Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Flooring Is Almost Done And We're "Floored!!"

Hi Everyone! Cody here with an update on the flooring.  It's almost entirely in and my Mom is handling it like a little trooper.

I didn't get to see much of the action (but I sure HEARD IT!) I was in the bedroom sleeping on my snuggly pillows and playing with my Bat-A-Rat.  I heard loud sawing and hammering and an occasional voice saying "Don't open that door the CAT is in there!" (yeah like I wanted to run out in that dust filled zone to begin with!)

The men that are putting our gorgeous Pergo floors in  are super nice and boy do they ever work hard! (Don't they know it is much nicer just to eat and nap all day?) My Mom said they made it so easy for her because they were so nice and even cleaned up their mess before they left. I couldn't believe it when they opened the door and look what I saw!!

See me on the chair?
They did such a good job
They didn't even need me to "snoopervise!"
Dakota and I had the best time running and sliding on our new floors! My mom says it sounds like Dakota is wearing tap shoes and it kept making her laugh. When he tried to spin and spin like he does when he gets over exuberant, I was laughing and laughing because he kept sliding. I kept hoping he would run so fast that he would slide into the wall but he didn't! (I am hoping he does today and that Mom has the video camera when it happens.)

Look at how it shines!!!

 This is not how the furniture will look
My Mom said a new sleeping place
 is coming for me next week!
 A new couch will be here!
Everything went so well that it totally surpassed my Mom's expectations.  She is so thankful and just loves the great job the hardworking men have done so far, they only have a little bit left to do.

I guess the floor is super good for sleeping too:

Dakota sure likes it!
He's Smiling!!


  1. Beautiful! I hate to say it but my eyes have turned a tad bit green! Oh yes, that green eyed monster is taking over my body, I have always wanted wood floors. Love the color you picked out.
    Have fun watching Dakota slide on the floor today!

  2. Shawn thank you!!! You are sooo funny!! Don't be jealous, I am only in a condo and you are in a house!! Our place is so small! I just adore wood too....I am crazy about it and thank you I love the color too! (it is cherry) We just had the livingroom/diningroom painted as well, it looks yellow in the photo but it's not. It is a beige with a very, very muted tinge of coral...(mostly beige)....yep we are hoping to see Dakota do some good sliding! lol

  3. Wow I LOVE your new floor, it's beautiful!
    Brilliant and elegant, your place looks so comfortable!
    I bet your mommy is also happy with the end of the works.
    Enjoy your lovely place dear friends and a happy weekend,

  4. Looks wonderful Cody. I know I love our wooden floors. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Don't let your Mum work too hard moving all that furniture back! (HUGS!)

  5. Those floors are made for skidding!!!!! I'm on my way over with my nip toys...

  6. Looks wonderful :) Very "Good Housekeeping".

    The sound of the paws/claws will be hilarious - for a while! At least you'll hear them coming as they either clatter or screech to a halt lol.

  7. Wow... floors with a great slide factor... I'm sending the boys over to test them out.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. They look beautiful! Now comes the fun part of keeping them clean and dustbunny free:)

  9. @Carolyn thank you! I love it! Yes the clicking of the paws is hilarious! (Just Dakota's, Cody's nails were trimmed so he isn't clicking lol)

    @Rumblepurr ohhhh yess they are! Grab your toys and come on over!

    @ALittleSprite thank you! We are so happy you love yours too! Nope the nice men moved almost everything back!

    @Luna ahhhhh you are so sweet thank you!! We are sooo happy with it! My goal was to make it warm and inviting, when the furniture comes I hope I succeeded! You have a great weekend too and thank you!

  10. Terrific!!! It's so beautiful, Cody! I like your new flooring a lot and I love your living room. Gosh!!! It looks so comfy. Your mom is so right about Dakota wearing tap shoes. Eva is wearing her tap shoes all the time at home and I know exactly where she is once she is on my wooden floor. She can't hide from me and fool me at all, LOL!
    I'm so glad that your flooring is almost done and you will get back 100% attention from your mom before you know it.

  11. It's beautiful, can't wait to see the new furniture.

  12. It's gorgeous! I love it, love it, love it! Well worth it, no question.


  13. Dear caren, Cody and Dakota,
    Your floors is beautiful! Me misses our floors. They is so much more fun when playing hockey with crunchies and flinging toys!
    Thanks yous for showing us your beautiful floors and we can't wait to see the new furniture!

  14. I love wood floors with light painted walls. It looks fantastic, very 'clean' and sophisticated. And I love Carolyn's comment. My parent's cats always click in their living room. I think it's a wonderful sound. It always makes me laugh.

  15. Wow, those are beautiful floors! You will have fun slipping and sliding on them for sure.

  16. Oh wow!! OH it's beautiful!!! Look how shiny and new and just lovely!! Yay!!Me and Charlie hope you and gorgeous Dakota have lots of smooth naps on it!! Yay!!! Take care

  17. @The Whiskeratti thank you!! Ohhhhh yesss we are having fun sliding!

    @Eleanor I do too. I love how dramatic light walls and darker wood floors are. I love how you summed it up "clean and sophisticated". The click, click makes me laugh too! :)

    @Nellie ohhh yes and it was sooo funny yesterday! My Mommy was using a big sweepy thingy on the floor and she started teasing Dakota with it, running it on the floor chasing him. He tried to attack it! MOL!

    @Kea THANK YOU!! I sooooooo agree with you! I have to say these guys are making it so easy! They are here now finishing up :)

    @Linda B. thank you sooo much! I will show photos of the new furniture for sure!

    @Priscilla, I am stuck in the bedroom again. Dakota is in the kitchen with Mommy and Daddy right now. They said Dakota has been a really good boy through this. My Mom likes what you like, she can hear Dakota's feet "clicking" and she knows exactly what he is doing and where he is! She wants everything to be warm and cozy and I think my new bed, er couch, will be the icing on the cake! Thanks so much, we love it!

    @jen thank you! You think like me lol! I was staring at them last night already looking for dust! I will try and mop them every day!

    @Max thank you! OMC My Mom said she would love nothing more than if the boys came over to slide with us! What fun we would have!!! :)

  18. The floor is beautiful! And we're glad to know the floor guys did such a great job, so fast.

    Just so you know, doggies aren't the only ones that can slip-slide on floors like that. Just sayin'!

    Been there, done that!

  19. Beautiful floors and sounds like all is going well with it.

    Thoughts in Progress

  20. Oh, Cody, my grand-kitty too went sliding as he was running from one end of the house to another. It was entertaining. I miss him since he went home with his mom. Tell your mom the floor is gorgeous. Can you see your reflection in that new shininess?

  21. What a lovely new floor, plus a new couch, you guys will be livin' in high style!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  22. We think that flooring looks snazzy! And we would like to see a video of the kitties sliding across the new floor.

  23. The floors are beautiful! You and Dakota keep having fun slippin' and slidin' on those new floors. Hope you will show us your new couch after it arrives. Hugs and nose kisses

  24. Wow, the floors look beautiful! I love wood floors too, the rooms look fabulous. Very nice! :)

  25. Cody, The New Floor look AWESOME !!!!! That light up the whole room beautiful !!!!

    Cody, Don't let Dakota had the best time running and sliding on the new floors ALONE ! You must try it ! ...It's SUPER FUNNNN !!!! I do it on my house too : )

    And how exciting, you is going to get the new sleeping place ! Don't forget to Spray, Cody !!! That's the best part when you get the new thing : )..heh..heh..heh..your mom not gonna like my idea : )


  26. Wow it looks great! It must feel so nice and clean to have new floors :)

  27. That floor is gorgeous! I BET that is fun to slide on!!!!

  28. Hello!
    Very beautiful floor!I love wooden floors...
    Beautiful post!

  29. Your floor looks lovely. You will have a great time sliding on it.

  30. Pergo is terrific flooring material. Just don't get it too wet or you'll have issues with the seams in between the planks pulling up. Just use a slightly damp cloth or a swiffer and you'll be fine. We had them for years at our previous house and loved them.

  31. Wow! I really like that floor! *sigh* Someday!

  32. We have tile in every stinking room, cold, cold, cold. Color me jealous.

  33. @Old Kitty thank you!!! I just love it and I think Cody and Dakota do too!! I love how shiny it is too, now cleaning it is going to be soooo much fun lol! Hugs to you and Charlie!

    @houndstooth, thank you! Don't feel bad. Our carpet was from at least the 70s (I am NOT kidding) it was beyond disgusting. I waited a loooong time! You will have some one day if you want it! :)

    @Vicky that is what I hear. It is supposed to be super easy. Yep they told me about not getting it too wet and I am so paranoid! I am so glad you had them and loved them too! Thanks for the tips!

    @Eric and Flynn THANK YOU! Oh yesss the boys are having fun slipping and sliding. Actually Dakota is sliding way more than Cody!

    @Amin thanks so much! I love wood floors too, I think they are so pretty!

    @Sparkle, thank you!!! I am beyond in love with it! I hope I fall in love with the cleaning of it lol. Dakota is sliding but he is getting the hang of it. It is a blast to watch lol.

    @Stacy and Ellie THANK YOU! OMG yes!!! I am hoping that maybe this will help with Cody's allergies somewhat. He won't have all the dust and things from the ancient carpet.

    @Mr Puddy, now, now, don't you go and put those spraying ideas in Cody's head! lol!! You are right that I don't like that!!! lol. Cody was soooo mad today. When I came into the bedroom to get him he was scowling, then I had to put him in the bathroom so they could lay the floor outside of the bedroom and he was quite upset with that as well! He is happy now. He is sleeping on Dakota's bed in the living room! xoxoxo

  34. @Julie thanks soooo much!

    @Hilary thank you!!! We are beyond tickled with them!

    @Mumsy thank you!! We will show you the couch for sure! Thanks so much!

    @Link thanks so much we love it too! Mom is super busy this weekend with running around and then moving things back into the room, but when she gets a chance if we do some good slipping and sliding she will record it for sure! xoxo

    @Oskar thanks soooo much! OMG this is sooooo overdue! Our carpet was from the 70s (our couch too)....(I am NOT kidding!) We hadn't done any work here for like 11 years and it was in DIRE NEED! Thank you! xoxo

    @Scrappy Grams awwww I am so sorry your little grand kitty has left. How are the plans coming along for you to get one of your own? Good question about the reflection, I will have to check that out! I can't wait for you to get a kitty of your very own! Thanks so much!

    @Admiral Hestorb, thank you!! We are thrilled!

    @Mason thank you! I am so tickled with them! I cannot get over the difference they make!

    @The Boys and Karen, thanks soooo much! We love them! OMG the men that put it in were the BEST ever! Lol you reminded me of when I was little and my Mom had hardwood. When she would polish the floors and I had socks on it was a total WIPEOUT! lol

  35. What a great feeling it best be to get a new floor under those paws...I can't blame your mama for being so happy with everything either. Can't wait to see the new furniture either.

  36. Cody,
    It looks like you have a brand new house! Have fun sliding!


  37. @Mrs Tuna, NOOOO! Never be jealous! Do you have a house? We are just in a 2 bedroom condo...everybody has something that someone else would love! I think tile is GREAT! It is easy to clean isn't it? It is better than stinky, dirty, 30+ yr old carpet like we had! xoxoxo

    @Dori ohhhh yes and my Mom LOVES it under HER paws too! We will show it when it is done for sure!

    @journalwriter, it is almost as if we did! (at least the front part) the bedrooms are still a mess lol

  38. Floors looking good! It looks like the same type we have - we got it to replace the horrible brown tiles that were in the house when we moved here - everything was brown then haha.

  39. The new floors look awesome. So much nicer than carpeting.

  40. Wow, your place is really getting a makeover.

  41. Wowza! That really looks like a ton of fun! I want to teleport over and check it out. I could really get a good slide going on **that**!

  42. Hey how beautiful! If I were a kitty, I'd be playing slidey games...

  43. Wow, the new flooring looks super shiny and fancy! It must be like living in a dance studio! :)

  44. Cody, we have tiles at home, no wood. Mama is lazy cleaning the floor sometimes but we're not complaining. Ehem....any floor warming party? purrr....meow!

  45. The room looks beautiful, Cody! Did your mommy buy you some kitty socks yet? Be sure to mew her ear off until she crumbles to your constant begging. Maybe, you can talk her into getting Dakota some doggie socks then you both can pretend to be ice skating across the floor. Well...I did see the snow through the big window and at least you can keep cozy warm indoors as you pretend to be on a frozen pond. Have a fab..catulous weekend!

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  46. @Cathy thank you!! Nope! No kitty socks for me cause my claws aren't clicking on the floor. She joked about getting doggie socks for my brother though! Ohhh I mewed and mewed yesterday when she had me locked in the bedroom and then the BATHROOM while the men finished yesterday. But it didn't work. Frozen pond! I love it! You have great weekend too!

    @Cat-In-Sydney I like tiles too! Especially where you live I think tile floors are great! Mom cleaned ours yesterday, I think she will be cleaning it EVERY DAY! Hmmm...we should have a floor warming party!

    @Trixie-lily and sammy-joe, "dance studio" I love it! Never thought of that before! lol

    @Au and Target, we haven't played slidey games yet but I am sure we will! Thank you!!!
    Thank you to everyone! My Mom just got up and is typing for me and we are tired!

    @Spitty, come on over!! We would love it! The more kitties the better! :)

    @Jan omg it is but EVERYTHING had been the original from the 70s. My husband bought the condo in 2000 and we had done NOTHING and I mean NOTHING til now. Things should have been done YEARS ago but we couldn't.

    @Diane thank you! We agree! We love it!! Hoping it will help with Cody's allergies too!

    @Ruth thanks so much! Well our floors are brown too but we love it!! :)

    @Natalie thanks soooo much! We love it!!!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone and thanks sooooo much! Still a lot of work to do putting so many things back and one more wall has to be painted in the dining room on Monday.

  47. WOW! No wonder you Mom is happy Cody, the floors look beautiful, we could have those furred in no time. Dakota looks totally happy too!

  48. Wow! Caron that looks so posh! They look lovely.

  49. That floor is gorgeous!!! I am jealous and happy all at the same time :)

  50. It looks great!

    And don't worry about doing anything too athletic Cody, you'll find the events for catalympics are very liberal! Hope you'll play.

  51. @Brian come on over and get it "furred" and I will just "swifter" it up! So much easier! Thank you we love them and yep Dakota is just tap dancing all over the place lol

    @wockley "posh!!" Hardly a word to describe me, but wait! Ohhhh the FLOORS! lol. I love them, I am just tickled! Thank you!

    @Angie THANK YOU! Noooooo jealous? Hell with a GORGEOUS home like yours??? The color scheme of your home is so soothing and beautiful and you have a large home, we just have a 2 bedrm condo! Your home is no slouch, trust me!! Area rugs are going down next week (just 2, I already put a few runners in the hall way which Cody wasted no time getting them all bunched up!)

    @Fin thanks so much! I probably will try to play once I read about how we do it!

  52. Each time I do my blog hopping and I come to your blog. I start smiling without even reading it. That is a very good thing! I know you are going to be witty and funny! You never disappoint me. I love the floors! Kind of makes me want to go sliding on them too lol...

  53. The floors are beautiful plus the fact that theinstallers were hard working and nice makes your project even more perfect. Can't wait to see the new couch.
    Have a wonderful day!

  54. Oh Code, the floor sure looks great! Those super nice men did a wonderful job. Sliding on this new floor must be so much fun. One of my boys, Goro loves to run and slide on a wooden floor. But it is a very small space, I wish we could have a large, shiny wooden floor like yours!

  55. P.S. I have given your blog a Stylish Blogger Award! Stop by my spot if you'd like to pick it up :)

  56. Wow! Wat a pawsome, shiny, tap-dancy floor you haf! We fink dat all you need is a giant-size cat tree in the hall and you'll be in paradise.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  57. @Amin thanks so much!

    @Slash & Bronzy, "tap-dancy floor" lmao! I love that! Ohhhh yes a giant size cat tree would be just the ticket! Thank you!

    @Vicky thanks sooooooooooo much! I will try and get over there! Just got online after having been gone all day. I thank you sooo much for thinking of me! I have had the award and posted about it but I am greatly honored! xoxoxo

    @Tamago thank you!! we have a small space too, the living room is large but it is minus a couch which is coming on Thursday. Once the couch comes the floor space will be GONE!!! Less for my Mom to clean lol

    @cherie you are right, thanks so much! The workers were fabulous!

    @Denise, come on over and slide with us! you will love it! lol. "I'm not worthy!" I'm not worthy!" Now you put too much pressure on me and I didn't even post a new blog today. I was gone all day, I am awful! Not sure if I will post a new one tomorrow or not but definitely will on Monday. Thanks so much for your kind words! (((hugs))))

  58. That is one nice looking floor. Though I find it hard to believe that it could get done without your snoopervising. I think it was better for you to be away from all that noise while the work was being done.
    Tell your folks they did a good job!

  59. Great floors! Bet we could get some great hockey games going at your house now.

  60. @Gracie thank you so much! I was surprised that I didn't have to "snoopervise" either! Yeah I think it was better I was away too. I told my Mom and Dad and they said THANK YOU!! :)

    @Laila and Minchie thank you!! Oh yeah hockey would be a blast!

  61. Great looking new floors, I hope you like them! Dakota looks comfy:)

  62. Love love love your new floor! Looks like Cody and Dakota enjoy them too!