Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Easy" And "Awesome" Like Sunday!!

Happy Sunday everyone!  For today's post  I would like to first present you with the "Easy" that this Sunday has to offer:

I remember the first time I read about "Easy Like Sunday" in the blog-o-sphere, it was on the charming and loving blog Brian's Home! From that moment on I was hooked! It is only fitting that today I would post the precious bumper sticker that Cody and I were lucky enough to receive in the mail this week from none other than Brian's Home!

 We are proudly displaying it in our kitchen along with Alex's bumper sticker from Feeling Beachie!

Cody and I love how this bumper sticker made by Build-A-Sign reflects the essence of Brian's blog purrfectly!! Thanks so much to Brian for sending it to us!!

Now.... on to the "Awesome!"

I was stunned and thrilled as I was reading CindyLu's Muse tonight to see she had presented Cat Chat  an award that Cody and I  hadn't received yet:

Wow are Cody and I ever flattered!! Thanks so much to CindyLu'sMuse for presenting this "Awesome" award to Cat Chat!! Cody and I think you are pretty darned "Awesome" yourself!

One of the requirements that I must complete in accepting this reward is to tell 7 things about myself. Last time I mentioned things about me, this time I would like to mention 7 things about Cody!

  •  The day I adopted Cody I actually wanted to adopt his sister or his brother but not Cody (yes I am ashamed that that is true!) Wasn't meant to be. His sister and brother didn't like me at all. 
  •  Cody is an incredibly friendly cat. He has to greet whomever enters our home and he always walks right up to them to be petted (or ideally given something to eat!)
  •  Cody is also quite brave. When someone he doesn't know visits our home, his Sheltie-brother, Dakota, stands BEHIND Cody waiting for Cody's approval of said visitor!
  •  Cody can eat his food in less than 30 SECONDS. (Not good!)
  •  Cody is an incredibly good brother to Dakota. They play together and kiss each other every day.
  •  Cody doesn't like to sleep with my husband and I at night (he is totally different than most cats in that way) He prefers to sleep in the living room with Dakota.
  •  Cody helped begin the healing of my aching heart after Bobo had crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. I adopted Cody two weeks after Bobo had passed.  I couldn't bear to live without a cat, and I am convinced that Bobo sent my loving and cuddly Cody to me to help ease my pain.

Another requirement of this award is to present it to 15 blogs that I think are "Awesome". For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you know me well enough to know that I simply cannot choose just 15 blogs that I think are "Awesome". If I follow you and comment on your blog, I already think you are "Awesome", if I didn't, I wouldn't be following you or commenting. It's that easy, that's how I roll. So, if I am a follower of your blog or you see a comment from me in your feed,  please accept this "Awesome"  award "with love, from ME to YOU!!"


  1. Congrats on the award!! My kitties have helped me immensely while I'm grieving for my daughter who passed in 2007. Kitties are good for that.

    Melissa mommy to Darcy and Gabriel

  2. Aunty Caren,
    Oooohhh.....pawesome! I agree 500% that Cody is handsome. purrr....meow!

  3. Dear Caren and Cody,

    You done it again !!!! Congratulation !!!! And I love this because I love to know 7 things about Cody, my buddy : )

    - Caren, I don't think you do anything wrong about didn't choose Cody for adoption. Because human always think they adopted us. in reality, Cat always adopted human first ! I believe Cody actually adopted you : ) same as I adopted my mom and my dad before they adopted me : )

    - I can't believe Dakota, stands BEHIND are my hero, Cody. Yesterday I just watch cat attack Rottweiler in Youtube. Now it confirmed by you, Cody. Cats are brave !

    - The last one, impressed me and my mom. Because most of people lose their cats, they can't adopted cats any more. But you mom can !
    Please don't take us wrong. We adore what your mom done. Because just only cat person will adopted cat. And your mom done a lovely thing,she gave a chance to another cat to have forever home...and that's my ! Cody !

    We love you both and I think today is AWESOME !
    Puddy and Mom Boom

  4. An awesome award to an awesome blog, the blot lady and Cody! Many thanks for passing the award to us too, Tee Hee!!! We know we're awesome too (very cheeky, right?) LOL!!!
    Those stickers are so cute and beautiful!!! Lucky you!!!

  5. Awwwwwww Cody is absolutely lovely!!!! And so is gorgeous Dakota!! And the pic says it all really!!! It's so sweet to see these two gorgeous furblings get on so well!!!!

    Congratulations with your fabulous award!!! Thanks for sharing these amazing facts about super Cody! Take care

  6. @Melissa/Knotted Fingers, (((((hugs))))) I am so sorry about your daughter, I can't even imagine how hard that must be, my prayers to happy to know you. Thank you for your kind support! xoxoxo

    @Old Kitty thank you!! Oh yes they love each other! (too much!) The award is YOURS too! xoxo Hugs to you and Charlie!

    @Priscilla thank you! You are welcome, you sooo deserve it too! You weren't cheeky at all! You soooo deserve it! I love the stickers as well! xoxo I sure wish you could see the banana video...let me know if you can see it on YouTube, if not I could email it to you if you want xoxo

    @Puddy awwww thank you!!!! I completely agree with you that "cats adopt us", Cody probably told his brother and sister to not like me so that he could be adopted! lol. Yes when I adopted Cody I felt guilty at first (because it had only been 2 weeks since Bobo passed and I had Bobo for 18 yrs). My vet said "you aren't trying to replace Bobo, you are just creating memories with a new cat!" Wow a cat attacked a Rottweiler??? Amazing!! Ohhh yesss Cody is the brave one and Dakota is a "scaredy cat!!" lol. Your Mom and Dad were soooo lucky that you "adopted" them Puddy!! I know they adore you and so do I! xoxoxo

    @Cat-In-Sydney thanks so much! The award goes to ALL OF YOU TOO! xoxo

  7. ConCats on your award! We all think you abd Cody are pretty derned awesome, too!
    My sweet grey boy Dusty pased from heart failure at the young age of seven and I'm convinced that he sent Rupert to our house. Rupert and Dust are so much alike in color and temprament it's spooky. So I totally believe Bobo picked Cody for you!

  8. Congrats on your award! I can't believe that Cody's siblings didn't love you... Alex sometimes likes to sleep with us, and other times, not so much. We got home last night from FL and he didn't leave our side once all night long!

  9. I am SO glad you got this well deserved award and Cody? You're welcome in my nests throughput the house ANYtime you want to be here. Mommy too.

  10. Cool stickers!! You should be receiving the one from me very soon :)

    Congrats on another well-deserved award! I love how he and Dakota are so close :)

  11. @Katnip Lounge, thank you! The award is for you and all of my followers as well! That is so sad about Dusty, that is what Bobo passed of (heart disease) but your Dusty was much too young. I am so sorry ((((hugs)))) That is pretty freaky that Rupert resembles Dusty and has the same temperament, it is like Dusty returned in the form of Rupert! xoxo

    @Hilary, welcome back!!! Awwww Alex missed you!!!! Uh-oh I bet he is mad but he must have gotten over it to sleep with you. Hope you had a great trip! Severe storm alert in Michigan today...grrrr....nope Cody's sister (who was identical to my Bobo and that is why I wanted her first) wanted NOTHING to do with me and his brother could have cared less! Cody? He attached to me and has never let go! xoxo

    @Admiral Hestorb thank you!! it is for you as well!! Be careful when extending an never know when I may turn up on your doorstep! xoxoxo

    @Angie, yeah I love them, thanks!! Looking forward to proudly displaying yours as well! Thank you! The award is for all of you too!! Yes Cody and Dakota are super close, almost too close! lol xoxo

  12. Congratulations on your award - it's always interesting to read other cats answers!!

  13. I'm so glad you like you bumper sticker and that we found our way to each others blogs! Congrats on the cool award too and I really enjoyed learning so much more about your sweet Cody!!!

  14. Congrats on the award :-) Dogs and cats getting along are cool, ours always did when I was a kid. Our Irish Setter, Brandy, would always curl up with our calico tortie Pepsi.

    It is hard to lose a pet. We lost our cat Baby back the end of October. It was very difficult for my Hubby; she had been with him for nearly 16 years. I didn't think he'd ever want to get another cat, but the house being empty was too much for him. We adopted a kitten less than a month after Baby crossed over. Bazinga can be a handful at times, but we love her :-)

  15. Dear Caren,
    Me thinks yous and Cody are both Awsome!!Cody is my kind of cat!
    Kitty Kisses

  16. @Hannah and Lucy thank you! It is for all of you as well!

    @Benny and Lily you can grab this "cool" award too!!! :)

    @Nellie awww thank you! My Mom and I think you are ALL awesome too! Yep I think you would like Cody

    @chocolate angel, (I LOVE your name!) Thanks so much! Awww you had an Irish Setter named Brandy? We had a boxer when I was a very little girl named Brandy and she was a great dog! I am so sorry about your husband's kitty (Baby) passing in October ((((hugs)))) I sooo know how you all feel, I felt the same as him and that is why I adopted Cody so soon after Bobo had passed. So glad you have a new kitty! "Bazinga" what a cool name! Thanks so much for visiting today, so happy to meet you!

    @Brian, I LOVE the bumper sticker and I am so glad to have discovered your blog and your wonderful kitties!! Go ahead and grab the award, it is for all of you too!!! Hope you are having a great Sunday!

  17. Congratulations on the is well deserved we love your blog. We enjoyed reading the seven things about you Cody. We are glad you helped heal your mommy's aching heart. It is cool that you are such good friends with Dakota. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. @Mumsy thank you soooo much! Awww you totally make me smile! The award is for YOU as well! Grab it! (((((hugs)))) to all of you!

    @Amin thank you! You can grab the award too!

  19. Aww, thanks Caren and congrats on your award - SO well deserving!!
    What a gorgeous little image of Cody and Dakota. I'm so pleased Cody was able to help with an aching heart after Bobo passed. Thanks for the lovely human feelings you convey on your blog.
    Big hug and lots of love in return.

  20. Congrats on the award. We enjoy your blog and we agree that the bumper sticker reflects Brian's blog well.

  21. Congrats on your pawsome award! It's funny how you found Cody, even though he wasn't your first choice.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  22. This is such a great award, and you truly do deserve it!

    Cody sounds like an awesome kitty -- he's got that great mix of friendliness and feistiness.

    I feel, too, that my Domino was sent to me shortly before my beloved Tommy died. I hadn't planned to get her -- it was a spur-of-the-moment rescue, but she helped me through a bad time, too.

    Kitties are very healing.

  23. @CCL Wendy thank you!!! Please grab it for yourself because YOU deserve it too!!
    Cody is definitely "friendly and feisty!!" My Angel Bobo was only friendly to those he knew well....he was very shy and Cody certainly isn't!
    See? Domino was sent to you from above as well to help you through the pain of losing Tommy. Yes kitties ARE very healing, I could NEVER be without one ((((hugs))))

    @Oskar thank you!! You also please grab it because you deserve it as well! Cody was just meant to be! :)

    @Jan thanks so much! As I mentioned please grab it for yourself as well because you definitely deserve it! I am happy that you enjoy the blog, that makes me smile!

    @Gods Little People thank you!!! You must take it yourself because your blog is so beautifully written and touching. I love it! Your words totally touched my heart....THANK YOU!!! It means more than you could imagine! xoxo

  24. Concats on your award and the great stickers. That is a lovely picture of Cody and Dakota together.

  25. Congrats so much on the award!!! You certainly deserve it. :D Your wonderful personality really shines through in your blog.

    My cats are a lot like Cody in the sense where they love to greet people when they arrive. It's so cute. Head butts galore. ;)

    Also I really just want to say Thank You for your comment on my blog today. It really lifted my spirits. I guess people interpret things differently than others. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing you a crazy cat-lover yourself had thought the vid was silly and innocent, like I did. :) Thanks again.

  26. Congratulations on the award!
    I enjoyed reading seven things about you! You are a very special kitty and I love visiting your blog.

  27. What a sweet story! My Human 'dopted me only three days after Clarkie gotted helped to the Bridge. When she came home, she just could not stand the emptee house. At first she felt a little guilty that she 'dopted a kitten so soon, but the wise people at the vet's said Clarkie would be happy that he had been such a good boy that the Human could not stand to be without a kitty. 'Course, the Human didn't really know what she was getting herself into when she 'dopted me--Ha ha ha ha ha!

  28. Congrats on the award! I love reading about Cody!

  29. Concats on the award! Cody sounds like he was in the right place at the right time - for him and you. Nice writeup.

  30. @Eric and Flynn thank you! Please grab the award for yourself too! I am so lucky to have such cute bumper stickers! I love that pic of Cody and Dakota too, thanks!

    @Au and Target, thank you! Please have the award as well! Yep I guess Cody and I were both in the right place at the right time, thanks so much!

    @Pup Fan thank you! Please accept it from me to you as well!

    @Yvonne awwww thank you! As I am saying to everyone please take the award for yourself! Thanks for enjoying reading about Cody!

    @Spitty you TOTALLY understand. I am so sorry about Clarkie, but I was just like your Mom. I couldn't stand the empty house (there was no Dakota at that time) and I hadn't lived without a cat for 18 years. I love what your vet said that "Clarkie had been such a good boy that you couldn't stand to be without a kitty", that was something similar to what my vet said (in addition to what I mentioned above) He also said that Bobo would want me to give the same love to another kitty that I had given to him. You totally "get it" ((((hugs))))) I am sure Clarkie is looking down proud and with love!

  31. @Shawn, thank you! Please accept it for yourself as well! Cody and I are so happy that you enjoy visiting, it means so much to us! We enjoy visiting you too!

    @Kitty Stampede, THANK YOU and by all means accept the blog for yourself! Thanks for the super kind words about personality, you made my night! OMG I felt so bad for you when I read that awful comment that someone had left. You don't have to thank me but you are welcome! Their comment totally angered me and I had to control myself from giving them a piece of my mind. I do not know where their assessment of the video came from! I interpreted it EXACTLY like you, I KNOW you ADORE cats (that is evident by your fabulous blog), and I adore them as well. To me the comment was totally uncalled for, mean and came from left field! The woman in the video was laughing, I saw nothing cruel about it. It was a KITTEN!! How did that person know the story behind it? Where did they ever come up with that!!??? I felt so awful for you when I read it. You did NOTHING WRONG!!! I thought the video was just as silly and innocent as you thought it was and their comment stunned me. They need to crawl back under the rock that they emerged from! xoxoxoxo Keep up the amazing job you are doing....I, for one, love your blog and I KNOW you love cats! (((((hugs)))))

  32. @Kitty ooops! I am tired and it is almost bedtime and I meant to type accept the blog AWARD for yourself! xoxo

  33. A very nice blog, you are surely are pawsome so congrats on the award! It is nice to get to know you and Cody....looking forward to seeing more posts...
    from another catlover who can not live without her furbabies.

  34. Congrats on the award, Caren! Tis true that you are the awesomest of the awesome!! Are Cody and Dakota kissing in the last pic?? My heavens! :)

  35. @Dori thank you! Nice to meet you! I am looking forward to getting to know you and I am thrilled that you stopped by!

    @Catsparella thank you and please grab it for yourself as well! I think you are the "awesomest of awesome!!" Yep Cody and Dakota ARE kissing and they kiss DAILY, MULTIPLE times a day! They are goofballs! lol

  36. Yay!! Congratulations on the award! You deserve it! Love your blog!

  37. @Denise thank you so much! Feel free to grab it for yourself too! I am thrilled that you love my blog, I love yours as well!

  38. Yay! Congrats on your award! Theese is excellent! It doesn't surprise me that Cody is such a brave one...Good on ya, my man Cody!