Monday, February 14, 2011

We "Heart" Angie Bailey Of "Catladyland" Fame!

Cody dreaming of Angie
Hi my little Valentines! It's Cody in the house!!   I am here to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Ahhhh...Valentine's Day... just the thought of it makes me think of catnip, noms, comfy places to snooze, a little beverage of your choice, pretty ladies and of course kitties! Oh, did I say I love the ladies? Ohhhhh yes I do. 4-leggers and 2-leggers, doesn't matter to me. My only requirements are that they be easy on my eyes, smart, loving and funny!! Ohhh soooo funny!!!

There are a number of 2-legged females in the blog-o-sphere who meet my criteria but today I want to focus on "ma petite" (don't you just love French speaking mancats?) Angie Bailey from Catladyland-Cats Are Funny and Katt Food, because she was one of the very first 2-leggers (other than my Mom)  to steal this mancat's heart.

I like to really, really know the 2-legged females that I bestow my love on, so I asked Angie if I could sit down with her and find out more about her, and (be still my heart), she agreed!
Angie and Phoebe

It is my pleasure to share our most exclusive, never-seen-before interview with my beautiful "bon ami" (French again, control yourselves ladies!)  Angie Bailey!!

CODY: When did your love of cats begin?
ANGIE:  I've always loved cats.  When I was in middle school I was obsessed with Garfield comic books and collected cat figurines.  Not much has changed...
CODY: My Mom was obsessed with Garfield too! He always reminded her of Angel Bobo!

CODY: You are quite artsy and you come from an artistic family?
ANGIE: Hmmm...not especially. I know my mom used to write poetry when she was younger, but that's about it.  I love anything creative and will try any type of project.  My trouble is I'm a great starter, but my interest wanes after a short time.  I'm kind of surprised I've stuck with blogging/writing for as long as I have! I do have to give a shout-out to my daughter Katie, who is an amazing visual artist and quite a writer herself!
CODY: Ohhhh we have seen some of Katie's work and it is fantastic! She is quite the talented young lady (like her Mom!)
CODY: When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?
ANGIE:  I wanted to be an ice skater, a lawyer, or an actress.  The funny part is I live in Minnesota and have still never ice skated!  I'm terribly accident prone and bruise if someone looks at me the wrong way.  I'll skip the ice skating!  I think at the time I was smitten with Dorothy Hamill's haircut.
"Catladyland-Cats Are Funny"
CODY: I just asked my Mom about that hairstyle and she said "ohhhh yes everyone wanted that "do" back in the day!
CODY: What made you start blogging? Was Catladyland your first blog?
ANGIE:  I have always been a writer, mostly for my own pleasure.  For three years I wrote a column in a local paper.  A couple of years ago I found myself writing lots of "Notes" on Facebook because I had so much more to say than could fit in a status line.  It occurred to me that I should consider blogging -- that was in January of 2009.  My blog was first called Eclectic Catladyland  and started out being a blog about lots of things, including cats. I definitely wrote more essays in the beginning, and to be honest, I wish I wrote more of those now.  I wrote a lot of parody-type posts that included some self-deprecating humor.  I found I really enjoyed the silly posts about cats the most and noticed those posts seemed to generate the most interest.  Slowly, most of my posts began gravitating to cat humor themes.  Last year I changed the blog to just plain Catladyland because it was easier to remember and "eclectic" seemed to be a tough word for people (including me) to type quickly.  Last month I added the tagline, "Cats are Funny."  Because they are, right?
CODY: Well, that depends on your frame of reference! Humans think we are "funny" but actually in the cat world we all feel that we are rather deep and profound. Don't let our "silly" antics fool ya!!
CODY: How did Phoebe, Saffy and Cosmo come into your life?
Saffy aka "Admin Assistant"
ANGIE:  Saffy was a rescue cat -- we adopted her when she was a year old.  Cosmo and Phoebe were both barn cats that found their way to our home.

CODY: Did your husband always love cats? (Drat!! We must get rid of the husband!!)
ANGIE: Oh yes -- his family always had cats.  He works from home and he calls Saffy his "administrative assistant."  She sleeps on the bed while he works.  One day she decided to sleep in a different room and he told me she was taking a personal day.  They adore each other and I love that!

CODY:What do you like to do in your spare time? 
ANGIE: "Spare time" is such a funny phrase!  I don't remember the last time I was bored.  When I'm home I like to work on my blog, write essays, play word games on Facebook (I'm a serious addict), hang with the family, play with/take pictures of the cats, watch movies, listen to music, and participate in any activity involving food!
CODY:Did you say "FOOD???" I always knew we were kindred spirits, now I am certain of it!
CODY: Were you born and raised in Minnesota?
ANGIE:  I was born in Atlanta, GA and lived there until I was 16.  My family then moved to St. Augustine, Florida, where I graduated from high school.  I went to college at Florida School of the Arts and then moved to Minnesota in 1990.  People always ask me why in the world I'd move from Florida to Minnesota.  The answer?  A boy.  It's always about a boy, isn't it??  Either a boy or a CAT!
CODY:Yep that is true. As far as I am concerned it should be about a "boy" (ahem...ME!) who just happens to BE a CAT!! "Florida School of the Arts?" waaaay cool...but now I can't get the theme song from "Fame" out of my mind...thanks Ang! 

CODY: What is your favorite part of writing your blog (s)?
ANGIE:I love being able to express my silly side and it's even better when the readers enjoy it too!  I've met the nicest people in the blogosphere  Silly cat people?  What could be better?  I also love having an outlet to help animals in need.  In fact, this month Catladyland is raising funds and supplies for Feline Rescue Inc.  in St. Paul.
CODY: My Mom and I read that post and think that everyone should too!! We think what you are doing is wonderful and it is just one small thing in a huge litany of things about you that we love!  
CODY: What is your most unfavorite part?

ANGIE: I love taking photos of my cats for my blog and sometimes they just won't cooperate!  Can you imagine??
CODY: Nope, never (paws crossed behind my back)  

CODY: If you could be one of your 3 cats which one would you choose to be?

ANGIE:  Phoebe -- she is so self-confident and couldn't care less what anyone else thinks.  I wish I were like that more often than I am!  Plus she eats and eats and eats and never gains a pound!
"Neurotic" Cosmo
CODY: Hmmm...maybe I should hang with Phoebe instead...sounds like just my type!

CODY: Which of your kitties is the most like you?

ANGIE:  Probably Cosmo.  He's pretty neurotic.


  1. Cody, when you said Angie, I thought you meant ME!!!! har har har *jealous laughs*

  2. @Cat-in-Sydney, ok Miss Missy, is your last name "Bailey???" lol!!!!!! We "heart" YOU TOO!!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh, Cody, what a great interview! You really should go into the "biz", you know? The next Oprah, except from a man cat's point of view of course. We would have mentioned Geraldo, but well, after that fiasco with the Al Capone house, we know where his show landed. But you, you've got the touch, Cody, and mannnnnn can you ever type!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Caren from Sam and me! Nose licks, xoxoxo

  4. @Lucy THANK YOU!! OMC you had me laughing about Geraldo and the Al Capone house. That was before my time of course but my Mom just told me about it.
    Yeah...I typed just a tad too long on this one didn't I??????? MOL!!! Thanks for hanging on soooo long!!
    Happy Valentine's Day dear Luscious Lucy and Sam! I am sending lots and lots of kitty kisses your way! Love, Cody

  5. Great interview! We love Angie too.

  6. Cody,
    I may not be a Bailey, but I'm a Jolie! Bankable super-A list Hollywood babe. har har har *lara croft laughs*

  7. Happy Valentines. How lovely to learn all about your friends like that :)xxxx

  8. What a cool interview!
    I love the picture of Angie and Phoebe, it's so adorable!
    Happy Valentine's DAy and thanks so much for your friendship!

  9. Great interview, Cody. You really could become the next Oprah- think of the lifestyle, think of the money, think of the .... errrr.... diets!

    Happy Valentines Day to all those who understand what it's all about ;)

  10. What a great post!! Loved it! Wishing Cody a wonderful Valentines Day. But I bet he gets quite a few good wishes today. He is such a ladies man....

  11. Awww....thanks for interviewing me, Cody!! You are definitely one of my favorite 4-leggeds and certainly know how to woo the ladies! Your mom is one of my favorite people and I feel completely honored have a place on her blog....on Valentine's Day, even!! Double smooches to both of you! xoxo Ang

  12. Oh Cody, thanks for giving us such an interesting interview. In the beginning, I thought it was a lovey dovey interview, LOL!!! You did a great job and your interview was so sincere, it is full of fun and has your humour and wisdom in.
    Angie sounds like a very wonderful lady so I will pop over right away.
    By the way, Happy Valentine's to you, Cody. Have you got your Valentines? I'm sure the line is forming and long too.
    Your doggy brother, Dakota was so sweet that he sent me a really lovely card. It's my first Valentine card and I promise I'll keep it in my safe.

  13. Thank you wonderful Cody for this fab interview with Angie - hello to adorable Phoebe, Saffy and Cosmo!!! And what a fabulous creative gorgeous cat woman Angie is too! Yay! take care

  14. @Kokoro thank you and Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Cody

    @Old Kitty we agree, Angie is "creative, gorgeous and fabulous!!" I am glad you enjoyed the interview! Love, Cody

    @Cat-In-Sydney, you aren't REALLY related to Angelina are you? Love, Cody

    @Priscilla "lovey dovey?" Ohhh nooo, you know ME! MOL! I am so glad you enjoyed the interview and thank you for your incredibly kind words! Nope, I don't have any Valentine's :( I think Artemesia dumped me and that is the only girlfriend I had (for now). I guess I will play out in the field (er "play the field") lol. Yes Dakota was having a hard time picking out just the right card for Eva but we think he did pretty good! He is over the moon that Eva sent him a greeting back! xoxoxoxo

  15. We loved your interview and we can see why you adore her!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  16. Great interview with Angie!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  17. @Angie you are welcome and we hope you like it! You are special to both of us and always make us laugh! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Cody and "Mom"

    @Denise G. thanks so much for reading all the way through! Remember when I posted on your blog that some of my blogs are waaaay long? This one is an example but there was no way I wanted to cut it cause Angie's answers were so interesting! Thanks so much for your kind words and Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Mom and Cody

    @Carolyn thank you so much! Well my Mom and I certainly have the "diet" part down! MOL! Uh-oh, guess we should have linked to the history? That would have been nice wouldn't it? Oooops!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    @Fin thank you! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    @Luna awwww thank you!!! That was sooo sweet! we love that photo of Angie too!! We are so happy to be your friends as well, it means A LOT! Love, Mom and Cody

    @Princess Jasmine thanks soooo much! Glad you enjoyed it! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Cody

  18. Another great interview Cody. Dat was interesting about her moving from Florida to Minnesota - he he - she has life in reverse. But we who live in the north are "hearty stock."

  19. Well, it seems you forgot all about ME!

    Now why do you thinks I dumped you? All my suitors must thinks I dumped them cause I didn't get a single Valentines card.

    (Sigh) it is all Mommy's fault she has been so busy I hasn't gotten to visit much.

    I made a scrapbook page for my suitors, you can see it on my blog. Hopes you has a Happy Valentines!

    Oh and Angie seems nice. ~Artemisia

  20. Love your interview! You are such a wonderful person! I totally know what you mean about uncooperative cats at photo sessions. Once, Mommy had to take over 500 shots just to get enough working ones for a blog entry just because Slash was being all diva-ish.


  21. Cody, there's a pretty, big..lady looking for some love on my blog today. I don't know how you feel about the big boned kitties. This blog sounds really interesting. we will have to check it out!

  22. Great interview!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  23. @The Monkeys thanks so much! Happy Valentine's Day!

    @Ingrid, thank you!!!! You know we love you!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

    @Jen thanks so much!! Happy Valentine's Day!

    @Link my Mom just left a comment about Aunt Beatrice!! lol. I do (I think) have a girlfriend, Artemesia....who I thought dumped me but I see that maybe she didn't) I think Aunt Beatrice might be a little old for me....I am only going to be 4...xoxo

  24. @Bronzy we are so happy you enjoyed the interview! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

    @Artemisia "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" Artemisia I still would love to be your boyfriend...but with all of those mancats vying for your attention I am not sure! I am a one cat kinda guy!!! I will stop over to see your scrapbook and I did leave you a comment the other day on a post about you....I still think you are beeeeeauuutiful!!! Ohhhh Mom and I totally understand when people are too busy to stop by...after right now she probably won't be able to be on til much later. Having painting done today. (I get put in another room, not fair!) Happy Valentine's Day My Sweet! Love, Cody

  25. Lovely interview.. Happy valentine.. Hugs Gj xx

  26. Hi Cody,
    I am not mad at you. I did see the comment U left on my post. Mommy was suppose to help me come by and reply to you and well we thought we did, but Mommy has been very scatterbrained lately. Our conversation went like this Mommy please tell Cody ..........and she said I will and she sat down to go to your blog and well I don't think we ever got there. She got interrupted and she promised me she wouldn't forget but.........well she probably did. Actually we had forgotten all about Valentines until Brian sent Scylla a card and then Mommy was like Socks do you have something for MoMo? Scylla U need to do something for Brain. Artemisia & Fenris I don't have time to help U with anything. Well if you insist you can have a page in the scrapbook (kinda rude of her if you ask me).

    I am glad U still think I am beautiful. I thinks you are a very handsome mancat.
    Happy Valentines to you 2, ~Artemisia

  27. Great interview Cody! :)

    Happy Valentines Day to you and Caren! :)

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  29. What a nice interview! We read Angie's blog and it's nice to know more about her!

    Happy Valentines Day to you and your mom!

    Clarissa & Co.

  30. That was a nice interview and a fun read. Happy Valentines Day. Hugs and nose kisses

  31. Great interview, Cody. PS: You are such a ladies' mancat!

  32. @Mario OMC I can't believe I forgot to answer you!!! I love how you said that Angie "has it in reverse" (moving from Florida to Minnesota) talk about a shock to the system!!! MOL!!

    @The Whiskeratti thank you sooo much! About being a "ladies' mancat?" I try! xoxo

    @The Taylor CatSSSSS HEY!! Soooooo good to see you BACK!!!! ((((((hugs)))))) HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! WE LOVE YOU TOO!!

    @Mumsy, Chancy and Company thanks soooo much! Angie is a blast and I knew she would be super interesting to read about. Glad you said it was "fun" too! That is super important to my Mom and I! Love, Cody

    @Clarissa, thanks sooo much! We enjoyed learning more about Angie too! It is so much fun to learn about the people behind the cats!!! We love you and Happy Valentine's Day!

  33. @Kea and @Julie thanks soooooooo much!! Happy Valentine's Day xoxo Love from Cody

  34. @Artemisia OMC no need to apologize!!Believe me I understand about Mommies who are scatterbrained! We are having a lot of work done at our condo and my Mom has been a COMPLETE WRECK. She puts me in another room when painting is going on (the nerve of her, just like your Mom not having time sometimes with you!) She can barely keep her head on straight. You see she is a control freak and when her home is torn apart she gets really, really upset. You are my main love Artemisia and you will ALWAYS BE! Please don't apologize!!! I will never, ever stop loving you and I will wait forever to hold your kitty paw in mine! Love Always, Cody xoxoxoxo

  35. @Ginger Jasper, thanks soooo much! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Love, Cody

  36. I enjoyed the interview! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  37. Thanks for that fine interview Cody. I initially spotted Catladyland via your blog!! That's what blogs are for right!?! - spreading the good word.
    Hugs and happy Valentine's day!

  38. @Brian thanks so much! Glad you liked it! Happy Valentines Day!! xoxo

    @Gods Little People thanks so much! So glad you had already found Angie's blog and yep that is what they are for! ((((hugs)))) back at ya! Happy Valentine's Day!

  39. What a wonderful interveiw! It's so fun to learn about the Human Slaves behind the Cats. We see that The Catladyland Cats chose wisely and are in FINE control of the household! Very reassuring, in fact.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

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    @Julia Williams thank you!! Awwww I am blushing! Hope your Valentine's Day is purrfect too!

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    @"The Boys" and Karen, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU!! Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the interview!

    @Hilary thanks sooooo much! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! We learned a lot about Angie too and we loved it!

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  47. Ahh, this is great! Two of the funniest and nicest ladies in the blogosphere... er.. and the funniest cat too of course! Fabulous interview Cody. I give you 100 percent of the credit. You're a relentless interviewer. Next stop: 60 Minutes!

    Happy Heart Day to you Caren, Cody and family! Sending hugs!

  48. I love her too. I never miss Katt Food. Or your blog. Sometimes I'm slow, but I read 'em all!

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    Happy Valentines Day friends,

  51. What a fun interview. Happy Valentine's Day!

  52. I love you and Angie, so this post was double-exciting for me!! :)) Great interview, I love learning more about fellow kitty bloggers, and Angie is one of my favs!

    Slightly unrelated, but I wanted to say that your recent comments on my blog made me laugh-out-loud! Thanks for the hair compliment..yes, I'm a curly girl! I really hope that we get to meet at Blog Paws!! <3 I hope you're having a fab Happy Valentine's Day xo p.s. How cute is Cody in that pic???? Please give him smooches for me!! :)

  53. Cody! Happy Valentine's Day! No smoochies (only for the LadyCats), but a nice head-bonk for you!

  54. I loved this interview!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  55. @Ann Awwwww that was sooo sweet thank you! "60 Minutes??" lol I wanna be Andy Rooney!!! Wish I had met you guys in NY this past weekend! Happy Valentine's Day!

    @Janet thanks so much! Happy Valentine's Day!

    @Spitty yeah no smoochies my friend! The head bonk will do!! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    @Catsparella thank you!! You and Angie are two of MY FAVES too!!!! I am sooo glad that my comments made you laugh! (((hugs))) OMG I would KILL for hair like yours!!! I soooo wish we can meet for Blog Paws....I am gonna do my darndest to be there! Valentine's Day was great and I hope yours was too! So happy you liked the pic of Cody, I did too! :) I will definitely give Cody smoochies from you! xoxo

  56. @Cats of Wildcat Woods, everyone loves Angie!!!! She is sooo lovable! Thank you! xoxo

    @meowmeowmans thank you! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    @Oskar thanks sooo much! We still gotta "do lunch!!" Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoo

    @Cloon thanks so much pal! You are pretty darned good yourself! No extra noms but I sure tried! Hope you did better than I did! Happy Valentine's Day, your buddy, Cody

    @PumpkinPuddy that made my day! Thanks so much! I know how hard it is to get around to all of the blogs every day and sometimes I don't get around to everyone either so we deeply appreciate whenever you can make it! It means the world to us! Thank you!

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