwwww beautiful and wonderful Cody!!!! You were just prioritising is all! LOL!!!!

    Yay for your lovely surprise package from Catladyland!! Take care

  14. Uh huh Code. And now we see the real story behind your complaints. You know what I'm talking about. On the other day's evaluation. Re your Mum's below-standard visuals. I refrain from further comment. The thing speaks for itself.

  15. ha ha- I think you are just behaving like a normal kitty - sometimes we get into stuff, some times we want nothing to do with it - that particular moment anyway. I'll bet eventually you went on to play with the mousy and had a great time.

  16. Oh cody... your mom is talking crazy... how could you ever have zero just ooze the charm!

  17. Very cool stuff, Cody. You are a lucky cat.

  18. Don't you just love them when they do that. They play madly with a mousey and as soon as the camera is in hand they lose interest. Mum always tells us to stop winding her up - ha ha!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  19. Cody, I suffer from performance anxiety too. I know when the camera is on and simnply cannot act normal once I hear it ding.

  20. I totally believe that you love your mousie present, it's just the camera you don't like!

  21. Aw, Cody! The Humans gotta unnerstand that while toyz are ridiculously awesome, FOOD is, well, FOOD and takes precedence over **everything** else. If it was snacktime, how could you be expected to pay attention to anything else?

  22. @Old Kitty, you are exactly RIGHT! I was "prioritizing!" FOOD always comes FIRST! Say hi to Charlie for me! xoxo

    @Spitty you got it my friend! Next time she wants me to "perform" show me the FOOD!!!!! :)

    @Brian you got it! See? You UNDERSTAND kitties!

    @Link well our doesn't "ding" but when she follows me around with the darned thing (without giving me my snack)...then I put a stop to it!

    @Hannah and Lucy "stop winding her up" HAAAA! Doesn't take much to "wind up" my Mom! :)

    @The Whiskeratti, yep I am a lucky kitty!! (sometimes) MOL!

    @Hilary my Mom was "talking crazy" cause she IS crazy!!! MOL! You know that! :)

    @Mario, Mom here...actually, now we have a HUGE mousie mystery. I can't locate the blue mouse. ANYWHERE. I am praying that Cody didn't "hand off" the mouse to Dakota last night (through the babygate) If he did...odds are that Dakota ATE the mousie. I am soooo praying that that isn't the case. I sure hope it turns up!

    @Nadbugs...YEP the video is DREADFUL but...My Mom did warn everyone about that! I would cut her some slack. She has been beyond busy putting things back and washing everything from when the new floors went in....she is exhausted and tried her best! is DREADFUL! xoxoxo

  23. I loved my mousie too. She is a girl mousie and magenta pink! I play with her efurry day and mommy said she's gonna put the sticker on her car window!!


  24. @Admiral Hestorb...oh a magenta mousie!!! How beaaaauuutiful! I can just imagine how much you love her! We can't find Cody's now and we are praying that Dakota didn't eat him :(
    We put our sticker on the side of our fridge! :)

  25. Cody, Angie might kick you out of Catladyland! How is your pawmenship, you might need to pen her a personal letter! No email thank yous for you!


  26. aah Cody that was awfully sweet
    Benny & Lily

  27. Oscar night tonight and Cody is now not in the running! mol. What a great present from kind Aunty Angie :)

  28. Isn't it just the way. No camera and they do the cutest things. Get a camera and it's like 'no way am I being seen doing anything.' Gotta love'em anyway.

    Thoughts in Progress

  29. Oh Cody, you make me feel right at home. I buy my little boogers toys and they just turn their backs!

  30. @Mason yep that is always the way!

    @Carolyn you got that right! Yep it was a great present from problem is...we cannot locate the mouse! I am a nervous wreck because I think Dakota ate it. I meant to put it in the cupboard when I went to bed and I didn't. I think I left it on the kitchen table. We have babygates up but Cody often "hands"Dakota one of his cat toys through the gate. I have intercepted MANY mice before it was too late...this time I think it is too late. It is made out of paper mache (however you spell it) and the outside is some material....I am praying if he ate it that he chewed it up. We will watch him.

    @Benny and Lily you ARE kidding, right? lol

    @Ann "kick Cody out of Catladyland" good one! He SHOULD write a pawsonal note!

  31. What a super nice surprise!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  32. Scarlett doesn't like to play when the video camera is on either. Frustrating!

  33. Yay, I love it and getting mail is so much fun :) I'm expecting my Catladyland sticker in the mail as well!

  34. @Oskar yes it was thanks! We knew we were getting the sticker but not the sweet note and mousie!

    @Natalie, Scarlett sounds like my kind of girl! Love, Cody

    @Stacy and Ellie, we love getting mail too! You will love your sticker!

  35. Oh dear, Caren!!! I hope Dakota has not come to grief over missing mouse. I bet Cody is mouserable!

  36. Did the mouse ever reappear? Cody, I think you performed brilliantly with the mouse considering you were obviously starving :O)

  37. I know I read this the other day, but I couldn't remember if I commented or not..gosh darn it! Anyway..of course we love Angie! I got a sticker too, and mine came with a pink mousie :D I sprayed it with catnip for extra fun-times (for the cats, not me..MOL.)

    You better watch out, Cody! Now that your Mom is a camera pro, snack time will never be safe again!

  38. What in the world??? I can't believe I missed this, Caren. I'm SO sorry I didn't respond. What a fun post -- I'm so glad sweet Cody enjoyed his mousie :) Cats should know....ALWAYS be camera-ready!!

    From Feb-May I am scrambling to have even a moment with my kids. Once the school play isover in mid-May I will be making rounds again and being a better blog/FB friend...promise! xoxox Love you xoxoxo

  39. Angie that is ok! No worries! You are super busy!
    I haven't been that great with reading/commenting on many of the blogs either. We have been so busy with redoing some things in our condo and other things and then what do I do? I go and start a SECOND blog. I don't have time for the first one and I start a second lol. It is for Dakota. It is going to be way less involved than Cody's....I will mostly post when I feel like it with no set schedule...Cody's will remain my main blog...just dabbling in a second. I totally understand! Remember when we said we get so stressed sometimes feeling as if we have to comment? That is how I feel. I am doing the best I can to get around to everyone...on the days that I can't I try not to worry about it (but you know I do!) I understand, please don't worry! You are special and that won't ever change! Love you too! xoxoxo